Chapter 709: Kill to One Heart’s Content!!

Chapter 709: Kill to One Heart’s Content!!


Yang Qi’s soul pets were all part of Chu Mu’s ghost dragon’s delectable feast!

Chu Mu didn’t know how many pseudo emperor rank souls could bring ghost dragon from invincible monarch to pseudo emperor. However, Chu Mu could faintly tell that ghost dragon was nearing a breakthrough in strength. A few more pseudo emperor rank souls or low class emperor rank souls would be enough!

“Gather Soul!” Chu Mu said to little hidden dragon.

After getting rid of Black Crystal Ice Fairy Emperor, Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t let go of its pseudo emperor rank soul.

Black Crystal Ice Fairy’s dead soul immediately floated up from the countless corpse shards and was absorbed into little hidden dragon’s body, becoming little hidden dragon’s food!

“Next, find a chance to get rid of the demon!” Chu Mu’s gaze quickly locked onto Yang Qi’s demon.

The demon’s defense wasn’t that great. Without an advantage in speed or maneuverability, killing this demon was much easier than the two panther emperors.

Spirit emperors were, in the end, spirit emperors. Even though his heart was impacted greatly by the blow, facing such a formidable and confusing opponent, Yang Qi still maintained control on the verge of collapse, angrily controlling his other three soul pets to attack little hidden dragon!!

Though Yang Qi was driven mad, he quickly realized that Chu Mu’s hidden dragon could explode with low class emperor rank power. 

“Lightning Claw!”

Finding an opportunity, Yang Qi commanded his thunder panther emperor to attack!

The thunder panther emperor was swift. It became a fork of thunder in mid-air. When its claws slashed past, it was like a sword!

Little hidden dragon’s wings flapped lightly, tilting to the side and easily avoiding the thunder panther emperor’s attack.

“There’s an opening!” Yang Qi was elated, and immediately commanded rock panther emperor to follow up on the little hidden dragon!


Rock panther emperor stomped the ground heavily! The ground in front of its forelimbs suddenly split open as a huge craggy rock slanted outwards, its point directed at little hidden dragon’s stomach!

Little hidden dragon’s body shifted unpredictably, and very neatly dodged the hundred meter high rock mouuntian that jutted out!

Seeing little hidden dragon’s body shake, Yang Qi immediately laughed coldly. Ghost type soul pets were definitely fragile. One true hit, and Yang Qi had confidence he could kill the opponent!

“Attack it!” Yang Qi grasped the opportunity well, giving his demon a command to attack.

The demon emperor hid far away. Seeing the chance to attack, he neared and launched a mental attack!

A mental wave flashed past. This time, little hidden dragon couldn’t block it, feeling a bit of its effect in its mind!

“Here’s the opportunity! Let’s see how you cast Ghost Fade now!” Yang Qi was happy after feeling restricted in the fight all this time.

The mental restriction removed the chance of Ghost Fade. Yang Qi was confident his soul pet could give this dragon a sturdy hit and heavily wound it!

Almost without Yang Qi needing to command it, Rock Panther Emperor had already readied his follow up attack!

The Rock Panther Emperor’s claw hung onto the hundred meter jagged cliff that flew out of the ground. It followed this cliff up, and instantly jumped to the tip of the rock cliff!

It leaped forward and found the perfect opportunity to fight close up!

Its claws gathered up beast type energy, and at the same time summoned rolling rocks, adding a heavy shock effect to its attack, wanting to heavily wound little hidden dragon in one single move!

Little hidden dragon was too inexperienced. If it were Mo Xie, she would never leave such an opening for her opponent when she had such an advantage.

With its mind getting restricted, little hidden dragon couldn't dodge and could only use its wings to protect Chu Mu and Lady Shan and take this hit with its body!


The sound of the mountains cracking blew through the air. The little hidden dragon was shot backwards by the force of the impact, flying like a comet down from the skies!

The air combat was something every spirit emperor around the spring could see clearly. When little hidden dragon was hit, their hearts pulsated violently.

All of these spirit emperors were very experienced and could tell that little hidden dragon wasn’t truly low class emperor rank. It was solely because it had multiple types that it could cause low class emperor rank damage. Yet, if these types didn't have powerful defense, this attack would truly hurt little hidden dragon!

Yang Qi smiled wide! All of his anger was wiped clean! As long as he could take down Chu Mu, the rewards he could get would compensate for his loss of two pseudo emperor ranks!


Suddenly, just as little hidden dragon was about to fall into the pool sideways, the little hidden dragon that should have completely lost its balance suddenly opened up its majestic wings!!


Little hidden dragon’s falling speed was incredibly fast, so when it opened its wings, the wind power it felt was incredible. One could clearly tell because little hidden dragon’s powerful wings were creating flames through friction with the air, threatening to catch on fire!

Yet, dragon species were dragon species. Their bodies were amongst the most powerful of all soul pets!!

Little hidden dragon completely stopped, relieving all of the force with its wings and powerful body!


Little hidden dragon’s spring water was rippling from the wake!

With such a shocking fall, normally one would have to collide with the ground to completely stop it. Yet, little hidden dragon simply opened its wings up, and forcefully stopped itself above the water!

On the other end of the spring, when fifty some spirit emperors saw this scene, they all opened their eyes wide. They knew exactly how powerful and perfect of a body the dragon had to have to accomplish this feat!!

Little hidden dragon was nearly against the water. At this moment, everyone could see the firm and powerful dragon body of little hidden dragon!

Initially, no one could tell what subspecies of dragon it was. Now, even close up, they still couldn’t judge.

This perfect beast type body was this dragon species’s source of power!

It was covered in cold scales, each piece a masterpiece. This was the manifestation of bug type armor’s impenetrable armor!!

Yet, with a special blue glow, the ghost aura caused this majestic dragon to be enveloped in mystery.


Crimson dragon blood dripped down from little hidden dragon’s wound, falling into all of the spirit emperors’ eyes.

Yet, when they looked closely, all of the spirit emperors could tell that this drop of blood didn’t have any impact on the organism.

In fact, shockingly, everyone noticed that this dragon’s wound was self healing!!!

“That powerful of a hit, yet it only left a light wound. This dragon’s defense was unbeatable!!” A wave of excitement went through the spirit emperors.

“I can swear by my life that within thirty seconds that wound will close up completely. This dragon also has very very rare and immense self regeneration abilities!” Nightmare Palace Elder Ye Tao could no longer remain silent!

“Insane offense, ridiculous defense, incredibly fast, and surprising self-healing, how is it possible there’s a species this powerful innately in this world!”

“This dragon doesn’t even seem to be pseudo emperor but is already displaying such power. If it is strengthened to higher ranks, its power truly will be unthinkable!!”

“Speaking of which, why do I feel as if this dragon is only ninth phase.” as everyone was exclaiming, an old spirit emperor that often studied dragon species soul pets suddenly mentioned.

This voice was muttering to himself, but was also like announcing it to everyone. It caused everyone to go silent.

“Ninth phase? This is a dragon that hasn’t reached complete stage yet?”

“Look at its dragon horn closely, it seems mature, but compared to a tenth phase dragon, it indeed is still a little off. It really is a ninth phase dragon!” Finally, old spirit emperor found conclusive evidence and yelled out.

“My god, its this incredible at ninth phase, if its tenth phase……”

“I heard Souil Palace Chu Chen was extremely overpowered, but how did I know it was to this degree?”

“But, its good that he’s this powerful, that bastard Yang Qi can just wait to die now!!”

“Hahaha, Yang Qi is dead for sure!!”

This dragon wasn’t emperor rank, but its strength wasn’t any lower than low class emperor!

Since it was low class emperor strength, how could Yang Qi’s pseudo emperor ranks stand a chance?

Indeed, the hurt dragon was enraged!

Little hidden dragon demonstrated terrifying speed. After the two panther emperors’ attacks didn’t cause much harm, he locked onto the demon!

In power, speed, and technique, little hidden dragon’s attack was near perfect!


Blood and flesh flew everywhere!!

The demon couldn't possibly block one of little hidden dragon’s hits, as it instantly turned to mush under one blow!!

Watching the ugly demon’s blood scatter, and seeing the despicable Yang Qi again dumbfounded, all the spirit emperors felt unprecedentedly delighted!!

“Good kill!! Good kill!!!!!!”

“Yang Qi is truly a scum and deserves to be killed like this!”

The spirit emperors’ emotions had gone up and down countless times in the short period. They have never felt this pressured watching a battle in their lives. Seeing Chu Mu very convincingly kill Yang Qi’s soul pet, they all felt unbelievably great, wiping away all pressure they had on their minds and transforming it into a blood-boiling passion!!

“Her majesty, to have such a son, the entirety of Tianxia City is proud for you!” As elder Ye Tao of Nightmare Palace, even he couldn’t help but speak to Liu Binglan.

Originally, Liu Binglan could still control her emotions near the brim. However, with elder Ye Tao’s “everyone is proud for you”, she could no longer keep her feelings back!

Initially, for the honor of soul palace, the title of noblewoman she had to carry as she grew up, she even tried to forget this son of hers…...

However, she never would have thought that this child who shouldn’t have been born was playing such an important role in this crisis!

Liu Binglan indeed felt proud like never before, but also felt immense guilt and remorse!!

“Her majesty……” Elder Ye Tao looked at this supreme level woman. Watching her beautiful face quickly fill with tears, he didn’t know what he said wrong.

Elder Ting, Elder Hai Qiu, and the other old spirit emperors all paused. They never would have even thought that the unique cold beauty would be sobbing this hard like she was currently.

Before, Liu Binglan’s tears could be hidden with a wipe of her sleeves.

However, this time, thinking to all that Chu Mu had to face himself, had to go through, and remembering her treatment of him, her tears could no longer be stopped.

All the spirit emperors stared stunned, as the tears of this mysterious and authoritative noblewoman fell drop by drop into the spring…...

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