Chapter 686: Controlled High Class Emperor Rank

Chapter 686: Controlled High Class Emperor Rank

Chu Mu sucked in a breath. It had pseudo emperor rank strength at six, seventh phase!

That means its species rank must be high class emperor rank!!

Chu Mu had rarely seen an organism with a species rank of high class emperor rank!

“Noble woman is still soul alliance Sixteen Absolutes. The Soul Alliance Sixteen Absolutes are equivalent to senior elders, sometimes even stronger than them. Though her majesty isn’t the strongest in soul palace, she definitely is amongst the top ranks.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu knew clearly that if she was top of the ranks of soul palace, she very likely had top tier emperor rank soul pets. Chu Mu was still a long distance away from that rank.


Chu Mu followed what Xiang Yiyun said and stayed in Great chu Family. Great Chu Family’s old soul teacher de was an expert with high class emperor rank. Other than that, other factions had a lot of characters that could protect the region. So, even if the organism wasn’t high class emperor rank, it wouldn’t dare to intrude into great chu family.

On the second day, for safety’s sake, Chu Mu still didn’t leave great chu family, so Chu Mu spent the night meditating and replenishing his soul power and then strengthening binding wind spirit to emperor rank.

Binding Wind Spirit had become top tier monarch rank for four months. Though people said it should usually have a half year gap between top tier monarch and pseudo emperor, Chu Mu felt four months was enough too.

Therefore, these days Chu Mu didn’t go anywhere and stayed in great chu family to prepare to strengthen binding wind spirit.


It was noon, the sun was hanging high, causing the humidity to lift off the mountain.

In the great chu family back mountain, a dazzling starlight flitted by and flew towards the deeper parts of the complicated chu mountain.

These starlight soul pets were constantly wrapped in sacred glow. One could only see its grandeur and a vague shape, but one couldn’t see its true face. It had a mysterious sheen to it.

With the starlight was a Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail. This Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail’s wings were almost transparent, its body elegant as it danced through the skies in flight.

The Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail was clearly strengthened to a very high level, flying extremely fast too.

“Sister Lan, it was around this position. A few days ago at midnight, I saw it from the great Chu family silent forests. It had a pair or red eyes and seemed to have strong evil tendencies. For some reason, it locked onto me and another man.” The woman riding the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail said.

Riding the starlight soul pet, the person called Sister Lan was Liu Binglan. She lightly looked over at Xiang Yiyun aside her.

Xiang Yiyun immediately realized the implications of her words, running off into a forest with a man at midnight. She immediately blushed and explained, “Sister lan, it’s not what you think, I found it fun to……”

“You’re pretty grown up now, how do you still not know to restrict yourself.” Liu Binglan lightly told her off.

“I’m not as naturally beautiful as sister, so I could only release myself in other ways.” Xiang Yiyun said coyishly.

As they spoke, the two women rode their soul pets to where the mysterious emperor rank landed.

“This many marks?” Xiang Yiyun quickly noticed over ten gashes in the rocks nearby.

“Lin, come look at what organism left this mark.” Liu Binglan said. The incantation was completed and she summoned another soul pet with similar mysterious sheen on it.

This soul pet was smaller and more intricate, kind of like a little girl with hair down to her calves. It was full of a glow all over. Compared to Star River, it was even more sacred and bright.

Xiang Yiyun looked at this glowing soul pet that could float in the air and lightly asked, “Is this one of the seven diagram sacred pets, the light type soul pet Pawn Dawn Concubine?” 

Liu Binglan nodded and told it to start collecting information left by the monsters nearby.

Palm Dawn Concubine flew around the region here and there. After a short while, it flew back to liu binglan with an answer, sending a string of crisp and clear sounds into Liu Binglan’s ears.

“It’s a heavenly devil insect.” Liu Binglan furrowed her brows and went into thought.

“Heavenly devil insect? High class emperor rank heavenly devil insect should have massive armies of power. How could it come here alone. Also, heavenly devil insects don’t have eye colors like that.

Liu Binglan shook her head and showed that she didn't understand why a high class emperor rank heavenly devil insect would come into the human world.

High class emperor rank heavenly devil insects had very high intelligence already. It should know that once entered human world, it could easily get surrounded and attacked by a group of experts. Then, even high class emperor ranks would fall.

Liu Binglan thought for a while and couldn’t come up with an answer. She turned around to hear Xiang Yiyun’s suggestion.

“What’s up?” Liu Binglan found Xiang Yiyun staring idly at one corner and asked.

Xiang Yiyun quickly came back to hers senses and pointed at a very small and seemingly insignificant bug corpse, “This…...I think this is……”

Liu Binglan saw this little bug’s corpse before, but she didn’t find anything wrong. She didn’t know why Xiang Yiyun was showing this expression.

“Sister Lan, this is…...I think this Wisdom Devil Parasite, a special spit-off organism that can control wild organisms!” Xiang Yiyun said.

With Xiang Yiyun’s reminder, Liu Binglan also was slightly shocked.

Wisdom Devil Parasite, this was a very powerful bug type soul pet’s special technique. It could split off brain bug-like organisms that crawl into wild soul pets’ brains and control them for a certain amount of time!

Wisdom Devil Parasites were rare bug type soul pet because it could only control wild soul pets many ranks lower than itself, and it couldn’t control massive amounts either. So, Wisdom Devil Parasites were almost never taken as soul pets.

“If it could control high class emperor rank soul pets like little pawns, then how powerful is this Wisdom Devil Parasite’s main body!! If this is a soul pet trainer’s actions……” Xiang Yiyun thought of this incredulous idea!

Liu Binglan felt her heart shake too. The Wisdom Devil Parasite could only control soul pets many ranks lower. If it controlled monarch or pseudo monarch ranks, Liu binglan didn’t care much, yet it was a high class emperor rank that was controlled!

Clearly, the high class emperor rank heavenly devil insect came from Great Broken Sting Valley. The Great Broken Sting Valley’s high class emperor rank heavenly devil insect was in reality all living in tribes of seventh rank and higher. Able to go into a seventh rank tribe and control their high class emperor rank heavenly devil insect, this was a terrifying strength!

Liu Binglan’s face grew serious and looked at Xiang Yiyun, “Did the high class emperor rank lock onto you?”

“Not completely. It more likely locked onto the man beside me, but I feel like he has no clue either.” Xiang Yiyun said.

“This is no small matter. Bring me to him to ask.” Liu Binglan said.

“En, good.” Xiang Yiyun nodded. She realized that it was a very terrifying thing because even high class emperor ranks were being easily controlled!


Xiang Yiyun specifically told Chu Mu not to leave Great Chu family without figuring everything out.

Xiang Yiyun felt that the high class emperor rank’s hostility was pointed towards him. And controlling wild soul pets, with a wild soul pet’s cruelty, such actions could cause great destruction to the huan world. Such actions were already threatening humankind and had to be dealt with.

“He’s here?” Liu Binglan walked outside the courtyard and felt faintly that the aura of the person in the room was quite familiar.

Not many people knew of Liu Binglan, and Liu Binglan didn’t know many people either, especially young men. So, when walking into the courtyard, Liu Binglan felt that it was strange.

Xiang Yiyun didn’t sense Liu Binglan’s hesitation and simply walked into the courtyard. She didn’t bother to be polite, pushing open Chu Mu’s door and said smiling, “Chu Chen, sister brought an angel from heaven over to see you.”

Liu Binglan didn’t like seeing Xiang Yiyun like this. She remained cold as she slowly stepped into the room.

Xiang Yiyun remained smiling. She was thinking to herself that even an honorable man like Chu Mu would definitely stare at Liu Binglan and lose his composure briefly.

Xiang Yiyun knew that Liu Binglan rarely saw other people, but of those who saw here, almost none could speak normally for a while.

Thinking of the stern and cold Chu Mu stuttering in front of the famous “cold beauty”, his heart beating like a little virgin, Xiang Yiyun was even happier.

The naturally cold and rejecting Liu Binglan walked into the room and saw the man Xiang Yiyun was referring to. But, when she saw the man’s face, her permafrost face slowly melted away…...

Liu Binglan’s expression was actually complicated. On one hand, she was excited and happy to see Chu Mu. On the other hand, she was shocked that the man dating Xiang Yiyun at night was Chu Mu.

And Xiang Yiyun still didn't know Chu Mu and Liu Binglan’s maternal relationship. She was still secretly laughing when she started observing Chu Mu’s expression.

Chu Mu was very strict. Even at the large banquet, very few people saw him laugh. Xiang Yiyun was mischievous, so when seeing such a calm and collected man, she wanted to force him to become perturbed, which was why she did the subliminal messaging. However, her failure caused her to be very embarrassed.

Now, she could finally see this calm and cold man become a nervous little boy. She was already planning out how to make fun of him after Liu Binglan left.

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