Chapter 692: Underground Palace, The Labyrinth Prison

Chapter 692: Underground Palace, The Labyrinth Prison 

Chu Mu took the Sealed City’s Inspection Warrant, and now had the authority to enter the city.

Normally speaking, Sealed City was looked over and patrolled by Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace and Soul Pet Palace. However, because most spirit emperors had become embroiled in the fight with the Heavenly Devil Insects, the strength of the guards of this city had greatly weakened.

Of course, before entering Immortal City, Chu Mu had to pay a visit to the Tianxia competition authorities because the method to opening Immortal City was in their hands. Chu Mu’s warrant would only permit him to enter. 

Although Chu Mu was considered an overseer, when he entered, the Tianxia competition authorities sent two members to accompany him. They would also prevent him from embezzling anything from the city.

Chu Mu was surprised, because of the two accompanying members, he had seen one before. It was the arrogant and proud purple clothed Young Lady Shan.

“Nice tits and ass, and a slim waist…” when he saw Young Lady Shan he for some reason remembered Ye Wansheng’s description of her.

During the fourth realm’s realm defender round, Ye Wansheng had been present. When he saw this arrogant Young Lady Shan, he had harassed her with his mouth. Unfortunately, Ye Wansheng wasn’t her opponent at that time, and could only sigh: Such a fine woman had become the bed warmer of another… unfortunate… 

When Young Lady Shan saw Chu Mu, she was also a bit surprised. For some reason, Chu Mu could see a tinge of a smile that wasn’t a smile in her eyes. 

“So it’s you, Chu Chen.” Young Lady Shan smiled. 

Chu Mu nodded his head, but didn’t say anything. 

The other accompanying member was Soul Pet Palace’s Zhou Jinglong. He looked either in his late twenties or early thirties, but at this age, people often got one’s true age incorrect because most of them were experts who had already stepped into the spirit emperor rank. Obviously, Zhou Jinglong was the person supervising Chu Mu to ensure he wouldn’t steal anything. 

“So you’re Soul Palace’s Chu Chen. You are indeed both talented and good looking.” Zhou JInglong looked very cordial. He went up and introduced himself while also expressed goodwill towards him.

Both talented and good looking? Chu Mu felt that this was a term that was used to describe a woman. 


After Immortal City was opened, Chu Mu didn’t have to seal his soul remembrance to enter the city. As an overseer, he had the authority to know where the city was.

“You must be very surprised. Immortal City turned out to be the place where you were realm defending.” Young Lady Shan glanced at Chu Mu as she spoke.

“Yes, I really never expected it. It seems that the legend of those world gates opening during a lunar eclipse was true…” Chu Mu intentionally sighed. 

Young Lady Shan revealed a look of satisfaction that was very difficult to discern. But she quickly returned to her arrogant demeanor.

Chu Mu didn’t notice her expression, but he was laughing in his heart, because he already knew that Immortal City was located here.


There was a dark and gloomy horizon and a sinister aura that pervaded the air of this dilapidated city. From time to time lightning would strike, illuminating the city in a pale white. Those standing outside the city would feel their blood run cold.

A strange wind blew towards Chu Mu from the dilapidated city gates. Chu Mu could smell an odor of death.

“This Immortal City should give birth to departed spirit creatures, right?” Chu Mu muttered. 

The birth of a departed spirit world creatures required a dense aura of death, the life force of creatures after they died. If one was not used to the existence of these creatures, one really would tremble from head to toe. 

“There have been a few seals, before they reached the end of their life expectancy, that have mysteriously been undone. The creatures inside the seal are most likely located in Immortal City. We need to find them and reseal them or kill them. Otherwise, there’s a chance they could accidentally break open other seals.” said Young Lady Shan. 

“What’s their strength like?” asked Chu Mu.

“I’m afraid they’ve all reached the pseudo emperor rank.” said Zhou Jinglong.

The appearance of emperor rank and above soul pets definitely required spirit emperors to deal with. Zhou Jinglong was a spirit emperor with one pseudo emperor rank so he himself would not be able to deal with these creatures. 

“Chu Chen, take this ring. It is able to detect the unstable seals in Immortal City. This is your patrol work.” Young Lady Shan handed over a red gem ring over to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu put it on and seeing that he did, Young Lady Shan explained: “This ring will release a light similar to sunlight. If a seal is unstable, this light will shine towards that location. Of course, you must use soul remembrance to feel the existence of this light. You can give it a try now.”

Chu Mu slowly extended his hand. He closed his eyes and covered the surrounding area with his perception.

Indeed, within his mental perception range were a few clear lights. They guided in certain directions and the intensity of these lights were different from one another.

“If the light is intense, it refers to a large seal. If it’s weak, it’s a small seal. The highest intensity light you see right now of the three is the seal of a Xuan Zhen Beetle. The other two are probably weaker soul pets and should be monarch rank creature seals. You don’t have to worry about them for now.” explained Young Lady Shan.

“This Xuan Zhen Beetle, if I remember correctly, was the main pet of a Soul Palace Palace Lord who commited a crime. It has been locked up here for ten years.” Zhou Jinglong added.

“If another creature breaks through the seal, then you can just catch it and put it back. But if it escaped itself, you can only kill it. If there was someone who snuck into Immortal City and intentionally released this creature that hasn’t finished its sentence, this person will have committed a serious crime.” explained Young Lady Shan.

As she spoke, she glanced at Chu Mu, as if she was intentionally telling him something.

Chu Mu knew what she meant. She was referring to when he had undone the Sinking Wind Dragon’s seal.

Back then, Tian Ting knew that Chu Mu had released the Sinking Wind Dragon, but because Tian Ting wanted to obtain the item he needed, he couldn’t be bothered to pursue this matter. After all, a peak monarch rank Sinking Wind Dragon was of no threat to Tian Ting. There was no big deal with releasing it. 

Young Lady Shan was being petty right now for some reason. 

Immortal City was huge. The ring could find unstable seals, but could not determine which creatures escaped from the seal.

After an entire day of searching, Chu Mu and the others only managed to find spirit master rank escaped creatures. As for the Xuan Zhen Beetle, from their intelligence, they weren’t able to find it.

“It seems that we need to dispatch an investigator soul pet trainer here. We cannot fly in Immortal City, because that would mean having to find a needle in a haystack.

Finding an investigator soul pet trainer was naturally dealt with by Young Lady Shan and Zhou Yinglong. Chu Mu himself went back to Soul Palace. 


“How was the investigation?” Liu Binglan saw that Chu Mu had returned and caringly inquired about it. 

“We only dealt with escaped peak monarch rank creatures. We weren’t able to find the Xuan Zhen Beetle.” said Chu Mu.

“Xuan Zhen Beetle?” Liu Binglan’s brows creased and she looked like she was in deep thought as she said, “This Xuan Zhen Beetle was probably imprisoned by your grandfather. It was Palace Lord Zhang Siyuan’s main pet from ten years ago.  

“Is this person special?” Chu Mu saw that Liu Binglan’s expression was serious.

“He was special, but not extremely special. However, not too long ago the holy guard that oversees Labyrinth Prison reported to me that Zhang Siyuan’s strength broke through and she escaped from the prison. This seems a bit too coincidental.” said Liu Binglan. 

“The release of the Xuan Zhen Beetle could have been done by him?” asked Chu Mu.

“There’s a chance. This matter needs to be investigated thoroughly…” pondered Liu Binglan. However, when she began thinking of who to hand this matter to, she realized that almost all the spirit emperor rank members in Soul Palace had their own tasks. Moreover, she couldn’t have a spirit master rank person deal with the spirit emperor Zhang Siyuan.

“How about I take a trip to Labyrinth Prison? Since I’ve already accepted the task, I may as well do it thoroughly.” Chu Mu knew that Liu Binglan wouldn’t be able to find someone for now. 

“Ok. Tomorrow I’ll have Zuo Nong take you to Labyrinth Prison so you can understand the matters of her escape.” said Liu Binglan.

Chu Mu nodded his head. Chu Mu had never been to Labyrinth Prison before and didn’t know what level of people were imprisoned inside.

Tianxia Realm had two large prisons. One was Immortal City and the other was Labyrinth Prison.

The only difference was that Immortal City specially imprisoned soul pets, while Labyrinth prison imprisoned offending soul pet trainers.

The soul pets of imprisoned Labyrinth Prison members were declared to be executed after a trial or sealed in Immortal City. Therefore, there were many instances when a prison sentence ended or one broke free of the prison that he would be essentially crippled because his soul pet was sealed in Immortal City. That soul would always be occupied and a soul pet could not be summoned from that soul.

Young Lady Shan and Zhou Yinglong would continue searching for the Xuan Zhen Beetle, while Chu Mu went with Holy Guard Captain Zhuo Nong to another special space - Labyrinth Prison!


The Labyrinth Prison was as Chu Mu imagined, like Soul Palace’s Holy Region and Immortal City. They were all special spaces. 

Labyrinth Prison was constructed under Soul Pet Palace. After he entered Soul Pet Palace, a Palace Lord rank man guided Chu Mu and Zhuo Nong to a stone palace that was guarded very heavily.

The stone palace had a very spacious hall, but there were no decorations inside. There was only one set of stairs at the center that extended down into the darkness. 

Going down the stairs, Chu Mu had no idea how deep into the ground he was entering.

Gradually, at the bottom of the stairs appeared an underground hall that was identical to the stone palace’s hall. However, this stone palace wasn’t empty. Instead, it was lined with various dignified stone statues. 

The rows of stone statues formed a path that only one person could take. At the very end of the path was a pair of stone doors, resembling the entrance to Holy Regions, that was constructed on thin air!!

However, Chu Mu shivered because this stone entrance was covered by several thick chains. It made the entire entrance lose some of its ancient atmosphere, while instead emanating with a harsh aura! 

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