Chapter 674: Neglecting the Greater Threat Behind

Chapter 674: Neglecting the Greater Threat Behind

Nearing Heavenly Devil Insect’s interior, Chu Mu no longer dared to enter heavenly devil insect hives carelessly anymore. After all, at the interior of this hive, there obviously were powerful heavenly devil insects guarding. If he accidentally alarmed a large leader of heavenly devil insects, there would be a large group of these things following Chu Mu around.

Heavenly Devil Insect army’s drastically decreasing numbers gave Chu Mu a chance to infiltrate them. Otherwise, with millions of heavenly devil insects in this hive group, Chu Mu would get discovered no matter how well he hid. After all, a fourth rank tribe wasn’t that easy to infiltrate.

“That should be the main hive mountain of this tribe.” Chu Mu lifted his head up, and looked afar.

Standing ahead were a few spiral and bald mountains. They were not covered by any plants, and were dark brown like the ground. On it were densely packed caves, similar to the holes in beehives.

The entire mountain’s base was extremely large, getting narrower as it got higher. Around 10,000 meters in height, the lone peak pierced through the cloudless skies, magnificent and imposing. Lifting one’s head up to look at it caused one to be fearful.

“Since its a fourth rank tribe, there may be two low class emperor ranks. The million army that was chasing Chu Tianren probably has one low class emperor rank leading.” Old Li said.

In the main heavenly devil insect cave, most of the armies were pulled out. The main danger probably came from the emperor rank and top tier monarch rank heavenly devil insects.

“There’s still five kilometers until we get there. Let’s not go now, in case we are discovered.

Chu Mu could already feel that the last five kilometers would be extremely tough. The nearby peaks all had top tier monarch rank heavenly devil insects standing patrol.

Chu Mu himself hadn’t reached spirit emperor rank, so top tier monarchs still posed a threat to Chu Mu.

“Young master should just wait near here. Once they attack, the nearby heavenly devil insects will definitely congregate towards there again. Then, young master can stroll indirectly, and not be discovered.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu was very patient, and found a place to hide and stayed there. Presumably, now, Lu Zideng and the other two were at work thinking about how to enter this main peak without being discovered.


Not long after, the sound of a technique blasting out sounded, causing the ground and rocks to shake slightly!

Chu Mu quickly crawled out from behind the rocks, watching the main hive peak from afar.

“They started fighting at the main hive peak. Moonlight Magic Stone indeed is on this ten thousand meter high peak.” Old Li laid down on the rocks and said to Chu Mu.

“Very good, we’ll let them know what it means to ignore the threat behind them as they go for their own prey.” Chu Mu smiled.

Just as Chu Mu guessed, the moment the main battle sounded, the patrolling heavenly devil insects all flew up and congregated towards the main peak.

Immediately, Chu Mu’s path became almost completely unobstructed, making him able to stroll casually in.

Of course, Chu Mu wouldn’t directly go into battle. He rode Mo Xie to another side of the main hive peak to see the situation of the battle.

The battle was extremely loud. When Chu Mu arrived, there was already a small ravine like cracks in the ground, spreading through the surroundings of the main hive peak!!

The technique’s glow was extremely dazzling, causing even the sun to dim in comparison!

From Chu Mu’s position, he could see six ten winged heavenly devil insects.

At the center of the six ten winged heavenly devil insects, there was a huge heavenly devil insect shining with a black gold like sheen. This figure was constantly surrounded by clouds of black bugs, similar to the evil aura monsters have around them. What was terrifying was, every time this bug cloud attacked, even if it didn’t hit any opponent, all the ground and rocks in its path would get utterly devoured!

Very clearly, the black gold ten winged heavenly devil insect was the low class emperor rank, the strongest organism in this fourth rank tribe!

What was fighting this low class emperor was a Gen Devil Wolf!

Gen Devil Wolf: Beast World - Beast Type - Wolf Species - Gen Devil Wolf Subspecies - high class monarch rank

Gen Devil Wolf was a wolf type monarch. SImilar to horned armor beast, pool beast, blood beast, devil tiger, it was a mainstream beast type soul pet.

Yet, this Gen Devil Wolf that was able to fight against the ten winged heavenly devil insect low class emperor was already strengthened to low class emperor rank as well. This was Yuan Kingdom Master Lu Zideng’s main soul pet!

As a third rank kingdom master, he must have a low class emperor rank. Lu Zideng’s largest card was this Gen Devil Wolf that he strengthened from monarch rank to low class emperor rank.

Lu Zideng’s Gen Devil Wolf couldn’t fly, but once it was emperor rank, unless against a wing type soul pet, it won’t be at too much of a disadvantage if it were to battle in air. Emperor rank soul pets could use their own strength to stay afloat.

Gen Devil Wolf and heavenly devil insect emperor’s battle was the most shocking. The battles between the pseudo emperor ranks all became mere background, as their techniques weren’t on the same scale either.

As for the top tier monarch rank heavenly devil insect, they could only stay even farther from the battle and constantly harass the pseudo-emperor ranks of heavenly devil insect.

“Lu Zideng-five control, one low class emperor rank, four pseudo-emperor rank, the other person is duo control with two pseudo-emperor rank. There’s a total of six pseudo emperor rank, having one more than the heavenly devil insect army. The heavenly devil insect army has 20 top tier monarch ranks, however, which can preoccupy two pseudo emperor ranks……” Chu Mu sat aside and watched calmly, yet his brows slowly furrowed.

The battle between emperor ranks had huge impacts. This was the first time Chu Mu saw such a large skirmish between emperor rank. This mountain collapsing, heaven shaking scene was eye-shocking and caused one to be unable to feel calm for a long while after.

However, very quickly, Chu Mu realized that the battle between spirit emperor and heavenly devil insect was missing a person!

“The ugly Fang Li isn’t here. The three people were smart, using two distraction and decoy strategies.” Old Li realized and used soul remembrance to tell Chu Mu.

The first decoy strategy naturally was to remove Chu Tianren as a hidden threat, and to also siphon away a large part of heavenly devil insect armies.

And now, Lu Zideng and Zheng Kuang intentionally summoned all their emperor rank soul pets to provoke this massive battle between the fourth rank tribe’s heavenly devil insect emperor formation while the third person can quietly infiltrate into the empty main hive mountain and steal what they want.

Lu Zideng and the other two came for the Moonlight Magic Stone. The heavenly devil insect emperor rank formation was massive. To completely kill them was very hard to do. Even if they did it, they would lose a lot of their soul pets. This false bluff was indeed the best method.

However, the delicate planning of the three would never have accounted for another person that they hadn’t even discovered yet.

At this moment, this person was like Fang Li, going to the back of the heavenly devil insect main mountain peak, while they were in battle.

“Young master, your night thunder dream beast isn’t emperor rank, so its almost impossible for it to get up without alarming any heavenly devil insect. Once heavenly devil insect notices there are people trying to infiltrate, they will immediately surround this place and send pseudo emperor rank and heavenly devil insects.” Old Li said to Chu Mu.

“Did I ever say I would climb up?” Chu Mu smiled.

“If you don’t go up, how will you get the Moon Magic Stone? Are you going to hide here and ambush Fang Li? He’s a spirit emperor and has a demon rank emperor. It would be hard to ambush him, and we aren’t far from the battle itself. Lu Zideng would come back and help, who has a very powerful low class emperor rank that would definitely kill you if it finds you.” Old LI siad.

“I won’t ambush him either.” Chu Mu shook his head and gazed at the high main hive peak.

Old LI thought for a while and said, “Is it that you want little fox to go up? Little fox doesn’t have any special hiding technique. Even with pitiful appearance, it would only be able to climb five or six thousand meters. Past that, it would get discovered by more advanced heavenly devil insects……”

As they spoke, Old Li suddenly noticed Chu Mu was watching him and from Chu Mu’s gaze, Old Li saw something.

Old Li’s expression immediately changed and he waved his hands quickly, “Not possible. There’s no way I can go up. Who knows if there still is a pseudo emperor rank still left guarding the stone. If there is, I will be dead for sure. Even without an emperor rank, the monarch rank army all coming out would be hard enough to deal with.”

Chu Mu knew Old Li’s powers, and knew he couldn’t do it alone.


About four thousand meters up the main hive peak, two shadows that merged together were slowly climbing up the mountain full of caves. Their actions were very very careful, afraid of triggering any heavenly devil insect standing guard already.

“Let’s make sure there aren’t any emperor rank heavenly devil insects guarding the main peak or else we’ll get discovered at nine thousand meters. Stealing the Moon Magic Stone would then take more effort and could cause them to be surrounded.” Fang Li who was struggling while climbing said quietly.

Fang Li was riding an invisible demon. It was because of this important demon that the profit split of this action allowed him to get 30%, 10% more than Zheng Kuang.

Now, he was only six thousand meters away from the Moon Magic Stone that was worth 50,000 spirits.

The path ahead wasn’t too hard to deal with. He was just scared that around eight thousand and nine thousand meters up, there would solely be advanced heavenly devil insects.

Fang Li guessed that there would at least be a pseudo emperor rank staying guard. One pseudo emperor rank is something he could deal with. However, if there still were a large amount of top tier and high class monarch ranks, the difficulty would increase greatly.


“What is that!!!” Fang Li shouted in his mind.

At this moment, when Fang Li reached 5000 meters, he noticed a small silver fox slowly approaching him!

Fang Li knew very well that anything able to walk around this heavenly devil insect main hive peak so confidently wasn’t normal. His expression immediately changed as he tensed up, and watched this small silver fox as if it were a great foe!

“Wuwu~~~~~” The small and cute little fox noticed Fang Li and let out a harmless mental call to Fang Li, as if asking him to wait up.

Then, the delicate little fox ran up, holding a letter meant for a human in its small tail!

This caused Fang Li’s eyes to widen in shock and confusion. What was the situation now?!

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