Book 2 Chapter 69 - Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil

Chapter 69: Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil


After witnessing this spectacle, Yang Luosen’s face turned ashen!

Just try and think of killing a soul pet nearly three times, yet it is always able to energetically stand up. The feeling of unceasingly exhausting one’s own soul power and soul pet’s fighting strength would cause this person to be incomparably irritated, and perhaps even a bit frantic!

He had consumed a large amount of soul power to use the seventh rank Heavenly Flame Rite. Precisely because of the prolonged battle, the Radiance Lion’s fighting strength gradually decreased. The wounds on its body grew increasingly more, and an excessive amount of fighting strength was exhausted.

He originally believed that this time he would thoroughly slaughter the weak Zhan Ye, but Zhan Ye had unexpectedly used Broken Limb Rebirth!

“Zhan Ye, Dark Steal!”

Black lights on its ink armor flickered and Zhan Ye’s body abruptly extended, transforming into a dark light that charged towards the Radiance Lion’s position; its speed astonishingly rose!

“Uninhibited Assault!”


Zhan Ye opened his mouth wide and let out an angry roar. The tiger claw mirage that covered its glossy armor transformed into multiple ink colored claw images that fiercely attacked the Radiance Lion’s body!!!

“Beng!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!”

Third layered uninhibited attack. The three streams of energy were like tides of energy. Each layer was stronger than the previous, and they all smashed into the Radiance Lion’s body!!

The Radiance Lion was knocked flying, and a bloody hole was astonishingly struck open on its golden body. Blood splattered out!

“Ao Hu~~~~”

The Radiance Lion let out a pained and angry roar as it heavily fell into the midst of the ruins!!

“Zhan Ye, close quarters combat!”

After the Radiance Lion was knocked down, Zhan Ye instantly charged towards it, not giving the Radiance Lion a chance at all to get up!

Ink Armor Spike!!

The sharpest weapon of Zhan Ye was absolutely not its claws. Instead it was the ink armor spikes that suddenly extended from its ink colored armor! These ink colored bone armor spikes were like bones that fiercely stabbed into the Radiance Lion’s body. Amongst them was one spike that deeply penetrated the bloody wound opened by the Uninhibited Layered Attacks just now!

“Ao Hu!!!!!!!!!!!” The Ink Armor Spike penetrated deep into the flesh, further carrying a dark corroding attribute that corroded the Radiance Lion, causing its wound to be incapable of healing!

The light type had an absolute counter towards the dark type, but if the dark attribute’s overbearing effects were to enter the light type’s body, it also would cause an extremely serious dark type corrosion!

Dark type corrosion not only corroded its innards after entering the body, but also corroded its skin; instantly, the Radiance Lion’s defensive skin’s resistance ability was decreased!

The black poison-like substance slowly appeared on the Radiance Lion’s skin, causing the silver colored domineering fur to even slowly darken a bit!

The Radiance Lion’s defense was also the hardest layer for Zhan Ye to break through. Presently, its fur had been corroded by darkness. Thus, the eminently powerful life force Mo Ye had an absolute advantage in physical combat over the Radiance Lion, who had exhausted a large amount of physical energy!

As expected, after its skin’s defense decreased, the wounds that the Radiance Lion suffered were even deeper. When it came to fighting willpower, crazy was the only word that could be used to describe the bloody and merciless close combat fight that Zhan Ye exhibited!!

“Ao Hu!!!!!”

The Radiance Lion’s painful howls unceasingly rang out. Fresh blood dripped everywhere and unexpectedly, there no longer was a fully intact piece of skin on its body!

The dark type corrosion effect on a light type soul pet’s body wouldn’t last too long, but Zhan Ye’s Ink Armor Spike attacks never stopped. The moment the Radiance Lion’s defensive skin recovered its golden color, it was inflicted by the corroding poison, and it rapidly darkened….

Zhan Ye possessed self healing and a formidable life force. As the wounds on the Radiance Lion’s body increased, Zhan Ye simultaneously grew more riddled with scars. However, as the Radiance Lion’s wounds increased, its fighting power would also decrease, while the deranged willpower Zhan Ye would only grow more savage amidst the blood!!

On the plaza battlefield, the gold colored Radiance Lion and the ink colored Mo Ye were engaged in an incomparably terrifying flesh contact fight. Seeing the captivating red blood unceasingly spill, and the white bone revealed through the ripped open wounds, the spectators from far away were all holding their breaths and watching with rapt attention. From time to time, they would inhale a cold breath of air.

The bloody flesh fight between the two soul pets caused a rather frightening feeling to emerge within the people, while Yang Luosen’s face was extremely unsightly. The Radiance Lion was definitely Yang Luosen’s strongest fighting power, and his main soul pet. He had originally planned on having the Radiance Lion defeat Chu Mu’s third soul pet before having it fight with Chu Mu’s strongest Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox. However, he never expected that the Radiance Lion which he was so intensely proud of to be so heavily wounded by a fifth phase first stage Mo Ye...

Zhan Ye’s wounds were currently slowly healing. The Radiance Lion’s wounds were growing increasingly severe, and its movements were also increasingly sluggish. Moreover, its movement already appeared to be rather slow.

Previously, the flesh fight consisted of both sides tearing and ripping at each other. However, presently, it was clear to see that the Mo Ye that unceasingly increased its courage as the fight went on, harbored the absolute advantage. It began to crazily execute bloody attacks against the Radiance Lion!

“A fifth phase first stage, adding on the Violent Blood Pupil’s effects, only makes it the fifth phase sixth stage. Yet, it still managed to render the highly talented sixth phase fourth stage Radiance Lion into such an injured state…”

“Its life force is formidable, and it possesses a self healing ability several times higher than a normal Mo Ye. It has used Broken Limb Rebirth four times; this Mo Ye is too abnormal.”

The clear shift in the tide of battle had already occurred!!


Shattering Claw!!

Dripping in blood, the terrifying pressure from Zhan Ye’s attack wasn’t any weaker in the slightest!

The shattering claw fiercely struck the Radiance Lion’s body. Riddled with bruises, the Radiance Lion finally could not bear it, and its body slid backwards a few tens of meters, creating a dirt wave...

“Hou hou!!!!!!!!!!”

Arrogantly looking down on the Radiance Lion that now found it hard to stand up, the Mo Ye that was releasing as much of a terrifying fearlessness as it possibly could, let out a haughty roar!!

Dripping in blood and riddled with bruises, it still had a violent wild nature. Those blood red pupils were burning with a flourishing fighting spirit!

Of the tens of thousands of people on the plaza battlefield, which one of them would have imagined that a fifth phase first stage small Mo Ye would defeat a sixth phase fourth stage Radiance Lion!?!

However, presently, the final one that stood coarsely, wildly, and haughtily on the battlefield was the Mo Ye with the ink colored armor. Despite being covered with cuts and bruises and being obviously rather small, it brought everyone an intense feeling of shock within their hearts!!


Watching Zhan Ye defeat the sixth phase fourth stage Radiance Lion, Yang Luobin’s entire being seemed slightly soulless. He simply couldn’t believe that this was the same Mo Ye that he had forsaken...

The disciples of the Chu Family were currently so shocked that they couldn’t speak. They had finally understood why Chu Mu would only train this seemingly normal Zhan Ye in the one month; they also finally understood why, in front of the sixth phase fourth stage Radiance Lion, Chu Mu didn’t summon the Night Thunder Dream beast, but instead sent out the fifth phase first stage Zhan Ye.

Such an abnormal ability and such an unyielding fighting spirit. If Zhan Ye were to keep increasing his phase and stage, it would practically be able to fight those of a higher rank!!


The Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen, gloomily stared at his dying Radiance Lion. He chanted an incantation, and used Hurricane to sweep Zhan Ye away...

A recall pattern slowly appeared beneath the Radiance Lion dripping with blood. A golden light slowly enveloped its body, and it quickly disappeared from the battlefield.

Chu Mu could feel the change in the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen’s, eyes. This fellow could evidently no longer maintain the calmness he had held at the beginning of the fight. An ice cold killing intent was slowly assailing the surroundings!

Chu Mu knew that Yang Luosen definitely still had an even stronger soul pet. Although the Radiance Lion’s attacks were incapable of instantly killing Zhan Ye, his strongest soul pet wouldn’t even give Zhan Ye the chance to revive. Thus, Chu Mu wouldn’t carelessly have Zhan Ye directly attack Yang Luosen.

“Return.” Seeing Yang Luosen already chanting an incantation in the midst of the dense discharge of fiendish energy, Chu Mu didn’t have any hesitation. He decisively recalled Zhan Y,e whom had already displayed its most wild and arrogant aspect...

“Being able to summon this soul pet of mine, your strength truly surpasses Tian Ji’s by a lot. However, it ends here for you!” Yang Luosen’s expression was ice cold. As he chanted an incantation, one could faintly make out a bloody figure appearing behind Yang Luosen!

A bloody pattern gradually emerged on top of Yang Luosen’s head, forming a weird, contrasting imprint with that strange bloody figure. It gave people a terrifying feeling of fresh blood...

Yang Luosen’s entire being seemed evidently more strange amidst the bloody figure. He broke into measured steps as he slowly backed up a few steps, leaving the bloody pattern and bloody design in place!

Seeing Yang Luosen’s summoning, Chu Mu’s expression didn’t change. He lightly patted Mo Xie who was lying on his shoulder, and he indifferently said: “It’s your turn to fight.”

“Wuwuwu~~~~~”  Mo Xie had the appearance of someone who just woke up. She drowsily yawned, and her two silver eyes stared at the bloody figure and bloody pattern. She fully maintained an appearance of wanting to continue napping.

Jumping down from Chu Mu’s shoulder, with a body full of grand silver fur, Mo Xie gracefully broke into measured steps. She fundamentally had no fear of that torrential fiendish aura, and she slowly walked towards the blood beast gradually appearing in the pattern...

Yang Luosen was a person from the Yang Shi Family. The Yang Shi Family had become famous because of their blood beasts; since Yang Luosen had come from the Yang Family, he naturally would possess a powerful blood beast. Moreover, it was very probable that this blood beast had accompanied this fellow as he grew up, becoming Yang Luosen’s strongest soul pet!

A dense, bloody aura began to pervade the air. People could clearly feel the imposing aura and each of their gazes closely stared at the pattern created by Yang Luosen!

The first thing that appeared from within the bloody pattern *** was a set of drooping bloody flesh wings. This set of flesh wings had glossy skin; simultaneously, one could see pieces of eminently malevolent wing bones. Furthermore, amongst them, there were three piercing bones that directly extended out of the flesh wings, forming a bent blade that resembled a bone scythe!

‘This is…”

Seeing the drooping wings, everyone from the Yang Family immediately let out shocked expressions!

Looking at it from a distance, the creature that appeared and now hovered above the bloody pattern *** was an enormous blood colored bat full of a terrifying aura. It had a set of wings that could cover its entire body, but people from the Yang Shi Family knew that this was definitely not some bat soul pet. Instead, it was the most frightening subspecies of blood beasts - a Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil

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