Chapter 707: The Fight that Surpasses the Peak of Humanity

Chapter 707: The Fight that Surpasses the Peak of Humanity

Immortal City, Demon Suppressing Monument

At the shore of Demon Suppressing Monument’s spring, Hao Ting and Yang Qi didn’t know that their ugly reflections were being watched by several tens of spirit emperors in Tianxia City!

Each one of their actions, even if it was a breath, was looked upon with extreme disgust by the spirit emperors. The two of them looked like a cat cornering a mouse, as they stared with evil smiles at Han Jinling.

Most spirit emperors had two sides to them. Both Hao Ting and Yang Qi recognized Han Jinling.

Hao Ting spoke first: “It seems that the Tianxia competition authorities weren’t so stupid as to do nothing. But they ended up sending a bunch of trash to infiltrate this place.” 

“Originally we were guarding this place for another piece of prey. But you ended up turning up. This really is interesting.” laughed Yang Qi.

Han Jinling wasn’t stupid. Hao Ting and Yang Qi weren’t inspectors. The only explanation for their appearance was that they were part of the plot!

Han Jinlian was angry. He was so close to finishing his mission, but he ended up encountering these two bastards!!

The two sides faced off and summoned their soul pets.

Han Jinling had to fight with full strength. He summoned two low class emperors and three pseudo emperors in front of him!

Although Han Jinling knew he wasn’t the opponent of these two, he had to give it his all. Perhaps he would find an opportunity to summon the ancient saint pet! 

“You two bastards, today I, your grandfather, will slaughter you!” angrily roared Han Jinling. He gave his two low class emperors an order to kill Hao Ting.

Hao Ting wasn’t flustered. He also summoned two low class emperors. One demon, and one beast type. These two low class emperors immediately met the other two head on. A wave of power exploded from their clash, traveling in all directions!!

The clash of four low class emperors created a destructive force that was capable of destroying a low ranking city. The splash damage spread several kilometers, creating destruction!!


The energy also hit the spring, but strangely, the spring wasn’t destroyed. There was only a small ripple, as if a cool breeze had swept past… 

Han Jinling saw that the spring wasn’t affected, and let out a huge sigh of relief. He focused on dealing with Hao Ting’s five emperors!

However, Han Jinling didn’t realize that when the technique wave swept past, the figure under the water had suddenly disappeared, and had strangely moved to the spring’s water. 

Specters had the ability to travel in an illusory state. When Chu Mu discovered that the spring wasn’t affected by the techniques, he immediately had the Little Hidden Dragon travel from the reflection world to the great spring’s reflection, where he could continue to watch. 


Han Jinling’s strength was fairly close to Hao Ting’s, and his soul pet controlling abilities were superb! The two of them had a huge fight, but it would take a while before a winner was determined.

“I’d better join.” Yang Qi cracked a smile and began chanting, completing a dual summon.

He summoned two leopard emperors with lightning and rock attributes. These two secondary attributed leopard emperors immediately pounced at Han Jinling’s three pseudo emperors, causing the battle’s equilibrium to change. 



An earth splitting technique abruptly ripped open the ground outside the spring. Countless cracks appeared in the ground!!

“Hong hong hong!!!!!!!!”

Pale white lightning intersected in the sky, angrily striking downwards. With each flash, a towering black figure was illuminated on the spring. 

“Hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!”

The wind violently whistled and the black soil several kilometers around the spring was severely damaged. Guardian creatures as well as sealed creatures began to flusteredly flee even further away.

However, no matter how much the heavens and sky shook or how much wind and lightning there was, the spring would only ripple. 

“Let’s ignore who this Han Jinling is for now. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Chu Mu rubbed his chin, as he could no longer keep watching.

Yang Qi’s existence had completely upset Han Jinling’s tempo, causing him to suffer a series of wounds. If they managed to kill Han Jinling, Chu Mu would have to fight himself against both of the defector young woman’s subordinates!

“Little Hidden Dragon, let’s go!” 

Promptly, Chu Mu urged the Little Hidden Dragon to emerge from the illusory world under the water!

The surface of the water merely rippled as the Little Hidden Dragon beat its wings. There was no splash of water as its enormous body emerged and floated on the surface of the water!

“It’s Chu Chen and his ghost dragon!!” when Chu Mu appeared on the surface of the water, Yang Qi discovered him.

Hao Ting was a bit surprised. Chu Mu had been continuously hiding there, but he hadn’t detected him at all!

“Perfect, we’ll get rid of them together. I’ll deal with Han Jinling, and you kill his soul pet. Don’t tell me you can’t even deal with a pseudo emperor rank soul pet!” coldly laughed Hao Ting.

“I’m more than enough. Last time was because I was careless!” Yang Qi quickly broke away from the fight with Han Jinlin and gathered his two leopard emperors to lock onto Chu Mu.

Yang Qi’s eyes stared closely at Chu Mu who was hovering above the spring. He angrily said: “This time you won’t be able to flee!”

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on fleeing this time.” Chu Mu stood on the Little Hidden Dragon’s body as he calmly spoke.

After speaking, Chu Mu patted the Little Hidden Dragon’s dragon horn, indicating that it should enter its battle state!

If it was completely in the specter state, its attacks would be extremely limited. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and Specter Dragon had to combine in order for it to reach its most powerful state!

The Little Hidden Dragon flapped its wings, its body slowly becoming solid and transforming into a Spectral Hidden Dragon draped with a spectral light quartz armor.

Instantly, the might of a dragon was released and a vigorous dragon’s cry rang out!

“Big Brother Han, it’s me, Xiao Shan!” Young Lady Shan hastily yelled towards Han Jinling!

Han Jinling had panicked and thought he was about to face another enemy. But when he heard Young Lady Shan’s voice, he immediately showed an expression of happiness. 

“Han Jinling, can you deal with Hao Ting?” Chu Mu didn’t waste words. 

“No problem. Chu Chen, Yang Qi isn’t easy to deal with. You must be careful. This fight is extremely important. Even if you stake your life, you mustn’t lose!” Han Jinling recognized that the soul pet trainer controlling the mysterious dragon species was Chu Chen.

Chu Mu nodded his head. He didn’t say anything more and calmly faced the four pseudo monarchs Yang Qi had summoned.


Specters didn’t have solid bodies, but the Little Hidden Dragon’s fusion state did create a solid body! 

Therefore, when Chu Mu had the Little Hidden Dragon transform from the spectral state, he didn’t realize that his figure as well as the Little Hidden Dragon’s appeared in the reflection on the spring!

In other words, Chu Mu and the Little Hidden Dragon had appeared in the eyes of Soul Palace’s spirit emperors!

Moreover, because he was flying above the spring, when the Little Hidden Dragon undid its spectral state, everyone was able to clearly see it!

Beside the lake, the spirit emperors that were originally angry and helpless were all now staring with their eyes wide open!

Several of the old spirit emperors rubbed their eyes, doubting that their eyes had gone bad!

“This… this… this is… this is…” Elder Xie Tao was speechless and couldn’t get his words out.

A strange dragon species had appeared on the water!

Moreover, from this angle, they were able to see the man riding the dragon species!

“Chu Chu Chu… Chu Chen!!” finally, Elder Ting strung together his words and blurted out this person’s name!!

“Chu Che… it’s the young man who was the first in the Battle of the Realm!!” 

“Why would he be in Immortal City?!!” 

A series of questions and cries of shock rang out! Moreover, there were a few stunned spirit emperors who raised their heads and looked at the sky, doubting whether the reflection came from Immortal City or whether it was because Soul Palace’s Chu Chen was flying above them.

However, when they saw Yang Qi and Chu Mu square off, they finally believed that Chu Chen was in Immortal City and was next to Demon Suppressing Monument!!

“I remember. Chu Chen and the Shan girl were inspectors on the day of the riot. They’ve been trapped in Immortal City…”

Suddenly, Old Li who had previously mentioned he wanted to chop up Yang Qi into thousands of pieces came to a realization.

This matter had been managed by Old Li, who was a supervisor of Immortal City. When the riot broke out, he had forgotten about this. 

Liu Binglan was the first to recognize Chu Mu, but she was completely stunned!

She had been continuously worried about Chu Mu. She hated that she was unable to head alone first to the passage and revive Chu Mu who had died by suicide.

In these previous days, the moment she closed her eyes, Liu Binglan would immediately begin to think of terrifying things that could have happened to Chu Mu.

Thus, she never expected that Chu Mu wouldn’t suicide as she had told him to.

He wasn’t dead and was still living. He had survived uninjured for an entire 17 days in Immortal City!

Even more shocking was that he had appeared at the crucial spot, Demon Suppressing Monument!!

“Am I hallucinating?” Liu Binglan hadn’t truly rested in these 17 days. She felt that it was very likely she was hallucinating due to mental exhaustion. 

However, even if she was hallucinating, were the spirit emperors around her also hallucinating? 

Liu Binglan’s mind had been completely thrown into chaos!

“Why is Chu Chen able to survive in Immortal City that is full of prisoners for so long? Indeed, even us who have middle class and high class emperors may not be able to survive for so long!” 

“It’s very likely because his dragon species soul pet is special. Let’s not worry about this for now. Can anyone tell me what this brat’s strength is like, and whether he can deal with Yang Qi?!” 

The spirit emperors suddenly went quiet after these words. 

Everyone knew that Chu Chen was too young. Although there was unconfirmed news that in the Heavenly Devil Insect fight, this first place in the Battle of the Realm person had low-key accomplished great merits. However, this time the opponent was a crafty assassin with five pseudo emperors! 


Immortal Ming Palace’s spring was windlessly rippling. This caused the reflections to slightly distort.

Right now, 50 spirit emperors from humanity’s strongest group were holding their breath and staring with rapt attention at the spring.

Their hearts were violently beating and their breathing was extremely quiet!

Chu Chen’s appearance had ignited a sliver of hope in their hearts.

However, everybody had no choice but to accept a reality: Chu Chen was too young. He couldn’t be Yang Qi’s opponent.

There was an imbalance between hope and reality that caused these experts to feel an unprecedented pain in their hearts!

“Chu Chen, he… he seems to only be able to summon one soul pet…” it was unknown who suddenly said this.

Immediately, everyone glared at this spirit emperor! 

Will you die if you just kept quiet?

Could they not have seen that Chu Mu wasn’t summoning another soul pet? 

The atmosphere was so tense that their hearts were about to jump out of their chests, yet this person had still spoken the cruel truth. Wasn’t this crushing the sliver of hope they were holding on to?

No one dared say anything else afterwards. These spirit emperors, feeling the immense pressure, stared at the spring.

The hearts of these fifty human experts had been completely affected by the young man riding the dragon species.

Nobody expected that the fight between Yang Qi and Chu Chen, these two figures that should have been insignificant among the spirit emperor camp, was a thousand times more important than the fight between the peak of humanity!! 

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