Chapter 680: Great Banquet, Fang Li’s Provocation

Chapter 680: Great Banquet, Fang Li’s Provocation

Since he had reached the spirit emperor rank, Chu Mu decided to strike while the iron was hot. He took the emperor first rank wood type soul crystal he obtained from Tian Ting, and used it to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to the emperor rank.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was abundant, and due to just breaking into the spirit emperor level, this abundance lasted for an especially long time. Chu Mu no longer consumed soul remembrance as fast.

Promptly, Chu Mu had Mo Xie guard him as he began to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

A spirit emperor’s soul remembrance was strong. Chu Mu was able to easily guide the energy inside the wood type soul crystal. Moreover, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was only a single attribute soul pet which made strengthening much easier.

It was nearly midnight when Chu Mu had imbued all of the energy in the wood type crystal into the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. Its body had completely changed, now wrapped by fifth rank pavilion wood while its arms, shoulders and other limbs manifested imposing pavilion wood weapons!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier automatically stuck its roots into the ground. The strength of a wood type soul pet could always be determined from its attack range. In the past, its roots were only able to cover a range of about 500 meters. 

After evolving to the emperor rank, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots reached a range of over 1000 meters. This meant that it could stand in place and attack enemies 1000 meters away in a group fight!

“Another emperor!” watching the imposing Devil Tree Battle Soldier that had a slightly taut and desolate aura, Chu Mu revealed a satisfied smile.


There were two meanings to the Great Chu Family’s great banquet. On the surface, the Great Chu Family was inviting the experts from various factions to welcome them. But in reality, this banquet would serve as an exchange between spirit emperors. 

The great banquet lasted from dusk until midnight. After midnight, normal guests would disperse while the spirit emperors would remain and engage in a rare spirit emperor exchange. Therefore, Chu Mu was definitely going to participate in this great banquet.

Chu Tianren was a spirit emperor, and would naturally attend the great banquet as well. Before leaving, he had his female servant dress him up so that he no longer looked like a wandering uncle. Instead, he looked like an elegant and handsome older man.

Using Chu Tianren’s words to describe it, this wasn’t dressing up for the spirit emperors, but rather so he could dazzle the eyes of the beautiful women of the great banquet. It would be best if he could stir some feelings of love in a few women who were cold and elegant on the outside, but sexy and hot on the inside. 

Chu Mu had witnessed Chu Tianren’s romantic nature before. Thus, Chu Mu had nothing to say towards this. 

When it came to dressing up, Chu Mu mainly cared about being tidy and relaxed. As for the grandeur of this occasion, Chu Mu still maintained his usual style. 

“What? You aren’t smartening yourself up a bit?” Chu Tianren raised his eyebrows and asked a question. He saw that Chu Mu was as calm as normal.

“I’m not very sociable.” Chu Mu indifferently replied.

“Haha, experts are always lonely. But you’re already like an eunuch at your age… you have none of the recklessness or brashness of a young man. That’s not good. As a young man, you should be more arrogant and unbridled. If you don’t like looking at someone, then just trample him to death..” laughed Chu Tianren.

“I normally don’t provoke people.” said Chu Mu.


Chu Mu maintained his normal style. To the proper nobles who deeply cared about dressing up and would even ensure not a single strand of hair was out of order, he looked a bit slovenly dressed, especially for a young man.  

A young generation in this type of a great banquet needed to dress properly. He wasn’t like spirit emperors who didn’t need clothes to illustrate their prestige, and thus could wear whatever they wanted. After all, the young generation belonged to the underaged category in this type of a group setting and had to adhere to their etiquette. 

Chu Mu indeed was an unsociable person. He calmly sat in his seat, and silently waited for the midnight spirit emperor exchange to arrive. As for the handsome and dressed up young men in the great banquet who were wandering around the noble young ladies, Chu Mu just ignored them.

Of course, this great banquet wasn’t normal. A large portion of the people were experts from Tianxia City. Among the young generation, Chu Mu even saw many familiar people. Some of them were opponents from the Battle of the Realm, while others were famous people he had heard of in Tianxia City.

“I wonder if that great beauty will appear tonight. If I’m able to just speak a few words to her, that would be enough.” said a young man from Yuan Kingdom somewhat hopefully. 

“Which great beauty are you speaking of?” asked Qi Xin.

“Nightmare Palace’s young princess. Numerous experts from the second grade have arrived. Wasn’t she one of the top experts from the second grade as well? I think she’ll appear as well. I remember a few years ago she brought her team to our Yuan Kingdom and challenged the young experts from our kingdom. Back then I was fortunate enough to witness it…” said the Yuan Kingdom young man like was reminiscing. 

Qi Xin looked speechless before asking: “How long did you train in the wild for?”

“About half a year. Why?” asked the Yuan Kingdom young man.

“She’s gone missing. No one has heard from her in half a year. This has caused quite a bit of commotion in the various large cities. There have even been some admirers who created teams to search for her…” 

“Huh? Missing. But how?” the young man was shocked. 

Indeed, at this type of occasion, the young princess would have been the focal point of all the young men. However, when he remembered what Jian Qin had told him, Chu Mu couldn’t help but sigh.

Missing for half a year and not a single message. Chu Mu couldn’t help but be a bit worried. 

“Last month, I obtained the head of four Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insects and have now been promoted to the leader of a thousand manned soul pet trainer legion. Next month if those Heavenly Devil Insects still dare invade, I’ll slaughter them!” said Qi Xin.

Qi Xin and that young man quickly changed the topic from Princess Jin Rou to the Heavenly Devil Insect invasion.

Two months ago, the Heavenly Devil Insects were already restless. The human experts gathered in Wugo Region had already had a few light clashes against the Heavenly Devil Insects. Of course, most of it was young generation members showing off.

Chu Mu remembered that two months ago, there were a few people from the Tianxia competition authority who had come in hopes that he would be able to become a leader of the young generation and fight against the onslaughting Heavenly Devil Insects. 

Chu Mu’s present reputation was very high. With him as a leader, countless young generation admirers would be willing to enter this fight. Moreover, the enormous young generation legion really needed such a person to be a key figure.

However, Chu Mu had no interest in this. Instead, he continued to cultivate. 

As for who took over this position from the young generation, Chu Mu wasn’t clear. 

“So it was you.” Qi Xin discovered Chu Mu and slowly walked over. He had a pleased smile. 

Qi Xin was now the leader of a thousand manned squad in the young generation legion. In these two months he had racked up battle accomplishments, and had quite a bit of a reputation in the young generation. 

Qi Xin still remembered the fight half a year ago with Chu Mu on the Great Chu Family’s main peak’s battlefield. Back then, they had only single controlled and he had summoned his secondary soul pet among secondary soul pets. He ended up losing to Chu Mu, so this time when he saw Chu Mu at the great banquet, he naturally went to flaunt. 

To these sorts of people, Chu Mu chose to ignore them. Instead his eyes fell on the middle aged man on one of the main seats. 

The person on the main seats wasn’t a family member from the Chu Family. Instead, it was Yuan Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord, Lu Zideng. 

Lu Zideng was all smiles as he greeted the other spirit emperor rank experts. Not far away from him was Fang Li and Zheng Kuang. These two wore insincere smiles, and had strange expressions as they softly spoke about something. 

Chu Tianren had warned Chu Mu that not long ago there were people following him. He figured it could be Lu Zideng and the others, because they had guessed that the person who had stolen their treasure was linked to him. If they knew that Chu Tianren and Chu Mu lived together, they would guess that it was Chu Mu who did it.

Even if it was someone else, the grievance from a magic stone worth 50 thousand spirits being stolen like that couldn’t just be swallowed. These fellows probably wanted to find retribution from Chu Mu.

Indeed, not long after, Fang Li walked towards Chu Mu.

Next to Fang Li followed a rather beautiful woman. She was probably his wife. But this time he had her nastily wait to the side as he walked to Chu Mu.

“If I haven’t recognized you incorrectly, you should be the famous Soul Palace Chu Chen?” asked Fang Li.

“Yes.” Chu Mu wasn’t surprised. Of the young generation who possessed emperor rank soul pets, there was only Chu Mu in the entire Tianxia Realm. 

“I wonder if this piece of paper came from Young Master Chu?” in Fang Li’s hand was a piece of paper as he insincerely smiled.

Chu Mu glanced at it before looking at Fang Li.

“It did not.” Chu Mu was calm as normal. Even while lying, he didn’t bat an eyelid. 

There would often be battles under the table amongst spirit emperors. However, factions would try to implement justice. While it was Chu Mu who had outsmarted them in the main peak, he had used an underhanded method and if they wanted to seek retribution, Chu Mu would be in the wrong. Therefore, Chu Mu wouldn’t admit to it. 

Fang Li sneered. Everyone knew that Soul Palace Chu Chen had a Nine Tailed Sin Fox Fox Monarch, and the small fox Fang Li had seen was definitely a transformation of the Seven Sins Fox. Moreover, among numerous spirit emperors, only Soul Palace’s Chu Cheen had a fox species emperor. Therefore, if it wasn’t Chu Chen who committed the main peak matters, who else could it be?!

“Everyone is well aware of it. We have nothing to say about your techniques being a level higher than ours. However, we spent a long time investigating the Moonlight Magic Stone. Yet, you then schemed against us in the dark and stole it for yourself.” Fang Li stared at Chu Mu, but when he saw that Chu Mu’s expression hadn’t changed, he was silently angry. However, he pretended to be amiable and continued, “according to what you said on the piece of paper, hand over the spatial ring you agreed to. We’ll split 25k spirits to each of us, and then we’ll forget the matter…” 

Chu Mu glanced at Fang Li and said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

Fang Li saw that Chu Mu was unwilling to admit it, and a trace of darkness flashed through his eyes and he said: “Don’t think that just because you have Soul Palace’s backing, we won’t dare do anything to you. I advise you to hand it over, otherwise don’t blame us for being impolite. Just relying on one pseudo emperor, do you really think you are on equal terms with us?”

Chu Mu languidly raised his eyes. Then, he grabbed a grape and in front of Fang Li, fed it to the adorable and gluttonous small Mo Xie.

Chu Mu didn’t only have one emperor now. Thus, he had no need to even place Fang Li in his eyes. 

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