Chapter 703: Seven Star Demon Suppressing Monument, Immortal Guardian God

Chapter 703: Seven Star Demon Suppressing Monument, Immortal Guardian God

Inside Tianxia Palace

The chaos in immortal city had lasted three days already. In this three days, the competition members staff just watched as more and more seals were leaving their control.

Now, they couldn’t even guess what kind of hell immortal city has become. Even if one of the leaders entered, they will probably die!

“There’s only one month, with this rate of seal breaking, in one month, there will be a large group of emperor ranks roaming immortal city. And if there's a big leader that appears amongst these emperor ranks, then all the immortal city sealed organisms and guarding organisms will gather together and start a spatial assault towards the departed world gates!” Ye Tao said in a deep voice.

Behind Ye Tao there was a large scroll painting. This scroll painting was the size of a wall, looking like an old city map.

The map was vertically set, allowing all spirit emperors to see it.

“Red marks are seals in the top 100, yellow is 100-300, blue is 300-1000, and green is past 1000. Black circles mean its already unsealed.” Ye Tao turned around and continued.

Different colors, different marks, densely packed, of which ones circled with black were plenty!

The entire immortal city was complicated. One could say that the simply the table of contents for the crimes of the sealed soul pets would fill a huge book. The detailed crime records with seal descriptions, power descriptions, reason, and belongings could fill an entire library. The scholars that spend their lives dedicated to immortal city still only knew a tiny piece of this ocean of knowledge.

Speaking of which, why would the massive sealed city collapse?

After three days of analysis, the old scholars finally knew. In reality, the immortal city in the past ten years has always been suffering from some energy’s destruction!

The conspirator was very smart. Every time they touched a seal, they only broke a little bit of it.

If the immortal city were a house, then the conspirator was like a white ant. They didn’t touch any of the pillars on the surface, instead biting into the insides. Once they got to a certain point, they would switch to a different pillar and continue to bite…...

The days and months stacked on, and the pillars were all badly damaged, but the house was still a house, so no one noticed anything.

One day, white ants brought down one pillar whole, causing a balance problem in the house that collapse all the other pillars. Immediately, the entire house would collapse under the long term chewing!

After coming to this conclusion, everyone was surprised. It was hard to imagine someone potting for over ten years and pulling it off this flawlessly!

“By this pattern, the immortal city’s limited space couldn’t possibly hold so many powerful organisms!” merchants alliance palace master said.

“In a months time, the people fighting on the western side with the heavenly devil insects can’t possibly all come back!” Soul pet palace great palace master said.

“Is there nothing to stop the seals from collapsing? The massive immortal city has no final protection mechanism?” A young spirit emperor asked.

Speaking of final protection, everyone’s eyes fell on the mysterious woman’s body.

Of the spirit emperors present, at least half of them have never seen the woman on the main seat. However, when elder Ting seriously announced that this mysterious woman was the soul palace noble woman, as well as soul alliance sixteen absolutes, the spirit emperors who hadn’t come in contact with the true elites of humankind were astounded!

It was hard to imagine that such a cold beauty was an expert that even them, as spirit emperors, could only look up to!

Soul palace noble woman already represented a top commanding title of a faction.

Yet, soul alliance sixteen absolutes was a truly utmost authority!

“Immortal city has seven Demon Suppressing Monuments, split up in seven stars across immortal city!” Liu Binglan did not waste any words and said very proudly without emotion.

“Under every monument is a sleeping ancient sacred soul pet!”

Ancient sacred pet?

Many of the spirit emperors were old and experienced, yet they had never heard of this secret!

Hearing it come from this noble woman of soul palace, their hearts were thrown into chaos!

“These ancient sacred pets are soul palace’s seven diagram sacred pets- Lin Yin Beast, binding Wind Spirit, Xuanzhen Beetle, Immortal Ming Bird, Palm Dawn Concubine, Holy Stem Flower, Wanmo Beast. These ancient sacred pets have slept for a few hundred years, and would only wake when immortal city is truly shaken!”

Soul palace's seven diagram sacred pets!!

Tianxia Realm was originally completely ruled by soul palace. Immortal city inherited the old layout, so its true pillars were the ancient seven diagram sacred pets!

This secret was something only palace experts had the authority to know!

“Dare I…...dare I ask, are these sleeping ancient sacred pets prisoners or……” Blue Kingdom kingdom master Zhao QInghe lowered his voice and asked.

Since they are all ancient sacred pets, then they must have truly sky opening poewrs! If these ancient sacred pets are on the opposing side as humans, then no one can stop the disaster.

“They are defending organisms, guardian gods that suppress all evil within immortal city!” Liu Binglan answered.

Liu Binglan’s words caused everyone to breath out in relief. This means that immortal city still has a chance.

“What rank are the guardian gods?” Elder Ye Tao asked in a low voice.

“Seven sacred pets, all top tier emperor rank!” Liu Binglan said.

Liu Binglans words caused everyone to smile in ecstasy!

Top tier emperor rank!

That was an organism at the peak! And there were seven of them!!

How powerful was this force? If they gathered together, suppressing immortal city was definitely a possibility!!

With these seven protector guards, the chaos will quickly get suppressed and tianxia city will be saved!

“However, the ancient sacred pets won’t wake up by themselves. They need the seven drops of heavenly dew in my hands to awaken from the suppressing demon monuments.” Liu Binglan said coldly.

All of the spirit emperors’ emotions rose and fell with Liu Binglan’s words. This sentence indubitably dampened everyone’s happiness.

“Many of top fifty in immortal city were sealed by me personally. If I enter the already chaotic immortal city it would just cause these organisms to break out sooner. I can’t complete this misson……”

“Now, we must select seven experts to enter immortal city and reach the suppressing demon monuments, and wake the seven ancient sacred pets up and save tianxia city.”

Save Tianxia City, this was an honor worthy of epics. Which soul pet trainer wasn’t willing to let their name be passed down for thousands of years?

But, everyone knew this was also a sacrifice! If even the main leader could lose their life entering immortal city now, the more average spirit emperors would barely have a sliver of chance of living!

“Volunteers will get a quarter serving of immortal spring water for their main soul pet, so it has a rotten aura and won’t get attacked by everyone once they enter. This mission is extremely difficult, but not impossible.”

“After ten days, mirror sword old man will open a one way spatial gate and let the seven brave men in. Each man will get a soul item that will raise their main soul pet by one rank before entering immortal city……” When getting here, Liu Binglan suddenly paused for a moment before slowly continuing, “Then, the fate of Tianxia City will rest in these seven people’s hands……”

In the words before, no one could feel any emotion in this high up mysterious noble woman, but after that pause, everyone could sense a clear change in her tone.

This change caused everyone to feel the heavy sense of duty pressuring their hearts!

“No matter if they succeed or not, the Realm Throne’s golden crown will be embedded with these seven brave souls’ names!”

The last sentence of Liu Binglan echoed through the hall. The mystical female voice was noble, stern, gentle, yet heavy, causing all the strongest human beings that gathered there to completely go silent.


In immortal city

“You… bastard!!”

“How can you steal the immortal spring water, you…’re embezzling. Did you forget that you’re a member of soul palace? How can soul palace members steal soul palace treasures?!” Lady Shan pointed at Chu Mu, her plump bosom heaving, clearly fuming with rage.

Once she woke up, Lady Shan suddenly realized that this first rank winner of battle of the realm was the great thief, or else his soul pet couldn’t possibly have this thick of a rotten aura!

“If you shout at me one more time, i wouldn't mind throwing you out to feed these hungry devil tigers!” chu Mu said coldly.

Lady shan glanced worriedly at the devil tigers with eyes burning with blue glints and quickly covered her mouth, choosing instead to stare at Chu Mu to express her utmost anger for the thief.

Now, Lady Shan was more and more convinced that Chu Mu was part of the crew that collapsed immortal city!

“I didn’t steal the spring water, I just happened to meet the thief and killed her.” Chu Mu explained.

After explaining, Chu Mu told little hidden dragon to fight its way directly towards the teeth baring devil tigers!

After days of battle, ghost dragon was already middle class monarch rank. Once it reaches invincible monarch rank, little hidden dragon’s strength could reach low class emperor rank!

Ghost dragon could gather souls to raise its strength, but the improvement is slow and it only counted when little hidden dragon truly killed the enemy.

Chu Mu didn’t hurry. After all, all of immortal city was full of advanced organisms. These few days he had been constantly switching it up, so little hidden dragon could kill different ranking organisms and slowly level up.

Chu Mu estimated that with two pseudo emperor rank souls, ghost dragon could reach invincible monarch rank, raising little hidden dragon’s rank to low class emperor.



While Chu Mu and little hidden dragon were fighting the devil tigers, a huge gust of wind suddenly blew down from the skies, evidently a powerful wing type soul pets that flew over their heads.

"Someone’s in the sky…...I think…...I think it's the soul pet trainer that was with He Teng!” Lady Shan pointed at the sky.

“I see it.” Chu Mu asked.

“Then why don’t you go and chase them?” Lady Shan “Chase them to do what?” Chu Mu asked.

“To see what he want to do; he’s the criminal that broke immortal city.” lady Shan said.

“En, after I feed my little dragon completely.” Chu Mu said nonchalantly.

Lady Shan was increasingly speechless. She was sure Chu Mu was a team with the other!

Chu Mu obviously choose to ignore her. The most important method here is to improve his little hidden dragon’s strength to have some guarantee to living.

But, just as they were about to fly over, Chu Mu suddenly noticed teh wing type soul pet paused for a second and directed its eagle eyes downwards to them!

“Damnit, this thing found us!” Chu Mu cursed out loud!

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