Chapter 685: Unknown Enemy, Mysterious High Class Emperor

Chapter 685: Unknown Enemy, Mysterious High Class Emperor

Chu Mu felt as if someone was watching him. This feeling came from the creature on the mountain, and made him feel extremely uncomfortable! 

They were clearly so far away, at least 20 kilometers, but the feeling that made him shudder was still so intense. It was so intense that Chu Mu immediately had thoughts of fleeing.

At the beginning, Xiang Yiyun ignored it. But after she turned around and focused her soul remembrance, she discovered that far away on the mountains was an extremely powerful creature. This creature had a pair of blood red eyes, which made it look exceptionally monstrous in the night sky!!

“What a terrifying creature!! It’s at least a high class emperor!!!” Xiang Yiyun said in shock.

Her soul remembrance was higher than Chu Mu’s, and she was able to feel powerful pressure transmitting from that place far away!

“You can see its rank?” Chu Mu was astonished, not only because of the appearance of this unknown creature, but also because Xiang Yiyun had so accurately identified it.

A high class emperor!!! This should have been an extremely powerful existence that only resided deep within forbidden regions! Why would it mysteriously appear in human territory?! Moreover, it carried both deep malice and hostility as it stared at Chu Mu and Xiang Yiyun’s location. 

“Yes, I’m definitely right about this. It’s staring at us, but I don’t know if it’s staring at me or you. I feel like we need to leave here.” Xiang Yiyun’s expression turned serious. 

Chu Mu also had this feeling. He glanced at the Great Chu Family only about three kilometers away and said to Xiang Yiyun: “The Great Chu Family has a lot of spirit emperor experts. We can go to the Great Chu Family. There probably isn’t anyone in Wogu City capable of stopping a high class emperor!” 

“It’s extremely fast, and if we go to the Great Chu Family, it probably would already end up in front of us. If it’s focused on attacking us, even if there experts, it’s of no avail.” as she spoke, Xiang Yiyun began to chant an incantation.

A fragrant aroma pervaded the air. Numerous soft petals appeared on Xiang Yiyun’s body. They formed a special soul pet summoning pattern. 

Within the pattern, a beautiful large stamen blossomed. Within the stamen was a small fairy which was covered in petals. Its appearance ostensibly filled the entire serene with a flowery fragrance. 

Compared to the stimulating pollen from before, this fragrance made one feel relaxed and comfortable. The unease in Chu Mu’s heart from that creature was imperceptibly disappeared. He slowly became calm and thinking was much easier.  

“This is…” Chu Mu looked at the flower type fairy with thin cicada wings. He was shocked because this flower type soul pet’s rank seemed to be very high. He couldn’t even see through it! 

“Retract your aura. I’ll use my soul remembrance to disturb that creature’s mental focus.” Xiang Yiyun used soul remembrance to tell Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu looked at Xiang Yiyun. This woman, after summoning the flower type soul pet had astonishingly seemingly changed into a new person. From her original flirtatious manner, she transformed into a noble and beautiful flower. The mysterious temperament Xiang Yiyun was hiding was precisely this appearance. 

If it wasn’t because of the seducement earlier, Chu Mu really wouldn’t have believed that the prostitute-like Xiang Yiyun who threw herself into his arms was the same as this noble and outstanding flower type spirit emperor. 

Chu Mu wouldn’t judge incorrectly. Yet, this woman who had seduced him earlier ended up being a spirit emperor. Previously, Chu Mu hadn’t been able to sense her aura earlier and thought she wasn’t a soul pet trainer. He never expected her strength to be even above his!

“Don’t stare at me. Wait until after we evade this crisis first, and then I’ll let you look.” Xiang Yiyun feigned anger. Her noble elegance and flirtatious demeanors combined together and made Chu Mu truly a bit absent minded. 

Aromas really were capable of disturbing that powerful creature’s mental strength. Quickly, Chu Mu discovered that the pressure from 20 kilometers away in the black mountain had considerably weakened. 

Gradually, its red lamp-like eyes disappeared. 

Chu Mu was certain that this creature only had to stay focused on this place, and would be able to fly here at its fastest speed. When that time came, whether he would be able to enter the Great Chu Family ahead of this high class emperor soul pet was difficult to say. 

“It seems to have flown away or gone into hiding somewhere.” Xiang Yiyun slowly said to Chu Mu.

“Ya.” Chu Mu nodded his head. In truth, he no longer felt any intimidation. 

However, after the mysterious crisis was resolved, various questions arose in his head.

Firstly, why did a high class emperor suddenly appear in the Great Chu Family’s territory?! 

From the aura it released and the mental pressure it exerted, that seemed to be a wild high class emperor rank soul pet. Such a creature shouldn’t have been so bold as to appear in human territory! 

Moreover, even if it did appear, why was it so hostile towards him? Or perhaps it was exerting pressure on this entire region? 

Secondly, Chu Mu was astonished that Xiang Yiyun was a spirit emperor. 

Chu Mu understood that there were about fifty to sixty spirit emperors who went to the Great Chu Family this time and most of them had appeared in the spirit emperor exchange. However, the woman Chu Mu thought was a prostitute at first ended up being a spirit emperor as well. This was too inconceivable. 

Did a noble and mature spirit emperor who was also a beautiful woman have to use such trashy methods to seduce him? There was no way it was out of infatuation for him. She probably had another goal!

Chu Mu attempted to connect the hostile high class emperor that just appeared and Xiang Yiyun. But after thinking it over, he didn’t think that it was Xiang Yiyun who was playing a trick. From the surprise she showed when she saw the creature, and her subsequent method to protect him, they didn’t seem to be directly connected. 

“How did you provoke such a terrifying creature?” after resolving the crisis, Xiang Yiyun immediately asked him a question.

“I don’t know either.’ Chu Mu shook his head. Chu Mu still didn’t know what that creature even was. 

“Don’t go to Wogu City. Stay in the Great Chu Family. I will tell those old fellows about this matter. A wild high class emperor breaking into here may invite a destructive calamity here if it’s not dealt with.” said Xiang Yiyun. 

After she finished speaking, Xiang Yiyun brought Chu Mu to the Great Chu Family. As they went, here flower type fairy continuously released an aroma that allowed his soul remembrance to double in range and made it more sensitive. It was no longer as easy for his mind to be enticed or disturbed. 


After returning to the Great Chu Family, Chu Mu went into the courtyard used to receive the Soul Palace members. 

Xiang Yiyun didn’t pay much heed to Chu Mu’s heavy suspicion of her. She went to the various factions’ courtyards and informed them of the wild high class emperor rank soul pep that appeared. She told them to take precautions.

During this time, Chu Mu found Old Soul Teacher De and asked him about Xiang Yiyun. 

Old Soul Teacher De rubbed his beard and said: “You’re talking about Lady Xiang. I met her a long time ago. Back then, she was just a young woman. She was strange and enjoyed playing harmless pranks. Moreover, she was immature. She always wanted to prove that she was very charming and would show herself off in front of older men. This made those without strong minds to be unable to tolerate it. Of course, she had her boundaries…” 

“She was strange amongst strange people, but her soul pet trainer talent was very high. Right now she’s been acclaimed as the best choice to take of the ‘Flower Emperor Master’ position.” 

“Flower Emperor Master?” this was the first time Chu Mu had heard this term.

“It refers to the highest soul pet trainer in a respective attribute.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

“...” Chu Mu bitterly laughed. This woman was so outstanding, yet when he saw through her stimulating pollen, Chu Mu felt that she was a bit shameless. 

Old Soul Teacher De guessed something had happened and laughed: “She’s an adult with the heart of a child. I would guess that when she saw those women at the great banquet use you as a target to make other jealous, yet you didn’t leave with any of them, she probably wanted to join in on the fun… you, uhm, are still a bit young, and probably wouldn’t be able to withstand that sort of seduction. It’s only normal to be played around with by a mature woman with high skill. Nonetheless, she doesn’t have any ill will so don’t brood over it.” 

Old Soul Teacher De guessed that the young Chu Mu probably couldn’t withstand Xiang Yiyun’s flirtatious actions and wanted to do something improper. He further guessed that ultimately Xiang Yiyun had turned around and left. To a man who was in the prime of his youth and crowned with much glory, this was very hard to accept. 

Chu Mu didn’t explain anything further, but Old Soul Teacher’s words had changed Chu Mu’s view of Xiang Yiyun. At the same time, it removed any connection of her and the thee high class emperors. 

However, if Xiang Yiyun didn’t have an ulterior motive, then where did the high class emperor come from, and why did it focus on him with intense hostility? 


“Young master, could it be because of Her Majesty? 

Many wild soul pets are able to determine a blood lineage link. It could be a high class emperor that Her Majesty provoked and ended up pursuing her from the forbidden region. It may have been unable to find Her Majesty but discovered instead you, who is blood related to her. Therefore, that’s why it targetted you.” said Old Li at this moment. 

“Mm, there’s a high possibility of that.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

It seemed that before that high class emperor appeared again, Chu Mu had to talk with his mother. 

“Can my mother deal with a high class emperor rank though?” Chu Mu asked Old Li.

“Of course she can. Young master, do you remember Her Majesty’s soul pet called “Star River” that I spoke about?” asked Old Li.

   “I remember. You said back then that its strength was equivalent to the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor.” said Chu Mu.

The equivalent to the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was about the pseudo emperor rank.

“It really was equivalent. However, back then, “Star River” was only at the sixth or seventh phase.” said Old Li.

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