Chapter 698: Upheaval in Immortal City, Chaos of the Seals (2)

  Chapter 698: Upheaval in Immortal City, Chaos of the Seals (2)

“Follow me tightly. If you get lost, I won’t turn around to save you.” Chu Mu glanced at Lady Shan and said lightly.

“You… can you be like this!” Lady Shan said angrily.

Chu Mu didn’t waste time explaining, instead jumping right onto Mo Xie’s back. He told White Nightmare to open the way ahead while devil tree battle soldier followed behind. Binding wind spirit was up in the air…...

All the seals in this surrounding ancient mansion region were suppressed by Chu Mu, so no threatening creatures would appear in the near future.

Yet, along the way back from the ancient mansions, the ring clearly showed many restless seals. Chu Mu had to leave before the seals were broken. He also had to leave here before the organisms that were leaving the seals in packs took over all of immortal city, or else Chu Mu would never make it out alive.

It was because of this that Chu Mu had to dash out in one go. If Lady Shan lost herself, Chu Mu definitely wouldn't turn around.

Of course, Chu Mu wasn’t completely ruthless. When Lady shan summoned her demon, Chu Mu told Mo Xie to grab onto its body with one of her tails.

Mo Xie was low class emperor rank, giving her incredible speed. Lady Shan’s demon definitely couldn’t keep up with its speed. Mo XIe grabbed onto Lady Shan’s soul pet with a tail and brought them along.

Of course, devil tree battle soldier was slow as well, and naturally had to be carried by Mo Xie. Or else, with devil tree battle soldier’s speed, the immortal city seal would be completely broken and it would still be wandering around in the city.

Lady Shan saw that Chu Mu didn’t completely abandon her and was slightly relieved. She said to Chu Mu, “How did they break all these seals? All of them were sealed, but it seems like a chain reaction now with a huge group of organisms breaking through their seals.This was a disaster!!”

“This has to wait until we get out alive.” Chu Mu said in a grave expression.

Immortal city was even more terrifying than Maze Prison. Humans only had a life span of around a hundred years, but many soul pets had couple hundreds or even thousands of years of life.

Tianxia City’s history was ancient, and immortal city came along with it. This immortal city sealed away organisms from many centuries ago. If these organisms hadn’t perished slowly in their seals, once they broke through, a true disastrous storm would rage throughout the region!!

Chu Mu neglected it! He neglected the plans of defector young girl!

At the same time, Chu Mu underestimated the defector young girl’s ambitions!

The defector young girl’s plots were completely beyond Chu Mu’s imagination!

Able to cause all of immortal city to tremble was similar to shaking the entire tianxia realm, a realm made up of countless kingdoms!!

To cause an entire realm to shake, who could do this other than the holder of Realm throne!

Yet, defector young girl did it!!

This was a plot that had been in production for a long time!!!


Tianxia Realm east seven hundred kilometers stood the magnificent Folding Skies that has existed since the ancient days. The grand swirl of skies was like a spiraling ladder that extended into the immortal world, causing countless mortals to only be able to watch but not have the courage to step in.

Countless large meteors floated in the skies, spinning along with the chaotic sky winds. Inside the turbid folding skies, mountains occasionally appeared here and there, slowly moving and again slowly disappearing.

Think, just how massive did the energy have to be for the mountain to be raised ten thousand meters into the skies and then float for thousands of years along the same path?

Calling the mountains floating in folding skies as heavenly mountains was perfectly accurate. These mountains were based on wind and clouds. They were as small as normal rocks but as large as mountains. There were no historical records of how many levels of mountains folding skies had, or how many skies, because to date no one has reached the peak of folding skies bewildering world.

Folding skies bewildering world was a tenth rank bewildering world. Getting ranked at that meant humans couldn’t enter easily.

Yet, folding skies were special not because it was tenth rank. In reality, tenth rank couldn’t describe its rank accurately!

This was because even amongst the strongest emperor rank division, not many dared say they went through folding skies!

From very early on, Chu Mu had looked upon this great wonder of the world, the unknown wind world.

After binding wind spirit reached emperor rank, Chu Mu who loved to explore when training also entered folding skies.

Yet, the reason folding skies was called that was because it was full of layers, having many levels of skies!

Only after stepping in folding skies, did Chu Mu finally understand that the skies that everyone watched was only the first sky of folding skies!

At the time, Chu Mu already had four emperor ranks, yet this strength only allowed him to have the chance to train in first sky. Entering second sky for him was just a dream!

As wide as one could see, magnificent and powerful, the massive sky swirl was only the true folding sky’s base. The peak that people saw wasn’t even at the midpoint of the true folding skies!


Between the second and first sky was a very clear chaotic wind belt. Past this wind belt, the wind power would become extremely powerful. At the same time, the mountains near that region would become larger. If one stood in the right place, it would feel like standing in valleys and mountains. If they were not spinning, one couldn’t possibly tell that one was in the sky.

The black wind whistled by. In the second folding sky, a mountain with the top completely shaved flat was especially outstanding.

Calling it a mountain was less accurate than calling it a plain that was pulled from the ground!

This plateau was ten kilometers long and took up a very large part of second folding sky. Its top was completely empty while the sides were straight drops of thousands of feet!

The entire mountain was shaped in special shapes.

Standing at the center of this mountain range was like standing on a slightly elevated ground surface, vast and endless…...

Yet, it was this heavenly mountain edge that had a long haired man standing proudly!!

The chaotic winds buffeted his face and sent his hair afly.

Around him, countless black birds circled him and created an even smaller black swirl, ready to act.

These giant birds were natives of the second folding skies. Once intruders came, they would team up and expel them or kill them.

At the time, it was these giant birds that stopped Chu Mu from climbing onto second folding skies.

Yet, at this time the giant birds constantly swirled around this demonic long hair man and, though they were ready to act, they never acted…...

Yet, this man was unmoving, ignoring the existence of these birds completely!

“This is a good place, able to see the behind of the magnificent tianxia city - a grotesque shadow city.” The long haired man smiled.

His smile was handsome and devilish, the kind that could charm countless noble ladies. However, this was just his usual smile. In the people-less folding skies, he had no reason to hide the fakeness in his smile, as if this chilling fake smile was the truest version of him!

The long haired man continued to mutter to himself.

Tianxia City’s shadow! Only he knew that this shadow was never meant to be subordinate, and was never supposed to be calm!



Immortal City

It was hard to imagine that such an immortal city that had gone through countless years suddenly experienced such a terrifying unrest!

All of this happened very suddenly. A few days ago, Chu Mu had just become patrol officer of immortal city, trying to seal back a few top tier monarchs and a Xuanzhen Beetle.

Yet, in just two days, the entire immortal city was now a terrifying prison!

Maybe the escape of Xuanzhen Beetle and other top tier monarchs was a forewarning. However, no one realized that this small warning would lead to such a large disaster!!


The seals were breaking way faster than Chu Mu expected. As Chu Mu followed the green symbols within immortal city, he constantly ran into defending organisms!

Defending organisms similarly were sealed organisms. What was different was, once they were all released, an even stronger organism that they were guarding would appear!

Chu Mu often ran into pseudo emperor rank defending organisms. If their defending organisms were emperor rank, that meant that if Chu Mu would be just a tad slower, what would be blocking Chu Mu would be low class and even middle class emperor ranks!!

“Dead…...they’re all dead……” lady shan was already scared spiritless.

Just now, Lady Shan’s demon stepped over a competition staff corpse!

At the same time Chu Mu and Lady Shan entered immortal city, 10 guards followed them. These ten guards were also unaware of this plot, so their average strength caused them to all die under the influence of the guarding organisms!

“This woman is terrifying……” At this moment, Chu Mu’s heart was full of waves.

The woman he spoke of was defector young girl!

A while ago, Chu Mu didn't know defector young girls’ plans, defeating them rashly. Originally, he thought the defector young girls’ plans were completely foiled, and would have to wait until next battle of the realm to do something again.

Yet, Chu Mu never would have thought that the parts he touched upon was just a corner of her massive plot!!

Everything he did before only delayed the time by two years!!!

“If this storm happened while battle of the realm happened……” Chu Mu thought, and his heart went into greater turmoil.

If this happened, then all of the young generation experts would die!!

Tianxia Realm’s future spirit emperors almost half came from the outstanding players in tianxia realm. Once the plan succeeds, not only would young woman destroy some spirit masters, she would be destroying half of the next generation of spirit emperors!

From the current situation one can see that killing the young generation members was only a part of her plan!

Because, from the current defending organisms one can tell that the organisms that were truly sealed were very high ranking. Once they all broke through the seals, a large group of emperors with resentment built up through countless years would get released!

These emperors will cause a very shocking spatial collision with the departed world gates between immortal city and tianxia city!!!!

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