Chapter 676: Caught by a Trap, Beautifully Stealing the Treasure (2)

Chapter 676: Caught by a Trap, Beautifully Stealing the Treasure (2)

“Shit, you had better make sure I don’t find out who your master is. The moment I find him, I will pull your master’s bones out and use it to make soup. Afterwards, I’ll drink it!” Fang Li angrily roared at Mo Xie.

After venting his anger, Fang Li didn’t dare stay, and immediately rode on his camouflage demon emperor to the bottom of the mountain!

"Wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

The small Mo Xie saw that she had already disturbed the Heavenly Devil Insect on the nest at the master peak, and hastily retracted her aura. She transformed into her pitiful state and continued to flee behind Fang Li!

The small Mo Xie also had a main demon attribute, and even if she was unable to camouflage, her speed was not much slower than Fang Li’s demon.

“Weng weng weng weng weng~~~~~”

At the peak of the master nest, a black cloud of insects flew out. This cloud could change into whatever shape it wanted too, and right now it was in the shape of thin black yarn that was quickly flying down!

“Don’t follow me, you evil creature!!’ Fang Li saw the small Mo Xie following him, and was instantly angered. 

However, when he turned around and saw the black insect group flying down the main peak, his scalp went numb, and he felt as if the death’s god belt was coming to wrap around him! 

That was a low class emperor! 

The moment he fell within its attack range, Fang Li would be dead. Most importantly, the low class emperor could see through his emperor demon’s camouflage. Moreover, it would think the small fellow behind him was part of his team! 

The small fellow was pretending to be a small fox, and its true aura was completely retracted. It didn’t look like it had any fighting strength. On the other hand, his demon was an emperor, and the moment it was locked onto, its camouflage was of no use. The Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor would definitely be able to find Fang Li’s demon! 

Right now Fang Li was only thinking of fleeing. He didn’t dare to stay here!!

The black bug group flew to a height of 8500 meters when they suddenly gathered together. All of the black fine sand-like insects began to combine together as they gradually formed an enormous Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect flickering with a dark gold light!!

Its wings were filled with black colored bone spikes. There were ten wings and with each beat, they resembled meat blades. 

It had ten arms, and each one was a black arm blade that flickered with cold light. It looked terrifying!


The Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect opened its large ugly mouth that was filled with saliva. It spat out a black sound wave from its throat that swept down the mountain!

Countless insects were winding around the sound wave. These creatures were tiny, but their biting abilities were terrifying. One of these small insects would be able to bite through the bone of a normal creature within ten seconds. Right now, there were thousands if not ten thousands of these bugs following the sound wave as it flew towards Fang Li’s soul pet. 

Fang Li was so frightened that he was drenched with sweat. When he felt the technique coming for him, he flusteredly had the demon emperor dodge!

The Heavenly Devil Insects were a thousand meters away. At this distance, the demon emperor was still able to dodge. 

After dodging this terrifying attack, Fang Li turned around and looked at the small fox. 

Fang Li nearly spat out blood because that small fox had already fled in another direction. However, that Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect had ignored that small fellow and was chasing after him!!

The low class emperor rank creature possessed intelligence, and it naturally knew that this human soul pet trainer had come here to cause trouble. 

The Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect had discovered Mo Xie first before discovering Fang Li. However, in its eyes, it had to kill the greedy human first. As for the small creature whose aura had suddenly turned weak and pitiful, even if it knew that the small creature was faking it, it would not be able to catch up.

Therefore, when the small Mo Xie chose to flee in another direction, the Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect ordered a few Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect to pursue it, while it would pursue the evil human. After all, this human was clearly working together with the two other humans at the front! 


On the ground, Chu Mu was still hidden at a safe spot. He lifted his head and looked at the northern side of the main nest mountain.

“That’s the low class emperor rank Heavenly Devil Insect. It looks even bigger than the previous ones!” Chu Mu let out a sigh.

Fortunately, Chu Mu had never planned on ever splitting the profits 50/50 with those fellows. Otherwise, after Mo Xie made her way up to the top, she would definitely be killed by the low class emperor.

Fang Li knew he wasn’t the low class emperor’s opponent, so he fled towards Lu Zideng and Zheng Kuang in hopes they would be able to help him resolve this danger.

When Chu Mu discovered that Fang Li was luring the enemy to his allies, he couldn’t help but laugh. With two low class emperors, those three people would definitely would be demolished!

Indeed, not long later, when Lu Zideng discovered that Fang Li failed and was fleeing while being chased by an even more terrifying enemy, he gave out several coarse curses. This truly was unbefitting of a Kingdom Lord! 

Loud rumbling sounds continuously echoed from the area in front of him, and Chu Mu knew that the three people had chosen to flee. After all, even if they were stronger, they would not be able to face the two low class emperors and other pseudo emperors. Moreover, there were clearly many other monarch rank soul pets pursuing them from Heavenly Devil Insect main peak.

If he wasn’t afraid that he would be discovered, Chu Mu would have gone to the main peak to watch those three fellows, who thought they were so smart flee in such a sorry state. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

After a moment, the small body of Mo Xie jumped on Chu Mu’s shoulder.

Chu Mu rubbed this clever small fellow’s head and praised: “You did well. Now we just wait for Old Li’s good news.”

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” the small Mo Xie adorably nodded her head. 


On the main peak 9000 meters up, the soul capture ring that was embedded in the cave had been ignored by everyone.

Suddenly, the soul capture ring began to flicker. Immediately afterwards, a short figure jumped out of the ring, its claws stuck into the rock.

Right now, there were practically no Heavenly Devil Insects left on the main peak. This creature that was half suspended into the air could not be discovered!

“I’m already so old, yet you’re having me do something so dangerous!” grumbled Old Li.

After speaking, Old Li carefully climbed up.

This place was only a few hundred meters away from the Heavenly Devil Insect’s highest cave. Although there were a few guards, Old Li’s strange ability made it only to easy for it to avoid them. After al, there were no emperor rank soul pets here. 

Old Li was still careful as he quickly climbed up to the highest cave. 

Indeed, there was no longer an emperor rank soul pet in the highest cave. This only made it easier for Old Li.

Old Li was very acute, and it was rare that something escaped his eyes.

Quickly, Old Li found a location where he could find moonlight, and saw that there was a Moonlight Magic Stone flickering with gorgeous moonlight!

“It really is a third rank Moonlight Magic Stone. Young master has turly struck it big! Anyhow, young master’s exploitation of Fang Li to lure away the enemy was truly ingenious. That idiot Fang Li thought that they would split things 50/50? He wishes!’ Old Li muttered.

As he spoke, Old Li wiped away his drool, and used his claws to carefully take the Moonlight Magic Stone. As for the infant Heavenly Devil Insects in the cave, Old Li could completely ignore them. 

“50 thousand spirits are in possession!!!” Old Li cracked a smile, revealing his rows of pearly white teeth. He carefully put away the pupil size Moonlight Magic Stone. 

“Those Heavenly Devil Insects won’t return for a while. Why don’t I continue looking around. Perhaps there are other treasures here?” Old Li muttered. 

It was extremely rare to be able to enter the final nest of a fourth rank tribe. Old Li got greedy, and carefully began to make his way deep into the cave. 

The inside of the cave were numerous soul crystals, but most of them were within the tenth rank. Old Li expertly grabbed the tenth and ninth rank soul crystals. These were all worth gold and he couldn’t ignore any profit! 

“Haha ~~~ there’s unexpectedly Heavenly Devil Insect Eggs!!” Old Li covered his mouth as he nearly let out a shout of excitement!

Old Li had very good eyes. He was immediately able to tell the difference between Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect Eggs and Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect eggs. The one currently being guarded by several peak monarch rank Heavenly Devil Insects was the only Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insects. This item was worth 10 thousand spirits!

Those several peak monarchs clearly were not on guard as they were currently bickering with each other.

Old Li’s body was short and he utilized the various rugged rocks to slowly approach the Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect egg. 

“It belongs to me!!” 

Suddenly, Old Li jumped out and his short legs broke into a run. He unexpectedly was able to use his arms to life the Ten Winged Heavenly Devil Insect Egg that was as large as his head above him. Then, he slipped out of the cave!

Those mother Heavenly Devil Insects that were still bickering now all had their eyes wide open. For a moment, they didn’t react. It wasn’t until Old Li made it out of the cave that they let out angry roars and rapidly flapped their wings in pursuit!

Old Li ran very quickly down the mountain. He didn’t care if this would attract any remaining Heavenly Devil Insects.

Yet, running down ten thousand meters from the peak at such a fast speed left a trail of smoke that rose up and alarmed the defending Heavenly Devil Insects. Many of them didn’t know what was going on or what that short creature was. It wasn’t until their comrades pursuing it told them that it had stolen their prince, they began to bare their teeth and chase Old Li!

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