Chapter 706: Spatial Reflection, Reflected Spring

Chapter 706: Spatial Reflection, Reflected Spring 

“Are the Demon Suppressing Monuments nearby?” Chu Mu looked around.

There were no old buildings or palaces in this area. It was rather vacant. The only thing ahead of them was a very shallow spring.

The spring was large and the water was calm. It was so clear the bottom could be seen. Strangely, when one looked far into the spring, one would feel that this special spring would show the reflection of another world.

“It’s here. Definitely. The large spring in front is proof of this.” Young Lady Shan was sure.

“But I don’t see anything.” said Chu Mu.

Everything around them was empty. The spring was also empty as there was no imposing and magnificent building on it, much less a Demon Suppressing Monument!

“This… I’m not sure, but this place is the Demon Suppressing Monument!” Young Lady Shan was confident in this. She believed in her own knowledge.

Chu Mu was helpless. Perhaps, he had subconsciously thought the Demon Suppressing Monument would be as grand as the Heaven Boundary Monument. Indeed, maybe the Demon Suppressing Monument would only be as small as a tombstone.

“There’s a soul pet nearby!” 

Chu Mu was about to step forward to search for it, when his soul remembrance suddenly detected a fluctuation in the air.

“Sha sha sha~~~~~”

The Little Hidden Dragon reacted very quickly. Its specter body gradually floated to the edge of the spring where water was spilling out of.

A strange thing occurred!

The water seemed to be very shallow, but the enormous body of the Little Hidden Dragon seemed to have fallen into a deep pool, as its body slowly sunk into the water!

The uniqueness of specter type creatures lay in their strange physical abilities. Immobile water, mirrors, shadows or even paintings, totems and engravings on a wall could all act as hiding places for powerful specters. Moreover, as long as it didn’t move an inch, it wouldn’t give off any aura. 

One may ask then, with such unfathomable hiding abilities, what soul pets would be able to catch specter type creatures? 

Young Lady Shan had spent a long time now with Chu Mu and realized how special and mysterious specter type creatures were! 

In the shallow water, three pairs of eyes stared at the world outside the water. 

Of the three pairs of eyes, one was big and two were small. The big round eyes naturally belonged to the Little Hidden Dragon. This little fellow had grown very quickly, and its childish nature was still there. Its eyes also contained a little bit of adorable craftiness. Its eyes looked left and right, as if it was playing hide and seek with its enemy.

The other two small pairs of eyes naturally belonged to Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan.

Most recently, after being chased by Hao Ting and Yang Qi, these mad dogs, they were particularly cautious.

A moment later, a figure emerged nearby.

However, because the field of view underneath the water was limited, neither the big nor small eyes were able to see the creature that had approached this area.

“It’s here! It’s here!!” 

Suddenly, an excited voice rang out!

From his voice, one could detect the excitement in his heart that was hard to contain!

Under the water, Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan looked at each other in shock.

In Immortal City where roars, cries and snarls could be heard, there was unexpectedly a human’s voice! Moreover, this voice didn’t belong to Hao Ting and Yang Qi! 

“I’ve finally found this place! Thank the heavens and earth!” this man was unable to control his emotions and began madly laughing for a long time.

However, after laughing for a while, his laughter came to an abrupt halt… 


Soul Palace, Immortal Ming Bird Sacred Hall. 

Each one of Soul Palace’s Sacred Halls had an enormous spring. 

The spring was very shallow but very clear. At the bottom of the spring were gem-like pebbles. Even at night they would flicker with bright lights.

The spring had a special phenomenon. There were no tall buildings around the spring, but when one stood at the edge of the spring and looked in, he would see a solitary building that extended the water and into one’s blindspot… 

The existence of this spring made many Soul Palace members confused. After all, it was a big spring. Although Soul Palace’s construct in Tianxia City occupied a huge plot of land, such a huge chunk of it was used to build this luxurious spring that didn’t seem to have much meaning. It seemed to be a bit wasteful.  

However, today, everyone finally realized how important this spring was!

This spring wasn’t a normal scenic spring. Instead, it was the world’s most mysterious marvel - a reflection spring!

The reflection spring utilized another corresponding reflection spring in another space and allowed one to see the scenery in the corresponding spring’s space! 

There were a total of seven reflection springs. These seven great reflection springs happened to correspond with Immortal City’s seven great Demon Suppressing Monument’s reflecting springs. This meant that through Soul Palace’s seven springs, people could see the situation occurring nearby the Demon Suppressing Monument! 

Until now, nobody knew of the situation inside Immortal City. Thus, this reflection spring gave everyone a surprise. 

They wouldn’t just have to sit and do nothing. Instead, they could use the reflection spring to see if the seven heroes finished their difficult species mission!

The seven great springs were continuously watched by alternating people. This continued for many days and many spirit emperors would also sleep next to the spring in wait.

Finally, on this day, a figure appeared in Immortal Ming Palace’s sacred spring!

For a moment, all the spirit emperors were concentrated there. They all stood on the edge of this pebble spring and stared at the incomparably excited man.

Everyone stood on one shore and watched the image on the other shore. The springs reflected each other which meant that one had to stand on the opposite diagonal to see what was going on. 

“I see it! I see it! Immortal Ming Bird’s Demon Suppressing Monument. This is Han Jiling’s responsibility. This person is Han Jiling!!” Elder Hai Qiu was the first to shout out in spite of her identity! 

It had been a long time since this old fellow had been so excited!

Everyone else showed expressions of excitement. Even Liu Binglan who rarely smiled couldn’t help but reveal a slightly gratified smile.

In the image, Han Jiling was incomparably brilliant and magnificent right now in the eyes of these spirit emperors. After all, to the entire Tianxia City, this was too important!!

“This is too good. One of the ancient saint beasts, the Immortal Ming Bird is about to awaken. The riot in Immortal City will be slightly suppressed.” 

“Han Jiling is our hero!” 

“Yes, he’s so young but has obtained such merit for Tianxia City. This is irreplaceable! 

In the previous half a month, these spirit emperors hadn’t been able to breathe easy! 

This matter concerned the life and death of everyone. Even those without a sense of responsibility felt the pressure of a mountain. Breathing was hard.

Right now someone had finally finished their mission. The meaning of this was important and worth celebrating!!

“Your Majesty, what’s the matter?” the attentive Elder Ting discovered that after Liu Binglan revealed her beautiful smile, her face gradually turned serious. 

“Look behind him a bit. There seem to be two people.” Liu Binglan softly said.

Elder Ting looked on and discovered in thee image two people were standing in a blindspot. 

“They moved!”

Liu Binglan hoped she saw wrong. But these two people had moved!

They were quietly approaching Han Jinling and as they did, their faces slowly appeared where all the spirit emperors could see.

“What’s up with this. Why are there other people?!!” immediately a spirit emperor discovered them and asked a question in confusion. 

“These two people are…”

Right now, from their position, they could clearly see these two people!

One was skinny and dispirited. The other was tall and cold, but his eyes flickered with light!

Clearly, these two people were not the heroes they had chosen!

Their appearance at the Demon Suppressing Monument meant that they were very likely to be the cause of this plot!!

“Hao Ting!!” suddenly, Palace Lord Yu let out a shocked cry!! 

Palace Lord Yu was extremely familiar with Hao Ting. Even though this was a reflection, Palace Lord Yu could recognize him!

“Hao Ting? Isn’t he Merchant Alliance’s Hall Master?” 

“Why would he be here?!” everyone’s eyes fell on Merchant Alliance’s Master of Affairs!

Merchant Alliance’s Master of Affair’s face was full of shock and he earnestly shook his head and said: “This… this has nothing to do with our Merchant Alliance.”

“Yu Shang, tell us what’s going on.” Elder Ting immediately said.

Palace Lord Yu nodded his head and said: “A while ago, I discovered that Hao Ting’s temperament had greatly changed, and he began to do things for personal interest. He began to continuously incite conflict between the large factions. I mentioned this matter to the competition authorities and the higher-ups of the various large factions, but I didn’t have concrete evidence…” 

“Since you knew that he was the black hand behind the scenes that destroyed Immortal City, why didn’t you stop him?!” at this point, a few agitated spirit emperors spoke up.

Palace Lord Yu had already noticed him, so he should have reported it or killed him. If he had killed him in time, it wouldn’t have lead to thee events today.

“Everyone calm down. Hao Ting should only be one of the black hands. He cannot be the true mastermind. Everyone shouldn’t make rash conclusions.” Elder Ting spoke up for Palace Lord Yu.

Palace Lord Yu was incomparably regretful about this.

If he was able to get to the root of this matter, perhaps he would have been able to know of this plot!

“Han Jinling’s strength isn’t too far off from Hao Ting’s. The problem is that there’s another bastard beside Hao Ting who seems to be Yang Qi. He’s a notorious bastard who should be locked up in the Labyrinth!” angrily said Soul Pet Palace’s Elder Hai Qiu.

“I never expected that our huge matter of life and death would fail at the hands of a bastard!” the other spirit emperors were bitter and angry.

Yang Qi’s strength was barely anything. At least most of the spirit emperors present could completely crush Yang Qi. But right now, no matter how eager to fight or how many sparks were flying from their eyes, they couldn’t do anything to Yang Qi! 

It was because of this bastard. Now, it would be very hard for Han Jinling to defeat the combined Hao Ting and Yang Qi!!

It was all for naught! 

Han Jinling was an incomparable genius, but he was definitely not their opponent! 

Everyone’s originally high spirits fell to rock bottom. Their hope became illusory. Especially because this was done by a bastard, this was extremely hard to accept.

“Even if I die, I am still going to kill Yang Qi and Hao Ting, these two bastards!” the spirit emperor called Old Li exploded in anger.

“That’s right! Even if we can’t fix the situation, we’re still going to kill those two bastards!” angrily said the spirit emperors.

Silently standing on the side of the spring, Liu Binglan’s expression betrayed nothing. However, in her heart, she was just as angry and aggrieved as the other spirit emperors. 

There was no one more than Liu Binglan who cared more about the survival of Tianxia City!

Yet Soul Palace’s Her Majesty never expected that this matter that concerned life and death would fail at the hands of criminals!!

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