Chapter 696: Cry of a Hundred Ghosts, Sinister Land

Chapter 696: Cry of a Hundred Ghosts, Sinister Land

Ghost types were strange and mysterious. They possessed the abnormal speed of demon types, while also having the powerful attacks of beast types. 

Their techniques also took a plethora of different forms, and often couldn’t be defended against. Their night sneak attacks were a grade higher than demons. 

The most particular point of ghost types was that they could heal themselves through eating powerful corpses. Normally, a heavily wounded ghost type soul pet could eat any attributed creature and recover 50% from their wounds. This was the terrifying aspect of ghost types!

Chu Mu hadn’t encountered many ghost type soul pets before. Chu Mu had fought against them a few times, but in order to become a powerful soul pet trainer, Chu Mu had to be familiar with every soul pet attribute to be able to deal with them.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~”

The small Mo Xie could detect the pressure from the ghost type emperor. The demon aura from her body discharged, and sin flames began to burn her entire body.

Amidst the dancing sin flames, Mo Xie’s body grew larger, and her nine ostentatious tails fluttered atop the building.

The illumination of the dark red fire light was able to expel some of the ghost aura in the area. When the small ghosts shouting and crying realized that a powerful low class emperor soul pet had appeared, their voices instantly died out. They no longer dared act as brash as before.

“This… this is a low class… a low class emperor!” Young Lady Shan rested against the half-wall with a face of disbelief as she stared at Chu Mu’s Mo Xie!

The gap between a pseudo and low class emperor was extremely difficult to cross. There was a completely different status between a low class and pseudo spirit emperor. Young Lady Shan never expected that Chu Mu, who was so young, would already have a low class emperor rank soul pet!

Tenth phase Mo Xie!

Now that Mo Xie had entered a complete phase, her body was longer and full of unruliness. This Seven Sins Fox radiated a demonic aura and intense evil. This was displayed to its fullest on her red flaming body!

Her speed, demon power, strength and sin flames had reached the peak state of a Seven Sins Fox. Her aura was completely different from the first time they were in Immortal City. Although she was facing off against a ghost type low class emperor that had broken its seal, she was still arrogant and wild! 


The ghost type emperor’s enormous ghost body appeared from the intersecting seal lights. An evil red light shot up into the sky, dying the sky in a blood red color. It also illuminated everything under the sky in a red light. It covered the buildings, the black ground and the tombs, draping the city in a blood red color!

Nearby the building’s courtyard was an ancient tomb. When the evil blood light shone on the tomb, blood began to seep out, flowing on the tombstone itself...


The sound it made was loud because the ghost type emperor was letting out shouts of excitement. All of the tombs were now following their emperor and acting restlessly… 

Suddenly, black figures flew out from in between the tombs and the building. They resembled a calamity of snakes emerging from their nest! 

Sinister tall figures began to emerge from the broken windows, the corners of the courtyard, underneath the well and in the destroyed cellars.

“So… so many… so many ghost hands!” this was clearly the first time Young Lady Shan had encountered a ghost type soul pet. She was a high remembrance spirit master, but was now reduced to a woman who only knew how to shriek.

These countless figures were ghost claws dripping in blood. These ghost claws emerged everywhere, but especially so in the dried up well twenty meters away from Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan. There were at least 30 of them from the well. It seemed that the moment they found a living creature, they would rip it to shreds, and then drag it into the well which had an unknown amount of corpses in it already. 

“If you have any light type soul pets, quickly summon them. There’s a huge group of ghost type soul pets here!” Chu Mu himself had rarely fought ghost type soul pets before. The ghost claws that suddenly appeared around him made his heart palpitate. 

Young Lady Shan hastily began to chant, but she would frequently make errors in her chant. She was in such a state of panic that she began to cry. 

Chu Mu was still calm. He chanted an incantation, summoning the pseudo emperor rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

“Ao~~~” after the Devil Tree Battle Soldier appeared, it was frightened by the scene in front of it. 

There were so many ghost claws; there were several times more than its own roots!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was confused, but it nonetheless reacted very quickly. Its roots began to embed themselves in the courtyard, creating a defensive root umbrella, that protected Chu Mu and Young Lady Shan inside. 

This type of defense normally required the full strength attack of a pseudo monarch in order to break.

However, the ghost type soul pet’s outlandishness surpassed Chu Mu’s imagination. These ghost claws were unexpectedly able to enter the protective umbrella through the tiny cracks. Once they entered, they then enlarged and grabbed at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Chu Mu, and Young Lady Shan.

“Si la!!!!! Si la!!!!!!!!!”

Several black smoke claws marks appeared on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. Its wounds weren’t heavy, but this made it very angry. 

Young Lady Shan, so scared she wasn’t able to summon a soul pet, was unable to escape either. Her waist and shoulder were struck by a claw attack and an enormous hole appeared in her black clothes.Fresh blood began to seep out of her snow white skin. 

The wound on the waist was better because she was able to slightly dodge it. Only a bit of skin had been broken through. However, there was a deep claw wound on her shoulder that extended to her breasts. The broken clothes in that area made it possible to suddenly see her sexiness... 

But Chu Mu right now wasn’t in the state of mind to admire Young Lady Shan’s shockingly well-developed body. He clearly wasn’t as panicked as Young Lady Shan, and once again chanted an incantation! 

White resentment flames began to burn on Chu Mu’s body, quickly enveloping his entire body. This made him look incomparably demonic, as if a Nightmare had attached itself to his body.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~” the resentment flames fluttered in the air ostentatiously and arrogantly like a devil!

“Ah~~~~~” but when the adjacent Young Lady Shan saw this seen, she thought Chu Mu had been possessed by a ghost and let out continuous shouts!

Quickly, Chu Mu finished summoning the White Nightmare!

The White Nightmare broke free from Chu Mu’s body, transforming into a White Nightmare Chu Mu. It demonically floated into the air. Its eyes that were even more evil than ghost type soul pets stared at the surrounding ghost claws and it let out a string of sinister laughs. 

The White Nightmare itself was a devil. Why would it be afraid of these ghost creatures?

Promptly, the White Nightmare conjured several layers of devil flames and the ghost claws reaching towards them were burned to pieces. It seemed to have instakilled numerous ghost type monarchs. 

“I was just summoning my White Nightmare. What were you shouting for?!” Chu Mu was a bit annoyed as he spoke because his chant just now was nearly interrupted by Young Lady Shan’s strange cry just now.

“I… I….” Young Lady Shan’s mind was a bit of a mess, and for a moment she didn’t know what to say.

“I noticed that you’re normally so conceited and figured that you had a bit of ability to back that up. But it turns out you’re merely an immature young lady who hasn’t experienced true fights before. If you can’t fight, then just hide behind me and don’t disturb me!” Chu Mu bluntly said to Young Lady Shan.

Young Lady Shan ended up letting out even more tears after being berated by Chu Mu. She never expected that when she encountered ghost type soul pets, she wouldn’t even be able to finish her incantation.

However, she quickly wiped away her tears and calmed down.

After taking in several deep breaths, her emotions had calmed and she tried to chant. 

“If it’s not a peak monarch rank light type, don’t summon it!” Chu Mu saw that Young Lady Shan was about to summon something. 

“It’s… it’s a light type soul pet that’s about to step into the emperor rank!’ Young Lady Shan was a bit annoyed. 

About to step into the emperor rank meant it was a paragon monarch. Young Lady Shan had spent much effort to raise this multi-attributed soul pet to a paragon monarch.

Moreover, once she was able to step into the spirit emperor realm, she would be able to strengthen it into the emperor rank. She had the support of her family so she didn’t need to find spirit items herself. She only needed to strengthen her soul pets to emperors. 

Young Lady Shan felt proud because of this paragon monarch. Among those of the same age, she could pretty count those who were stronger than her. She believed that her strength was only under the emperor soul pet possessing Chu Mu. Moreover, disregarding the fox monarch, she felt that her strength was much stronger than Chu Mu’s.

However, just as Young Lady Shan was about to brag about her soul pet, she suddenly realized that the two soul pets next to Chu Mu were both emperor ranks!!

Emperor rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier!!!

Young Lady Shan remembered that back in the fourth realm, Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier was only a ninth phase middle class monarch!

But now it had reached the pseudo emperor rank with shocking speed!!

Even more to Young Lady Shan’s disbelief, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare had also become an emperor!!

A White Nightmare emperor was a multi-attributed pseudo emperor!!

Young Lady Shan was planning on using the light type paragon monarch to justify to Chu Mu that she wasn’t as weak as Chu Mu had claimed. However, when she saw him summon three emperor rank soul pets in a single breath, she was stunned!

How could she have any thoughts of using this soul pet to justify herself now? 

Most of the soul pets that emerged in the building were monarch rank ghost type soul pets. There were a lot of them. Although the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was a pseudo monarch, it was unable to deal with them by itself. 

However, after Chu Mu summoned the unbridled White Nightmare, its soul devil flames had much better effect than the wood type attacks. Quickly, the ghost type soul pets were suppressed by the White Nightmare.

At the same time, the Seven Sins Fox Mo Xie was fiercely fighting a thousand meters away on a black dirt hill. Mo Xie was switching in between sin flames and sin imprints, fighting the enormous ghost figure on both the ground, to the air and back down from those dense sinister clouds to the ground. The ghost type energy ceaselessly clashed with the multi-attributed energy. It caused the surrounding buildings to continuously shake! 

Immortal City’s buildings were constructed using special materials and were not easily destroyed. This included the dirt itself. After all, it was the dirt that sealed these powerful soul pets. 

“How do we seal the ghost emperor?” Chu Mu glanced at Young Lady Shan.

“If the seal is broken it’s hard to seal. If… If you can kill it…” Young Lady Shan wrapped her arms around her breasts as she spoke. But even if her arms were in front of them, a huge portion of her breasts were still visible.

Yet, Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to even glance at them. This caused Young Lady Shan’s face to burn up, as she felt that her covering her breasts was a bit needless.

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TL: Ok this last phrase is untranslatable because either the author used the wrong phrase or in this specific situation, there’s no English translation. 自欺欺人 literally means to deceive oneself as well as others. I ended up using ‘needless’ because the literal TL obviously doesn’t make sense. Not quite sure how to describe what it should mean though… For context, the whole chinese sentence is 这反倒让姗小姐脸发烫的感觉自己捂着简直是有些自欺欺人