Chapter 677: Unlimited Reward, The Missing Princess

Chapter 677: Unlimited Reward, The Missing Princess 

One month later

Wogu City

In a secluded courtyard’s small pavilion, a middle aged man was downing wine as his laugh reverberated around the courtyard.

“That’s good, that’s too good. You, brat, really do have guts. You knew that it was a fourth rank tribe, and that there were an additional three spirit emperors. Yet, you still dared steal away their treasures. No wonder when I encountered the three of them a few days ago and berated them, they looked so dejected. They got screwed!” Chu Tianren didn’t stop laughing, and his hand kept slapping the table. 

In the forbidden region, Chu Tianren had been chased by the million insect legion for an entire half a month. Half a month later, his physical energy had been completely spent, and he didn’t dare stay any longer in the forbidden region, returning to Wogu City.

After returning, he wasn’t able to find Chu Mu. He was worried that something happened to him, and planned on reentering the forbidden region just when Chu Mu returned. When he returned, he brought Chu Tianren news that made him howl with happiness. 

Chu Tianren was most upset not because they hadn’t obtained much in the forbidden region, but because he had been used by other people and been chased for so long.

Yet, Chu Mu ended up setting up a beautiful turnaround, causing Chu Tianren to swallow his words. A foe’s tragedy made him very happy! 

“Third Uncle, you really don’t want the Moonlight Magic Stone?” asked Chu Mu.

Chu Tianren drank the wine and slightly laughed as he shook his head. The truth was that Chu Tianren had indeed wanted the Moonlight Magic Stone worth 50 thousand spirits. However, Chu Mu had risked his life this time by himself to steal it. Chu Tianren, on the other hand, had been forced away due to his own recklessness. Although Chu Mu really respectfully wanted to split half of it with him, as an elder generation, Chu Tianren couldn’t have such a thick face. 

25 thousand spirits was definitely a large amount. For this amount, Chu Tianren was willing to kill others and plunder from them, offend factions and even risk his own life. However, it was only in this situation that Chu Tianren didn’t want it. This came from his own team mentality, as he didn’t feel he was justified on taking it. 

“It was my mistake this time. I lost out on a good opportunity. How about I take the 3000 spirits and inner crystals from before?” Chu Tianren said. 

“I also have 3 pseudo emperor rank Heavenly Devil Insect inner crystals. I took them from the main cave. How about I give them to you?” Chu Mu couldn’t slight Chu Tianren. Without his leadership, he wouldn’t have dared to go so deep into the forbidden region.

“Three?!” Chu Tianren was stunned. 

Normally, three inner crystals of Heavenly Devil Insects were worth only 1.5k spirits. However, due to the nomination requirements for the realm thrones, inner crystals had quadrupled in value, and three of them were now worth 6k spirits!

These three inner crystals had been stolen by Old Li. They had been placed in the main cave for a long time, and if it wasn’t because of Old Li’s sharp eyes, they would have been neglected.

Chu Tianren didn’t try to argue, and happily took the three inner crystals. 

In total, Chu Tianren had obtained 11k spirits. This was definitely a large amount to Chu Tianren, because this would allow him to nurture another pseudo emperor!

Even if he didn’t use it for a pseudo emperor, he could also use it to feed his soul pets. If he remained low key and didn’t fight, this was enough to feed them for a few years.

Thus, tonight, Chu Tianren drank and laughed. 

“That being said, you need to be careful of Lu Zideng and the two others. You offended them so they definitely will not let you off easily.” Chu Tianren reminded Chu Mu.

“I’ll be careful.” Chu Mu nodded his head. Yet, the opponent hadn’t even seen what he looked like before fleeing in a miserable state. Wouldn’t it be too hard for them to find trouble for him?

That night, Chu Tianren still happily went to do his nightly activities. 

Chu Mu, however, maintained his good habits, and began to silently cultivate in his room.

If one day was not enough to break into the spirit emperor rank, Chu Mu would not be able to strengthen his soul pets.

Chu Mu still had an emperor rank wood type soul crystal which was capable of strengthening the Devil Tree Battle Soldier into the pseudo emperor rank. But before reaching the spirit emperor rank, Chu Mu didn’t dare try doing this. He didn’t believe that he would have the same luck as strengthening the White Nightmare into an emperor at the ninth remembrance.

“Wu wu wu~~~”

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

Chu Mu was silently cultivating when the small Mo Xie let out a murmur, awakening Chu Mu.

Chu Mu opened his eyes and discovered that the small Mo Xie was using her tail to bind the short legs of Old Li. Then, she used her mouth to bite the small bag on Old Li’s back.

“Nothing, I don’t have anything!” Old Li looked flustered, as if he wanted to run. Yet, the small Mo Xie bit her teeth, and the small bag came off. 

“Ding ding~~~~” a small spatial ring fell on the ground and Old Li’s face changed as he hastily went to pick it up.

Unfortunately, Chu Mu saw the ring too.

Chu Mu beckoned with his hand, indicating for Old Li to hand the ring over.

Old Li suddenly became transformed into a great young lady who squirmed in place with a flushed face. His two hands guarded the spatial ring, and his attitude indicated that he was unwilling to hand it over.

“Wu wu~~~” the small Mo Xie glared at Old Li.

Old Li was helpless, and could only open the spatial ring. Then, he took out a soul pet egg and placed it on the ground. He said: “This is a Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect Egg that I obtained from there…” 

Chu Mu was stunned. He never expected that Old Li would be so bold as to steal a Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect Egg. It was no wonder that when he fled, there was such a huge group of Heavenly Devil Insects chasing.

Chu Mu was very surprised, but he happily took the Heavenly Devil Insect egg worth 10k spirits. 

An emperor rank soul pet egg could be auctioned. If he was lucky, it could potentially be auctioned off for above 10k spirits. After all, this was a soul pet with a species rank of an emperor. As it was further strengthened, there was even less of a chance that it would fail in strengthening due to species ranking and innate talent restrictions.

This meant that he had obtained 60k spirits this time!! Taking the risk was indeed worth it!!

“If you hoard such a shimmering object, I’ll treat you as a selfish addict. What’s the point in hoarding it? Could it be you can raise a soul pet?” Chu Mu asked, curiously. 

Chu Mu knew that Old Li had his own hoard of objects. Just now when he had dropped the spatial ring, inside was definitely a huge amount of objects. It could very well be the accumulation of 200 years. Moreover, Liu Binglan had told Chu Mu that Old Li had been committing huge thefts for dozens of years, even stealing items from numerous large factions. 

Chu Mu was curious. What was the point in a half human half soul pet collecting these items? Was he able to strengthen his own rank? But even if he got stronger, his attacks would still be insignificant. 

“Haha, it’s my own secret.” Old Li’s face was red as he laughed. 

Chu Mu knew that Old Li had secrets, but if this old fellow remained tight-lipped, Chu Mu couldn’t do anything about it. 

As for what was in Old Li’s spatial ring, Chu Mu was certain Old Li would stake his own life not to give it over. 

Old Li could still be considered loyal. This could be seen from how he fled from battles much less now, and how he really was a huge help to Chu Mu. Thus, Chu Mu didn’t need to force this old fellow to expose his bottom line. If he enjoyed hoarding, then why not let him hoard.


A few days later, Chu Mu sent the tenth rank items he obtained from the fourth rank tribe to the Chu Family. Furthermore, not long after, the young generation of Chu Xian, Chu He, Chu Lang and the others arrived at Wogu City. Indeed, after they saw Chu Mu, they excitedly described the shocked expressions on their family member’s faces when they saw the items in the spatial ring. 

Chu Mu was gratified at being able to see his family’s strength rise so quickly.

Chu Mu could see that his cousins were in high fighting spirits. They had come to Wogu Region for the disaster that would arrive here in a short while. They planned on joining the human protection army to fight against the Heavenly Devil Insects. On the one hand, this would help the family establish a few banners while also providing them with the requisite training they needed. 

Chu Mu couldn’t intervene with family matters, so he could only send back various types of resources. 

Chu Mu originally planned on heading east after dealing with family matters. He would continue increasing his own strength while also seeing if he could meet up with Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng. 

Since there was going to be a soul emperor exchange in Wogu Region, Chu Mu decided to wait for the exchange to finish before leaving. This way, he could sell off the Moonlight Magic Stone. Otherwise, it would only be a few months before there would be problems with the Little Hidden Dragon’s resources. 

Moreover, Old Soul Teacher De would come to Wogu Region. This was perfect because Chu Mu wanted him to help concoct a multi-attribute spirit item.

Other people consecrated Soul Palace’s elders as gods. Yet, Chu Mu was using the elders to do manual labor. Moreover, the elders were unable to take money from Chu Mu for doing hard work.

As experts gathered in Wogu Region like clouds, the exchange in Wogu Region increased in resources. Chu Mu began to wantonly collect these resources, as he planned on increasing the ranks of his soul pets that hadn’t reached the peak monarch rank yet in the subsequent short period of time. 

Chu Mu originally didn’t plan on using the 200 billion gold, but he had no choice now. After all, when he reached the spirit emperor rank, gold would be very invaluable to him. 

The Ghost King, Binding Wind Spirit and Zhan Ye were Chu Mu’s three soul pepts that were still stuck at the high class monarch rank. In the next few months, Chu Mu gathered all of the spirit items required and planned on strengthening these three soul pets.

The Ghost King and Binding Wind Spirit were easy. Their attributes were rather simple and strengthening them wasn’t hard.

But Zhan Ye’s spirit items needed to be mixed and combined.

Jian Shang’s mother was probably unable to create a tenth rank dual main attribute spirit item, so Chu Mu could only offer a mission with a reward of gold for a spirit master to combine it for him.

The missions in Wogu City normally didn’t have huge rewards. Anything over a 100 million was already considered a huge reward.  

Thus, Chu Mu gave a reward of a few 100 millions. This frightened everyone. 

However, Chu Mu was a bit surprised because his own reward still wasn’t the highest!!

Above his reward was unexpectedly a limitless reward!

This was the first time Chu Mu had heard of a limitless reward!

Chu Mu, out of curiosity, went to see the mission, but when he saw the contents, he was shocked!


Limitless Reward - Find and Return the Missing Nightmare Palace Princess Jin Rou!! 


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