Book 2 Chapter 70 - Ghost Type Seal, Blood Devil Seal

Chapter 70: Ghost Type Seal, Blood Devil Seal

Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil: Dead Spirit World - ghost type - Blood Devil species - Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil - high class commander rank

From head to toe the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil exuded a killing aura of death. Simultaneously, it was enveloped by a dense, bloody smell. It had malevolent bony claws that hung down to the ground. From the terrifying sharp teeth exposed on its red colored face to the two eyes emitting a green light on its forehead, it gave everyone a feeling of their blood somewhat running cold!

A Dead Spirit World ghost type soul pet, sixth phase fourth stage - high class commander rank - Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil!

In the Luo Region and a few nearby regions, due to the geography and environment, it was essentially very hard to see a Dead Spirit World soul pet. Therefore, any Dead Spirit World soul pet in these areas was very rarely seen!

At a very early age, Chu Mu had learned about various sorts of soul pets from books. The Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil was only briefly explained by his father, who had known about them from his experience and knowledge. It was a hybrid of a ghost type blood devil and a beast type blood beast; a creature that was demonic to the max!

Chu Mu had seen Dead Spirit World soul pets before. In the depths of Prison island in a few marshes where the aura of death was extremely heavy, Chu Mu had encountered ghost type soul pets. These things would truly appear and disappear unpredictably, their methods of attack would be bizarre and strange, and without the most cautious approach, one would be killed.


The small Mo Xie had already stopped in her tracks. Her fluffy delicate manner, compared to the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil, was exactly like an extremely weak and small organism.

“I’ve already heard rumors of your Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s terrifying fighting strength. Yet, I would like to witness how your Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox can contend against my Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil!” Yang Luosen was clearly rather gloomy. When his Radiance Lion was defeated by Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye, Yang Luosen was no longer as calm as before. His entire person seemed to be shrouded by a layer of shadow, and he emitted a rather terrifying cold aura!

“I’ve already played enough. The Yang Family has lived a bit longer because of you, but they still must die!” indifferently said Chu Mu. His two black eyes suddenly let out a somewhat clear killing intent!

“Mo Xie, kill it!” orally ordered Chu Mu!

Once the yawning Mo Xie received Chu Mu’s order, she finally raised her head. Those two silver pupils abruptly fixated upon the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil!

“How is Chu Mu still so unperturbed? Could it be that his Six Tailed Demon Fox is extremely formidable?” the Chu Family people had already begun to break into a cold sweat for Chu Mu.

From that terrifying bloody fiendish manner, one could clearly see that, even if it was a species of identical rank and of identical phase and stage, the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil was clearly much stronger than the Radiance Lion. Could Chu Mu’s Six Tailed Demon Fox really deal with this creature?

“Mo Xie, get rid of Pitiful Appearance!” said Chu Mu.

“Wuwuwuwu!!!!!” Mo Xie instantly raised her head arrogantly, and the howl of a wolf reverberated in the air above the plaza battlefield...


As the long roar persisted, six red colored and extremely strange Demon Fire Evil Flames appeared, hovering around Mo Xie’s body. They rotated around her body before gradually transforming into incomparably bright colored flaming vortexes that spiralled downwards!!

When the Demon Fire Evil Flame rotated down to her flaming paws, the flames suddenly ascended, quickly filling the area surrounding Mo Xie’s body. In an instant, Mo Xie’s body abruptly extended!!

A free and easy slender body extended out; her silver white fur wildly fluttering in the wind caused Mo Xie to seem both gentle, beautiful, and noble. Nonetheless, the ostentatious opening of the six long, chain-like silver tails caused her to emit a coarse and wild aura!!

The unfolding of the gorgeous six tails rendered an enormous demonic aura suddenly, and it violently dischargd from within the vigorously burning Demon Fire Evil Flame. This aura alone knocked against the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s bloody fiendish aura, and it instantly created a terrifying atmosphere, causing the surrounding debris-like objects to all be knocked away!!!

“Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox!!!”

The moment Mo Xie’s Pitiful Appearance was removed, an uproar arose throughout the entire arena. Everyone’s gazes were fixated on the soul pet radiating imposing demonic aura from head to toe !!

While it was true that ghost type soul pets were rare, as long as one entered a few areas where the aura of death was dense, he or she would be able to see the figures of a few ghost type soul pets.

However, Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Foxes were truly the rarest of the rare! They possessed the powerful explosive force of beast types, the terrifying speed of demonic types, and their Demon Fire Evil Flame was comparable to the formidable destructive power of Elemental World soul pets. The perfect combination of three types, even without any attribute strengthening, made their fighting strength comparable to many commander rank soul pets!

“Mo Xie, Molten Fury!!”

Chu Mu coldly issued an order!


Mo Xie let out a long howl, and Demon Fire Evil Flame suddenly ignited within her silver white pupils!!

Motlen Fury’s might had originally reached the sixth rank. Under Mo Xie’s Demon Fire Evil Flame’s effect, it was comparable to a seventh rank fire type technique!!

The torrential flames abruptly blossomed in front of the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil like a dazzling and gorgeous fire lotus, and a torrential heatwave instantly surged forth!!

“Death Assault!”

Molten Fury ignited a raging conflagration and as the imprint of the blaze shot forth, Mo Xie, whose speed was terrifying, abruptly transformed into a ray of silver white colored lightning that rapidly charged towards the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil!!

An instant later, Mo Xie’s speed was nearly twice as fast as when she instantaneously killed the two soul pets and one human previously. Everyone could only see a mere bolt of silver lightning that hurtled through the plaza battlefield!

“Illusion Evil Flame Claw!!”

Mo Xie’s silver figure split into three, making it seem like three Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Foxes had suddenly appeared on the battlefield!!

“Shua shua shua!!!!”

Three sounds practically layered on top of each other, and one could clearly see three Evil Flame Claw edges streak across the vital areas of the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil!!!!

The instant Mo Xie’s attack arrived, the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil used its wings to cover its body, and Mo Xie’s three claw blades immediately ripped into the flesh wings!!

Three long vestiges appeared on the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s wings. The terrifying burning of the Demon Fire Evil Flame promptly burned the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s flesh wings!

Witnessing this scene, Yang Luosen immediately creased his eyebrows. The Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s flesh wings were one of its primary methods of defense, as its defensive strength was much stronger than its body. He originally thought that the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s Evil Flame Claws would only leave a shallow mark. He didn’t expect it to instead rip open three clear-cut wounds that directly affected the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil’s flying ability!

When Mo Xie was still in the Moonlight Fox phase, her offensive talent was extremely terrifying. After mutating into the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, her direct attacking strength could be described as even more abnormal. Adding on the Demon Fire Evil Flame’s effects, instantly killing a few sixth phase commander rank soul pets was of no issue.

“Blood Devil Seal!”

Yang Luosen recognized that Chu Mu’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox was a soul pet with abnormal talent. He immediately ordered his Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil to use a ghost type technique!

The Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil let out a chilling ghostly howl. Its long, devilish claws intersected together as they abruptly ripped apart the air!!

Two red colored slashing blood seals astonishingly appeared and descended from the air, pushing down on a large area of land!

It seemed to have locked onto Mo Xie’s location for, when the two intersecting blood seals pressured downwards, they slowly shrunk before finally sealing Mo Xie’s body!!

“What technique is this?”

“I’ve never seen such an ability before…”

The Blood Devil Seals were like long intersecting bloody claws that sealed the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s body. It wouldn’t deal any damage to it, but they were like two bloody claws that firmly held the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox in place. The Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox simply could not move budge even a little bit!

“This ghost type sealing technique causes the soul pet’s body to become incapable of moving!!” Chu Tianheng instantly creased his eyebrows. The technique used by the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil happened to be an extremely troublesome sealing technique among ghost type techniques!

“This is rather troublesome. Chu Mu’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s speed is an extremely large advantage. Being rigidly caught by two ghost claws like this, could it be that it wants to rely on fire type techniques to contend against the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil?”

Seeing Blood Devil Seal being used, the corners of Chu Mu’s mouth faintly rose. The moment he lifted his gaze, he happened to catch the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen, looking at him with a rather satisfied appearance...

“If your Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil were to be facing other soul pets, such a terrifying ghost type sealing technique would truly cause a headache. Only, it’s a pity that your luck isn’t too good.  I’ve played with you for such a long period of time that the Yang Family residence is probably already burning in flames. As for you, you can die with satisfaction!”

Chu Mu didn’t like speaking while fighting, but when he spoke, it meant that he had absolute certainty of victory!

“Adhering Flame!” practically without chanting an incantation. Chu Mu transformed the last bit of his soul power into flaming energy that adhered onto Mo Xie’s body!!!


The flames on Mo Xie’s body grew even more violent, and they seemed to completely dye her silver white fur a red color...

A silver white colored radiance suddenly blossomed from within Mo Xie’s two eyes. A silver white colored moon imprint strangely appeared on Mo Xie’s forehead!!!

Seal Break!!!

Silver Moon Fox’s unique technique, Seal Break!! Despite already morphing into a Evil Flame Sixt Tailed Demon Fox, all of Mo Xie’s techniques were passed on to her during her metamorphosis!!


A demonic silver light shot in all four directions, and the moon imprint on Mo Xie’s head became even more dazzling. The Blood Devil Seal containing her body was instantly shattered under the radiance!!!

“How is this possible?!” Yang Luosen immediately opened his eyes wide. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, as he watched Chu Mu’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox use a seal break ability!!

An enormous demonic aura was discharged once more in the Demon Fire Evil Flame that swept forth. The Adhering Flame effects caused the fire aura to become even more intense!


As if she was teleporting, her fire and demonic aura surging forth, the ostentatious slender fiery figure of Mo Xie, the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, seemed to maintain her location. However, in front of the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil astonishingly appeared Mo Xie’s true body!!!

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