Chapter 710: Strength Once More Explodes, Emperor Spectral Dragon!

Chapter 710: Strength Once More Explodes, Emperor Spectral Dragon!

Immortal City

“Ao hou!!!!!!!!!”

The Little Hidden Dragon was angry! Its roar was much more intimidating than the previous dragon roar. This was a roar incited by its Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon bloodline!!

Although the small wound was already healed by the time it angrily attacked the demon, in the eyes of this proud emperor dragon, how could it suffer the humiliation of being wounded by a pseudo emperor?! 

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s roar caused the two leopard emperors to reveal frightened expressions. Their purple and brown eyes stared with fear at the terrifying Little Hidden Dragon. They clearly had opportunities to attack, but didn’t dare try!

The two leopard emperors didn’t dare attack, but the Little Hidden Dragon still had to use their lives as a sacrifice for the drops of dragon blood it had lost!

Suddenly, the Little Hidden Dragon raised its head!

A powerful and scorching hot cyan energy condensed in the depths of its throat. This was its orthodox Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon strength. With the addition of the specter attribute, the cyan energy also contained a hazy spectral light that made it a light blue color!

The dragon light eventually transformed into an indigo color that boiled in its throat!

“Ao ao~~~~~~”

The Little Hidden Dragon outlandishly moved to an optimal position and spat out the dragon light!

A shocking energy swept up waves of air that smashed towards the leopard emperors on the ground!!

The rock leopard emperor was already frantically running away, but the dragon light had locked onto it. Running was of no use!



Two loud sounds!

The first sound was the dragon light piercing through the rock leopard emperor’s defensive rock mountain!

The second was it striking the rock leopard emperor’s thick body!

Since it had a secondary rock attribute, this meant that the rock leopard’s defense was strong amongst pseudo emperors. However, this defense was of no obstruction to such a powerful dragon light!!


The rock skin on the rock leopard emperor’s body crumbled, as its body exploded when the dragon light exploded along with it!! 

Yang Qi originally thought his rock leopard emperor would be able to stop the opponent’s attacks. However, he watched helplessly as the rock leopard emperor he was so proud of was blown up. Not even its bones remained!

“Gather Souls!” Chu Mu coldly said to the Little Hidden Dragon!

An opponent’s corpse was the basis of the Little Hidden Dragon’s strength!

The Little Hidden Dragon wouldn’t let an enemy that wounded it get away. It flew up into the air and absorbed the rock leopard emperor’s dispersed soul into its body!

However, the death of a single rock leopard emperor was not enough to pacify the Little Hidden Dragon’s anger!

“Kill them all!” Chu Mu nodded his head at the Little Hidden Dragon, indicating that it didn’t need to stop!

There only remained one terrified thunder leopard emperor, whose knees were weak. Did the Little Hidden Dragon need to stop?

Quickly, the Little Hidden Dragon’s savage eyes locked onto the thunder leopard emperor. It flapped its wings and ignored the oncoming lightning claw strike. Instead, it flew straight at the thunder leopard emperor with killing intent!

The thunder leopard emperor’s attack could leave a small wound on the Little Hidden Dragon’s body. But what did that matter? Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon never had plans of suffering light wounds.

When facing enemies at this level, in a one against one situation, killing it was the easiest thing to do!!

The thunder leopard emperor had transformed into a masterless dog against a colossus. When the Little Hidden Dragon appeared in front of it, the Little Hidden Dragon swiped its wings and knocked the leopard emperor several hundred meters into the air!

The leopard emperor reached the highest point, but the strangely figured Little Hidden Dragon had already flown above it!

The Little Hidden Dragon opened its dragon mouth and spat out a second dragon light at its head!

The dragon light smashed into its skull, causing it to rocket several hundred meters down and through the surface of the ground! 

“Hong long long long~~~~~~”

An enormous hole appeared in the sturdy ground.

Underneath the hole was a layer of rock that had disintegrated into dust. Even dregs of the thunder leopard emperor’s body couldn’t be found!

“Dead… they’re all dead!!” the hole was next to Yang Qi. Yang Qi’s legs were trembling, and he could no longer stand properly.

With five souls wounded, Yang Qi was essentially reduced to a mere human container - trash! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

An enormous shadow suddenly appeared above Yang Qi’s head!!

Yang Qi didn’t dare move because he knew that the terrifying dragon was above his head!

“I’ll also take your soul!” Chu Mu’s cold death god-like voice languidly rang out.

The Little Hidden Dragon’s claw swiped Yang Qi’s skinny body, turning him into meat paste!

Yang Qi’s death caused blood to fly everywhere. The scene was extremely bloody and violent!!

However, the more miserable Yang Qi’s death was, the more everyone else was happy. The spirit emperors watching the reflection all cracked happy smiles and laughs!! They were all thinking: Yang Qi a traitor of Tianxia City? Him as a henchman of the mastermind? It’s too good that he died!! Chu Chen killing him so bloodily corresponded with what everyone was thinking! 

Of course, no one would forget that there was another person who should die there. 

But since Yang Qi had been killed by Chu Mu, Chu Mu would only have to give Han Jingling a bit of help, and wouldn’t Hao Ting be reduced to a drowning criminal?


“Trash… you trash!!”

Hao Ting who was currently in a huge battle with Han Jinling was so angry his lungs were going to erupt! He wanted Yang Qi to get rid of a 20 year old brat. Even if he couldn’t capture him, that didn't really matter. But his four main pets ended up being killed in such a short period of time before he himself joined that list!

Hao Ting had seen useless teammates before, but he had never seen a teammate so useless that he was worse than a pig! 

5 pseudo emperors could barely keep up in a fight with a low class emperor, as long as they weren’t killed one at a time. Yang Qi happened to have four emperors and two of them had secondary attributes. Even if the opponent had a low class emperor, it should have been no problem for him to last for a period of time. 

Hao Ting originally planned on obtaining the advantage in his own fight before having his low class emperor help that pig. But ultimately that pig dared to die so fast at the hands of the enemy! 

The death of this trash was whatever. Hao Ting wasn’t lamenting over his death. However, crucially, his death also dragged Hao Ting along with him! 

“Hahahaha!! Bastard, fight with your grandfather for another 500 rounds!!” Han Jinling let out a delighted laugh and began to unrestrainedly curse! 

The pent up sullenness of Han Jinling was finally released. It didn’t need to be said that having Chu Chen as a teammate was too awesome! 

The change in Han Jinling’s emotions was the opposite of Hao Ting. The death of Yang Qi meant that Hao Ting’s fight was going to collapse.

Han Jinling originally hoped that Chu Mu would be able to last against Yang Qi for at least a period of time… 

But Chu Mu killing Yang Qi surpassed his expectations, beautifully changing the tide of the fight!!

How could this not make Han Jinling, who was shouldering a heavy burden, delighted? If Han Jinling was a woman, he would have instantly fallen in love with Chu Mu! 

“Hao Ting, you’re dead!! Go wild!! I’ll make you into someone else’s dog!!’ Han Jinling’s confidence skyrocketed. His control over his soul pets became more easy and his attacks became fierce from their originally passive nature, forcing Hao Ting back. 

“Hmph, you want to kill me? Just the two of you?” Hao Tin coldly harrumphed, disdainfully. 

As he spoke, Hao Ting jumped onto his low class emperor rank demon and his other three soul pets quickly formed a protective formation.

Each of Hao Ting and Han Jinling had lost a pseudo emperor in their fight. Right now Hao Ting was planning on swallowing his anger and fleeing!

Han Jinling never expected that Hao Ting would have already prepared to flee. He had just now intentionally started fighting more passively in order to flee. Thus Han Jinling let out an angry roar when he saw the demon about to flee! 

Even if it wasn’t because of Hao Ting’s evil nature, it would be for the death of his soul pet. Han Jinling couldn’t let Hao Ting go! 

The fifty spirit emperors next to the spring had the same thoughts as Han Jinling. They were itching to charge themselves into Immortal City to slaughter Hao Ting and Yang Qi, these two bastards.

Now that the situation was under control, they couldn’t bear to watch Hao Ting flee!

But Han Jinling was still too slow. His soul pets all launched attacks, but the bastard Hao Ting just coldly sacrificed his beast type pseudo emperor and didn’t hesitate to flee!

When both parties had equal strength, if one part wanted to flee, it would be hard to make him stay. All the spirit emperors recognized this. 

“Hmph, when I report this to leader, the two of you will die!” Hao Ting sinisterly turned around and venomously spoke.

“Oh? There are others of you here? Let’s sit down and have a chat.” suddenly, a spectral voice drifted into Hao Ting’s ears.

Hao Ting’s body went cold. When he turned around, he abruptly discovered that Chu Mu’s dragon had at some point arrived in front of him! Clearly, Chu Mu was aware of his intentions to flee.

“You’re courting death! Do you think I’m Hao Ting, that piece of trash?!!” Hao Ting was abruptly angry. When he saw Chu Mu and his dragon species block his path, he immediately ordered his low class emperors to attack the Little Hidden Dragon.

The majesty between low class and pseudo emperors was completely different. When Han Jinling saw Chu Mu recklessly block Hao Ting, his face went pale and he hastily cried out: “Chu Chen, let him go. Don’t injure yourself. You can’t stop him!”

“Too late! Before I leave, I need to collect a little consideration!!” sinisterly said Hao Ting while he mocked Chu Mu’s overestimation of his own abilities!

“Attack him!” Hao Ting ordered his two low class emperors.

There were two emperors, one in front and one behind. They both charged at Chu Mu’s Little Hidden Dragon that was in front of Hao Ting!

However, unexpectedly, in front of two low class emperors, Chu Mu didn’t retreat. Instead, he gave the Little Hidden Dragon an order!

“Thousand Spectral Strikes!!” 

“Ao hou hou hou~~~~~~”

The Little Hidden Dragon was fearless. It gave a savage roar and a thousand battle souls abruptly emerged from its scales. These battle souls could not be seen by others, but they caused space to warp and pulse!

Suddenly, the thousand souls transformed into the Little Hidden Dragon’s claw energy as it transformed into a savage attack a thousand whistling dragon spectral strikes!!

Direct confrontation!! 

The Little Hidden Dragon was going to fight the two low class emperors head on!!

When everyone saw this scene, they sucked in a breath of air. Although everyone wanted to prevent Hao Ting from fleeing, they didn’t want to see Chu Mu injured!

Everyone was extremely apprehensive, but Chu Mu himself was extremely calm and was extremely certain about this fight!!

If it wasn’t a few minutes ago, Chu Mu wouldn’t have recklessly gone to prevent Hao Ting from fleeing. After all, the opponent had two low class emperors.

However, after killing Yang Qi, Chu Mu didn’t have anything to fear.

It was because in that moment, Chu Mu had happily discovered that the Spectral Dragon had been fed by the souls of the four pseudo emperors and Yang Qi. Unexpectedly, it had stepped into the emperor realm!! 

The Spectral Dragon becoming an emperor meant that when combined, the Little Hidden Dragon had strength that was comparable to a low class emperor or even one or two levels higher!

With the eruption of the Little Hidden Dragon’s strength, why would Chu Mu not fight?

In other words, Chu Mu wanted to accept the souls of Hao Ting’s soul pets! 

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