Chapter 688: 20 Year Old Spirit Emperor, Don’t Steal His Talent

Chapter 688: 20 Year Old Spirit Emperor, Don’t Steal His Talent

“Yiyun, you can leave first.” Liu Binglan waved her hand, indicating that Xiang Yiyun should leave.

Xiang Yiyun nodded her head and left. As she left, she intentionally used soul remembrance to flirt with Chu Mu. Clearly, the fact that Chu Mu was Liu Binglan’s son made Xiang Yiyun even more interested in Chu Mu.

After Xiang Yiyun left, Liu Binglan chanted an incantation, creating a soundproof barrier. 

After, Liu Binglan extended her hand and placed it on Chu Mu’s left cheste. Then, she slowly guided her soul remembrance into his soul.

Liu Binglan was feeling the temperature of his soul. Indeed, his soul temperature had was the reason why she was so mentally and physically exhausted. She had already traversed numerous forbidden reasons in search of the most pure ice type spirit item. 

With her strength, finding an ice type spirit item wasn’t too difficult, but of these items, to find one that both wouldn’t harm his body while also lowering his soul’s temperature, only the Worldly Immortal Ice would work.

Unfortunately, it had been so long, and she had only so far found a pure strand of Ground Immortal Ice. As for a Worldly Immortal Ice, that was even more rare, and she hadn’t found it yet.

“Huh?” when she felt Chu Mu’s soul, Liu Binglan let out a voice of curiosity and looked at Chu Mu before saying: “Why is your soul so strong?” 

Liu Binglan discovered that Chu Mu’s soul temperature was much higher than before while his soul was also much stronger. If he had a soul at the spirit master level like before, it would have already been burnt to a crisp. 

“I stepped into the spirit emperor level not too long ago.” said Chu Mu.

Liu Binglan retracted her hand, and looked with a bit of shock at Chu Mu. She immediately used her soul remembrance to check.

Indeed, Chu Mu had already reached the spirit emperor rank!!!

This was a bit inconceivable to Liu Binglan. Chu Mu was how old, yet he was able to raise himself without the backing of a faction or expert to the spirit emperor rank! This was astonishing speed!

At the very beginning, Liu Binglan had hoped to bring Chu Mu to Soul Palace so that she could raise him and increase his strength. 

However when they saw each other back then, Chu Mu had insisted that he cultivate himself. 

Soul pet trainers indeed needed to rely on themselves to grow stronger. However, if they were able to rely on their own hard work and have a teacher, this would achieve the same outcome with half the work.

Nonetheless, since Chu Mu had insisted he cultivate himself, Liu Binglan couldn’t force him. She only felt that this would make things a bit too slow.

Thus, it greatly exceeded her expectations that Chu Mu had stepped into the spirit emperor rank with his own strength in such a short few years. This wasn’t something normal people could accomplish. 

“You really became a spirit emperor…” Liu Binglan’s face was slightly flushed, because she was excited! 

After finding out Chu Mu became a spirit emperor, Liu Binglan found it difficult to control her emotions. She clasped Chu Mu’s hands, and her beautiful and resplendent eyes had a layer of mist upon them.

“Mom… what’s the matter?” Chu Mu looked at Liu Binglan whose emotions had evidently changed. For a moment he was confused. 

Although him becoming a spirit emperor was indeed a rare occurrence, Liu Binglan shouldn’t have been so emotionally moved. Could it be that him becoming a spirit emperor had an extremely important meaning? 

Liu Binglan didn’t say anything, but tears were on her eyelashes. Chu Mu really found it hard to believe that the normally cold and aloof Liu Binglan would also cry like this.

“What’s the matter?” asked Chu Mu softly as he saw that Liu Binglan’s emotions were gradually calming.

Liu Binglan breathed in a deep breath of air and calmed herself. She wore a gratified smile and said: “Since you’ve reached the spirit emperor rank, I may as well tell you.” 

Chu Mu nodded and sat upright. Clearly, she was going to tell him something important. Moreover, he still had numerous things about the defector young woman to ask Liu Binglan.

“Your cultivation speed is so fast. It could be because you inherited my talent. This talent was something you possessed upon birth but was strangled out of you. Now that it’s so fast again, it could be because your talent has reawakened.” said Liu Binglan.

“Talent? Mom’s cultivation speed was fast?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, I became a spirit emperor at the age of 20…” 

“Mu Er, what’s the matter? Is something wrong?” Liu Binglan frantically asked.

“...” Chu Mu nearly bashed his head against the wall.

Chu Mu had been conferred the title of the youngest spirit emperor! 

Chu Mu felt that this honor was worth being proud of in front of Liu Binglan and Chu Tianmang. After all, Chu Mu had broken a couple hundred year record. 

Yet, Liu Binglan’s words immediately crushed the honor Chu Mu was very proud of. Chu Mu originally had many things he wanted to ask, but now that she said this, he really didn’t know what to say.

Now, Chu Mu finally understood why Liu Binglan looked so young. Reaching the spirit emperor rank at 20 meant that her appearance would be fixed at 20. The passage of time would only make her countenance seem even more mature, but not old. 

A woman’s temperament needed time to settle in. Liu Binglan’s appearance was also stuck at the age of 20. This combination meant she possessed unique charm and appeal. When younger men saw Liu Binglan, they would have become as Xiang Yiyun had reckoned: young men who blushed the moment they caught sight of her face. 

“It was only because of a special talent that I was able to reach the spirit emperor rank so quickly.” Liu Binglan saw that only his ego had been hurt so she warmly laughed and said: “You also could have been like this, but when you were young, your talent was stolen.” 

“Talent? Stolen?” Chu Mu was full of questions. He didn’t understand what she said.

“My cultivation speed is faster that others. Even if I don’t cultivate, I’ll be able to advance a rank. You are my child so you naturally inherited this unique talent.” said Liu Binglan. 

“There’s such a ridiculous talent like that?” Chu Mu was stunned.

He had never heard of a talent of not cultivating but still being able to advance ranks before. This was too incredible. 

“Perhaps it was because I inherited some ancient Soul Palace strength. But I’m not too sure.” said Liu Binglan. 

Chu Mu’s cultivation speed indeed was very quick. However, it wasn’t as incredible as the talent Liu Binglan spoke of.

Moreover, Chu Mu felt that the main reason why his cultivation was fast was because of his own hard work and his ability to steal souls. Further adding on the motivation of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s bloodline, the half devil bloodline and Mo Xie’s species mutation, as well as Ye Qingzi’s special spirit medicine help...

These elements were factors that normal people could not obtain. This was the true reason Chu Mu had reached the spirit emperor rank.

“Then what happened to my talent being stolen?” asked Chu Mu. This was the first time he had heard that talents could be stolen.

“You forgot. It was your first pact’s soul pet.” softly said Liu Binglan.

The first pact’s soul pet - the defector young woman!!

Chu Mu was greatly overcome by emotions!

The defector young woman had stolen his soul pet trainer talent he had inherited from Liu Binglan!

Then could it be that the reason why the defector young woman was able to occupy his soul for so long was because of this talent that allowed her strength to increase at lightning speed!!

“This matter was because of mother’s carelessness. Otherwise, the things in the future wouldn’t have happened.” Liu Binglan blamed herself. 

“What happened back then? I only remember you bringing me into Sacred Holy Region and then there being a young woman born from a blue holy flower. She wanted to sign a soul pact with me and I was unable to resist her enticement. Thus, I agreed…” Chu Mu had always been curious as to the matters those years. Now that Liu Binglan who had been present was here, he could finally find out about it.

“She didn’t use some enticement method. Signing a soul pet cannot be completed through enticement. Nor will mind disordering methods work. Back then you were too young, and believed her words to be true.” said Liu Binglan. 

“...” Chu Mu had always believed the defector young woman had used some flower type enticement ability that had caused him to lose his mind. 

It seemed that in truth he had purely been tricked. Back then he really was too gullible. Especially towards a young woman so holy others couldn’t bare to even speak profanity to her. 

“In normal circumstances, us humans begin to have soul remembrance at the age of ten. But after you reached the age of ten, your soul remembrance increased extremely quickly. Back then I wanted to find an infant Sacred Holy Flower plant world soul pet to become your first pet…” 

“Wait, wait, wait, wait… mom you’re talking about the emperor species rank flower type soul pet Sacred Holy Flower, one of the Seven Saint Diagram pets?” Chu Mu hastily had Liu Binglan come to a stop and emphasized his words.

“Mhm, you don’t like them?” Liu Binglan blinked, not understanding why Chu Mu’s tone was so strange. “...” Chu Mu’s face went black.


If he signed a soul pact with the Sacred Holy Flower, what difference was that from signing a soul pact with the defector young woman?!! 

The Sacred Holy Flower was an emperor rank and he was only ten at the time, a mere spirit disciple. A Sacred Holy Flower would also defect! Liu Binglan was essentially giving her son a defector first pet!

“This isn’t a matter of liking it or not! It’s a matter of whether I’d be able to sign a soul pact with it!!” Chu Mu discovered that his cool and elegant mother either had a very simple mind or was completely off the mark! 

Liu Binglan saw the emotions on his face, but warmly laughed and explained: “Normal people cannot sign a soul pact with emperor rank soul pets because their strength grows too fast. One evolution and it will defect. To these normal people with bottlenecks, this truly is a taboo.” 

“However, you’re different. You inherited my talent back. From the age of ten, your strength would increase incredibly quickly.”

“Moreover, the Sacred Holy Flower is a soul pet which strength grows extremely slowly. Even if it continuously fights, it still requires about 10 years before it reaches the tenth phase. Mother estimated back then that you would probably become a spirit emperor in ten years. Therefore, you would have increased your strength with the Sacred Holy Flower together. Even if you were a bit slower, I would have used a special medicine to slow its growth. That way, it would not defect.” 

Chu Mu felt a bit dizzy after listening to this. He had always been led to believe that it was impossible to sign a soul pact with an overly high rank soul pet. But this theory had now been completely decimated by Liu Binglan! 

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