Chapter 695: Immortal City Ancient Residence, Ghost Emperor Breaking Seal

Chapter 695: Immortal City Ancient Residence, Ghost Emperor Breaking Seal

Chu Mu only fell asleep near dawn, lasting an hour or two.

This morning, Chu Mu had just laid down when Jia Jing swiftly ran in and said that Lady Shan wanted to see him.

Chu Mu wiped his face down, and went forth towards the soul palace hall.

Lady Shan was dressed in black, and had messy hair with beading sweat on her face. Seeing Chu Mu, she quickly went forth and said, “Zhou Jinglong disappeared!”

“He disappeared, why do you come to me?” Chu Mu felt it strange. Chu Mu had only known Zhou Jinglong for a day. If he had disappeared, why would they come to him?

“How are you like this?” Lady Shan said angrily and said in a heavier tone, “You went to the maze prison for no reason yesterday. Not mentioning that you didn’t go to patrol with us, this time, Zhou Jinglong disappeared in our group. How are you this undisciplined.”

“Did he disappear in Immortal City?” Chu Mu asked.

“Yes, yesterday we accidentally triggered a sealed defending organism when defeating a running top tier monarch rank. The defending organisms were a little too much for us to handle, so he helped us lead them away. Those guarding organisms were all only monarch rank, so we thought Zhou Jinglong could easily escape. However, after leaving immortal city, we didn’t see her come out, and assumed he went back herself. Yet, the old man said Zhou Jinglong didn't come out and we only found out today…..” Lady Shan said.

“He may have lost his way in immortal city or met the Xuanzhen Beetle. We’ll know when we go back in.” Chu Mu sid.


Because Zhou Jinglong seemed to be missing, this time Chu Mu and Lady Shan brought in ten tianxia guards to look for him together.

Lady Shan brought Chu Mu to where they bumped into the guarding organisms yesterday and split up in the search.

“Mo Xie, can you smell anything?” Chu Mu stood at the split in the black wall and asked.

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~~~” Little Mo Xie seemed to have noticed something and ran in front of Chu Mu.

Chu Mu and Lady Shan quickly followed. Clearly, Mo Xie found something.

Following the scent, Chu Mu found that he was slowly leaving the normal immortal city and entering a region with an even thicker death aura.

In front of Chu Mu, there appeared a lump in the black dirt.

The dirt was full of extremely ancient mansions, giving a feeling that zombies could pop out at anytime.

In the small paths in between the gloomy mansions, there were tea colored blood clots that went drop by drop into the largest mansion completely shrouded in dark aura.

“Chu Chen, let’s not go forth anymore.” Lady Shan lowered her voice and called Chu Mu.

“What’s up?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

The entire immortal city was seemed to be a ghost city. There wasn’t any organism around. Yet, behind the black wall, in the windows, there always seemed to be shadows floating around in the corridors. It didn’t look like a dead city at all, instead constantly looking like it had invisible things moving around.

“You see the red mark on the ground?” Lady Shan pointed downwards.

“I see it, but I don’t know what that means.” Chu Mu said.

“This is sign of extreme danger. Immortal City’s seals are all marked with this. This mark means that even us as patrollers can’t enter, because there may be extremley powerful organisms in there.” Lady Shan whispered.

“Since its sealed, what is there to be afraid of?” Chu Mu trusted in his skills and he was brave.

Chu Mu didn’t mind the cowardly Lady Shan and continued along the blood trail.

Seeing Chu Mu leave, Lady Shan quickly rode her soul pet up along as well. She didn’t dare to be left by herself in the gloomy mansion.

“Chu Chen! Chu Chen!” Suddenly, Lady Shan shouted.

“What’s up again!” Chu Mu said impatiently.

“Sealed…...sealed…..” Lady Shan pointed at the ring in her hand and said panicking.

Chu Mu looked at his own ring. Lady Shan’s ring was able to detect whether seals had movement. Chu Mu had one himself.

Immediately, Chu Mu released his soul remembrance and started detecting using his ring.

Yet, what caused Chu Mu to be alarmed was that, of the previously dim guiding lines, there suddenly was a very powerful and deep seal loosening. This loosening was even stronger than Xuanzhen Beetle’s broken seal!

This meant that there was an organism even stronger than the emperor rank Xuanzhen Beetle that was leaving its seal!!!

At almost the same instant, little Mo Xie jumped onto the mansion roof and gazed into the distance.

Her nine tails waved in the gloom, and her demon aura immediately released, sending her silver fur dancing with the dark red sin imprints fading in and out of existence!

Mo Xie was entering battle state as her pupils stared at where Chu Mu’s ring was pointed!

“Why is it like this?” Chu Mu was surprised. Usually, the seals in immortal cities were very steady- they couldn’t possibly loosen without any reason!

Lady Shan was also scared stiff, because from the ring, they could tell that the seal loosening was right behind the largest mansion!

“Retract your aura, we’ll stealth our way over.” Chu Mu said to Lady shan.

“We…...we are going over?” Lady Shan stared blankly at Chu Mu, thinking that Chu Mu didn’t want to live anymore. The seal was incredibly powerful and the shaking was incredibly powerful. Very likely the sealed organism was about to escape. If they go over now, wouldn’t they be looking for death? They should instead turn around and report immediately.

Chu Mu didn’t waste time, and immediately told Mo Xie to jump off the ancient mansion and hide her demon aura, slowly nearing the location of the seal.


At this time, the surrounding mansions suddenly sounded with a blood-curdling cry!

This sound was like countless cold spikes that pierced into one’s eardrum. It was extremely ear=piercing and caused Lady Shan to start shaking and dare not return, only able to force herself to follow Chu Mu.

Mo Xie was low class emperor rank again. This demon aura to a certain degree could help Chu mu hide. Chu Mu hid carefully and went past the mansion that definitely had ghost type organisms and hid behind the half-collapsed courtyard wall.

Lady Shan wriggled her curvaceous body and followed pale face, no longer elegant.

“Zhou Jinglong is dead…..” Chu Mu said steadily.

“Dead?” Lady Shan’s face changed and she almost shouted, “How is that possible? He’s a soul emperor!”

“Look for yourself, don’t use soul remembrance or else you will be discovered.” Chu Mu laid against the half wall and said to Lady Shan.

Lady Shan climbed to the wall, and looked through the broken hole.

Yet the next moment, Lady shan’s face was pale as her eyes became very wide.

Lady Shan’s entire body started shaking, and after a few seconds she finally crumpled down and retreated, laying against the wall like she was dead, her entire face slack.

Lady Shan’s mind was full of Zhou Jinglong’s death scene. Zhou Jinglong was laying just ten meters away from the half wall, his body in two pieces. The upper half was slowly crawling towards where Chu Mu and Lady Shan, while the lower half was thirty meters away covered in blood and filth.

From the wall hole, Lady Shan could see Zhou Jinglong’s bloody face. His eyes were still half open just staring at this wall. He had already been dead for a while, but when Lady Shan looked over, it seemed like the half piece of Zhou Jinglong knew they were hiding behind the wall and was seeking support.

“He…...he a spirit emperor……… is just dead!” Lady Shan’s mind went blank.

A spirit emperor was just left in half, his body like it was chewed on by a wild dog. One could hardly imagine what happened here.


“So uncareful, getting discovered by patrolling members. Let’s hope we didn't alarm any hard to deal with characters or else our plan will be foiled again.” A thin male voice came from behind the wall.

The ancient mansion area’s gloomy skies were the natural cover. Chu Mu’s soul remembrance couldn't spread too far, but the other person clearly couldn’t detect them hiding behind the wall either.

“Don’t worry, we finished most of what we have to do today, let’s just leave.” Another colder and deeper voice came.

Two people’s communication then became soul remembrance. After communicating for a little while longer, they went towards a certain direction.

Lady Shan lightly peeked her head out, and quickly shrunk back.

“Have you seen them before?” As the two people left, Chu Mu saw Lady Shan’s face decorated with surprise and quickly asked using soul remembrance.

“I only recognize one. He’s the soul alliance great hall master, a fourth remembrance soul spirit emperor. He had tried to enter immortal city multiple times in the past, but was rejected by the competition staff.” lady shan said in a low voice.

“He Ting?” Chu Mu immediately furrowed his brows.

Wasn’t He Ting the person Yu Palace Master said changed personalities greatly? He was the behind the scenes person of Shen Yichen. The person who stole the immortal spring and instigated relationships between elemental sect and soul palace was this person.

He was defector young girl’s subordinate. Could it be that the defector young woman was resuming her old business and was continuing her immortal city plans? This girl’s actions were way too quick! How was she controlling here from as far away as Wanxiang City!

“Don’t mind them. The seal ahead is about to break open!” Lady Shan quickly said.

“I know.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Why aren’t you leaving if you know!” Lady Shan was so hurried she was almost crying.



Suddenly, this great piece of ancient mansion started ringing with even more thrilling ghost cries!! These sounds were like they were welcoming the return of their emperor, causing Lady Shan deep within these mansions to be curled up in fear!

With a ghost type emperor rank and countless ghost type monarch rank roars, how could Lady Shan as a spirit master beat this fear?!

“They…...they’re welcoming their ghost emperor!” Lady Shan said shakily.

“I’ll seal the big ghost back, you deal with the little ones!” Chu Mu said to Lady Shan.

“You…...don’t you know that great ghost is low class emperor rank!!” Lady Shan saw that Chu Mu was about to go ahead and seal the emperor and shouted even louder. Was Chu Chen crazy? Does he not know that low class emperor could easily instantly kill pseudo emperor rank!?

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