Chapter 691: The Guilty Hearted Chu Mu

Chapter 691: The Guilty Hearted Chu Mu

After experiencing such a large scale hibernating desolation and seeing more and more cities getting devoured by heavenly devil insects, Chu Mu slowly realized that humans weren’t as powerful as he thought. If the powerful heavenly devil insect empire sent all its forces, then a fourth of humankind’s territory would completely fall. 

Chu Mu found out from Liu Binglan that the forbidden realm was way larger than just the heavenly devil insect empire. The soul pet empires spread out even further into the forbidden realm created an impassable barrier for humans. So, even until today, there wasn’t any written records of what the other side was like.

While the hibernating desolation broke out, Chu Mu stayed in great chu family, and threw himself wholeheartedly into battle to raise his strength.

Chu Mu didn’t do anything to become a commander or general, nor did he become a leader character of the young generation team. He only collected battle reports, and would go to anywhere with an emergency.

Chu Mu was different from most other spirit emperors. They needed to stay put and preserve their fighting strength to prevent emperor rank heavenly devil insects from appearing. Because their resources were limited, they needed to control the amount of times they battled.

Chu Mu was like the spirit masters and teachers, constantly battling. In this period of time, he probably wasted thousands of spirits just in battle.

What was worth celebrating was, after this long in battle, Chu Mu’s little Mo Xie was ninth phase ninth stage, almost able to step into tenth phase now.

At ninth phase ninth stage, Mo Xie could barely fight low class emperor ranks now. Once tenth phase, defeating a low class emperor rank heavenly devil insect was definitely not a problem.

Chu Mu personally killed 10 heavenly devil insect emperors, selling all the innards at a price of 2000 spirits.

This way, Chu Mu collected a total of 20,000 spirits. This spirit Chu Mu saved for Zhan Ye. Zhan Ye needed four times the resources. Strengthening to emperor rank would need 40,000 spirits.

Little hidden dragon, because of the ghost dragon, needed only five times the resources now (from six). The extra resources Chu Mu decided to give to Zhan Ye, so if he got 10,000 more spirits, Chu Mu would solve Zhan Ye’s emperor rank resource problem.

Of course, Chu Mu knew clearly that little hidden dragon’s resources up to eighth phase were solved, but it needed five times a low class emperor rank’s resources from ninth phase to tenth phase.

One times was 50,000 spirits, 5 times was 250,000 spirits.

This was a massive amount of resources. Originally, he thought that with his mom, she could help him out with this resource problem. However, he soon laughed bitterly, as he found out Liu Binglan had zero savings. Other than the medicine and food she kept for her soul pets, she had nothing else.

Everything Liu Binglan needed, she just had to go to soul palace to retrieve. What she got, she all gave to soul palace without cost.

Additionally, soul palace’s resources were given based off of title. Liu Binglan had the rights to use it without restraint but she couldn’t open the vaults and give it to Chu Mu.

Of course, Liu Binglan had something to give. To ensure that Chu Mu was safe, Liu Binglan gave Chu Mu a second rank emperor soul armor.

Chu Mu was a first remembrance spirit emperor, so the max he could wear was emperor seventh rank. If Chu Mu had higher rank, Liu Binglan would have given her ninth rank emperor rank soul armor to Chu Mu without hesitation.

Another thing was that Liu Binglan confessed to a very important thing: She, as a monumental figure, was very incompetent at wild fights.

Liu Binglan herself was very powerful, and all her soul pet ranks were incredibly high, and she rarely had foes in the human realm.

However, once she was deep into the forbidden realm, she would always encounter all sorts of trouble. One major one was losing her way. Losing her way would always bring out all sorts of troubles that would waste her energy and fighting strength, since there was never an end to how many enemies there were in forbidden realm.

Just like how high class emperor rank heavenly devil insects were restricted when they entered the human world, when a human expert entered the forbidden realm, they similarly didn’t dare to be too open, or else the threatened forbidden realm power would send out powerful organisms to surround the humans without hesitation.

The issue of soul temperature had to be solved quickly, so Chu Mu decided that he would go with Liu Binglan to the deeper forbidden realm and follow the information to retrieve the heavenly immortal ice of Wu Forbidden realm!

Wu forbidden realm was a large forbidden realm that even powerful experts didn’t dare to go. The soul pets there were incredibly powerful. Liu Binglan wasn’t willing to bring Chu Mu along at all.

Yet, Liu Binglan indeed was kind of navigationally challenged. Her ability to adapt to the wild was far inferior to Chu Mu’s.

Liu Binglan didn’t wish chu mu’s high soul temperature to stay there, so she finally agreed to Chu Mu’s request. After all, she will ensure she is completely protected and not let the things touch a single hair of Chu Mu!

Chu Mu had always trained by himself, so he could occasionally go with experts to higher level places. If they met normal soul pets, Chu Mu could fight and train himself. If they were middle class emperor rank and above, Liu Binglan could fight instead. He could gain a lot of forbidden realm resources this way too, so why would he be unhappy? As long as Chu Mu didn’t rely overtly on  Liu Binglan, getting brought around to train could half his efforts and double his rewards.

Of course, he couldn’t leave right now.

Chu Mu planned on first raising all his soul pets to emperor rank before going with Liu Binglan.

To others, this may take a long time. However, to Chu Mu, he only had Zhan ye, Ghost king, and ice air fairy that haven’t stepped into emperor rank. With Mo Xie’s low class emperor rank, white devil, devil tree battle soldier, and binding wind spirit four emperor ranks, as well as Old Li’s spirit finding abilities, getting the resources for them wouldn’t be a big problem.


Western world and heavenly devil insects’ battle was still continuing…..

Late stage, humans slowly gained back some advantage within the chaos and solidified the war situation.

Able to cause the invading army to fear this quickly, a large part was because many top tier experts of humans gathered together to break down a lot of high ranking tribes in the heavenly devil insect army.

As long as the high ranking tribes were broken down, the rest of the problems weren’t hard to deal with. In the long run, the heavenly devil insect army wouldn’t be able to sustain such huge losses.

As the heavenly devil insect army’s attack slightly backed off, and as Chu Mu grew in strength daily, this battle against the insects couldn’t satisfy Chu Mu’s training anymore, and it lacked a lot of resources Chu Mu needed to strengthen his soul pets.

Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t plan on staying in western kingdom anymore, deciding to go to Tianxia city and go to the top ranking bewildering worlds near there or maybe to go the sacred regions of soul palace.

In the war, Chu Mu gave almost all the items he got within ten ranks to Chu Family. Chu family provided an unceasing flow of crystals needed for battle, becoming the resource refilling center of western kingdom and was getting busier by the day.

Chu Tianren also did lots of deeds in the war, lifting up chu family’s name. Chu Tianren wasn’t too young anymore and didn’t want to roam around anymore, wanting to just stay in Chu family in the future.


After saying goodbye to Chu family, Chu Mu and Liu Binglan headed eastwards.

As a noblewoman of soul palace, Liu Binglan had soul palace things to handle and couldn’t stay with Chu Mu constantly. Once they reached Tianxia city, they went their separate ways. Chu Mu mainly trained and found resources to strengthen his soul pets.


“In the few years I wasn’t at soul palace, sacred region totems were severely damaged and their energy was lacking. If they don’t fix it now, the sacred region gates could be locked up.” Liu Binglan brought this up to Chu Mu during dinner.

“As long as I don’t use half devil, the soul temperature can still be controlled. It’s not a big deal if we delay our trip to Wu forbidden realm.” Chu Mu said.

The problem with the seven sacred regions was something Chu Mu heard Sacred Guard Leader Zhuo Nong mention.

There was a time Chu Mu wanted to enter Xuanzhen Sacred Region to get bug type soul items. However, the totem couldn’t open and the sacred region gate closed down, causing Chu Mu to have to go to Tianxia city’s south end tenth rank bewildering world Gui insect cave instead.

Gui Insect Cave was a tenth rank bewildering world, but to Chu Mu’s strength, the unlimited space and unknown resources of the sacred regions could give Chu Mu better training and benefits.

“En, once there are any abnormal situations, you have to tell mom immediately.” Liu Binglan said.

“I will.” Chu Mu nodded.

Chu Mu suddenly remembered the abnormality in immortal city that Elder Ting mentioned and quickly asked as well, “What’s happened in immortal city? Has some organism broken out of its seal?”

“We haven’t found a clear answer yet, and soul palace can’t send people out to help right now.” Liu Binglan lightly rubbed her temples.

Tianxia City’s soul palace had many soul emperors at war with heavenly devil insects, while a couple were sent back to Wanxiang City. The spirit emperors that remained, Chu Mu could count with his hands.

Yet, these years, a large number of problems welled up that all needed a rank of Liu Binglan’s degree to deal with, causing this period of time to be overworking her. Her beautiful face was always burdened by tiredness.

“I'll take a walk in immortal city.” Chu Mu could see that Liu Binglan indeed was tired. He was a spirit emperor of similar strength to a palace master now, so he might as well take some of the burden for her.

“Immortal city seals a lot of incredibly powerful organisms, many even over middle class emperor rank. It isn’t safe for you to go.” Liu Binglan shook her head.

“I’ll be careful.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu still remembered that defector young girl’s target was immortal city. With immortal city having abnormalities, Chu mu felt like it may be another expert of defector young girl going in. Chu Mu really wanted to know why defector young girl wanted to enter immortal city this badly. This time Chu Mu could use patrolling as an excuse to figure it out.

After a few more communications, Liu binglan agreed to Chu Mu’s request and gave Chu Mu the rights to patrol immortal city.

“Speaking of which, last tianxia realm, the immortal spring water was stolen. We still haven’t found the criminal of that. You were in immortal city at the time, did you find anyone suspicious?” Liu Binglan thought of immortal spring water and said to Chu Mu.

“Nope.” Chu Mu said without changing expressions and put his head down to eat more.

“Daring to steal immortal spring water….. Mom hasn’t been in tianxia realm for a while, some crafty individuals are getting more and more wild.” Liu Binglan’s face frosted over.

Immortal spring water is an incredibly precious treasure. As the noble woman of soul palace and as the judgment of sixteen absolutes, having someone make this large of a crime was intolerable!!

This time, Chu Mu still studiously ate his food and gave no comment.

Chu Mu knew that this “cold beauty” was famously impartial and incorruptible. For safety’s sake, he shouldn’t speak about it. After all, as a soul palace member, the immortal spring water should have been given up instead of taken for himself…..

Liu Binglan realized that she was overly strict just now. She had just started making a change in Chu Mu’s opinions of her; she couldn’t show her cold side to the child again.

“Eat more, all this food has some ice type effect, its good for you.” The cold beauty quickly smiled in a loving manner again, as she watched the secretly guilty Chu Mu.

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