Chapter 689: Chu Mu, the Defector Young Woman, a Fight Between Mediocre and Outstanding

Chapter 689: Chu Mu, the Defector Young Woman, a Fight Between Mediocre and Outstanding  

“Only you and I can sign soul pacts like this. Other’s cannot.” Liu Binglan intentionally separated Chu Mu and normal people.

A big reason why Liu Binglan was able to become a Majesty was due to her special talent. Liu Binglan had grown up together emperor rank soul pets from when she was little.

“What about dad?” Chu Mu subconsciously asked about dad.

"He cannot. He cultivated himself.” the moment Chu Tianmang was mentioned, Liu Binglan’s tone turned cold. It seemed that the gap between husband and wife was quitelarge. 

“This truly is a bit hard to accept.” the billowing waves of emotions in his heart didn’t stop. 

“Originally, your cultivation path wasn’t supposed to be so bumpy. However, due to mom’s carelessness, I let you sign a soul pact with that fake Sacred Holy Flower. What exactly that Sacred Holy Flower is, I still haven’t found out. After she signed a soul pact with you, she stole your talent, and your cultivation speed became like a normal. Moreover, due to her defecting, two of your soul pacts were ruined and your first soul was occupied. This even made it hard for you to cultivate like a normal person.

However, your talent seems to have recovered. Otherwise, how could you have reached the spirit emperor rank so fast!” said Liu Binglan.

Liu Binglan’s words really shocked Chu Mu. Especially the fact that he could have signed a soul pet pact with an emperor at the age of ten. The only person who could do this in this world was probably Liu Binglan. Moreover, she had passed on this ability to him.

Unfortunately, this talent had been stolen from him!

“Mom, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. That talent you speak of probably truly was stolen by my first pet because I have never felt, even now, that my cultivation speed is much faster than others. Nor do I feel that my talent has reawakened.” Chu Mu bitterly laughed and shook his head.

“You haven’t felt it reawaken? Then how did you reach the spirit emperor rank at such a young age?” Liu Binglan didn’t quite believe it.

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. For a moment he didn’t know how to respond.

“Your Majesty, there’s a type of talent called dedication.” at this moment, Old Li suddenly jumped out of Chu Mu’s spatial ring.

Liu Binglan wasn’t surprised to see Old Li. Only, she didn’t understand the meaning of what Old Li had suddenly said. 

Old Li smiled and waved his short arms. He said to her: “Your Majesty, I have accompanied young master all this time. In my view, young master doesn’t have the talent you just spoke of. His cultivation speed is as fast as normal soul pet trainers. The only difference is that in all these years, I don’t think I have seen young master not cultivate for even one night. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, what place it is or what he encountered. After midnight, young master will definitely be cultivating until the sun rises. And then he’ll sleep for an hour or two only…” 

Liu Binglan looked at Chu Mu. It was very hard to believe that Chu Mu, at his age, would forgo sleep just to continuously cultivate. Moreover, he did this every day and night without stop!

This looked merely to be a cultivation habit. However, to younger people, there were very few people that could maintain their concentration after being beaten and exhausted, willing to forgo a warm bed and instead engage in boring cultivation. 

“Young master. The truth is that I don’t often praise people. However, when it comes to cultivation, I truly praise young master from the bottom of my heart.” 

“A year has 365 days. Yet, every midnight until morning, he will be cultivating. This is something normal people cannot do. Of these 365 days, 300 is spent on training and fighting while the other 65 is spent on strengthening soul pets, finding spirit items and travelling…” 

“Young master may already be used to this life, but to other people, they would think you’re crazy. Young master definitely has talent, but it is young master’s conviction of an expert that is the true reason why young master has become a spirit emperor. This has nothing to do with reawakening talent!” 

Old Li spoke very earnestly. It was rare that Old Li would so straightforwardly praise Chu Mu!

Liu Binglan looked at Chu Mu. She never expected Chu Mu would be so astonishing when it came to cultivating!

Until now, she had never met anyone who had, over years and years, cultivated from midnight until morning. After all, everyone had moments when they were beaten and exhausted, moments when they needed to enjoy life and moments when they needed to relax… 

“Of course, being a madman has a price. This is the reason why young master doesn’t have his own social group. He lacks friends are on the same strength level as him. Even if he barely managed to get a girlfriend, if it wasn’t because she had her own unique cultivation method, it probably wouldn’t be before long that she would disappear from young master’s world in which he is madly ascending.” Old Li said.

“Then you’re saying that you completely relied on your own strength to reach the spirit emperor rank?” Liu Binglan was silent for a long while before she spoke.

“It should be. I’ve never felt my strength suddenly increase… even if it has suddenly increase, I’ve had a few motivating factors. For instance, the inheritance of an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s bloodline, the increase of soul pet ranks and the help of soul medicine.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

When it came to increasing ranks without cultivating, there was probably only that time in Barbarian Valley when he longed to see Ye Qingzi. However, at that time, it was because he had been at a bottleneck for a long time. That had nothing to do with the talent Liu Binglan spoke of.

“Other motivating factors? Tell mom about these factors.” Liu Binglan inquired.

Chu Mu didn’t hide anything and spoke of the fortuitous encounters that pushed his soul remembrance to increase.

Liu Binglan was greatly moved when she listened to him, because from the motivating factors of increasing his soul pets’ strength and the other matters, Chu Mu really hadn’t awakened his talent to reach the spirit emperor rank.

The reason why Chu Mu hadn’t had any bottleneck to reach the spirit emperor rank was because of Mo Xie’s species mutation. Mo Xie reaching the emperor rank had spurred the other soul pets, causing their strengths to rapidly rise. Chu Mu’s strength equally rose, making it a positive cycle. 

“This is truly hard to believe… Mu Er, you really are incredible!! You were able to cultivate yourself to the spirit emperor rank. This is much more important than inheriting talent!” Liu Binglan obviously understood cultivating oneself and inheriting talent were two completely different concepts.This meant that Chu Mu was a true experienced spirit emperor. This was the outcome of him continuously surpassing himself! 

Chu Mu gave a simple laugh. If Chu Tianmang was here, this would be good. The hope Chu Tianmang had placed on Chu Mu was what Chu Mu truly understood. If he could see him step into the spirit emperor realm at such a young age, what kind of an expression would he make? Would it be one that wiped off the melancholy and changed it into tears of joy as he choked on emotion? 


“That being said, my talent was indeed stolen by the defector soul pet. No wonder she felt that I would never be able to threaten her. She must have reckoned that my cultivation speed would become abnormally slow…” said Chu Mu.

The defector young woman had stolen not only his dreams and dignity of becoming an expert but also his talent of becoming a soul pet trainer!

Liu Binglan lightly nodded her head and said: “She is equivalent to another you. She is the you with the talent to become a spirit emperor by the age of 20.”

The defector young woman stealing Chu Mu’s talent meant that she was the Chu Mu with outstanding talent!

If she was able to control other soul pets, then her strength would be terrifying because at the age of 10, she would be an ultra soul pet trainer that could control infant emperor ranks!

From pure age, she would be able to reach the spirit emperor rank and at the age of 20. This was heaven defying talent!

Such a person would definitely stand at the very peak of this world. This person would become the strongest and receive the focus of everyone in this world, like a god!! 

“Young master, it seems the two of you have the same destiny.” 

“The first path of destiny: You will become a spirit emperor by the age of twenty and by thirty, reach the peak spirit emperor rank, touching the realm that surpasses spirit emperors! Moreover, you could even become an ultimate expert! That is an incredibly glorious life!” 

“However, the other path is purely normal. If you want to reach the top, you have to stake your own life to cultivate. Non-stop day and night. You need to surpass countless limits and will spend countless occasions dithering between life and death. You will experience countless times where you take tear and blood-ridden steps. Even if you stand above the clouds and light shines all around you, only you will understand the pain behind you…”

“Right now, young master, you are clearly the latter.” 

Old Li’s words touched Chu Mu’s heart!!

Indeed, Chu Mu was the latter!

Old Li so succinctly summarized the destiny between him and the defector young woman. Chu Mu was able to clearly realized that:

The old grudge between him and the defector young woman was completely equivalent to the mediocre talented him trying to defeat the outstandingly talented him!

The intertwining of two fates had formed this path of destiny. Ultimately, it had given rise to a fight between the mediocre and the outstanding!!

A clash of destiny!

This was interesting, truly interesting!!

In this moment, Chu Mu felt that his heart was filled with surging waves, and his eyes blossomed with an unprecedented light!

The respendance in his gaze was incomparably resolute. He didn’t seem to feel the least bit bad about being the latter of the two. 

Instead, he felt pride from his confidence in surpassing and challenging himself!!

What was the big deal with surpassing his own talent? Even if Chu Mu had the choice now, he would still pick the latter route. 

This was because the second route had brought him soul pets that followed him with their lives; the White Nightmare, Mo Xie, Ning, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Night, Zhan Ye, Ghost King, Qin, Little Hidden Dragon… 

They were the completely form of Chu Mu’s destiny. Chu Mu would grow together with them, become stronger with them and take one step at a time towards the godly altar the defector woman was high above on. He would rely on his own strength to defeat her!!

He wouldn’t complain about the splendor he narrowly missed. Instead, he would appreciate everything he had now.

“Ignite your spirit and accept the challenge. You don’t need that heavenly blessed talent. You can possess your own glory all the same! Young master, that’s good! It’s a spirit like that! An expert cannot be afraid of a bump in the road! The only thing to be afraid of is a lack of persevering conviction!” Old Li could see Chu Mu’s spirit from his eyes and he couldn’t help but praise him!

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