Chapter 699: Run Through Everything, Stepping on Frightening Large Seals

Chapter 699: Run Through Everything, Stepping on Frightening Large Seals


Suddenly, a white shadow flew by from Chu Mu!

Dealing with two pseudo emperor rank sealed organisms, Chu Mu immediately felt that it was familiar, and instinctively glanced over.

But, when he glanced over, he didn't see the figure anymore.

“Can it be something is following us?” Lady Shan asked suspiciously.

Chu Mu shook his head. Originally he wanted to use soul remembrance to track it, but the white figure was extremely fast. Even if Chu Mu used soul remembrance, he probably wouldn’t be able to catch up. If they weren’t stopping him, Chu Mu didn’t have the time to care.


Mo Xie’s claw flew past, and pushed the two pseudo emperor rank organisms away. Facing a low class emperor rank, pseudo emperor ranks were 

Yet, every route of immortal city one would run into different strength defending organisms. This way, they will run into hard to defeat organisms eventually.

“Can’t follow the green signs, this takes too many detours!” Chu Mu thought.

Immortal city was full of seals. Green signified the safest path to leave immortal city. This route was very meandering, often having to go around two large seals just to cross a single street.

Such a route could ensure Chu Mu could meet lower ranking organisms, but organisms won’t stay in one place. Once the numbers got larger, not only will the emperor rank organisms cause trouble for Chu Mu, the monarch ranks creating whole teams will also be a big obstacle.

“You…...what are you doing!!” Suddenly, Lady Shan shouted out loud!

“I’ll cross through, you hide your own aura well.” Chu Mu said.

“Pass through…...don’t- you will alert countless seals!!” Lady Shan was defiant.

The immortal city seals were densely packed and many places had red marked seals. Passing straight through would trigger an unpredictably large amount of seals. Lady Shan would rather run straight into forbidden realm than go through immortal city!

Lady Shan’s vigourous head shakes were completely ignored by Chu Mu. He told Mo Xie to speed up, and run straight into the red marked places, attempting to run out of immortal city in the shortest route possible.

Lady Shan kept screaming, yet Mo Xie’s tail was holding onto her tightly. Even though she was completely unwilling, she was still dragged into the red seals by Chu Mu!!


Mo Xie’s dark red footprints were left in immortal city’s black ground. While she was running, she triggered countless seals that caused Lady Shan to turn deathly pale!Lady Shan was a staff member specially trained to deal with immortal city. These seals she mostly recognized. It was because she recognized them that every time Chu Mu’s four emperor rank soul pets leaped over a truly formidable beast, her heart would shake violently.

“Ahead…...ahead is the main soul pet of the original Tianxia City four leads. It defected due to mental poison, and is a truly bloodthirsty middle class emperor rank. Chu Chen, you have to avoi-...”

 “Ah!!!!!!!!!” Before Lady Shan could finish speaking, Chu Mu and his four reckless soul pets again jumped through!

Originally, these seals remained rather stable. However, after Chu Mu’s dash, all of the defending organisms appeared from within the seals. Countless ten meter tall rock giants immediately filled the space.

Lady Shan turned around while still startled, and saw the hundreds of monarch rank soul pets, causing her to almost faint.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, make some obstacles so they don’t chase us.” Chu Mu immediately told devil tree battle soldier at the back.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were dragging along the ground. Getting Chu Mu’s command, Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s python-like roots started flipping.

The surrounding were all ancient stone houses, many of which were unrooted by devil tree battle soldier and slammed together to create a great obstacle that stopped the following defending organisms.

“YOU…’re crazy!! Immortal City already has that many seals broken, aren’t you just waking up even more organisms?” Lady Shan’s voice was going hoarse.

Every stone house was a mini seal. What caused Lady Shan to go nearly insane was that Chu Mu went and woke up even more seals in such a chaotic situation. This was the “obstacle” that he was creating for the hundreds of monarch ranks?

Using defending organisms to stop defending organisms? Does this bastard Chu Chen not know that defending organisms always follow the one who awakens them?

“Since it’s already this chaotic, getting a little more chaotic won’t make a difference. Let’s save our own lives first.” Chu Mu turned around to check on it and gave Lady Shan a brief explanation.

Speaking of which, Chu Mu’s method of fighting fire with fire had some effect!

When the organsims from the small seal appeared, they immediately collided with the defending monarchs. The two parties didn’t have a consensus, and quickly clashes became a huge skirmish between the sealed organisms and the defending monarch ranks.

Lady Shan turned around with difficulty. Looking at the sealed city region several kilometers back, her face was slack.

Staying long term in Tianxia City, when had Lady Shan seen such a shocking image? Hundreds of monarch ranks and hundreds of monarch ranks fighting each other. The techniques flying around were like the annual firework celebration in the city, blossoming magnificently.

However, no matter how flashy the techniques were, Lady Shan only felt waves of coldness wash over her.

This was immortal city! Only Lady Shan knew just how many world destroying beasts were sealed away here. Creating such a fight in this place was pouring oil over the raging fire!


Rolling smoke covered this region, the chaos hitting more seals and causing the immortal city’s ground to shake nonstop.

Yet, the start of all this trouble very calmly dashed out of the chaos, running through everything…...

“CHU CHEN, I…...I’d rather die here…….die here than let you continue to break seals!! Do you know how terrifying of a result running through like that would cause!!” Lady Shan was about to break down!

his Chu Chen definitely didn’t come to protect immortal city. He might as well be on the same side as the terrorists that planned to disrupt immortal city!!

Going through, Lady Shan even counted. This bastard triggered over ten emperor rank seals, with low class emperor ranks and even two or three middle class emperor ranks.

One had to know that immortal city middle class emperor ranks needed an application, approval from ten competition officials, as well as one of the four leads before one can get near and unseal it…..


Chu Mu’s brash passing would probably cause the three chief leads to spew blood in anger!

And Lady Shan as a patrolling officer would not only be fired, she may be put into Maze Prison and her soul pets locked into Immortal city……..immortal city was already in chaos, they may be sent to the even more terrifying sealed tower!

When Chu Mu passed through, he kept the mentality that immortal city was already chaotic, so a little more chaos won’t do any harm.

“In reality, the chaos was still in its infant phases. The amount of emperor ranks that actually awoken weren’t that many. The chaos that Chu Mu caused wasn’t adding a little bit of trouble onto the existing chaos. It was lighting another fire , while the first was just spreading…...

Of course, if Chu Mu didn’t do this, with the previous meandering route, Chu Mu and his soul pets would definitely be trapped within immortal city!

“402, 390, 320…….”


In immortal city, all the seals had numbers. The first thousand seals were all marked red!

As for the first 500, those seals were in an unmistakable and glaring red!

Lady Shan was already numb later on. Just by stepping on seals, as long as they didn’t step on any within 200 meters, they could still be saved…...

Just then, Chu Mu jumped right over a seal numbered 140, causing Lady Shan to faint immediately!

After not too long, Lady Shan woke back up in the bumpiness and pointed at Chu Mu angrily, “Chu Chen, I…….I can very responsibly tell you that even if we get out alive, we’re dead meat!”

Chu Mu didn’t know what the numbers on the seals meant. Once they ran all the way out of the city, Chu Mu instead let out a breath in relief.

Even in forbidden realm, Chu Mu hadn’t been this nervous. Running through a sealed city almost solely of monarch rank soul pets and above, meeting pseudo emperor, low class emperor, and even middle class emperor ranks was something he hadn’t experienced ever.

Lady Shan’s mental capacity was much weaker. The screaming, eye-closing, painful crying, and fainting, from these emotions one could see just how many seals Chu Mu triggered and how powerful they were.

Of course, not all of the seals that Chu Mu stepped on would release their organisms. However, with the domino effect, the immortal city was already incredibly chaotic with many organisms roaming around. The defending organisms were against the sealed organisms and would eventually all get killed. Then, the great seals will all break!!


Running out of immortal city, Chu Mu specially turned around to glance at it.

The entire immortal city was very vast and one couldn’t see the ends of it. Chu Mu could see, however, that many regions were already billowing with smoke, with vicious glints inside appearing…...

“Let’s return to Tianxia City and report this…..” Lady Shan said soullessly.

“There’s no point in reporting, the competition staff know of this upheaval in immortal city already.” Chu Mu said.

“How do you know?” Lady Shan couldn’t follow the logic.

Chu Mu lifted his head and watched the chaotic region outside immortal city and furrowed his brows, “The door is sealed.”

The chaotic region was departed world gates, the spatial gate between immortal city and tianxia city…...

Now, the gate that opened inwards was tightly closed. Before, as long as one used soul remembrance to communicate with the outside world, the gate guardian would open the gate and let them leave.

Yet, now Chu Mu couldn’t even transmit his soul remembrance outwards…...

This meant the departed world gates were completely sealed!

Chu Mu and Lady Shan were locked in this rioting immortal city of death!!

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