Chapter 7: Ice Air Fairy VS Blue Nightmare(2)

Chapter 7: Ice Air Fairy VS Blue Nightmare(2)

“Xia Guanghan, it isn’t that I doubt your judgement. That Ice Air Fairy is indeed a very high tier warrior rank soul pet. However, a Blue Nightmare is a Blue Nightmare. The Ice Air Fairy needs to be at the sixth phase before being on equal terms with the Fifth Phase Blue Nightmare. As for a Fifth Phase Ninth Stage Ice Air Fairy, and in five minutes too…...” Zhou Luling said.

“Since you doubt what I said, then we can also make a bet with a Level Four Duo Type Soul Crystal, how about that?” Xia Guanghan looked at Zhou Lulin and said indifferently.

Zhou Luling looked hesitant. Though he didn’t like the owner of the Blue Nightmare Su Yu, maybe even hate him, the two soul pets were indeed widely mismatched in power.

Zhou Luling and Xia Guanghan never got along originally, and seeing the imposing Blue Nightmare on the battlefield, Zhou Luling actually agreed immediately, “Just as you say!”

Xia Guanghan laughed and didn’t say anymore, his eyes watching the battlefield. Zhou Luling also focused his attention completely onto the match.

With two of the superiors competing, this battle naturally became even more interesting!

On the battlefield

Su Yu always stood on the edge of the chasm. His Blue Nightmare had the ability to float already. Its blue and fiery body complimented its sturdy death knight-like demonic body, with its ghostly blue flames recklessly fluttering above the chasm!!

The Ice Air Fairy similarly had the ability to float, with its hazy, glacial ice supporting its sparkling and transparent body. Its slender arms quickly waved around, as a string of incomprehensible fairy incantations flew from its mouth!

“Soon I’ll make your Ice Air Fairy a puddle of water!” Su Yu didn’t cast any soul techniques, choosing instead to arrogantly command his Blue Nightmare to cross the twenty meter long gap to move towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu also didn’t cast any soul techniques. In reality, though, if there were any suitable techniques, Chu Mu wouldn’t hold back.

Violent Blood Pupil’s effect only worked on Beast Type soul pets, meaning that it could only be cast on Mo Xie.

When Chu Mu battled, he never said anything unnecessary. This was because once an opponent was put in front of him, Chu Mu would devote his entire mind to it. Unless he confirmed that the enemy was dead, he would never let his guard down even the tiniest bit.

This was a habit forged through the past three years. If he hadn’t adopted such an instinct, then he would’ve been dead more than ten times over already!

“Ice Air Dance!”

The Ice Air Fairy’s fairy incantations almost never stopped. The Fifth Phase Ninth Stage Ice Air Fairy, after three years of growth, was no longer the naive and cute child of the elements. It had instead slowly transformed to show its absolute advantage as the darling of ice. When faced with the commander rank aura of the Blue Nightmare, it didn’t show any cowardice, but instead showed an unyielding fighting spirit- just like Chu Mu!

White frost continuously appeared above the deep chasm, forming countless sharp icicles that darted and danced around, blossoming into magnificent, yet frigid ice flowers!!

“Flashy tricks!”

Su Yu laughed belittlingly, and actually directly commanded the Blue Nightmare to use its powerful body to float straight through the dancing icicles over the chasm!

“Ice Air Dance, Overlay.”

Seeing the Blue Nightmare enter deep into the area of the Ice Air Dance, Chu Mu immediately smiled, and sent a command to his Ice Air Fairy.

Ice Air Dance was, in itself, already a very damaging ability. Once Overlaid, its effects became even stronger.

The Blue Nightmare within the Ice Air Dance was quickly engulfed by countless ice crystals, causing the deep blue Devil Fire on its body to actually grow dimmer!

“Overlaying abilities…...” Zhou Luling’s expression slightly shifted. Overlaying abilities was a unique ability of the Elemental World. Whether one could cast it or not was solely dependent on the soul pet’s power of understanding combined with diligent practicing!

Ice type already had a very strong suppressing effect against fire type. Though the Blue Nightmare’s Devil Fire had the ability to burn souls, it was still a type of fire. Though the Blue Nightmare could still withstand a single Ice Air Dance, after the Overlay, its deep blue fire quickly started to fade.

“With this power, how could you compete against my Blue Nightmare!?” Though Su Yu was angry, he wasn’t flustered, as he immediately commanded his Blue Nightmare again.

The Blue Nightmare that was surrounded by ice crystals started to spin. As it spun faster and faster, it gradually became a deep blue Devil Fire whirlpool.

The Devil Fire whirlpool swiftly struggled free of the restriction of the two Ice Air Dances, unexpectedly dashing straight across the chasm towards the Ice Air Fairy, who was floating on the other edge of the chasm.

Facing the Blue Nightmare that was sweeping through intimidatingly, Chu Mu’s eyes were still apathetic, merely watching the Ice Air Fairy not far from him. Even when the terrifying, deep blue Soul Devil Fire neared, Chu Mu didn’t move a single bit.

Similarly, the Ice Air Fairy simply stood still. Facing the Blue Nightmare’s Devil Fire whirlpool, it was still calmly chanting away.

“Die!!” Su Yu coldly spat out a single word.

Seeing the Blue Nightmare close in, Chu Mu finally reacted by giving out a command.

The Ice Air Fairy had prepared its spell long ago. Almost at the same instant that the Blue Nightmare was closing in, the area near the Ice Air Fairy abruptly burst out with a white radiance!

The instant the radiance burst into existence, with the Ice Air Fairy in the center, a circle of ten, fifteen meter long massive ice swords formed ten meters from the fairy.

The ice swords created a ring, astonishingly hovering near the Ice Air Fairy. The Devil Fire whirlpool for that the Blue Nightmare took on perfectly entered the range of this floating, Hovering Ice Sword Formation!

“Heng, with such a slow ability, before the ability is even casted it will die!” Seeing the massive Hovering Ice Sword Formation, Su Yu wasn’t afraid at all, ordering his Blue Nightmare to dive straight for the Ice Air Fairy’s body.

“The victory is set.” Xia Guanghan said slowly, but his attention was rather focused on the totally smooth Ice Wall that the Ice Air Fairy put down at the beginning of the fight to defend itself.

The Blue Nightmare came aggressively, its commander rank aggressiveness displayed without restraint, as if any defense was brittle and easily flammable against its scary Devil Fire.

The Ice Air Fairy was still chanting its incantation, causing all the huge white sword tips to lock onto the Blue Nightmare within the Formation!


The turbulent Devil Fire swept past, quickly engulfing the Ice Air Fairy’s slender body. Within the deep blue flame tongues, the Ice Air Fairy looked as if it instantly evaporated, disappearing completely!

“It can’t even take a single blow.” Su Yu saw the Blue Nightmare demolish the Ice Air Fairy’s body and smiled his usual smile again.

Zhou Luling saw that the long ranged Ice Air Fairy was swallowed by flames and also let out a big breath, secretly delighted.

“There’s an Ice Type ability called Ice Mirror. It’s appearance is very similar to Ice Wall, but it’s even smoother than the Ice Wall. Many people without battle experience easily mix the two up.” At this time, Xia Guanghan suddenly spoke up, as slow as usual.

Hearing what Xia Guanghan said, everyone suddenly noticed that on the battlefield, there had indeed always been an “Ice Wall”!

The Ice wall was casted by the Ice Air Fairy at the beginning of their battle. It looked as if it was placed in the wrong place as it didn’t serve any blocking purpose, and thus it was left intact the entire battle.

But after Xia Guanghan mentioned it, everyone suddenly noticed that this “Ice Wall” was indeed very smooth. Under the shine of the sun, it was almost looked like a mirror!

“Sousou!!! Sousou!!”

The ten hovering ice swords suddenly moved. The ten ice swords originally circled the Ice Air Fairy, yet the Ice Air Fairy’s original position had already been swallowed by the flames of the Blue Nightmare, meaning that the Blue Nightmare was right at the center of the ten hovering ice swords!

The ten ice swords then frantically stabbed towards the Blue Nightmare at the center. The ice type ice swords did double the damage to the Blue Nightmare. Even though the Blue Nightmare had a Sixth Level Intermediate Stage defense, it still sustained heavy internal damage due to the frigid ice.


The Blue Nightmare let out a shrill cry of pain, as its Devil Fire dimmed down even further, threatening to be extinguished completely!

As the Blue Nightmare screamed, the Ice Air Fairy’s body slowly floated out from the Ice Mirror, its snow white pupils proudly looking at the arrogant and higher ranked Blue Nightmare.

“In the usage of abilities and battling awareness, you are practically worse than some Spirit Disciples.” Chu Mu indifferently looked at the dull Su Yu and slowly said.

Done speaking, Chu Mu waved his hand and told his Ice Air Fairy to remove the ice poison attack that had seeped into the Blue Nightmare’s body. If it weren’t for Xia Guanghan’s reminder, Chu Mu would have unhesitatingly let the Ice Air Fairy destroy the Devil Fire source within the Blue Nightmare’s body, making this noble Blue Nightmare a Devil Fire-less evil soul pet.

Chu Mu had been fighting for the entirety of the past three years, and had faced many soul pet trainers that were both older and more clever than him. From the three years of fighting different prisoners and soul pets, he learned many different fighting tactics and had gained a lot of experience.

Many times, when one had the type advantage, fighting a higher phase soul pet wasn’t an issue.

When training the Ice Air Fairy, Chu Mu made it the purest Ice Type. The Ice Air Fairy already had the most elite ice talent within the warrior rank.

Any soul pet had both its advantages and disadvantages. These species differences were formed from the sum of its different abilities.

From only ice type abilities and their control, the Ice Air Fairy was at the commander rank. Yet, combining things like close combat, speed, intelligence, defense, and attack, the Ice Air Fairy was only at the warrior rank.

From this battle, Chu Mu displayed the Ice Air Fairy’s ability to control ice to the greatest extent; looking at types, the Ice Air Fairy was at an advantage as well. Additionally, the Soul Devil Fire wasn’t very effective against pure elemental soul pets. Su Yu would definitely lose this match, and lose it horribly too!

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