Chapter 68: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (2)

Chapter 68: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (2)

“Just now wasn’t its outer layer of ink armor already shattered completely? How is it totally fine now?!!”

“Substituted soul pets. He definitely substituted a soul pet!!”

Just now, the Radiance Lion’s consecutive attacks was something even perhaps a commander rank soul pet would die under. Even if the Mo Ye had bug type lineage, and its life force was incomparably tenacious, under such a powerful force, it would definitely be so heavily injured that standing would be difficult.

However, Zhan Ye, who had currently knocked the Radiance Lion Flying, unexpectedly didn’t have any other scars aside from a few bloodstains and bruises. It was completely as if he had only suffered light wounds!

“Does Chu Mu have two Mo Ye’s?” immediately asked Chu Ying. She remembered that Chu Mu, from start to finish, only had a weak Mo Ye...

Chu Tianheng, who stood in front of all the Chu Family disciples stared at the bloodstained ink colored armor and half broken arm that had fallen in the ruins.

“This… this seems to be a unique bug type technique…” Chu Tianheng’s expression was rather stunned.

“What technique?” instantly asked Chu Ying. As for Chu Xing, Chu Lang, Chu He and the others, their gazes immediately shifted towards Chu Tianheng.

“It seems to be Broken Limb Rebirth!” it was a while before Chu Tianheng replied.

Chu Tianheng remembered that after a few special bug type soul pets suffered a heavy wound, their body would secrete a special fluid that consumed some of its life in exchange for a quick rebirth of its body. As long as it hadn’t been instantly killed, it was equivalent to having many lives!

Broken Limb Rebirth was a technique that appeared on a few arthropod soul pets at the very beginning. As soul pets gradually evolved and mixed with each other, it slowly appeared on a few soul pets with armor. Further, as a few soul pets’ abilities transformed, Broken Limb Rebirth was no longer limited to four limbs; rather, it became the entire body…

To many bug type soul pets, Broken Limb Rebirth was essentially equivalent to shedding the heavily wounded outer shell after receiving a heavy wound, then replacing it with a new body!

The beast and bug type soul core of the Mo Ye species didn’t have the Broken Limb Rebirth technique. Such a rare and unique thing practically could not appear on a soul pet with a beast type lineage...

However, the moment it appeared on a bug type soul pet with beast type lineage, then Broken Limb Rebirth’s effects would be considerably terrifying. As long as the heart and skull weren’t instantly shattered, the soul pet would be able to rebirth its innards in a short period of time and recover its full soul pet strength!

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen didn’t expect Chu Mu’s Mo Ye to unexpectedly possess such an ability. His eyebrows tightly knit together, and he once more ordered the Radiance Lion to attack Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye!

“Radiance Lion Sword Ray!”

The robust Radiance Lion had already crawled to its feet. Its two eyes were full of indignance and, after letting out a roar, all the ostentatious sword-like fur on its body suddenly stood up!

The dazzling gold light on the Radiance Lion’s body flickered and suddenly, a radiance abruptly condensed into a single point. A golden colored sharp sword of light astonishingly discharged from the Radiance Lion’s sword like fur, violently stabbing at Zhan Ye’s position!

A dozen Radiance Lion Sword Rays flickered; with Zhan Ye’s speed, he was simply unable to dodge.

Seeing these sharp sword rays stab towards it, the Mo Ye just curled its body, protecting its own head, and braced for the onslaught of these dozen sword lights.

“Shua shua shua shua!!!!!”

The Radiance Lion Sword Light was not able to be minutely controlled, allowing for the swords to attack successively. Instead, they pierced the ten meter area around Zhan Ye; among them, only three Radiance Lion Sword Lights managed to pierce Zhan Ye’s ink armor. Three bloody wounds were pierced open on its body!

The three sword rays quickly morphed into burning wounds that began to spread in Zhan Ye’s three bloody holes...


Yang Luosen issued an order again to the Radiance Lion, having the Lion continue to use Sword Ray to attack the Mo Ye!

The golden light on the Radiance Lion’s body began to circulate once more. Very soon, a dozen golden sword rays flew in a perfectly straight line at the Mo Ye!!

The three sword rays from before hadn’t completely disappeared. Another three sword rays then stabbed into Zhan Ye’s armor, causing a bloody florid to spill once more!!

Six sword rays were stabbed in its body. If it were any other beast type soul pet, it would have already died.

However, Zhan Ye was currently displaying its abnormal life force. Despite being pierced by the six sword rays, its two pupils carrying a bloody glow that continued to burn with the most vigorous fighting spirit!

“Zhan Ye, Rebirth!”

The sword rays carried a burning effect against dark type physical bodies. Moreover, Zhan Ye simply could not carry on fighting with six bloody holes...

“Hou~~~~” Zhan Ye let out a stifled roar. The six deep bloody holes dripping with blood suddenly excreted an odd bug type black colored liquid mixed with red bloody traces. The liquid and bloody traces were like bloody pus that filled up the six bloody holes!

This time, there wasn’t any dust from the debris to block a line of view. Everyone could clearly see the odd transformation happening to Zhan Ye’s half prostrated body on the ground.

Presently, they could see the pus fill up the bloody hole before gradually overflowing.

After overflowing, the bloody pus and the odd liquid began to quickly solidify, unexpectedly gradually transforming into a solid ink colored armor that once more covered Zhan Ye’s flesh riddled body!!

The ink colored armor with clear edges revealed a rather gold attributed lustre that gave others feeling of unbreakableness!!

Seeing this newly born ink armor, over ten thousand people opened their eyes wide. If it weren’t for the bloody stains that still remained on Zhan Ye’s body, everyone witnessing this spectacle would even believe that Zhan Ye hadn’t even suffered a wound!

The terrifying bug type ability Broken Limb Rebirth unexpectedly truly appeared on a Mo Ye. With such an ability, as long as it’s life force was enough, it was practically immortal!

Yang Luobin was already completely stupefied. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, how would he believed that the Mo Ye that he forsaked would possess this eminently abnormal ability after it transformed?!

“Luobin, I remembered that this Mo Ye had an extremely abnormal bug type talent. Its life force seems to even be higher than a normal Mo Ye’s. Doesn’t this mean that…” Yang Mantian abruptly thought of something and condensed his soul remembrance into a mental voice that entered Yang Luobin’s ear.

Yang Luobin was stunned and suddenly thought of this. Its life force was much higher than a normal Mo Ye’s. This meant that this Mo Ye’s Broken Limb Rebirth wasn’t limited to only two times!!

Yang Luobin was completely stunned and his gaze fell on the fifth phase sixth stage Mo Ye that was in a great fight with the Radiance Lion!

If he had known that this Mo Ye could comprehend such an ability, even with its enormous beast type lineage defect, why would Yang Luobin undo the soul pact? He definitely would have raised it like it was a treasure!

As expected, the Mo Ye’s third rebirth caused Yang Luobin to be even more regretful. It was all he could do to not charge onto the stage and kill Chu Mu before stealing back the soul pet with an incomparably abnormal ability!

The sixth phase fourth stage Radiance Lion, a high class commander rank that had further undergone various beast type strengthening. Even if it was facing a normal sixth phase first stage commander rank, this soul pet may even be instantly killed. However, its fight with the Mo Ye, which had only reached the fifth phase sixth stage even under the Violent Blood Pupil’s effects, had lasted so long. However, it still wasn’t able to obtain victory; instead, the wounds grew more and more and deeper and deeper under the crazy and eminently obstinate Mo Ye’s attacks.

“Die for me!!!”

After the third consecutive rebirth, the Luo Region Nightmare Prince finally found it hard to maintain his calm. His face revealed a clearly angry expression, and he unexpectedly used a seventh rank soul technique!

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince could also use Violent Blood Pupil, but the Violent Blood Pupil he learned could only increase the Radiance Lion’s stage by two at the most. It simply wouldn’t be of very much use. Yang Luosen instead used this soul power to perform Heavenly Flame Rite in an attempt to burn this extremely annoying Mo Ye to death!

Heavenly Flame Rite. It’s power was capable of reaching the seventh rank!

A captivating red color suddenly appeared in the air above the plaza battlefield. A dazzling flame shrouding everything below!!

The group of flames gave off the radiance of a sunset as it descended downwards on the Mo Ye’s location!

Suddenly, from the bottom of this group of falling fire appeared a flame that looked like a large dragon. This large dragon flame struck Zhan Ye’s body before abruptly spiralling into the air. It quickly twisted upwards and soared high up. The vertical radiance was like a large dragon ascending into the sky!

“Ice Armor!!!”

Chu Mu was aware that it would be very difficult for Zhan Ye to defend against a seventh rank fire type technique. Practically the instant Zhan Ye was engulfed by the Heavenly Flame Rite, he added an Ice Armor defense onto Zhan Ye!

“Hong hong hong~~~~~~~”

The terrifying Heavenly FLame Rite caused an even more dazzling flame to cover the plaza battlefield again. The Heavenly Flame Rite ascended into the air, displaying its elegance and obtrusiveness!!!


The figure burning from head to toe in fire heavily fell from high above and landed in front of Chu Mu. Presently, Chu Mu’s face was clearly rather pale...

Seeing Chu Mu’s face show a rather pale white, a smile rose on Yang Luosen’s face. This time, the Mo Ye probably didn’t have the possibility of self-healing rebirth...

“Three rebirths. Your Mo Ye’s ability is truly abnormal. If you were to foster it up, it would have definitely been extremely hard to deal with. However, you seem to not understand how to cherish soul pets…” said Yang Luosen. He had a hint of arrogance in his words, as if he had already become the victor of this battle.

Chu Mu’s black eyes stared at Yang Luosen. A demonic smile appeared on his slightly pale face...

“Zhan Ye, Broken Limb Rebirth!”

Chu Mu didn’t use soul remembrance but rather directly articulated it.

The scorched black body from the burns began to slightly move. Right afterward, the burnt ink armor of Zhan Ye that looked like a old-fashioned bug armor gradually began to shed from its body...

The scorched black carapace shed apart, and the flames were swept away. However, underneath the completely burnt ink armor appeared a new ink armor. Its edges were clear, and it twinkled with an ink colored gloss. It fundamentally didn’t contain any indications of being burnt!!!

The fourth Broken Limb Rebirth!!!

This battle brought the audience of over ten thousand people enough shock. In their hearts was an uproar *** that never subsided. Yet, right now, looking at the Mo Ye’s abnormal fourth Broken Limb Rebirth, the great waves were surging more than ever, and it reached a high tide that it had never reached before!!

TL: So the author used a quasi play on words where he attempted to use waves to describe the emotions in the audience's heart and a high tide to depict a climax. So in other words, the last part of the sentence can be rewritten to flow in more coherent English as the emotions were surging more than ever and it reached a climax that it had never reached before.

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