Chapter 687: Liu Binglan, Embarrassing Reunion

Chapter 687: Liu Binglan, Embarrassing Reunion

Chu Mu had just finished strengthening Binding Wind Spirit, and didn’t have much soul power left. Strengthening twice consecutively caused Chu Mu to have used up a ton of his mental energy.

So, after finishing the strengthening of Binding Wind Spirit and getting excited for a while, he stayed in his room to adjust his mental state.

Originally, Xiang Yiyun coming was something Chu Mu didn’t find strange. He felt that this person probably found out something about the high class emperor.

But, what caused Chu Mu to feel dazed was Xiang Yiyun came with his mom! And she said she was introducing a sister that could cause him to lose his mind?

Sister? What kind of joke was this?

Liu Binglan indeed looked young, but she indeed was Chu Mu’s mother.

Chu Mu always had an impression of Liu Binglan in his mind. When he was young, they would see each other once or twice a year. Though they didn’t interact much, he wouldn’t be unable to recognize her!

Chu Mu’s expression was strange. Mainly, he thought back to the night that Xiang Yiyun seduced him, and started wondering whether this was arranged by Liu Binglan. What was this all about?

Liu Binglan hadn’t met Lady Xiao yet, so she didn't know Chu Mu was here.

And, since Liu Binglan didn’t care much about worldly news, when Chu Mu used his fake name Chu Chen and became incredibly famous, Liu Binglan didn’t really follow it.

Chu Mu had some mental preparation and knew Liu Binglan was nearby. However, Liu Binglan had never thought she would see Chu Mu again in such a surprise setting.

“Mu-er, why are you here?” A pleasant smile blossomed on Liu Binglan’s beautiful face as she walked straight into the room and in front of Chu Mu.

“Mu-er?” Xiang Yiyun blinked a couple of times as she looked over at Liu Binglan and saw a shocking scene: Liu Binglan had a dazzling smile on her face.

Xiang Yiyun held her mouth in shock. Xiang Yiyun had known Liu Binglan earlier, and knew that she was the famous cold beauty of the high ranking emperors. Almost no one has seen her even smile a hint.

Originally, Xiang Yiyun was planning to deviously use this ice beauty’s astounding beauty and distant aura to stimulate Chu Mu. Xiang Yiyun was sure that no one could remain calm in front of this beauty, not even females.

What caused Xiang Yiyun to be dumbfounded was that, this ice beauty when seeing Chu Mu, not only smiled, but also looked incredibly happy with a little bit of panic.

What was this situation? Shouldn’t the panicked one be the always calm Chu Mu? How was it the mysterious noblewoman now? Liu Binglan was always a target of admiration for Xiang Yiyun, an angel she didn’t even dare to feel jealous for.

Xiang Yiyun never would have thought that this respected and aloof beauty had something in this world that could cause her to be distressed and panicked!

Just as Xiang Yiyun was dumbfounded, Liu Binglan already walked before Chu Mu and gave Chu Mu a small caring hug.

This small hug caused Xiang Yiytun to want to faint. Liu Binglan was so picky she didn’t even let women touch her. How could she touch a man, and voluntarily at that.

“Eh…” Chu Mu said awkwardly.

Chu Mu had a feeling as if Liu Binglan was still looking at him like a kid that could trip and fall at any moment.

When Chu Mu was young, Liu binglan didn't know how to take care of kids, almost being very cold, not understanding that the young Chu Mu needed intimate love and care. This was many years back, so Chu Mu didn’t resent her for it.

However, he was this old now. Such caring actions were unnecessary. This could cause the cold, calm, and collected image Chu Mu had to instantly shatter, and for him to become a little baby that mommy pampered.

“What…...what did you just call sister Lan? Did I hear wrong?” Xiang Yiyun stared at Chu Mu, and suddenly recovered from her shock to ask a question.

Liu Binglan’s gaze quickly fell on Xiang Yiyun. Liu Binglan knew that Xiang Yiyun often liked seducing men younger than her to dash their spirits.

However, Xiang Yiyun found trouble with her son. How could Liu Binglan forgive her so easily? After all, to a young and wild man, this was a huge hit to one’s ego.

“Yiyun, you said the man who met you in the forest is him?” Liu Binglan’s tone quickly changed to become icy.

Chu Mu immediately realized something was wrong and quickly explained, “Mom, it’s not what you think. I was just asking her about flower type soul pet questions and then a high class emperor rank appeared……”

Xiang Yiyun heard Chu Mu call out a second time and immediately felt struck by thunder!

The person she admired, with a perfect face and a spotless cold beauty…… was a mother already! And the kid was twenty or so years old already!

If Chu Mu stood by Liu Binglan and Chu Mu called Liu Binglan sister, no one wouldn’t believe it!


Xiang Yiyun herself was in disbelief for a while before finally accepting the fact that the cold beauty is a twenty or so years old man’s mother.

Originally, Xiang Yiyun wanted to see Chu Mu’s panic in front of the truly angelic and mature woman. Yet, even if Xiang Yiyun knew Liu Binglan was Chu Mu’s mother, she found out that Liu Binglan was even less calm than Chu Mu. This was the first time Xiang Yiyun saw this icy mountain melt and show excitement, anxiety, showing off a sign that most females would face instead.

“No, there truly aren’t.” Chu Mu shook his head firmly.

Liu Binglan was very curious about his son’s secret life. Chu Mu and Xiang Yiyun asked her the same question again.

It was a good thing that Chu Mu was just and actually broken himself off that way last time. If she didn’t control it well, and it was found out by Liu Binglan, he would be unbelievably shocked.

“Don't lie to mom. You’re a big kid now, how could you resist her methods? Don’t worry, mom will get you justice.” Liu Binglan came speechless. 

“Chu Mu was laughing bitterly. What was this? How could she be this paranoid?

“I have a girlfriend already, and I felt it strange at the time, but we never did anything” Chu Mu restated it.

“En, you have a girlfriend? What’s she called?" Liu Binglan seemed to have found an even greater interest in this topic.

As a mother, Liu Binglan felt that she had the duty of helping Chu Mu. So, when Chu Mu reached for a girl. Liu Binglan asked about it completely comprehensively.

“We can talk about that in the future. Can we at least speak of something else first?” Chu Mu felt that Liu Binglan was better with her cold features, or else if she kept on like this, she would never stop!

Speaking of that, he naturally meant business.

From Xiang Yiyun’s words, one could tell that the expert controlling the high class emperor rank was after Chu Mu. Chu Mu accidentally getting into such big trouble was something she as a mother was very nervous about. Being a mother, of course, they didn't need much. She immediately started asking if he could name any wild soul emperor soul pets.

Chu Mu shook his head. Before, he thought the high class emperor rank had something to do with this. However, with Liu Binglan asking, very likely this high class emperor rank’s gaze wasn’t related to Fatality.

However, what else can cause him to get stared at by a high class emperor rank especially when its high class emperor rank

However, what other reason would some other power possibly have?

“Sister Lan, you weren't there. The feeling that organism was unlike any organism with power and show hostility. Maybe it's just a coincidence.” Xiang Yiyun said.

Liu Binglan looked at Xiang Yiyun with some coldness.

Finding trouble with her son, Liu binglan coudn’t forgive Xiang Yiyun. Even if Liu Binglan knew that nothing happened, Xiang Yunnyi knew that one person’s explanation was still incorrect.

If she were seducing anyone else, Liu Binglan would have dealt with it in a few sentences. She wanted to allure Chu Mu, causing Xiang Yiyun’s feeling of guilt to skyrocket.

Xiang Yiyun realized that Liu Binglan was angry at her and quickly sat down meekly to the side. When Liu Binglan didn’t ask, she didn't dare to express her opinions too quickly.

In lower positions, Liu Binglan was more famous than Xiang Yiyun’s old soul teacher.

Though Xiang Yiyun called her sister affectionately, she had to look up to Liu Binglan like an elder, respecting her in every way.

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