Chapter 682: Ten Thousand Spirits, Heavenly Immortal Ice!e

Chapter 682: Ten Thousand Spirits, Heavenly Immortal Ice!

After the banquet, it was midnight. At this time, most of the guests slowly backed off. The soul emperor auction that the trading staff from many factions put together finally started in the stone palace of great chu family.

This Stone Palace was the same one that Chu Mu hid in to hide from the hibernating desolation back then. This stone palace was made with very sturdy rocks, and had surprising thickness. Even emperor rank power was hard pressed to move it.

When Chu Mu and Chu Tianren entered the stone palace, there were around 50 spirit emperors there already. These spirit emperors were all cold faced and stern, causing the entire stone palace to feel very subdued.

Experts all had their own attitudes. Different from the group of people that had some status that went around networking in the banquet, these people didn’t need fake smiles and friendliness to bring themselves more networks in society. They only needed their personal influence, which was proportional to their own strength.

The old man holding this spirit emperor auction was an old man with a face full of wrinkles. He called himself Elder Huang. Chu Tianren introduced this old man as someone from soul pet palace and kept countless treasures of spirit emperors. If one could rob him, one could probably create a huge batch of emperor ranks.

“The dull banquet is over, time to start this year’s auction.” Elder Huang stepped into the center of the stone palace and glanced around at the spirit emperors sitting around.

Beside Elder Huang was a soul palace elder named Elder Jiang, a nightmare palace elder, an elder who traded with Chu Mu named Elder Shi, and a merchant’s alliance elder, totalling four people.

In Merchant’s alliance’s auction houses, the host usually was a beautiful woman that wore lavish and revealing clothes but could still control the scene. In the spirit emperor auction house, it was full of skinny old men. Coming to the spirit emperor auction house for the first time, Chu Mu felt strange.

The auctioned items are almost all within fifth rank, so check if there’s anything you need.” Chu Tianren said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded. Moon Magic Stone was something Chu Mu didn’t need. He wanted to switch it into something the little hidden dragon needed. Of course, being able to switch it into spirits was better. If there weren’t any on the auction hall, when Chu Mu went to tianxia City, he could also go and purchase it from tianxia city auction hall people.

Moon magic stone Chu Mu had given to soul palace Elder Jiang already. At the same time, he didn’t plan on keeping the heavenly devil insect eggs and wanted to sell it all.

“Same old, you can directly pay the price or initiate an exchange. You can also compete.” Elder Huang said weakly.

The first item is ten fire type first rank broken crystals. It’s a fire type soul item that has a ten percent chance of successfully strengthening a pseudo emperor rank. The owner’s only requirement is that all ten has to be sold together.”

“Broken crystals, no interest. If it has impurities, its success rate isn’t even ten percent.” A soul emperor by Chu Mu said without care.

While most people were still at top tier monarch rank, they would use these broken crystals to strengthen. To a certain extent it relied on luck. If one could succeed, they instantly stepped into a new realm. If they failed, they were pretty much penniless. After all, to a spirit master, even broken crystals are expensive.

If such an item were put in an auction house, people would definitely go crazy and buy it.

Of course, it wasn’t as welcome here, as it was a less important item for spirit emperors.


“The second item is an emperor rank first rank defensive soul equipment. It’s priced at 9000 and the host only wants spirits.” Nightmare Palace Elder Shi walked forth and showed a soul equipment.

A first rank soul equipment, no matter offensive or defensive, could be used on a soul pet that was lacking in that region and improve it by a full rank.

“I’m interested in this item.” Chu Tianren smiled and gave a price.

Lu Zideng intentionally raised the prices with Chu Tianren. After some competing, this emperor first rank soul equipment was raised to the price of 9,900 spirits.

Chu Tianren was very sure that once it went above 10,000 spirits, he won’t bid anymore. Yet, Lu Zideng seemed to know Chu Tianren’s bottom line and stopped raising the price at 9,900.

“Lost 50,000 spirits, so getting back a little on me here is whatever.” Chu Tianren didn’t mind at all and bought the soul armor.

Lu Zideng heard this, and his face turned sullen, specially staring at Chu Mu evilly.


In the items after, most were soul items, medicine, spirit stones, young soul pets, soul pet eggs. Of these, 70% of the transactions were conducted with bartering, while 30% were with spirits.

Chu Mu noticed clearly that when spirits were used to purchase, the item owner almost always stepped forth. The negotiation of price was also simple, not much different from international standards.

“Third rank moon magic stone, single crown, useable for all types. It’s almost guaranteed to create a low class emperor rank of any type. The owner wants spirits, but if there are ghost type or bug, beast type duo main type soul items, it can be used as exchange as well.” Soul palace’s Elder Jiang was much more motivated compared to the other experts.

“Bug type, beast type duo main type, its used to make a dragon type? Dragon types are money burning soul pets……” Some spirit emperors started discussing in low voices.

These people were experienced, and could almost tell what soul pet Chu Mu was making with the types alone.

However, ghost type soul items caused many spirit emperors to be confused.

Ghost type soul pets were already rare. Getting a ghost type emperor rank soul item was even harder.

At the same time, ghost type soul items were hard to trade. They either couldn’t find a buyer or they couldn’t find a seller. However, using a moon magic stone to switch for a rarer ghost type soul item was questionable.

Moon magic stone works for all types, which includes ghost type.

Of course, Chu Mu understood this. However, Chu Mu wanted to build a three main type soul pet of ghost, bug, and beast type. Magic stones couldn’t be combined with crystals, so Chu Mu naturally had to exchange for a ghost type crystal.

“Elder Jiang, I have a ghost type first rank emperor rank soul crystal that can pay 9000. Can I then pay 41,000 spirits to buy it? A gentle and mannered mature woman’s voice came.

“Lady Xiao, wait as I ask.” Elder Jiang lightly signed and asked Chu Mu using soul remembrance.

Chu Mu eyed Lady Xiao. At this moment, Chu Tianren said to Chu Mu in a low voice, “Lady Xiao is Xiao Ling’s wife. Xiao Ling is the previous realm throne’s owner. This heavenly devil insect invasion, she is the sub commander.”

Chu Mu showed surprised. No wonder the spirit emperors there were all extremely respectful to this lady xiao. She is the last generation queen. She was a truly authoritative figure!

Chu Mu needed ghost type soul item so he naturally agreed to this trade.

Originally, some people wanted to compete for the moon magic stone. Many of the soul emperors here had rare type emperor rank soul pets. If they wanted to wait for the right type soul crystal, they may have to wait forever. This all type moon magic stone was exactly what they needed.

But, once they discovered that Lady Xiao wanted it, everyone got rid of their intentions of competing. This indirectly showed the position of this lady xiao in the soul emperor formation!

“Look at Lu Zideng……” After the transaction was complete, Chu Tianren said in a low voice to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu glanced over, and found that Lu Zideng was tarfaced as he stared tightly at the moon magic stone, on the verge of screaming that “this magic stone was supposed to be his.”

Chu Mu knew that this grudge was definitely forged. On the outside, they couldn’t do anything to him. However, in the dark, anything could happen so Chu Mu had to be more careful in the future for schemes and plots.

“The following item isn’t an object, but a piece of information.” The host was passed back to Elder Huang.


Many spirit emperors were looking at each other in disbelief, slightly surprised that there was a transaction like this. Clearly, this information exchange wasn’t normal.

“This information comes from Wu Forbidden Realm, and it contains information about Heavenly Immortal Ice.” When elder huang said heavenly immortal ice, he seemed incredibly spirited.

“Heavenly Immortal Ice!!”

“Its the sixth rank ice type energy crystal!!”

“What kind of joke is this? Wu Forbidden Realm, is this a place humans could go to?” Chu tianren said in amazement.

Chu Mu, who sat beside Chu Tianren, was completely subdued. His heart instantly started palpitating hard!!

As long as he got the heavenly immortal ice, Chu Mu could use half devil many times, meaning it gives Chu Mu top class emperor rank!

“The item owner is already dead, so the information belongs to us soul pet palace. The information comes with a map that clearly points out a location within Wu Forbidden Realm. The error won’t be more than ten kilometers. As long as someone is able to enter, the chance of getting heavenly immortal ice is very high. Such news comes at the price of 100,000 spirits!”

“Heavenly Immortal Ice can be used to create high class emperor ranks. In fact, pure heavenly immortal ice can be used to make top tier emperor ranks. If one could get it, 100,000 spirits is negligible.” Elder Huang said.

“100,000 spirits for a piece of information is still too expensive!!”

“Speaking of which, if one wants to buy it, one has to have the power to go into Wu Forbidden Realm first!”

“Even the most normal heavenly immortal ice is seventh rank soul items. Higher quality ones could reach ninth rank, tenth rank and can be used to make top tier emperor ranks…...To spend 10,000 spirits for this information, to true top tier spirit emperors, it indeed isn’t too expensive. It’s too bad the information won’t reveal what level organism guards it……” De old soul teacher rubbed his beard and began to stir.

Once the news comes out, many people started discussing but no one made a bid.

Of the spirit emperors present, those with high class emperor ranks aren’t many. Middle class emperor rank spirit emperors didn’t dare to enter such a dangerous place either.

So, no one dared to buy immediately. After all, 100,000 spirits wasn’t a small sum either.

“Elder Huang, can the price be negotiated?” Just as the discussion was getting louder, Lady Xiao who bought Chu Mu’s moon magic stone spoke. When she spoke, the entire hall became quiet again.

“What is a price Lady Xiao can accept?” Elder Huang asked.

Informations’ price could easily shift because the accuracy was always in question.

“80,000 spirits!” Lady Xiao directly gave a price and also said, “A few days ago a friend of mine told me to look out for it. She had already bought a bunch of information about Worldly Immortal Ice, but they were mostly bogus, causing her to run around uselessly for a long time. Most of that information came from soul pet palace too.”

After Lady Xiao spoke, elder huang clearly was embarrassed.

From his expression, it seemed that elder huang knew who wanted the heavenly immortal ice already.

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