Chapter 704: Ghost Hidden Dragon, Instant Kill!

Chapter 704: Ghost Hidden Dragon, Instant Kill!

In the sky, the man riding a two-headed meat winged bird gazed emotionlessly at the ground.

This man’s skin was withered and yellow, without any glow. He was like a man that had been sucked dry by a succubus-like in many fairy tales.

“Looks like they are the annoying patrolling officers. They managed not to die with all the other competition guards. Truly rare.” The man smiled a large yellow toothy grin.

As he spoke, he patted his two headed wing type soul pet, and dove down swiftly from the skies.

The man’s soul pet was a Duohead Plague Bird, a pseudo emperor rank wing type! Its eyes were incredibly sharp; when it was flying thousands of meters into the high skies, it could discern every ant crawling around on the ground.


The Duohead Plague Bird fell heavily onto the ground, its two long necked heads raring to dart forward, wanting to immediately swallow Chu Mu and Lady Shan.

“Oh, so its two young ones? Able to be a patrol officer, you probably aren’t too bad, right?” The skinny yellow man on the Duohead Plague Bird said without hurry.

After speaking, the skinny yellow man’s gaze quickly fell on Chu Mu’s little hidden dragon.

From its aura, little hidden dragon was only top tier monarch rank. Other than its appearance being slightly mysterious due to its ghostly transparency, it wasn’t much different from a normal dragon type. However, the thick immortal aura on it was surprising.

Monarch rank was monarch rank in the end. The skinny yellow man didn’t mind. He couldn’t help but smile belittlingly as he continued, “Let me introduce myself, I’m called Yang Qi, I’m not sure if you two have heard of me?”

The person calling himself Yang Qi had a forced and fake calmness and “elegance”, that caused Chu Mu to want to puke. He had never seen such a boring person. Defector young woman’s subordinates indeed were all questionable people.

Of course, Chu Mu didn’t know Yang Qi, but from Lady Shan’s reaction, this man seemed to have some infamy in the world!

“You…’re underground palace’s killer, the one that once assassinated a soul pet palace master in Tianxia City!!” Lady Shan pointed a finger at the skinny Yang Qi, in complete shock!

“Hehe, it is me.” Yang Qi suddenly smiled deviously, his laugh causing hackles to rise on her skin. He continued “Little pretty chick actually knows of me. Let me tell you, that night, after I killed him, I also treated his wife very well, who hadn’t experienced such activities in a while…..”

After hearing this, Lady Shan’s body shook. She could feel Yang Qi’s burning gaze. This man’s fervor and satisfaction caused Lady Shan to feel like she had already been violated…..

Lady Shan subconsciously hugged Chu Mu’s arm, and looked pitifully at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu remained calm and steadily asked Yang Qi a question, “How did you enter immortal city?”

“Oh, almost forgot about you. I don’t want to waste time talking with you. I still have much to do. However, the beautiful chick beside you, I’ll happily accept her.” Yang Qi smiled, and leaped off his soul pet.

Suddenly, the Duohead Plague Bird that Tang Qi was riding attacked. This thing clearly was ready to attack. Before Yang Qi even finished speaking, it blew forward in a fully charged attack, wanting to immediately kill Chu Mu’s soul pet!

However, Chu Mu’s reaction was even faster. Almost the moment it reared to attack, Little Hidden dragon’s technique was finished!


Ghost Dragon adhered itself immediately. Little hidden dragon’s body along with Chu Mu and Lady Shan all became intangible. When the Duohead Plague Bird attacked, it immediately passed through the little hidden dragon’s body!

Ghost Fade!

Ghost type perfect dodging technique!

Unless the power was at a certain degree, or if it were a direct attack to the soul, it couldn't harm the ghost type little hidden dragon one bit!

“Hundred Spectral Strikes! Attack its vulnerable spots!” chu Mu commanded.


Little hidden dragon’s body quickly solidified again. The soul pearl’s over hundred souls swirled around little hidden dragon’s body, looking like an ancient soul pattern that quickly gathered on little hidden dragon’s ghost claws!

The little hidden dragon was currently right behind the Duohead Plague Bird. With a dragon claw full of energy, it ripped straight towards the Duohead Plague Bird’s heads!!!


Dead souls shattered. At the same time, the dragon claws sharply swiped by the Duohead Plague Bird’s neck, completing a glamorous attack from behind that struck at its vitals!!

The Duohead Plague Bird’s two heads immediately left their necks, leaving the thin necks spewing blood like garden hoses!

Its life was instantly gone. The Duohead Plague Bird’s necks fell down and its body slumped heavily into the ground!

Vital instant kill!!

The pseudo emperor rank had its heads swiped off in one exchange, dying utterly!!

“Such a powerful dragon!!!” Lady Shan’s little mouth was so wide it could almost fit her fist!

It was the first time Lady Shan had seen such a cryptic move, and such powerful instant damage. When this little hidden dragon was fighting the other monarchs, she could already tell it was special. Yet, she never would have thought the ninth phase dragon could instantly kill the underground palace killer Yang Qi’s wing type emperor!

This was unbelievable!!

And looking back at Yang Qi, his soul was instantly heavily wounded. Yang Qi’s egoistic and fake confidence instantly morphed into a face of anger, his veiny and eyes bulging!

“Impossible!! Impossible!! That can’t possibly happen!!!!” Yang Qi immediately was on the verge of collapsing.

That was Yang Qi’s emperor rank soul pet he was so proud of! Having it get instantly killed so carelessly, Yang Qi couldn’t accept it!!

“Gather soul!    

Chu Mu didn’t care whether the other person could accept it or not. He immediately had little hidden dragon to cast its species ability and suck the pseudo emperor rank’s dead soul into its body.

After the soul entered little hidden dragon’s body, it immediately became energy for ghost dragon, causing its rank to immediately increase and raised little hidden dragon’s power by a rank!

This pseudo emperor rank’s soul was too easy to collect.

Before, Chu Mu thought that Yang Qi may have a lot of emperor ranks, causing him with a little hidden dragon to be unable to handle him.

Yet, this fellow saw Chu Mu and Lady Shan to be young, and thought they were just normal patrolling officers. He didn't even summon his other soul pets, and just sent a wing type emperor to fight little hidden dragon on the ground.

Without the air advantage, wing type soul pets couldn’t use all its power. Yet, this person didn’t take little hidden dragon seriously at all, rushing forward to try to kill little hidden dragon in one hit.

Little hidden dragon was a top tier monarch with three main types! If it truly fought, even pseudo emperor ranks would have trouble dealing with it.

This Duohead Plague Bird flew over with low defense. It thought it had powerful offense, but to the little hidden dragon fully prepared to kill it, it was just giving its life up for free!

“I’ll skin you all alive!!!!!!!!!!” Finally, Yang Qi erupted!

Yang Qi’s recovery was rather quick. After being unable to handle the loss of one soul briefly, he immediately backed off to prevent him from getting instantly killed by little hidden dragon and also cast duo summon while retreating, summoning other emperor ranks!

Two emperors appeared left and right, two panther emperors with rock and lightning sub types!

The barbarian mountain panther emperor Chu Mu met had no sub types. This time, either of the panther emperors Yang Qi summoned was a rank stronger than that barbarian mountain panther emperor!

“Chu Chen!! Chu Chen, these are two pseudo emperor ranks with sub types!!! You’re soul pets can’t beat it!!” Lady Shan frantically shouted, showing her temperament as a deadweight fully!

“I’ll show you the feeling of dying over and over again!!!!!” Yang Qi’s summoning hadn’t finished yet. While his soul was harmed, he started another incantation to summon a third emperor!!

Chu Mu’s little hidden dragon could at most deal with one subtype panther emperor. The other two enemies, what would he do with them, give it to the woman that only knew how to scream?

“Die!! Go Die!!!!” Yang Qi was crazy, commanding all his soul pets to attack Chu Mu.

Facing the two sub type panther emperors, Chu Mu remained calm as he patted little hidden dragon’s dragon horn.

Little hidden dragon immediately understood.

Very quickly, little hidden dragon’s body was shrouded in a special ghostly sheen as its body slowly became incorporeal, becoming a transparent quartz like sculpture dragon!

Ghost Dragon!

Little hidden dragon completely released ghost dragon’s powers, becoming an intangible ghost type organism!

“Huhuhu~~~~~~~” Little hidden dragon flapped its transparent wings, yet it didn’t create any gust of wind as it very lightly started floating!

Suddenly, little hidden dragon turned around swiftly!

It became a dragon ghost that brought the also transparent Chu Mu and Lady Shan deeper into immortal city, floating away…...

The crazed Yang Qi stared wide eyed in shock. He just watched as the opponent that made him crazy flew away in front of him!!

After a moment, Yang Qi felt his chest hurt, as he almost spit out blood in anger!

The person escaped!

Not only that, he escaped very easily in front of his very eyes!

It wasn’t that Yang Qi didn’t know to chase. It was that anyone who knew about ghost types knew that other than ghost types, any other type soul pet chasing might as well just be sending it off!


If he couldn’t fight, Chu Mu could run away!

Spending fortunes to train little hidden dragon wasn’t just to make little hidden dragon shinier than usual!

The opponent had multiple emperor rank soul pets. Chu Mu’s other soul pets couldn’t be summoned easily, so since he couldn’t win, obviously he had to escape. He dared to stay in front of Yang Qi because he believed in little hidden dragon’s ability to escape.

And, Chu Mu wasn’t afraid of Yang Qi.

He just had to feed ghost dragon to low class emperor rank first and then take his time in dealing with Yang Qi! Then, Yang Qi’s soul pets would still get instantly killed even if they were prepared!


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