Chapter 681: Mysterious Female Expert, Liu Binglan

Chapter 681: Mysterious Female Expert, Liu Binglan

Fang Li naturally didn’t dare do anything harmful in this public setting. After glaring at Chu Mu, he immediately returned.

After returning, he whispered something into Lu Zideng’s ear. Lu Zideng’s expression slightly changed, and he glanced at Chu Mu. He revealed a strange expression, before continuing to do what he was doing before. 

Chu Mu ignored this, and started searching everywhere for Old Soul Teacher De.

The Little Hidden Dragon was about to reach the seventh phase. The difficulty for combining seventh phase spirit items was very high. He would not be able to find any other soul teacher in the nearby kingdoms of this caliber. 

Moreover, Chu Mu could also have Old Soul Teacher De help him exchange for a wind type emperor rank spirit item. With that, the Binding Wind Spirit would be able to reach the emperor rank after the great banquet. Chu Tianren drunkenly staggered to Chu Mu and sat down, patting Chu Mu’s shoulder: “Brat, you really are low key…” 

Hearing Chu Tianren, Chu Mu couldn’t help but bitterly laugh. He knew that Chu Tianren was speaking ironically.

The truth was that not long ago, a few Soul Palace members spotted Chu Mu, who was sitting alone. Among them, a few had seen Chu Mu before, and they slowly gathered around Chu Mu.

It took much effort for Chu Mu to get them away. Soul Palace’s female soul pet trainers with status were curious and excited as they brought Chu Mu alcohol. They were in complete admiration of the legendary Chu Mu.

Yet, not long after them, Nightmare Palace’s Jian Qin brought a group of Nightmare Palace women over. These young women all wanted to see the number one person in the Battle of the Realm in person. Thus, Chu Mu was surrounded again by hubbub, and there was now lingering smells of perfume on his body.

Then, after Jian Qin and these Nightmare Palace women, another group of female soul pet trainers who were in complete adoration of Chu Mu came. They didn’t give Chu Mu any time to catch his breath. 

It wasn’t until later that Chu Mu finally realized that these female soul pet trainers had started a competition amongst them to see if any one of them was able to snatch the legendary person from the Battle of the Realm. If it wasn’t because Ting Lan had, out of kindness, used soul remembrance to tell Chu Mu this, he would have been left in the dark. It was no wonder that these normally aloof and noble young ladies were so aggressive. Their eyes full of charm were easily capable of dragging away a man’s soul.

Of course, Chu Mu was rather good at maintaining his composure. After being enticed by so many scheming women, Chu Mu was still able to stay unfazed. This made many of these aloof and arrogant women angry to the point they stamped their feet. After all, normally in other occasions, they had never failed with a man before.

Usually, when a capable man attracted the attention of so many women, many other reckless and eager men would come forth to provoke him. This provocation would always be extremely prominent, and often people wouldn’t be able to make sense of the matter.

However, this time, there were practically no people in the younger generation who dared try and provoke an expert with an emperor rank soul pet. Who wanted to seek suicide? At the very most, all they would do is pretend to be amicable before arrogantly mocking them behind their back. There was nobody who actually made a real provocation. 

The honor of surpassing the young generation didn’t belong to many in the entire soul pet domain. 

Chu Mu glanced at the drunken Chu Tianren, and saw that he was a bit absent-minded… he didn’t understand why and asked: “Why do I feel like your soul has been hooked?” 

“Haha, just now I spoke with a few old friends from Soul Palace…” Chu Tianren was drunk. He hesitated before whispering: “I heard that Soul Palace has a female soul pet trainer who is extremely powerful.”

Chu Mu felt that Chu Tianren was about to tell him something so he earnestly listened up.

“They all seem to call her a female beast or something. One of her main pets is a divine tiger that is covered in a dense starlight.” said Chu Tianren. 

“Eh….” Chu Mu’s mouth was agape. Wasn’t Chu Tianren talking about his own mother? 

“That day I was tricked by Lu Zideng and chased by the million army Heavenly Devil Insects, I didn’t dare flee south towards human territory. I was afraid of bringing a disaster to the kingdoms. Thus, I went even deeper north and ended up encountering a sixth rank tribe. I nearly lost my life!” said Chu Tianren who seemed to be frightened. 

“Yes, and then a mysterious expert saved you. You told me before.” said Chu Mu.

“Yes. But I didn’t tell you that she had the aura of a fairy, and that she was as beautiful as a painting, right?” Chu Tianren was still drunk. One could even see the infatuation in his eyes. 

Chu Mu was stunned and his expression was full of amazement. 

“Haha, you wouldn’t believe it either, right? It’s true. I didn’t believe it either. Such a fairy appeared in such a dangerous forbidden region. The truth is that despite being fickle for so many years I have never seen such a beautiful woman as her before. It was as if I was in a dream…” Chu Tianren drank again before drunkenly continuing, “Just now, I asked those Soul Palace people and they told me that there really is a woman with extremely high status in Soul Palace. Moreover, she controls an extremely mysterious creature that is covered in starlight.”

Chu Tianren saw Chu Mu’s shock, and he felt that his expression was a bit out of the ordinary. However, he continued: “If it wasn’t because I confirmed that female majesty from those Soul Palace people, I really wouldn’t have believed it. That being said, aren’t you also affiliated with Soul Palace? If you see her in the future, you must bring me so I can thank her for saving my life. Of course, you need to bring my accomplishments a bit…” 

Chu Mu had a strange expression before finally saying softly: “... Third Uncle, if I’m not mistaken, the female expert you encountered should have been my mother.” 

Chu Tianren was stunned, then began to laugh. He slapped Chu Mu’s shoulder and said: “Don’t joke around. She looks so young. How can she be your mother?”

“I’m pretty sure she had me when she was 18. As for why she looks so young, I’m pretty sure it’s because she reached the spirit emperor level at a very early age… let’s not talk about this for now. Third Uncle, tell me first where you encountered her!” Chu Mu hastily said. 

Liu Binglan had gone to search for Worldly Immortal Ice for Chu Mu. However, she had searched for so many years. If it wasn’t because she had the senior elder help her deliver Ground Immortal Ice, Chu Mu would have believed something happened to her.

Yet, Chu Mu never expected that she was in Great Broken Sting Valley, and had even helped Chu Tianren out of his predicament. 

“If she’s your mother, then wouldn’t she be Chu Tiancheng’s woman?” finally, Chu Tianren sobered up, and then suddenly cursed. 

“Third Uncle, I’m not too comfortable with you saying these those things…” Chu Mu’s face was dark.

“I’m just grumbling. Really!” Chu TIanren had a bitter smile. He had gone through great pains to find out the identity of that female expert, but ultimately because he was drunk and spoke to Chu Mu like that, he had run into a wall. 

This meant that this female expert was his younger sister in law. This was truly great luck. 

When Chu Mu had seen his mother before, and she really was as beautiful as people described. Chu Tianren’s romantic and fickle nature would indeed allow him to develop adoration for her. But right now, Chu Mu wasn’t concerned about what Chu Tianren thought. Instead, he wanted to find Liu Binglan. 

“This… back then after she helped me, she immediately left. She didn’t say anything. It’s been four months now, so who knows where she could be.” helplessly said Chu Tianren. 

“...” Chu Mu was speechless. 

He had unexpectedly brushed past Liu Binglan in Great Broken Sting Valley. Nonetheless, Chu Tianren had said that he was about to enter a sixth rank tribe when he encountered her. This meant that Liu Binglan probably still hadn’t given up looking for the Worldly Immortal Ice. This made a wave of emotions arise in Chu Mu’s heart.

“That’s so strange. Your mother is so elegant and refined. Why would she look up to Chu Tiancheng?” Chu Tianren was still trying to figure out this question. 

Chu Mu was speechless towards Chu Tianren. He simply ignored this fellow who had always been a bit bitter towards his father. Thus, he began to walk towards Old Soul Teacher De’s seat. 

When Old Soul Teacher De saw Chu Mu walk over, he displayed a warm smile. 

“Elder De.” Chu Mu politely gave a greeting. Chu Mu had spent a long time finding this old fellow before realizing that he hadn’t arrived until now. 

“This is the wind soul crystal you wanted. I exchanged it for you.” Elder De was very straightforward and took out an emperor rank wind type crystal, giving it to Chu Mu.

“Thank you Elder De.” Chu MU put it away. He then asked about Liu Binglan.

If Liu Binglan appeared in Soul Palace, Old Soul Teacher De probably would know a bit about it. 

“I’m not too sure about this. Her Majesty is normally always in Wanxiang City. It’s only on occasion that she will come to Tianxia City’s Holy Region. You said that she appeared in Great Broken Sting Valley. But the probability of this shouldn’t be high, right? Our senior elders normally won’t let her go to such a dangerous place.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. It seemed that it would really be hard for him to see his parents. 

Chu Mu had no clue where Chu Tianmang was. Moreover, because of the Worldly Immortal Ice, Liu Binglan had probably spent the past few years often wandering forbidden regions. He would probably have to wait until he was strong enough before he could encounter them. 

“You don’t need to worry. There’s a special saint pet protecting Her Majesty. Although the senior elders don’t let her step into dangerous places, as long as she doesn’t go extremely deep into forbidden regions, nothing will happen to her. You only need to focus on raising your strength.” said Old Soul Teacher De as he smiled.

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