Chapter 675: Caught by a Trap, Beautifully Stealing the Treasure (1)

Chapter 675: Caught by a Trap, Beautifully Stealing the Treasure (1)

Little Mo Xie very casually strolled in front of Fang Li. Fang Li knew this little organism isn’t too simple. However, he didn’t dare to do anything because any slight movement may alarm the heavenly devil insects and completely ruin his plans.

Fang Li stared as this little fox slowly walked up to him, and handed him a slip of paper with its little tail.

Fang Li was dazed for a while, not knowing what the situation was.

One had to know that this was a fourth rank heavenly evil insect tribe main hive peak. In such a dangerous place, how was there suddenly a little fox soul pet? What made him the most confused was this little fox gave over a little paper slip, as if wanting to tell him something.

“Wuwuw~~~~~~~~” The delicate little fox let out a weak cry. From just its appearance, this little fox was like a soft yet exquisite little lady, with no offensive power.

Fang Li stared for a while before stiffly and carefully taking the slip of paper from the little fox’s tail.

Indeed, the paper slip had a line of human writing, neat and tidy. One could see the calmness and leisure from the person’s writing alone.

Fang Li stared at the little fox as he read the words on the slip.

There wasn’t that much information on this message. When Fang Li finished reading it, his expression became abnormally strange, causing his face to become even uglier than it was before.

"Evil!!” Fang Li cursed silently and crumbled the paper into a ball and was about to chuck it away before he remembered his current predicament. The hand he rose up quickly froze.

“Tell your owner to die. If he wants a piece of the cake just like this, does he know the consequences of wronging us?” Fang Li pointed at little Mo Xie, and said angrily to Mo Xie using soul remembrance.

Little Mo Xie very calmly waved her tail. Seeing Fang Li this angry, her body slowly burned with sin flames, and she started to release her emperor aura.

If Mo Xie released her aura, it was equivalent to shouting to all the heavenly devil insects nearby that there was someone here. Within seconds, this area would be surrounded by the heavenly devil insect army. Even Fang Li’s invisible demon wouldn’t be able to hide then.

“Stop!! Stop!! Quickly stop!!!” Fang Li felt the aura release and immediately shouted to stop little Mo Xie.

“Wuwu~~~~~~~” Little Mo Xie blinked, and slowly retracted her aura again.

“You want fifty percent, it's impossible. We have three people, one of which is a Yuan Kingdom Kingdom Master!” Fang Li finally got his temper under control, and negotiated angrily.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~~~” Little Mo Xie shook her head and lifted another little tail that held a spatial ring.

Seeing the spatial ring on little Mo Xie’s tail, he immediately sent his soul remembrance into it. Indeed, he found quite some spirits and soul items in this spatial ring.

“Second rank emperor rock orb, 20,000 spirits, 5000 spirits upfront, it truly is 25,000 spirits…..” Fang Li was helpless. The opponent clearly wanted half of the profit, or else they were going to cause everyone's death.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~~~~” little Mo Xie let out another sound and asked if Fang Li wanted to agree. At the same time it was letting out the call, little Mo Xie started releasing her aura again, forcing Fang Li to agree immediately.

“Okay, okay, okay! Let’s do as you say. Once we get the Moon Magic Stone, I’ll give it to you, and you’ll give me the ring worth 25, 000 spirits. We each take fifty percent, and then I’ll tell my demon emperor to bring you up. If there’s a battle on 9,000 meters, you have to participate as well, or else if we don’t get the moon magic stone, we won’t get anything.” Fang Li quickly said.

Little Mo Xie’s pupils flashed craftily and she lightly jumped onto Fang Li’s invisible demon.

Fang Li’s demon was full of unwillingness, but this little fellow wasn’t weak either. If they decide to fight, they both will get surrounded by heavenly devil insect army and would lose more than they gain.

Seeing this little fox arrogantly laying down on his demon emperor’s head, Fang Li wished he could pinch this little thing to death.

He had planned for so long and entered this place multiple times to figure out the geography and find a plan just so he could get the moon magic stone. Yet, just as he was about to succeed, another person entered and asked for half of it just like a thief!

Half was 25,000 spirits. To these three people, it was a huge sum. Losing half jus like that no only made Fang li angry, but Lu Zideng and Zheng Quan would probably go insane at him.

Yet, Fang Li had no other choice. If he didn’t agree and the opponent decided to cause trouble, he wouldn’t even be able to get 25,000 spirits.

This time, they had tried so hard to divert a near million heavenly devil insects. Jade Spider Bile wasn’t that easy to obtain, so this may be the only time they succeed. Fang Li could only compromise and get the 25,000, even if it meant giving up 50,000 so he wouldn’t waste all this planning time.

Little Mo Xie’s hiding ability could at most allow it to climb to 5,000 meters. Any higher was difficult, and it needed Fang Li’s invisible demon to go further.

Fang Li kept all his anger to himself as he slowly climbed up with his demon emperor.

Slowly, they passed eight thousand meters. At this distance, Fang Li was clearly more careful because most of the things living here were monarch rank now.

Fang Li especially gave little Mo Xie a stare and commanded, “If we alarm the guarding heavenly devil insects, you deal with them, while I charge forward and get the moon magic stone.”

Little Mo Xie shook her head and waved the spatial ring in her little tail. She meant that if there was a fight, Fang Li would stay and she would go up and grab the moon magic stone. But before this, Mo Xie would throw the spatial ring with 25,000 spirits to him.

Fang Li originally wanted to be clever, but he didn’t guess that the little fox was also clever. Seeing that the opponent had more control over the situation, he could only agree.

Fang Li continued to climb around 500 meters and still didn't alarm any heavenly devil insects. However, the nearby heavenly devil insects were all-powerful, and thus Fang Li didn’t dare to climb further anymore.

“Wuwu~~” Little Mo Xie was confused.

“Give me the ring. Another ten meters and we both will be discovered. You go ahead and get the moon magic stone.” Fang Li said to little Mo Xie.

Fang Li’s expression didn’t change as he said this, but his heart was in shambles!

Fang Li was a spirit emperor, and he already felt the thick aura of the moon magic stone. However, moon magic stone’s cave also resided an emperor rank heavenly devil insect!

The organism guarding the cave wasn’t pseudo emperor rank, but instead a terrifyingly strong low class emperor rank!!!

Low class emperor rank was strong enough to murder any of Fang Li’s soul pets. Fang Li would never expect that there were three low class emperor ranks in this fourth rank tribe!!

It was good that Fang Li discovered this early, or else any higher up and he would have been exposed!

At this moment, Fang LI’s heart was shaking and his back was full of cold sweat but Fang Li couldn;’t show this.

Low class emperor rank guarding the highest cave meant that there was no chance he could steal the moon magic stone. This plan was destined to fail! However, the little fox’s owner’s intervention gave Fang Li a chance. Though he couldn't’ get the moon magic stone, he still had a chance to get little fox’s ring worth 25,000 spirits!

Because of this, Fang Li suddenly stopped at 8500 meters and announced without changing his expression that he wanted the ring while the little fellow went for the stone. If this little fox agreed, then Fang Li could receive 25,000 spirits and watch as this little fox became the dinner of this low-class emperor rank heavenly devil insect.

Most importantly, if he got the ring, Fang Li could omit this little incident and just tell Lu Zideng and Zheng Kuang that there was a low class emperor rank guarding the location and the plan failed. The final winner would then be him, Fang Li! After all, even if he followed the original plan, he would only get 15,000 spirits.

Fang Li’s heart was full of excitement and fear. These two emotions entangled, but Fang Li was sure the little fox couldn’t sense the presence of the low class emperor rank.

He quickly adjusted and tried to provoke Mo Xie, “What, didn’t we agree on it before? If you don’t dare to go ahead, you stay here and attract the heavenly devil insect's attention.”

“Wuwu~~~~~~~” little Mo Xie shook her tail and extended one that held the ring.

Seeing the little thing extend the ring worth 25,000 spirits, Fang Li was even more excited.

However, Fang Li was extremely careful and specially checked the ring over with his soul remembrance.

“This is a soul capture ring with a strange soul pet in it. It isn’t the ring previously!” Fang Li immediately furrowed his brow, and said angrily.


Little Mo Xie let out a call as if saying “never planned on giving it to you in the first place.”

After calling out, little Mo Xie threw the soul capture ring to the highest point in the peak. The ring flew in a cold arc that went straight into the cave nine thousand meters up, embedding itself in the rocks.

“What are you doing!!” Fang Li’s expression changed as he said angrily.

“Wuwuwu!!!!!” Mo Xie didn’t care about Fang Li. Before Fang Li’s demon could attack, it cast Nien Tail Confusion and jumped to another cave while immediately releasing its demon aura outwards!!!

The reason Mo Xie did this was clearly to expose itself, as well as expose Fang Li as well!

Fang Li was in shock. He was certain that the little fox didn’t detect the presence of the low class emperor rank. However, he didn’t expect it to create mutual destruction before it even got the moon magic stone. Can it be that it never wanted the stone in the first place?!

The moment Mo Xie let out her aura, the entire mountain was alerted. Countless shrill screams sounded, sending sound waves around that affected the mind!

“Wengweng!!!!!!!” From the highest peak, the low class emperor rank insect was alarmed by Mo Xie’s aura!

Its powerful aura pressed forward and Fang Li’s invisible demon was immediately revealed! This caused Fang Li’s face to become even uglier!!

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