Chapter 684: Flower Type Soul Pet Trainer, Xiang Yiyun

Chapter 684: Flower Type Soul Pet Trainer, Xiang Yiyun

The woman in front of him really was soul arousingly beautiful. Although she wasn’t as breathtaking as Princess Jin Rou, she was still a top beauty. 

However, it wasn’t like Chu Mu had never seen a beautiful woman before. Yet, this woman had only flirted with him a few times, and made it so that he found it hard to control himself. 

The only explanation for this was the unique fragrance in the air wasn’t from the woman’s perfume, but rather was an intense aphrodisiac. 

Just like flower type and grass type soul pets would often pervade the air with hypnotic or poisonous pollen, if one didn’t pay close attention and breathed it in, the end result would be no good. 

Right now, Chu Mu could feel a testosterone-inducing aura from an unknown flower type soul pet.

Promptly, Chu Mu used soul remembrance to protect his soul and body. He stopped himself from breathing in this stimulating substance. 

At this moment, this sexy and mature woman took the initiative to stick out her small tongue and slowly neared the corners of Chu Mu’s lips. 

She was like a lustful snake, and her alluring body had already wrapped around Chu Mu’s body. Her light layer of clothing was touching Chu Mu’s body. 

“Can you tell me who sent you?” after Chu Mu guarded his soul remembrance, he calmed down and asked her a question. 

“Who else could it be? Isn’t it just the most primitive you in your heart that called me here?” the woman didn’t show any signs of panic, and seemed like she wanted to continue.

Chu Mu then pushed her away. 

If it wasn’t because Chu Mu felt that besides the stimulating pollen, this woman didn’t have any intentions to attack him, Chu Mu would have strangled  her and not merely push her away.

After the woman was pushed away, she was clearly shocked. She never expected that she would be rejected by a young and vigorous man that was about to succumb to her. This was the first time in her life this had happened. 

“Could it be that you think I’m going to harm you?” the woman quickly adjusted her demeanor and let out a laugh. Her calmness after being rejected only added to her charm and unique temperament. 

“Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t appear here. Did Fang Li send you?” Chu Mu calmly asked.

“Fang Li? That spirit emperor that’s so ugly no medicine can save him?” the woman flirtatiously laughed, then took a few steps closer to Chu Mu.

This woman looked a bit curious as she maintained her charm. Her flirtatious eyes then closely examined Chu Mu once again.

“I think we should reintroduce ourselves. I am Xiang Yiyun…” as she spoke, the woman gave a curtsy, showing off her well rounded curves. Then, she raised her eyebrows and stared at Chu Mu.  

Despite seeing the woman called Xiang Yiyun suddenly change her demeanor, Chu Mu still remained there and maintained his slight hostility. 

“Ok… I’ll admit that I used some methods on you.” Xiang Yiyun saw Chu Mu’s cold gaze, and knew that her seducement this time had failed. Promptly, she retracted her charm. 

“Me coming here was also due to you?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes. When I whispered in your ear, my lips had a bit of pollen on them. This pollen has a mental suggestion ability that would only have no effect on people who are extremely smart. If you’re even a little bit dumber, a suggestion will arise in your subconsciousness. Nonetheless, if you’re in the midst of doing something, you won’t be seduced. But if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll do as the suggestion said. As for those even stupider, they will definitely get excited and immediately be seduced, doing exactly as I want.” Xiang Yiyun’s temperament slightly changed again as she spoke in a normal tone. 

Xiang Yiyun’s explanation made Chu Mu silently shocked.

This was the first time Chu Mu had heard of a mental suggestion ability. It probably was some special technique from flower type soul pets. 

“What flower soul pet did you raise?” Chu Mu continued to ask. 

“Six Desires Rose.” Xiang Yiyun responded. As she spoke, she mockingly laughed, “It seems that you’re much more interested in my soul pet than me. Man, I really lost.” 

“Why did you do that to me?” Chu Mu sensed that there were no traps nearby, and that she had no other intentions besides seducing him. 

Having heard Chu Mu’s question, Xiang Yiyun charmingly smiled before walking a few steps closer. Her breath was like orchids as she said: “Obviously it’s because I like you. You’re the youngest person with an emperor soul pet formation. In the future, as to what heights you will reach, nobody can predict that. I also like men who are handsome and confident, while also callous with a slight hint of mystery around them. Added on the fact that you’re rather upstanding, a man like you is rare to find.” 

“You aren’t weak either. There was no need to spend so much effort on me.” said Chu Mu.

Xiang Yiyun was definitely not some normal prostitute who sold herself. Otherwise, how could she have enticed a spirit emperor to come here while also nearly successfully seducing the spirit emperor?

“Not weak? Very few people evaluate me like that. I’m different than those soul pet trainers that just fight and kill. I specialize in raising flower type soul pets. Occasionally, I’ll find something interesting to do, just like tonight…” Xiang Yiyun’s gaze lingered on him, and she covered her smile as she said, “There are been many spirit emperors who have prostrated themselves under my skirt. Moreover, they do so even without the pollen. Yet, I never expected to fail this time when I wanted to secretly eat a forbidden fruit.” 

“You’re a flower type expert?” Chu Mu saw that she really had no other ill intentions. 

“Of course. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m an extremely powerful flower type soul pet trainer.” Xiang Yiyun crossed her arms, supporting her large tits. She spoke flirtatiously and proudly. 

“I have a few questions that I’d like you to help me with.” said Chu Mu.

“Tell me. If you don’t have any experience, this sister can slowly guide you. Don’t be afraid.” Xiang Yiyu giggled and released her demonic allure. 

Chu Mu remained calm and asked: “Is there a flower type soul pet that is capable of transforming into a woman and enticing others?” 

Xiang Yiyun deliberately put her thin index finger next to her lips and looked as if she was thinking. A while later she responded: “I don’t think there is one. Flower type soul pets are not about transformation, unless they use hallucination pollen.” 

“Then is there a flower type soul pet that can confuse a person to such an extreme state that even deep seeded hatred will be dispelled? I feel that flower type soul pets are the most holy creatures in this world.” said Chu Mu.

“About this…” this time, Xiang Yiyun truly fell into a ponderance. After thinking, she said: “There shouldn’t be one. Flower type soul pets indeed have techniques that can confuse someone. However, most of it involves magnifying the subconsciousness. So it’s only if you have a certain emotion already in your subconsciousness can you be confused. However, this person’s emotions are completely the opposite of what’s intended, even if one’s strength is much greater, you still won’t be able to make him create an emotion. This is all unless that person’s soul has been controlled, but that would be equivalent to a mindless puppet.” 

Chu Mu was a bit confused at her explanation and didn’t completely understand. 

Xiang Yiyun was very good at discerning one’s expression and when she saw that Chu Mu didn’t say anything, she continued: “For example, in the great banquet, I used a mental suggestion on you. In your subconsciousness, you already had some sort of thoughts towards me or even thoughts about wanting a woman in general. Haha, the reality is that as long as you’re a normal person, such subconscious thoughts will always exist. What I do is magnify this male subconsciousness in you, forcing you to think about it.  

But, if for example, you had some hatred towards me and I attempted to entice you, it would only enlarge your hatred towards me. You could even attempt to kill me on the spot. Therefore, any technique that involves the mind has to originate from a person’s subconsciousness. Unless that person is completely under your control, it’s impossible to reach the level you spoke of where you can forget your deep seeded hatred towards someone after being enticed.” 

After hearing Xiang Yiyun’s explanation, Chu Mu’s heart couldn’t help but sink. 

If Chu Mu wanted to enslave the defector young woman, the first thing he had to do was figure out what kind of strange abilities flower type soul pets had. Just like in his memories, when his mind had been completely seized and he was unable to resist her holy unblemished nature. Otherwise, how else would he defeat her? 

“It seems that you’ve encountered a flower demon that’s very hard to deal with, right?” a smile rose on Xiang Yiyun’s face. 

“Yes. I still don’t know what kind of soul pet she is.” said Chu Mu.

“Not flower type soul pet will reach beyond a certain ambit of abilities. You only need to find the method and the rule.” Xiang Yiyun looked at the serious faced Chu Mu before laughing: “If you need my help, I can help guide you. It’s very rare to find such an outstanding flower type soul pet trainer like me.” 

“Yes, thank you. I think I’ll go back first.” said Chu Mu.

“Oh?” Xiang Yiyun raised her eyebrows before flirtatiously saying: “You really don’t want to accompany me? The night is long and this sister has nowhere to go. How about I go to your place and we can slowly talk about flower type soul pets?” 

“Nah, I have someone I like.” Chu Mu bitterly laughed and shook his head. 

“Ai, it really is rare to find someone like you who is so single-minded. You’re so young and outstanding. Just wait until you come into contact with even more and there will be even more women who are as beautiful as fairies who will throw themselves into your arms like me. There will even be a few infatuated women who won’t care if you’re married. When that time comes, you might help yourself in spite of yourself.” said Xiang Yiyun. 

Chu Mu stopped in his tracks, and turned around to look at Xiang Yiyun whose demeanor was completely different from before when she was seducing him. 

Chu Mu felt that this woman had a special mysterious temperament. However, it was always covered by that alluring smile. 

“What’s the matter? You’ve changed your mind?” Xiang Yiyun flirtatiously laughed. 

Chu Mu was about to say something when a creature flying at extreme speed appeared in the night sky behind Xiang Yiyun! 

This creature was so fast it was hard to imagine. It was like a black shooting star streaking across the night sky. It beautifully and demonically landed in a mountain not far away. 

“What is that?!” Chu Mu was shocked. Relying on his spirit emperor awareness, Chu Mu was very certain that that was an exceptionally powerful creature!!

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