Chapter 702: The Chaos of Immortal City, the Dragon in a Sheep Disguise

Chapter 702: The Chaos of Immortal City, the Dragon in a Sheep Disguise

Immortal City

Chu Mu breathed very heavily. With such a massive sealed world threatening him, no matter how powerful his heart was he couldn't’ remain completely calm and composed.

"Young master, the method her majesty told you must have sacrifices. This is an ancient art of the Holy Stem Flower, through using the blood of one’s closest one to revive someone whose body, soul, and consciousness are well preserved……” Old Li said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded heavily. He had guessed already that there wasn’t a real revival technique in this world. Even if there were, there must be a very heavy price to pay.

Chu Mu hoped he could live on, because he still had the dream of reaching the peak that he hasn’t fulfilled.

But, more so, he didn’t want to wake up again and never be able to see his mom again, even though this mom never did the best job…...

One can say that, when Liu Binglan made the difficult choice, it gave Chu Mu a cruel decision to make too.

“Lady Shan, now calm down for me and help me think carefully. Is there truly no other way out of this immortal city? Some other way other than the seals to get rotten aura?” Chu Mu asked Lady Shan very sternly.

Lady Shan stared blankly. She was already in despair and was just shaking in fear, waiting for the defending organisms and sealed organisms to come and kill her.

But, Lady Shan didn’t understand how the man in front of her still hasn’t given up. Did he not know that amongst the chaos in immortal city, they were like two weak sheep?

Chu Mu’s calm and determined gaze caused Lady Shan to lose focus momentarily and also slightly get rid of her desolation.

Yet, Lady shan still shook his head and slowly said, “There aren’t any other exits. There used to be something that instantly gave a rotten aura, but not anymore.”

 There were two paths now, first was to find another exit. Second was to get the rotten aura like the prisoners and become one with them.

When Chu Mu heard there was something that gave rotten aura and his eyes lit up and immediately asked, “What, is it in immortal city?”

The closer to death, the calmer Lady Shan became. This was an extreme phenomenon in her mental state.

She seemed to see a sliver of life in Chu Mu and shook her head hopelessly, “You’re survival resolve is much stronger than a normal persons. Just now, passing straight through immortal city and now that the gate is closed, you still aren’t willing to give up, even after we’ve become flotsam in the ocean…...what I have to tell you is we are extremely unlucky……”

“Immortal city originally had something in it that was your soul palace’s treasure. The person with top tier emperor rank that wanted you to live on could definitely guide you to it and get it. Then, we would have rotten aura on us and mingle with the sealed organisms. We would have a chance to live then.”

“But, this treasure was stolen. Just after the Battle of the Realm ended, it disappeared. No one knows where the treasure that was heavily guarded by even high class emperor ranks went, and no one has figured out how the culprit managed to steal it without even alarming the defending organisms.”

After saying this, Lady Shan seemed to use up all her life. She sat down as if she lost her soul, put her head between her knees, and had her back against the defending organisms as her eyes went hollow.

This was desolation, the last display from a woman who had her mind broken.

Lady Shan didn’t want to look at Chu Mu’s expression because she completely believed that after her words, he would become like her. Even if he was accomplished, even if his future was bright, he would die here with her.

“I really didn’t think I would die with you, of all people…..” Lady Shan faced away from Chu Mu as he said.

Lady Shan muttered. She knew that Chu Mu facing death would have far more unwillingness than her. After all, he had four emperor ranks at such a young age, one of which was low class…...

“Chu Chen?” Lady Shan said a lot, yet Chu Mu didn’t respond at all.

She turned around subconsciously.


This moment, Lady Shan’s countless fears materialize, as a loud scream as she turned around.

“You……...what are you doing? Why…… why are you suddenly summoning a dragon species……” Lady Shan was far from true silence before death. A slight stimulus brought back all the unease.

“The thing with rotten aura, you meant immortal spring water right?” Chu Mu asked.

“En.” Lady Shan nodded stiffly.

“We have a chance to survive!!” Chu Mu finally smiled rarely.

This smile wiped away all the shadows that looming death put on Chu Mu’s heart.

The immortal spring water was stolen by the defector young woman puppet, but fell into Chu Mu’s hands in the end!

This meant that little hidden dragon, that drank the immortal spring water, had the rotten aura of immortal city and wouldn’t get attacked by sealed organisms, and may even be seen as a companion!


Having drank a lot of immortal spring water, little hidden dragon had a closeness to this city. As if coming back home, it let out a deafening roar into the skies!!!

“Rotten aura… much rotten aura…..” Lady Shan stared blankly at this majestic dragon species and stared in disbelief.

This rotten aura was enough to cover up two humans’ auras, giving them a protective umbrella in this chaotic world!

“We have a chance to live? We have a chance to live!!” Lady Shan’s emotions were in turmoil.

When joy collided with desolation, it was another rapid shift in mental state. This time, Lady Shan fainted from becoming too excited, falling to the ground with tears of excitement still on her face…..

“......” Chu Mu was speechless.

It was good that Lady Shan’s faints were momentary, or else Chu Mu would’ve thrown this deadweight behind long ago.

Of course, Chu Mu wouldn't truly throw this woman behind. She understood way more about immortal city than he did. Though he very luckily had immortal spring water and can hide in the sealed army, it didn’t mean he was completely safe. In immortal city, he still needed lady shan’s guidance to tell him information in case he strays onto a deadly path.

Little hidden dragon used its claws to hook onto Lady Shan’s collar, and very roughly tossed her onto its back and turned around, opening its toothy maw and smiled towards Chu Mu like a kid.

“Little hidden dragon, we’re in the most dangerous plac in the world right now. Your bigger brothers and sisters wont’ be able to come out without getting ganged upon. We’re counting on you for the rest!” Chu Mu very seriously told little hidden dragon.

Little hidden dragon’s grin became even wider, looking excited!

“Your true fighting strength is near pseudo emperor rank. Ghost dragon’s rank is still only commander rank. If we raise up that rank, your true fighting strength will reach low class emperor rank!” Chu Mu said to little hidden dragon.

Chu Mu suppressed little hidden dragon’s growth mainly because Chu Mu couldn’t collect 250,000 spirits in the near future.

Little hidden dragon was ninth phase first stage, adding up to be at pseudo emperor rank level.

However, ghost dragon’s rank was still low, being only top tier commander rank.

This meant that little hidden dragon still had much room for growth. As long as ghost dragon’s rank rose, its strength will reach low class emperor rank without a problem!

Ghost dragon’s rank could be easily increased through killing enemies. In the past, there weren’t strong organisms like emperor ranks for chu Mu to kill, little hidden dragon couldn’t aggregate powerful souls and naturally ghost dragon’s rank would be low.

And even in forbidden realm, every emperor had a massive tribe with it, causing the killing of one to be exponentially harder. And one mishap could cause danger to everyone, making it extremely dangerous.

Yet now, within the entire thousands of years of history in immortal city, emperor rank soul pets weren’t hard to find anymore. Even the weakest soul pets were monarch rank, while the middle class power was emperor rank already.

These were all soul delicacies for little hidden dragon to increase its strength!!

Maybe, in one move, the ghost dragon could accidentally become emperor rank, causing the little hidden dragon to be even more powerful than Mo Xie!

Going from imminent death to a chance of increasing little hidden dragon’s strength greatly was a very extreme shift. Not only was little hidden dragon was excited by the countless meals in front of it, even Chu Mu was excited.

The little hidden dragon with imortal spring water was like a dragon in sheepskin, hiding in the chaotic immortal city and slaying the released emperor ranks like sheep!

“Maybe, getting locked in here wasn’t a bad thing?” Chu Mu said to himself contemplatively.

Chu Mu gazed at the countless defending organisms and sealed organisms that had chased to the gate already. At this moment, all these organisms had stopped their chase.

All of them stared blankly in place looking at the little hidden dragon with thick rotten aura.


Little hidden dragon was very aggressive, and let out a roar towards the organisms to show alliance!

The organisms that chased over lost track of Chu Mu and Lady Shan’s auras, and were all confused.

Without human aura, there wasn’t any reason to continue chasing. As for the thickly rotten aura covering dragon species, these defending organisms and sealed organisms saw no reason to actively provoke such a powerful and seemingly long sealed prisoner!

After little hidden dragon called towards them, it unfurled its sturdy wings and leaped into the sky, flying straight into immortal city’s sky!

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