Chapter 697: Upheaval in Immortal City, Chaos of the Seals (1)

Chapter 697: Upheaval in Immortal City, Chaos of the Seals (1)

The White Nightmare and Devil Tree Battle Soldier were more than enough to deal with these small ghosts. Chu Mu quickly focused on Mo Xie and the great ghost emperor. 

Mo Xie’s sin flames had the attribute advantage, but the sin flames were not as fierce as the sin imprint energy; therefore when she used techniques against the great ghost emperor on the black slope, Mo Xie would continuously switch between the two types of energy. 

Mo Xie’s nine tails fluttered in the wind and she split into six figures. Taking advantage of the time the great ghost emperor was using to call the ghosts out of the graves, she launched her mightiest attack at it!

Sin Imprint Claw!!

From six different angles, sin imprints shattered the hazy sky and black earth. It ruptured the great ghost emperor’s enormous ghost figure like a mirror!


The great ghost emperor let out an angry cry, its voice transforming into a ghost noise that pierced Mo Xie’s mind. It prevented her from launching a follow-up technique! 

Although its body was ruptured, the great ghost emperor’s fighting abilities were not affected. After using the ghost noise, its claw descended from the sky, crashing to the ground like the black sky descending.


Instantly, the black ground cracked. The shockwave from the ghost claw astonishingly reached a thousand meters, crushing the hills in that radius!

Mo Xie was interrupted after her attack, and was unable to dodge in time. She was knocked flying by its claw into the black ground!

Mo Xie’s silver body had many more bloody smears on it now and was full of injuries. The injuries were also infected with corroding ghost energy.

This ghost energy was poisonous and could prevent a self-healing soul pet from self-healing. Therefore, ghost type and corpse types were able to inhibit a bug type soul pet’s self-healing ability to a certain extent!

“Young master, this great ghost emperor isn’t a normal creature. Anything that’s been sealed in this place is an emperor soul pet of a famous soul pet trainer of his or her generation. It will be hard for your small fox to deal with it.” Old Li said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had also realized this. Although Mo Xie had used her strongest attack, she was unable to inflict serious damage to it.

“Qin!” Chu Mu chanted another incantation! 

A light gust of wind began to swirld around Chu Mu. As Chu Mu finished the incantation, the small body of the Binding Wind Spirit emerged amidst the soft wind! 

Mo Xie, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, White Nightmare and the Binding Wind Spirit. Four soul pets summoned to fight together! 

After reaching a spirit emperor, Chu Mu possessed the ability to quadruple control. All of his soul pets that had reached the emperor rank first were participating in this fight!

“White Nightmare, you help Mo Xie. Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Qin, I’ll leave the small ghosts for you.” said Chu Mu.


The Binding Wind Spirit was graceful and its small body hid itself in the wind. No matter how many ghosts attacked it, it was as if they were hitting the wind. There was no effect.

While the Binding Wind Spirit hid itself, it fermented a wind type technique!

Now that the Binding Wind Spirit had reached the emperor rank, the moment it used a wind type technique, it would have shocking destructive power and range!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!”

The clouds began to rapidly spin as the Binding Wind Spirit began to control the streams of wind. The bloody horizon that was mysteriously pushed down by the great ghost emperor’s blood color light seemed to be absorbed by some energy and began to continuously spiral downwards!

Several streams of surging air gradually manifested in the bloody sky. They formed spiralling energies that rapidly sucked the wanton ghosts inside!!

Ghosts were different from specters because they required a real body. Without a real body to possess, they would be reduced to a dead soul and become extremely weak. 

Right now, the Binding Wind Spirit’s wind type emperor technique absorbed over a hundred ghost monarchs in one go, causing the bodies possessed by these ghosts to crumble!

“Ao~~~~~” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was a bit helpless against these ghost type soul pets. Most annoyingly was the fact that it could not absorb life force from the departed spirit world soul pets.

The Binding Wind Spirit’s technique managed to alleviate much pressure from it.

“Another… Another… Another emperor!!” Young Lady Shan was so shocked she couldn’t describe it. She just stared at Chu Mu like he was a freak.

It hadn’t even been two years since the Battle of the Realm. Young Lady Shan still remembered Chu Mu’s strength in the fourth realm during that time. Back then, one of her soul pets was capable of eradicating Chu Mu.

Yet, two years later, Young Lady Shan was pretty much in the same spot, unable to become a spirit emperor.

However, Chu Mu, whose strength used to be far from her’s, had soared into the heavens. In under two years, he not only managed to acquire a low class emperor, but his other soul pets had reached the emperor rank. He was absolutely a peak expert in Tianxia City!!!

After Chu Mu summoned Qin, the state of the fight quickly turned obvious. 

With the White Nightmare’s help, it was much easier for Mo Xie to deal with the great ghost emperor.

Quickly, the great ghost emperor was unable to resist both Mo Xie and the White Nightmare!


The White Nightmare’s Evil Behead swept across the great ghost emperor’s head, causing its head to fall to the ground and tumble. In fact, it happened to tumble all the way to an enormous tombstone, instantly reducing the tombstone to rubble. 

Mo Xie seized the opportunity, and used her sin flame and sin imprint combination attack, Flame Monarch Purgatory!

Flame Monarch Purgatory was terrifying. Once Mo Xie was given an opportunity to use it, even if the opponent was also a low class emperor, it would not necessarily survive.

Bouquets of sins blossomed on the great ghost emperor’s body. With each blossom, its body would crack. Immediately after, a torrential surge of sin flames poured into its body and soul!

To ensure the great ghost emperor was completely dead, the White Nightmare which was adept at soul attacks created a true devil flame wave that swept over from the buildings to the great ghost emperor, submerging its body within the resentment flames.


The great ghost emperor’s tumbling head let out a miserable cry!!

The ghost noise was very loud and it was a while before it dissipated in the sky above the buildings that was filled with death air.

“Shred its head, otherwise it will revive.” Chu Mu immediately said to Mo Xie.

One of Mo Xie’s tails wrapped up the great ghost emperor’s head. Sin imprints and sin flames simultaneously appeared and destroyed this head!

If even a little bit of a ghost type’s body remained, it would not die. Although Chu Mu hadn’t fought with a ghost type soul pet before, he was very certain of this.

“Young master, a low class emperor’s inner crystal is worth 3000 spirits. It’s very rare to encounter a low class emperor that was sealed by itself like this. You were very fortunate.” Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was about to have the White Nightmare take the ghost type low class emperor inner crystal, but the White Nightmare went before he could even order it to and tossed the inner crystal to Chu Mu.

“Hmm, 3000 spirits. Night’s resources are pretty much taken care of. Now I’m only missing the Little Hidden Dragon’s six times the normal amount of resources.” Chu Mu was presently lacking 3000 spirits and managed to earn this month after a few days of patrol. This wasn’t a bad harvest. After all, in a bewildering world like this, Chu Mu’s harvests were normally far from that of a forbidden region. Otherwise, Chu Mu would have been able to raise all of his soul pets to the emperor rank already.

Moreover, aside from Night, the Ice Air Fairy’s resources were pretty much dealt with.

The reason why he had held back the Ice Air Fairy was because he was going to find Worldly Immortal Ice with Liu Binglan. If they could find it, Chu Mu could consume this high ranking spirit item and the benefits the Ice Air Fairy would obtain would probably be able to raise it to the pseudo emperor rank. Then, Chu Mu would be able to use Ground Immortal Ice to strengthen the Ice Air Fairy directly to the low class emperor rank. There was also a high chance that it would be able to comprehend the high rank ground immortal ice crystallization which would make it stronger than normal low class emperors. 

Young Lady Shan had only seen Chu Mu’s four emperors so far. If she knew that Chu Mu’s other secondary pets had pretty much all stepped into the emperor realm, it was unknown what she, who had been stuck at a bottleneck for two years, would think. 

“Let’s… let’s return. We should inform the competition authorities of Hao Ting trespassing in Immortal City and releasing a powerful soul pet as soon as possible.” Young lady Shan was still unsteady as she spoke to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu shook his head and said, “It will be a bit difficult for us to return.” 


“You have a feel yourself of the ripples from the ring.” said Chu Mu. In order to deal with the great ghost emperor and the small ghosts, he didn’t really need to summon all four of his emperors. But the reason why he had done so was because he felt some worrying aura shroud Immortal City.

Young Lady Shan hastily released her soul remembrance. Through this ripple ring, she abruptly discovered that the ring had released countless streams of light that extended in all directions!

Each stream of light indicated that a seal was unstable. This meant that there were now countless sealed creatures in Immortal City that were attempting to break free of their seal!!

Young Lady Shan’s face instantly paled. Until now, Immortal City had always been extremely stable. There would be the occasional seal movement, but they would be immediately suppressed by the competition authorities.

However, for some reason, there were now so many seals with abnormalities!!

If the creatures in the seals were compared to prisoners in Immortal City, right now a huge group of prisoners were trying to break free of the shackles in Immortal City and escape!!

“How could it be like this… what happened… yesterday when we did our patrol… everything was still good…” Young Lady Na’s voice was trembling!

Immortal City sealed countless creatures with ranks at least at the monarch rank! 

In the hundreds of years until now, it was difficult to count exactly how many emperor rank soul pets had been sealed here. But right now the seals were extremely unstable. It would be very hard to predict how many powerful creatures would break free from their seals!! 

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