Chapter 705: Only Exit, Demon Suppressing Monument

Chapter 705: Only Exit, Demon Suppressing Monument

Yang Qi’s main pets all had rotte aura on them, so summoning three soul pets wouldn’t attract a group onslaught.

But right now, his soul was injured. His face was pale for a moment before turning dark. He flew up and towards Hao Ting.

“I wanted you to destroy a few seals, but you returned with a wounded soul!” Hao Ting creased his brows when he looked at Yang Qi.

Hao Ting was about 40, and there were numerous white strands of hair in his black hair. His countenance was also older than his age!

“I encountered a young inspector. He had a strange dragon species soul pet with him. I was screwed over by that dragon species!” Yang Qi grit his teeth.

“There’s still a competition authority person that is still alive? Who?” asked Hao Ting. Those who could wound Yang Qi were definitely spirit emperors.

“I don’t know. He was very young. About 20!” said Yang Qi with a loathing tone. 

“About 20?” Hao Ting thought for a moment before opening his eyes and speaking: “The only person who is about twenty and has an emperor is Soul Palace’s Chu Chen. But I’ve never heard of him possessing an emperor rank dragon species.”  “Chu Chen? Wasn’t that the brat master told us that we had to capture him alive if we encountered him?!” Yang Qi abruptly came to a realization.

“Why would he be here?” Hao Ting knit his eyebrows. 

The puppet female master’s plan hadn’t actually failed. The only part that had failed was losing the Immortal Spring Water from Immortal City that would allow it to operate autonomously. 

After the puppet female master was killed by Chu Mu, Hao Ting had continued to operate and execute the plan given to him by the female master. 

Of course, the completion of the plan was due to the appearance of a mysterious man who was a leading subordinate of the female master. It was him that managed to actuate the shocking beginnings of this plot.

Now that things had been started, Hao Ting and Yang Qi only needed to add oil to the fire when it was appropriate to do so. Afterwards, they would go and find this mysterious leader and their task would be considered complete.

However, neither Hao Ting nor Yang Qi expected that Chu Chen, who their female master had angrily ordered to be captured alive, was in Immortal City!!

“If we capture him, master will reward us with a emperor fourth rank and above spirit item!” Yang Qi’s blood was boiling and the pain from the wounded soul seemed to disappear! 

“Yes. We won’t be able to leave here for a while, so we may as well capture him and deliver an extra gift to master!” Hao Ting cracked a smile.

“The problem is that he has a specter type soul pet, and it’s very difficult for us to capture him. It’s a dragon species comparable to a pseudo emperor rank. I only lost to him because I was careless.” said Yang Qi. 

“Pseudo emperor? What a joke. Do you really think he’ll be able to escape from my low emperor rank demon? In front of absolute strength, what use is the specter type?” arrogantly said Hao Ting.

“Of course, of course, In front of a low class emperor, pseudo emperors are garbage…” Yang Qi nodded vigorously as he panderingly spoke. Yet, while he pandered, he was also cursing his own soul pets. 


The chaos in Immortal City had already reached the 13th day.

Inside Immortal City, more and more high ranking creatures climbed out of their ‘tombs’ and saw sunlight once again!

In Tianxia City, everything was still as usual. Only the leaders of Tianxia Realm, the spirit emperor rank, was in a panic.

In 13 days, only about 10 spirit emperors had returned, increasing their number from 50 to 60.

However, the speed at which the human forces gathered was far from as fast as the powerful creatures that escaped from the big seals. This storm was so stressful the experts weren’t able to sleep or eat.

The 13th day was also the day the seven heroes were to be sent into Immortal City.

The primary part of summoning the ancient saint pets was infiltration. Overly strong soul pets in Immortal City which was covered with powerful creatures would attract the most attention from the violent groups of creatures. It was difficult for Immortal Spring Water to fully mask their powerful aura.

Therefore, when the seven heroes were chosen, Tianxia City’s City Lord had to choose spirit emperors with strength between pseudo emperors and middle class emperors. 

Soul pets between these ranks would easily be ignored by the powerful sealed creatures after they used the Immortal Spring Water. Moreover, if they encountered any violent creatures, their emperor rank strength would allow them to protect themselves. 

The calamity was here, and this was a great concern of life or death. Further added on the incomparable glory and enormous reward, this made it so that experts were actually willing to give it a try! 

Soul Palace had a limited of Immortal Spring Water. Thus, seven people was the limit. Even if there were additional brave spirit emperors and experts willing to shoulder this task, only seven people could embark on this mission.

Victory or defeat would be decided by this one mission.

The seven spirit emperors shouldered an incomparably heavy mission for humanity. When the seven spirit emperors stepped onto the lonely path to Immortal City, the other experts who rarely shed tears couldn’t help but do so when they saw these seven determined and resolute figures.

Conflicts between spirit emperors would happen both in the open and in the dark in Tianxia Realm. But right now, all the spirit emperors had an unprecedented feeling of unity! 

Perhaps this was a species mission. This was something the mundane people in this world had not realized was going on nor would ever know what happened. Yet, this matter was of vital importance to the growth and existence of their species!

“Go to the respective sacred halls.” Liu Binglan, in charge of the situation, had a calm tone as she spoke. However, everyone could still hear a slight nasalness to this noble woman’s voice.

“The Seven Diagram Saint Hall’s Saint Spring Pond can reflect the scene in the reflection of the springs under the seven great Demon Suppressing Monuments. It is the only method right now for us to see what is going on in Immortal City. I hope that those heroes will be able to appear in the Seven Diagram Saint Hall’s Saint Spring Pond…” Elder Ting looked weary as he spoke.

Right now, aside from waiting, the other 50 spirit emperors couldn’t do anything else. 


“Fellow friends, I will go first. I hope that I will be able to see the rest of you in the future.” Soul Pet Palace’s young genius, Han Jiling, was only 33. He waved his hands, and rode on his pseudo emperor rank Earth Fiend Dream Demon into the hell-like city.

The other six spirit emperors looked at each other.

These six people didn’t look as free or easy as Han Jiling. In front of them was an endless abyss. An underworld of death. Even if Immortal Spring Water, stepping into it would lead to nine deaths and one life. There was also the pressure from how important this was. There was no one who could face this calmly. Perhaps it could be described that if one had the courage to enter, this meant that his ability to withstand pressure was extremely high.

Indeed, even maybe the carefree Han Jiling was not as carefree as he seemed.

“I’m also going to go. I need to return earlier so that I can hold my daughter, who is just one month old.” said Kingdom Lord Duan Yi, who was part of the seven heroes. 

When Duan Yi volunteered to enter the seven heroes, Blue Kingdom Lord Zhao Qinghe was stunned for a long while. The two of them, neighboring each other, had been through many trials with each other for many years. It was unknown how many grievances they had had between them. Zhao Qinghe never expected that Duan Yi, who he found a bit irritating, would make him ashamed and unable to show his face!

“So you had a daughter. Then I’ll arrange it… Ah, it’s arranging it for my son so she can be my daughter-in-law.” the nomadic spirit emperor, Guan Qing pretended to be carefree as he spoke.

Duan Yi was already a distance away from the group, but after he heard Guan Qin’s words, he turned around and said: “If we have a chance to see each other in the future, I will recognize your young wanderer as my son-in-law.” 

After speaking, Duan Yi, like Han Jiling, waved his hands and said goodbye to everyone.

However, not long after, Duan Yi’s soul pet suddenly sped up and in a thick haze, it charged into Immortal City. It seemed a bit reluctant… 

The others were silent.

It wasn’t that they didn’t understand the danger this time, nor was it that they didn’t understand that there were other spirit emperors. 

Of these seven people, most of them weren’t here for the honor or reward. Instead, it was because in Tianxia City and the nearby kingdoms were numerous people who would be unable to flee from this calamity and who they had to protect… 


Time quickly passed.

It was the 17th day of unrest in Immortal City. Deep inside Immortal City, Chu Mu gradually discovered that the guardian creatures and sealed creatures which were originally often fighting and killing each other had now become quiet. 

In fact, the entire Immortal City had become quiet. 

However, Chu Mu understood that the peace in Immortal City didn’t mean that the riot had been suppressed.

Instead, it was the calm before the storm!

The arrival of the peace meant that an ultra-strong creature with enough strength to suppress most of the chaotic creatures had appeared!

Without a doubt, at least one peak emperor had appeared in Immortal City!

This world-shocking creature’s rise to the occasion had been savage and lively as it had set numerous unknown places in Immortal City on fire!

Even more sealed creatures were released and they were suppressed by this enormous creature. It was forbidden to fight internally amongst each other. Instead, they began to consolidate their strength and attack the ancient Departed World Gates!!

They wanted to escape and release their grievance, pent up over many years, on the humans!

As for the imprisoned pets that still had masters, they wanted to extract justice for their masters!

The imprisoned soul pets that had already lost masters had obtained their freedom and wanted to retaliate against the authorities that had punished them!

Although there were now less conflicts in Immortal City, the heavens were overflowing with grievance!


“Will we be able to survive…” quietly asked Young Lady Shan. 

“Didn’t you overhear that Hao Ting and the other guy know another exit?” earnestly said Chu Mu.

“But the history books have recorded that the Demon Suppressing Monuments should be the most stable areas. There cannot be spatial fissures there.” Young Lady Shan still didn’t entirely believe it.

Most recently, Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan had been pursued by Hao Ting and Yang Qi and were in hiding. But at the same time, they obtained extremely vital information: there was an exit from Immortal City nearby the Demon Suppressing Monuments!

Young Lady Shan was extremely familiar with the entire Immortal City, and although she was somewhat suspicious, she still guided Chu Mu towards the Demon Suppressing Monuments. 

“That being said, what’s up with your dragon? How did it’s strength rise so quickly? Are you carrying strengthening spirit items with you? But I haven’t seen you strengthen it, nor have I seen your soul power decrease.” asked Young Lady Shan.

“What’s the point in asking so much?’ Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to answer. 

After fighting for so long, Chu Mu had already raised the Little Hidden Dragon into a fatty! 

It was very hard to believe that the weak infant Little Hidden Dragon born two years ago in Immortal City would return two years later, and become Chu Mu’s most powerful fighting strength soul pet! 

Most importantly, this little fellow was still only at the ninth phase!!! 

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