Chapter 708: Another Instant Kill, Shocking Reversal!

Chapter 708: Another Instant Kill, Shocking Reversal!

In immortal city’s map, a seal was marked with a crimson red.

This was a super seal within the top fifty that even tianxia city’s experts balked in fear at the mention!

In the corresponding devil altar city area of immortal city, the centermost region of near ten kilometers of ruins, a beast headed spider body organism stood within it!!

If these old scholars that research immortal city for a long time saw this, they would definitely faint in fear from this sight!

That is because the organism standing there was the 37th seal put in two hundred years ago. It was the super demon known as the Calamity Spider Emperor!

This thing had a full five hundred years of life. Its owner died in the last century. It was rumored that the Calamity Spider Emperor was suppressed by the tianxia city experts only after its owner died!

The entire immortal city defending organisms and sealed organisms calmed down because this Calamity Spider Emperor had just escaped its seal!

When it got out of its seal, it immediately killed the high class emperor rank that previously was leading, absorbing this tragic high class emperor rank’s innards as energy. This move instantly shocked all the sealed organisms into obedience, and caused it to truly become the head of immortal city!!

Calamity Spider Emperor didn’t have eyes. Its thin and pointy fur could sense everything nearby, from the vibrations in the ground, to the changes in air flow, to the spatial surges- it was the most sensitive soul pet in the world!!

To the Calamity Spider Emperor, its sensing organ was the fur all over its body. However, to a human, these hair follicles when hardened were like dark swords, densely packed onto a mountain like body.

From this, one could imagine just how terrifying this Calamity Spider Emperor’s body was!!


The Calamity Spider Emperor suddenly let out a noise. Even its normal calls could scare away tens of thousands of sealed organisms.

The Calamity Spider Emperor moved!

Immediately, the nearby surrendered sealed organisms hurriedly split up, creating a shocking scene!



The emperors that didn’t dare move usually all followed when the Calamity Spider Emperor dominatingly moved towards a certain city area. With their intelligence, they would guess that some sealed region had some in-fights again.

The Calamity Spider Emperor already used its mental voice to warn all the sealed organisms and defending organisms not to have infights. How did some foolish creature challenge this true boss’s claim? The emperors that were suppressed all followed behind the Calamity Spider Emperor with a look of anticipation of seeing the foolish creature getting destroyed.


Suppressing Demon Monument

“You know what the consequences of troubling me are?!” Yang Qi said angrily.

Chu Mu calmly glanced over and didn’t even respond.

Yang Qi was even angrier.

Yang Qi had four pseudo emperors this time. To prevent Chu Mu from escaping again, Yang Qi didn’t hesitate anymore, summoning all four pseudo emperor ranks.

Of the four emperor ranks, the Thunder Panther Emperor and Rock Panther Emperor were the strongest, both having secondary types. The other two were normal emperor ranks!

With these four emperor ranks, he was the lowest level within tianxia city spirit emperors.

However, in the spirit emperors with very fragile hearts, they were incredibly savage.

Everyone was worried for Chu Mu, yet Chu Mu didn’t realize he was already exposed in front of their eyes and didn't understand the importance of this battle, so he remained very calm…...

His gaze looked first at the Thunder Panther Emperor. The Thunder Panther Emperor was the fastest and had the strongest attacks. If it were for Chu Mu to decide, he would let it attack first and the rest to follow up.

This time, Yang Qi learned from experience and no longer dared to launch an all out attack on Chu Mu’s little hidden dragon and instead first surrounded Chu Mu and little hidden dragon.

Indeed, the first to attack was Yang Qi’s Thunder Panther Emperor!

This panther emperor’s body became a violent purple lightning that locked onto little hidden dragon’s neck, 

This time, Yang Qi clearly was wary of little hidden dragon’s ghost type techniques. The panther emperor only ran at half speed. Just when it neared little hidden dragon, the lightning panther emperor’s claws both held thunder as it slashed forward!

The lightning crisscrossed, sending electric through the space like pythons!

The powerful lightning hit was strong enough to burn the air itself. The radiant glow caused the spirit emperors watching to only see a large splash of lightning appear.

After the thunder panther emperor attacked, the other three emperor rank soul pets also attacked the little hidden dragon’s location, causing the space above ground to be thrown into chaos!!

Four techniques fell down, causing all the spirit emperors’ hearts to pop out. With four pseudo emperor rank attacks at the same time, the only pseudo emperor rank dragon type will be at least heavily wounded, if not dead!

Liu Binglan saw this little hidden dragon of Chu Mu before. She was sure that this little hidden dragon was only pseudo emperor rank. When she saw the techniques combine and slam into Chu Mu and the little hidden dragon, her heart felt like it was stabbed countless times, in torturous pain!

Her fists tightened, and her body couldn’t stop shaking. She wanted to close her eyes, but didn’t dare to!


The four techniques combined could blow through a rock type emperor’s defense!

In such a situation, Chu Mu, of course, wouldn’t be arrogant enough to try to fend it off head-on. Instead, he commanded the nimble little hidden dragon to dodge it using its ghost type advantage!

Ghost types have very unpredictable dodging patterns. When the watching spirit emperors saw the techniques’ glow fade, and didn’t see Chu Mu or the little hidden dragon, their hearts were broken!

“It… didn’t even leave a corpse……”

“It wasn’t a match…...wait, what is that?”

Before the spirit emperors could lament, they suddenly noticed that on the other side of the pool, a dragon figure appeared.

On the dragon, Chu Mu and Lady Shan sat completely unharmed on it!

“This……” The old spirit emperors all let out a big breath but were also surprised. Even they couldn't tell how Chu Mu’s dragon dodged the four emperor ranks’ techniques!

“Good thing he’s fine, thank the heavens!” A few spirit emperors were already shouting

In the reflection, Chu Mu’s expression was easily seen by everyone. It could only be described with a single word: calm!

This calmness created a stark contrast with the spirit emperors’ faces, whose hearts were threatening to pop out of their throats.

Of course, Chu Mu was calm. When he was playing hide and seek with He Ting and Yang Qi, he killed countless enemies, and had raised little hidden dragon’s strength to low class emperor rank already. Adding on little hidden dragon’s strange ghost type and hidden dragon’s domination species abilities, there really wasn’t a need to take Yang Qi’s four pseudo emperor ranks seriously!

“Kill that Black Crystal Ice Fairy!” Chu Mu’s eyes locked onto Yang Qi’s elemental emperor and coldly gave the command to kill to little hidden dragon!!


Little hidden dragon let out a roar, shaking the world!!

With a huge flap of its wings, the little hidden dragon swiftly approached Yang Qi’s emperor rank Black Crystal Ice Fairy before his other emperors could react, much more than two times faster than the thunder panther emperor!

“Empyrean Dragon Slaughtering Shadow!”

The little hidden dragon flew over. Its body and massive wings were wrapped in a thick green glow, morphing it into a majestic Empyrean Dragon Shadow that missiled towards the fragile Black Crystal Ice Fairy Emperor. The dominating power and wild aura caused the nearby ground to all shatter!

Facing such an attack, Yang Qi was blindsided!!

He had no idea how Chu Mu’s little hidden dragon finished the switching in space. More unbelievable was, the dragon species that was just pseudo emperor rank before suddenly exploded with low class emperor power!!!

This Empyrean Dragon Slaughtering Shadow was unblockable, falling down from the skies and shockingly swiping over the Black Crystal ice Fairy’s body!!


The next moment, the Black Crystal Ice Fairy Emperor’s body was shattered by the Empyrean Dragon Shadow!!!

The emperor became countless shards, sending its corpse everywhere!!!

Yet, behind this ice type emperor, a huge ravine continued to spread for a few kilometers, shocking everyone!

Instant kill!!

Black Crystal Ice Fairy Emperor was instantly killed!!

A few seconds ago, yang Qi was still laughing in pleasure, yet now he went dumb!

Another instant kill!!

A dozen days ago, Yang Qi overly underestimated Chu Mu’s strength and lost a pseudo emperor rank to him. Yang Qi accepted it as an unfortunate mishap.

Yet this time, he was well prepared and started with a group assault.

Again…. Why was his soul pet again instantly killed!!

“Heavens, your little hidden dragon is too powerful!!” Having been with Chu Mu for a few days, Lady Shan’s tone was different now. She no longer only muttered “we’re dead for sure, we can’t beat them”, instead saying that.

Lady Shan was used to Chu Mu’s abnormal strength, yet the watching spirit emperors were all experiencing Chu Mu’s fighting for the first time…...

Of the fifty something spirit emperors, no matter their status, age, power, when they saw with their own eyes Chu Mu’s little hidden dragon instantly killing the black crystal ice fairy emperor, their faces were all frozen in shock!

“Low class emperor rank!! That dragon definitely just showcased low class emperor rank power, there’s no mistaking that!!”

After a few seconds, everyone erupted into a huge roar! They became beasts under the sudden joy that swept through them!

This was going from utter despair instantly to the realm of hope!!

Yet Liu Binglan, who underwent immense mental trauma when witnessing the previous scene, almost collapsed with joy.

However, Liu Binglan still managed to remain standing…….

But, hot tears welled out of this resolute noble woman who held the fate of humanity in her hands.

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