Chapter 679: Four Month Seclusion, Reach Spirit Emperor!

Chapter 679: Four Month Seclusion, Reach Spirit Emperor!

Very quickly, fourth months had passed.

These four months, Chu Mu successfully strengthened Ghost King, Binding Wind Spirit, and Zhan Ye to top tier monarch rank, in the process spending almost all 200 billion gold coins.

This time, other than strengthening his soul pets, Chu Mu just secluded himself and meditated.

Chu Mu had two emperor rank soul pets already and also had half devil blood, meaning he almost had no bottlenecks.

Breaking through to spirit emperor mainly was a problem of just time and silent meditation. So, over these four months, he meditated nonstop as he tried to break through.

The reason he wanted to break through spirit emperor this bad, was because he really needed to strengthen devil tree battle soldier to emperor rank. On the other hand, little hidden dragon was rapidly growing, and was nearly sixth phase seventh stage.

If Chu Mu couldn’t reach soul emperor, once little hidden emperor reached seventh phase, little hidden dragon could overmature and fly off by itself.

So, it was very important whether Chu Mu could break through spirit emperor.

“Young master, after four months of silent meditation, your soul remembrance is probably around soul master peak. You should try to use the soul item Ye Qingzi left you and enter into spirit emperor.” Old Li felt that Chu Mu had already completely prepared himself to enter spirit emperor rank.

Chu Mu spent a long four months in seclusion training, and he also had Ye Qingzi’s soul item that raised a soul pet trainer remembrance. Breaking through successfully was very likely.

That night, when Chu Mu had the fullest soul power, he started the breakthrough process.

“Bless me to succeed.” Holding the medicine that Ye Qingzi left Chu Mu, he silently muttered.

Last time Chu Mu thought of Ye Qingzi, he accidentally went from eighth remembrance to ninth remembrance. This time, Chu Mu did the same thing, and hoped that Ye Qingzi would continue to bring him good luck.

Thinking that his strength was about to step into the ranks of true experts, Chu Mu couldn’t help but get excited. Especially once he reached spirit emperor, his devil tree battle soldier and binding wind spirit would quickly reach emperor rank, causing Chu Mu’s heart to palpitate with excitement.

Taking a deep breath in, finally, Chu Mu took the soul item and immediately closed his eyes to enter meditation.


“You sure it’s here?” Outside the courtyard, elder Tu of great chu family and another middle aged man slowly walked over. The man lifted an eyebrow and looked at what seemed to be an extremely normal courtyard.

“He’s training in seclusion, I’m not sure if he will come to see us.” Elder Tu said.

“Heng, this Chu Chen truly has too much of an ego. Last month, we came three or four times. What was the result? He doesn’t care for us at all. Elder Tu, if I don’t get to see him again, I’m forcefully entering. Even if he has emperor rank soul pets, he at least is a young generation. How can he have this little regard for us? Additionally, I heard from others that there’s a suspicion of cheating for his final honor win. After all,the emperor rank soul pet appeared too coincidentally.” The middle aged man said angrily.

“Chu Tianxing, don’t be rash. Soul pet trainers’ biggest taboo is being interrupted while being in silent meditation.” Elder Tu said in a low voice.

“I don’t care, just count how many times we’ve come!” Chu Tianxing said without much regard.

Last month, Chu Tianxing came multiple times and was always stopped at the gate. He had a limit to his patience.

“Let me go ahead and ask, there is no hurry.” Elder Tu naturally knew that they couldn’t afford to anger Chu Mu so he quickly walked ahead.

“Heng, wait again.” Chu Tianxing was a brash person. This time, he truly was angry and didn’t care about elder Tu’s blocking, walking directly into the courtyard that Chu Mu bought in Wogu City.

This courtyard was where Chu Mu and Chu Tianren lived. From morning to night, Chu Tianren went to events that he needed to be at, while Chu Mu stayed and meditated. In the room, other than a female servant cleaning and making food, there was no one else.

Seeing Chu Tianxing come in with so much anger, the little female servant was quickly scared away into hiding, not daring to walk out.

Chu Tianxing quickly found Chu Mu’s room and muttered while walking, “Isn’t it just silent meditation, would it kill him to pause for a second? Let me see just how arrogant this battle of the realm first place winner is!”

After speaking Chu Tianxing walked in front of Chu Mu’s door and pushed hard. The door creaked loudly and was pushed open!

“You can’t, you can’t!” Elder Tu quickly ran forward and pulled Chu tianxing back.

However, as he pushed to door open, Chu Tianxing didn’t step forward, instead staring astonished at the young man sitting cross legged on the cold floor.

Elder Tu was dazed. Staring at Chu Mu, he was surprised to find that Chu Mu’s body was shrouded by a strange energy. This energy was like the shadows of a flame, but also like the scattered light of stars. It caused Chu Mu’s body to seem ephemeral almost.

“This……” Chu Tianxing was shocked. He could feel that the person’s soul remembrance encompassed the entire room.

As a ninth remembrance spirit master, Chu Tianxing could clearly feel the immense pressure from this soul remembrance that stopped him from taking another step!

Spirit emperor rank mental strength!!

Chu Tianxing was already ninth remembrance. If the soul remembrance could easily pressure his, it could only be that of a spirit emperor!

What he never would have thought was this powerful spirit emperor level soul remembrance came from a young man that only looked in his twenties!!

At this moment, Chu Mu slowly opened his eyes and stared at Chu Tianxing who suddenly barged into his room.

Chu Tianxing immediately felt himself get locked on. If a ninth remembrance soul master were locked on, he at most would feel great mental pressure. However, what caused Chu Tianxing to immediately sweat profusely was in the corner of this room, a cold and emotionless evil fox monarch opened its demonic eyes and also locked onto Chu Tianxing!

Chu Tianxing knew very clearly that as long as he took another step forward, the emperor rank fox monarch would leap forward and claw his throat out. And, being locked on by a spirit emperor, he wouldn’t even have the time to summon a soul pet before getting killed instantly!

“Young master, young master, I’m elder Tu, this is…… This is great chu family’s vice family master - Chu Tianxing, who specially came forth to visit.” Elder Tu’s heart was also overcome with shock. After all, a few months back, he could still tell that Chu Mu was just a spirit master. However, at this point, he saw that Chu Mu was now in the realm of spirit emperors!

Seeing elder tu’s voice, Chu Mu nodded at elder Tu and shook his hand to tell Mo Xie to remove her hostility.

Mo Xie’s two demonic eyes slowly dimmed away, as she stepped forth beside Chu Mu and lightly licked Chu Mu’s palm.

After Mo Xie removed her enmity, Chu Tianxing shuddered and almost fell down.

The feeling of being stared at by an emperor rank was truly too terrifying, causing him to feel so insignificant he didn’t even dare to fight back, feeling only infinite fear.

Taking many deep breaths and finally, after all the pressure was relieved, Chu Tianxing finally calmed down a little and stared in disbelief as he asked quietly, “You…’re now a spirit emperor?”

“En, I just succeeded. If you came a few minutes earlier, you would be lying dead outside in the courtyard.” Chu Mu said lightly.

A few minutes ago, Chu Mu was in the key phases of breakthrough. At that time, Mo Xie extended her detection to the few hundred meters around the region. Everything that held hostility towards Chu Mu and tried to bother him would have died for sure!

Chu Tianxing’s face was dirt colored, and he dared not say another word.

The person was now truly a spirit emperor. Facing such an expert, how would he dare to be disrespectful again, especially after barely escaping death the first time.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu asked.

“Oh, oh, its this.” Elder Tu immediately came back to his senses and quickly asked, “We, great chu family, receive a lot of noble guests from soul palace. Hearing that young master Chu was in wogu city, family master would like to see young master and act as host. In a few days, great chu family will hold a large banquet, and we wish for young master to attend. If young master can attend, it would be an honor for great chu family.”

“En, I’ll come.” Chu Mu nodded, respecting elder Tu. As for the Chu Tianxing, Chu Mu truly had no good feelings for him.

Chu Mu didn’t have any good feelings for Chu Tianxing, because the person dared to barge into his room, but also because of his father Chu Tianmang. Clearly, Chu Tianxing must be his father’s brother, but if even Chu Tianmang didn’t wish to see this person as family, why would Chu Mu treat them with respect?

“Then…...then I won’t bother young master any further…...and also, also, congratulations for reaching a new level.” Elder tu quickly said.

“Congratulations, congratulations……” Chu Tianxing said with a stiff smile too.

After speaking, elder Tu quickly pulled Chu Tianxing out of there, in case Chu Mu felt like finding trouble with Chu Tianxing. After all, Chu Tianxing had committed the great taboo of interrupting a silent meditation.

After leaving the courtyard, Chu Tianxing was still slightly shaky with fear, not even walking properly.

He lowered his voice and said to elder Tu, “Spirit emperor! The people previously all said Chu Chen’s only reliance was his one emperor rank soul pet!!”

Most Of tianxia city people knew that Chu Mu was a spirit master with middle class monarch rank strength. However, with the appearance of his emperor rank soul pet, he reached all the way to first tier and became the winner of final honor.

So, many people in other factions still thought Chu Mu had somehow cheated, and his real strength wasn’t at the spirit emperor level.

It was only with this information that he dared to be this disrespectful.

Yet, this one brash action had almost caused him to lose his life. He had already cursed the person who gave him the information thousands of times over. Chu Chen was now a true spirit emperor.

That emperor rank soul pet was also a true emperor ranks oul pet. Even if he summoned his soul pet, Chu Tianxing would get instantly killed along with his soul pets, let alone not having any soul pets when he entered!

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