Chapter 700: Universally Shocking Conspiracy, Hunting Tianxia

Chapter 700: Universally Shocking Conspiracy, Hunting Tianxia 

Tianxia City

On its surface, the city seemed exactly as usual. The streets were filled with an unending flow of people as different ranked soul pet trainers would mingle, trade and purchase in public locations.

Of the nearly 10 million people in this ultra large city, 99 percent of these people were doing as they normally would. These people formed the vital parts of society and formed the basis for human civilization...

However, they were also the most ignorant group of people.

If something big happened, they were the first group of people that the news of the big event would be hidden from. It was rare that they learned of these big events.

Indeed, they did not know that right now, all of the upper echelons of Tianxia city were congregating at a certain location.

They did not know either that hidden messages had been sent through special channels to the hands of all spirit emperors in Tianxia Realm.

Even the spirit emperors on the outskirts of Tianxia City had been informed and forcibly required to return to Tianxia City!


All of these spirit emperors hurrying to Tianxia City didn’t know what had happened; nonetheless, they had to return to Tianxia City as fast as possible because the message delivered to them had ordained this. If one was late without any excuse, he or she could be imprisoned for 10 years!

This was the highest order in Tianxia Realm. Although many of the spirit emperors had never obtained such a domineering order like this before, they didn’t hesitate.

“What happened? Why did they suddenly send the highest gathering order?!” asked Blue Kingdom Lord Zhao Qinghe.

En route to Tianxia City, Zhao Qinghe encountered the neighboring Kingdom Lord, Duan Yi. Duan Yi and Zhao Qinghe had a bit of enmity between the two of them, but right now, they had no thoughts of the conflict between their two kingdoms. 

“How would I know? I just had a daughter, and I was about to throw a celebration for her being a month old. But then I got this Tianxia competition authority order. I thought it was a meaningless order to gather at first and was planning on continuing by daughter’s celebration. However, my Kingdom Lord writ suddenly lit up, making me realize that this was the highest possible gathering order. If I was a bit slower, I would no longer be a Kingdom Lord and perhaps the next time I would be able to see my daughter would be when she could summoned her first pet.” bitterly laughed Duan Yi.

“The last time the highest possible gathering order was issued was many years ago I think. The reason for this time’s cannot be small…” said Zhao Qinghe.

“It was either ten or nearly twenty years ago. I don’t remember. In any case, I was just a brat back then.” said Duan Yi.

“It doesn’t matter. We should head to Tianxia City as fast as possible. We’ll switch between your and my wing type soul pets, so that way we’ll be faster.” said Blue Kingdom Lord Zhao Qinghe.

Duan Yi nodded his head.

Frantic exchanges like that between Zhao Qinghe and Duan Yi occurred throughout the various kingdoms in Tianxia Realm.

Aside from special areas which the Tianxia competition authorities determined had to be protected, spirit emperor experts with enough strength were required to gather!


Tianxia City.

To the east of the Realm Thrones was the Tianxia competition authority’s supreme conference hall. When big matters happened in the past, all spirit emperors would discuss it here.

The leaders of the conference were the three chiefs of the Tianxia competition authorities: Nightmare Palace’s Elder Xie Tao, Soul Pet Palace’s Elder Hai Qiu and Soul Palace’s Elder Ting.

Originally the leader should have been Tian Ting, but everyone knew that he had died from the half devil. His position was still empty, and big matters were dealt with by the other three.

The highest point of the great hall was the golden throne, which belonged to Li Hong. However, it was rare for the realm’s king to stay in Tianxia City. Although the order had been dispatched, it was unknown when Tianxia Realm’s strongest person, Li Hong, would arrive. 

Normally, even if a secondary rank order to gather was given, many spirit emperors would appear in this great hall. Before the conference started, they would talk with each other, discussion abuzz. 

However, this time the highest gathering order had been given. There were very few spirit emperors in hall; barely even fifty! 

Normally there would be over 100 spirit emperors in Tianxia City. Even if spirit emperors were training in the wild, there would still be 30 percent in the city.

So why were there so few here right now?!

The main reason was because the fight between the Heavenly Devil Insects and humans in the eastern front hadn’t ended yet. Most spirit emperors were embroiled in this conflict so Tianxia city was lacking in experts. 

“There really isn’t anyone at the senior elder level here…” Xie Tao let out a heavy sigh.

Most of the three big factions’ senior elder level figures were at Wanxiang City. Occasionally there would be one or two of them here. However, right now Tianxia City was very unlucky and none were here. There were even only a few elder level figures. This really stressed out the three leaders. 

“Her Majesty is in Tianxia City right now. She has already gone to Departed World Gates, and is discussing things with old man Jing Jian. Before she comes here, we should take charge of the situation.” said Soul Palace’s Elder Ting.

The higher ups knew that Her Majesty was in Tianxia City and this was perhaps the only thing worth rejoicing over. 

Elder Hai Qiu was at his wits end. He let out a cough, indicating for the anxious spirit emperors to quiet down.

Normally most of the spirit emperors at these conferences would be very casual. After all, they were all experts and had their own tempers. However, when Hai Qiu coughed, everyone obediently sat down. They all turned and looked at the three leaders. Perhaps this was the only time in the past dozen of years that all these spirit emperors had been so obedient; this demonstrated the severity of this matter!

“This time, every spirit emperor in our Tianxia City has been humiliated. While being humiliated, we are faced with a terrifying crisis.” Elder Hai Qiu’s tone was very deep. His voice pressured the lower strength spirit emperors so much they couldn’t even breathe. 

“Elder, what on earth happened?” Great Kingdom Lord Huang Yu was the first to display impatience. 

“Yes, why did you issue the highest gathering order? If it’s only to make a big fuss over a small matter…”

“The last matter that caused the highest gathering order to be issued still makes my heart palpitate.” 

Elder Hai Qiu pushed his hands down, indicating for everyone to not talk as they pleased.

After waiting for things to quiet, Elder Hai Qiu continued: “I also hope it’s making a big fuss over a small matter. However, this is definitely not that - Immortal City has been invaded!” 

“Immortal City has been invaded? How is that possible? Immortal City is a space, and the only entrance is Departed World Gates. Did Elder Jian doze off?!” 

“Immortal City has always been stable. Scholars predicted that nothing would happen in the next twenty years. Moreover, they also said that it could contain numerous emperor seals. How could there just be a problem like that?” 

The only thing that could affect Tianxia City was the sealed city hidden under Tianxia City’s shadow. The existence of this city was not known by ordinary people. Only spirit emperors understood that there was but one entrance to this city from Tianxia City!

“I can’t have you all talk first! Shut your mouths!! Right now, I’m telling you about the matter; it isn’t question and answer period!” the temperamental Xie Tao angrily roared!

This matter was already a humiliating thing to all these spirit emperors and could also bring about a huge storm. Thus, Xie Tao was already at his wits end!

Hai Qiu glanced at the temperamental Xie Tao and sighed before continuing: “The 1000’s seals in Immortal City have been undone, and the guardian creatures have mysteriously awakened. This has caused the great seals to become unsteady. Moreover, the creatures from the 1-100 seals have begun to wantonly attack their seals. The heavenly diagram under Immortal City have begun to crack. The cracks are currently expanding. In the next period of time, more and more creatures will walk out of their seals and begin to roam around Immortal City.”

“In this chaos in Immortal City, there are an innumerable number of monarch rank guardian and sealed creatures. Moreover, within the next ten days, there will become over 100 emperor rank creatures. By the 30th day, it’s very likely that the 1-100 sealed creatures will break free!” 

The sealed creatures from the 1-100 seals!

It was these numbered seals that made the spirit emperors go pale. Immortal City had ostensibly existed for as long as Tianxia City had. Countless years had passed since, but the creatures in the first 100 seals were undoubtedly catastrophe level creatures that could wreak havoc in this world. Any of these creature’s techniques would be able to destroy a large part of a city. If these creatures were released, Tianxia City would descend into chaos!

“We were unable to detect such a big matter. This is why I said this is the humiliation of all spirit emperors in Tianxia City. This is clearly a meticulously crafted enormous plot that took many years to plan. The aim is to destroy Tianxia Realm!” 

Elder Hai Qiu paused for a moment. At this point, others could feel that this elder was a bit nervous. His voice was slightly trembling and within it were tinges of anger, resentment, humiliation and helplessness. Together, it formed an extremely complicated emotion.

“There’s something else that made the three of us truly feel how scary the person who plotted this is.” at this point, Elder Ting began to add his own input.

“The timing of this crisis is terrifying. It happened to be just as our fight with the Heavenly Devil Insects broke out, and the point where our protection of Tianxia City is the weakest!”

Elder Ting’s words instantly silenced the great hall!

Being able to reduce Immortal City to this state was already an earth-shattering matter. Yet, it was also done right when the fight with the Heavenly Devil Insects broke out!

This conspirator taking advantage of the timing was completely unexpected, and made everyone alarmed. 

However, if there was some connection between the Heavenly Devil Insect conflict, and the Immortal City chaos, this meant that the Heavenly Devil Insect was part of the huge plot. An enormous plan created by a strategic expert. 

The fight and the chaos were only backdrops to a huge storm. Thus, how earth-shattering would this plot be?!! 

All of the spirit emperors here felt a wave of chilliness!

Just a day ago, the entire Tianxia City was peaceful. But, in the blink of an eye, the winds had changed, the sky and earth had been overturned and a calamity had descended!

Perhaps the most terrifying part of this wasn’t the actual calamity, but the fact that no one had detected the arrival of it. Nor had anyone predicted it. 

The god of death had managed to silently grip everyone’s throats. And when it suddenly exerted strength, that was when people finally realized they were facing death!! 

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