Book 2 Chapter 71 - Nameless Old Servant

Chapter 71: Nameless Old Servant

Blink was an extreme speed demon type technique that allowed a soul pet to continuously fluctuate positions and continuously launch attacks!

Mo Xie’s strongest talent wasn’t in the strength of her attack, but rather her terrifying speed. The moment she used Blink, it was like creating illusions of multiple Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox all launching violent attacks!!

“Shua shua shua!!!!”

The claws carrying flames with the Evil Flame effects consecutively ripped at the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s body. All the attacks managed to strike the Ghost White Bone Blood Devil’s flesh wings!!

The Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil had the ability to fly, but from the moment it was summoned, this ghost type soul pet wasn’t able to fly any higher than five meters. Mo Xie’s fierce and terrifying attacks struck the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil before it had managed to fully ascend into the sky. Unexpectedly, it had ripped its wings into tatters, and the Blood Devil’s body was dripping in a rather dark colored blood as it descended to the ground.

Yang Luosen was stunned. His gaze fell onto the terrifying Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox. He did not anticipate an Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox would possess a seal breaking technique. He further did not think that the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s speed, strength of its torrential Demon Fire Evil Flame had already completely surpassed a normal commander rank soul pet!

At the same time that Yang Luosen was overwhelmed with shock, the people both inside and outside the battlefield were so stunned that they couldn’t speak. In their opinion, the sixth phase fourth stage Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil was already an exceptionally terrifying soul pet. If there weren’t species like the Blue Nightmare in the commander rank, then what else could be the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s opponent?

However, presently, everyone was witnessing of the power of one of the most rare soul pets in history, the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, and were witnessing what was called a fight that surpassed ranks!!

“This Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox cannot be described by common sense. Its strength is comparable to a high class commander rank pure beast type soul pet. Its flames match a high class commander rank fire type’s power. Its speed even surpasses a high class commander rank demon type’s agility…” Chu Ming looked at the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox destroying the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil and slowly spoke.

The Recommendation today had brought Chu Ming too many shocks. Perhaps Chu Ming was somewhat unwilling to believe that the demonic male standing on the battlefield dressed in dark purple clothing was his grandson. He had already reached a level that Chu Ming himself would even find hard to touch!


“Evil Flame Claw!!!!!!”

The claw blades fiercely tore open the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s shoulder. The Demon Fire Evil Flame against the claw blade’s radiance depicted a gorgeous lustre that, with an extremely sharp edge, ripped apart the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s long arm.

“Evil Flame Claw!”

The moment Mo Xie landed on the ground, Chu Mu immediately issued a follow up technique order!

Mo Xie’s quick and violent lightning-like body had just landed on the ground before it abruptly turned around. When it ran at a rapid speed, it carried a wild demonic aura, as it once more used Evil Flame Claw on the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s body!

The remnants of her ardent radiance from the previous strike had yet to dissipate. The second imposing attack lacerated the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s stomach!!

“Flame Dance!”

Mo Xie’s body was still in midair when Chu Mu issued another order!!

Her gorgeous yet wild body made a strange step in midair, and suddenly, at this Flame Dance location, a ring of fire appeared that proliferated like a ripple in water….

Stepping in the air to rapidly pursue, the moment Mo Xie’s attack finished, her Flaming Dance in the air caused her to run in a reverse arc and, using her terrifying speed, she once more rapidly pursued the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil!

As they saw this scene, the tens of thousands of people in the plaza all watched with wide open eyes. They had never believed that an Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox could use Flaming Dance to forcibly change directions. In the shortest amount of time possible, she launched a third attack!

Earlier, the Radiance Lion could also launch a subsequent second attack after its first attack. However, the period of time after its second attack was extremely long and, as long as one had enough speed, it was definitely a situation that was easily avoidable. However, for this Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, its three attacks were practically like one technique being used. Unexpectedly, they were so perfectly linked together that three exquisite tracks of attacks were drawn out on the battlefield!!

“Illusion Evil Flame Claw!”

Mo Xie’s Flame Dance attack caused its body to astonishingly split into three demonic silver white figures. Her unassailable claws respectively ripped at three vital spots on the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s body!!


The three simultaneous attacks struck open the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s flesh. Suddenly, a terrifying Demon Fire Evil Flame rushed into the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s body through the three deep wounds and violently began to burn its blood, flesh and skeleton...


The Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil let out a pained devilish cry. Its voice incomparably and plaintively resonated through the entire plaza. Those who heard it felt their blood run cold!!

Yang Luosen was completely stunned. Carrying a rather scared gaze, he stared at the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil whose body was rapidly being burned by the flames...

The soul pet he was so intensely proud of, in front of a high class warrior rank soul pet, unexpectedly wasn’t able to resist very much.

Identical at the sixth phase fourth stage, but its rank was higher by an entire rank. Even if Demon Fire Evil Flame was a definitive counter over ghost type soul pets, how could the difference in strength be so distinct?!

Yang Luosen didn’t understand, nor was he willing to believe he lost.

“Hu hu hu~~~~~”

A strange mental ragain fire suddenly threw itself at Yang Luosen’s soul!

Yang Luosen’s face abruptly changed, and he used the fastest speed he could to create a soul remembrance protection. However, Mo Xie’s Evil Flame Invasion had double the damage. The hastily created soul remembrance defense was simply unable to resist the soul invasion of the Demon Fire Evil Flame!

The scorching fire energy burned into the middle of Yang Luosen’s soul; moreover, it began to burn his body. Presently, one could clearly see flames flicker out from within Yang Luosen’s body!!

Yang Luosen let out a painful howl, and his two hands trembled as he fetched a fire poison resistant medicine, and he frantically poured it into his mouth!

The seventh level fire poison resistant medicine, for one bottle, required a price of nearly 100,000 gold coins. After Yang Luosen poured it into his throat, his body instantly emitted a white gas, and his entire skin was flushed red as he kneeled on the ground and gasped for air...

“Mo Xie, kill him.”

Chu Mu didn’t have any trace of mercy!

“Wu wu wu!!!!!” Mo Xie didn’t like to be merciful either. Her body abruptly transformed into a silver light that rapidly charged in front of Yang Luosen!!

Her claws were already extended and, as he watched the terrifying Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox appear, Yang Luosen’s pupils ceasely dilated. In this instant, his arrogance had been ripped to shreds. So much so, that not even a sliver remained as he felt death approach!!

His soul having suffered from grave burn wounds, Yang Luosen was currently unable to summon any soul pets. The demon aura had already assaulted his senses, and his gaze seemed to be praying as it turned towards the crowd of humans.

A black figure suddenly appeared strangely on the plaza battlefield, and abruptly stood rigidly in front of Yang Luosen!

“Wind Dragon Bind!”

A soft incantation was chanted and instantly, a gorgeous wind dragon wildly coiled up around the black figure’s body!!

“Eighth rank Wind Dragon Bind!!!”

A majestic Wind Dragon Bind twisted around the black figure’s body and shockingly, under everyone’s astonished gazes, quickly began to rotate.

The charging Mo Xie immediately smashed into the tenacious wind dragon, and her body was knocked up, flying up a whole fifty meters!

“Mo Xie, Flame Dance!”

Mo Xie’s body fell from a height of 50 meters and as she was ten meters from the ground, her front limbs abruptly took a step in the air, and her body obtained a slight buffer...

A clever way of emancipation, Mo Xie descended onto the ground. Her body still slid back very far, sliding all the way to the Chu Mu before stopping in front of him.

“Huh!!!!!!” Mo Xie bared her teeth and her gaze coldly stared at the black figure in front of Yang Luosen as she revealed a rather ominous glint!

The moment she encountered a powerful opponent, Mo Xie’s vicious tendencies would inevitably be revealed!

Chu Mu creased his eyebrows as he looked at the skinny old man standing in front of Yang Luosen, and his expression clearly changed as well. This old man was able to appear in front of Yang Luosen in such a short period of time while further using the eighth rank effect Wind Dragon Bind; his strength was definitely deep and immeasurable!

“Nightmare Prince Chu, swapping pointers is just swapping pointers. There’s not a need to become a killer, right?” said the old man in a flat tone.

“Who are you?” Chu Mu’s gaze still continued to be fixated on the old man.

“I am a nameless old servant of Nightmare Palace who follows besides the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, protecting his life. If Nightmare Prince Chu can give up here, this old servant will immediately bring the Luo Region Nightmare Prince away. If you still wish to kill him, then this old servant must commit an offense.” said the nameless old servant.

Although the nameless old servant spoke very flatly, Chu Mu could clearly feel that this old fellow’s manner was a bit contemptuous and aloof. Further, he also possessed a somewhat overbearing loftiness.

“Chu Mu’s gaze coldly glared at the old man and in an indifferent tone he said: “Bring your master and scram.”

The moment Chu Mu said this, the nameless old servant immediately creased his eyebrows. Very evidently, he didn’t expect Chu Mu’s tone to be so impolite.

Yang Luosen was already gnashing his teeth at Chu Mu, since his confidence and dignity had been savaged by Chu Mu in such a way.

“Chu Mu, the only reason why I’m being rather polite to you is because you’ve received the princess’ appreciation. There are many people who are stronger than you…” the nameless old servant’s tone turned rather cold.

“Scram!” Chu Mu simply didn’t wait for this fellow who took advantage of his seniority to finish his sentence as he coldly interrupted!

The nameless old servant’s face instantly ashened. Originally, it was because of the recent clamor of the Prison Island King’s reputation and his identity as a Nightmare Palace youth that he wasn’t willing to argue with him. Yet, he didn’t expect this person from the younger generation to not be satisfied with small gains and be so condescending.

A bit of anger had already risen in the nameless old servant as he began to slowly chant an incantation...

However, the moment he finished half of his incantation, a cold mental voice transmitted into his ear: “Old fool, if you don’t scram within ten seconds, I will kill you as well!”

The nameless old man was stunned. His eye immediately scanned through the crowds of people, and he was faintly able to see multiple figures carrying a cold aura that stood like statues among the crowd...

“Xia Guanghan’s assassins…” the nameless old servant clearly didn’t realize that Chu Mu would still have so many underlings and his face turned unsightly...

This nameless old servant’s strength was definitely above these assassins, but the number of concealed Nightmare Palace assassins in the arena were numerous. The combined strength of these cold-hearted and merciless fellows made it so that killing him was absolutely not a problem.

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