Chapter 673: Shocking Appearance of A Million Manned Devil Insect Legion

Chapter 673: Shocking Appearance of A Million Manned Devil Insect Legion

Chu Mu didn’t dare to expose himself. He completely hid his aura, and stood motionlessly behind the rock filled with folds.

“Moonlight Magic Stone. A third rank one on top of that. This item isn’t just ordinarily valuable, right?” Chu Mu softly asked Old Li.

“Yes, Lu Zideng’s ability isn’t small. He unexpectedly was able to find a Moonlight Magic Stone here. This item should be heavily guarded by powerful soul pets until enough energy has been gathered, whereby it will be devoured by a soul pet to fully strengthen it.” said Old Li.

A third rank emperor spirit item is a very rare treasure even amongst spirit emperors. After all, this is a spirit item capable of 100% creating a low class emperor!

There was a completely different status and strength between possessing a pseudo monarch and a low class monarch. It was no wonder that Lu Zideng was being so careful. Any expert that had information like he did would be exceptionally careful!

“Moonlight Magic Stones are normally single crowned, meaning that they are applicable for any single attribute soul pet. A dual crowned Moonlight Magic Stone is applicable for dual attributes and can thus strengthen any dual main attributed soul pet. Among the natural world, there are few among few spirit items that can strengthen dual attributed soul pets. Thus, the price of a spirit item that can do this is nearly 5 times a single attribute!” Old Li, this encyclopedia, gave Chu Mu an explanation. 

Chu Mu was in the midst of thinking when Lu Zideng and the two others laughed and left. 

Lu Zideng began to enter the Heavenly Devil Insect Tribe’s interior from another angle. Right where here he was, there resided an even larger Heavenly Devil Insect legion. 

When Chu Mu saw them leave, he was about to fly into the air and inform Chu Tianren of reality.

Suddenly, a huge group of black objects appeared from the interior of the tribe and flew towards the horizon! 

It started out as a thin line, before gradually becoming more well-rounded and eventually turning into a huge group. Finally, it transformed into a black sandstorm that covered the whole sky!!

Chu Mu was able to see mountain peaks that were a hundred kilometers away.

In the expansive horizon, a Heavenly Devil Insect legion that were so tightly packed together there were no gaps in between them was rushing over in this direction. They resembled a sandstorm that covered the entire sky and was about to devour everything into darkness!!

A palpitating feeling of insignificance manifested!

Compared to that, the Heavenly Devil Insect legion above Chu Mu’s head was closer to a river wave while the legion in the distance was like a tsunami. They were simply incomparable!

“What happened? Why did the tribe’s interior’s Heavenly Devil Insects fly out like that?!” Chu Mu looked in terror at the Heavenly Devil Insect legion!!

Chu Mu could sense that those Heavenly Devil Insects were flying in his direction. They resembled a legion that had obtained orders for war, and were coming to safeguard their territory!

“Chu Mu!! Chu Mu!!! Quickly leave this place!!”

When Chu Mu was stunned, Chu Tianren’s soul remembrance suddenly transmitted from high up.

Chu Mu lifted his head and discovered that Chu Tianren had, at some unknowing point, slaughtered his way out of the besiegement. He was about 2000 meters above him right now.

“Third uncle, there’s a legion of nearly a million Heavenly Devil Insects approaching!” Chu Mu hastily said.

“A million?! Holy crap!! Lu Zideng that old bastard. He dares to screw me over!?!” Chu Tianren was both shocked and angry!!

“They sneakily injected jade spider bile into many of these Heavenly Devil Insects so that when I killed them, their blood would spill on me. The blood of the Heavenly Devil Insects and the jade spider bile mixed together forms a toxin which doesn’t affect me, but its smell drifts hundreds of kilometers away!” 

“This smell is a signal to the Heavenly Devil Insects that a natural enemy has invaded. Added on the fact that I’ve summoned too many emperors, basically the entire million Heavenly Devil Insect legion is coming for me!” 

Chu Tianren’s words gave Chu Mu huge shock!!

It was no wonder that the three people said earlier that Chu Tianren would be miserably pursued by the Heavenly Devil Insects. It turned out that the three of them had done something! 

A legion formed by a million soldiers. This was strength capable of obliterating a small species!!!

“Young master, a third rank tribe essentially has the strength of two legions, which means there should only be about 600 thousand Heavenly Devil Insects. Chu Tianren has summoned too many emperor rank soul pets, and is viewed as a natural enemy threatening them. Essentially the entire nest has come out… but there should only be about 600 thousand. I’m afraid it’s a miscalculation by human intelligence. This very well could be a fourth rank tribe!” Old Li’s voice transmitted.

When Chu Mu saw the terrifying scene in the horizon, Chu Mu realized that this tribe was definitely not a mere third rank!

‘Chu Mu, those fellows are trying to kill two birds with one stone. They are not only sabotaging me, but are also using me as bait to lure away the enormous Heavenly Devil Insect legion. This way, they will be able to enter the interior and obtain the item they want much more easily.” sighed chu Tianren.

“Hai, this time I lacked judgment… now I’m in danger and you can only return to Wogu City first. I need to throw of this legion within the Forbidden Region, but the Heavenly Devil Insects dare to fly in this region while I cannot.” 

“Third Uncle, I’ll go with you.” Chu mu couldn’t just leave Chu Tianren like that.

“There’s no need. The two of us going together will be inconvenient and you haven’t been infected by the blood bile. The Heavenly Devil Insects won’t chase you.” Chu Tianren spoke very quickly. Obviously, he didn’t have the time to have a slow chat.

“Third Uncle, be careful!” Chu Mu also understood he couldn’t help Chu Tianren, and could only leave for now. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t die!” Chu Tianren didn’t say anything else. He quickly descended to the ground. In order to ensure Chu Mu wouldn’t be pursued as well, he intentionally made a large detour and lured the Heavenly Devil Insects in another direction.

Chu Tianren fleeing in another direction caused the sandstorm of Heavenly Devil Insects to deviate their path.

Indeed, this enormous and stifling Heavenly Devil Insect legion was solely going for Chu Tianren!


Eventually, the Heavenly Devil Insect legion on top of Chu Mu became sparse. The entire nest had pretty much left in pursuit and only Chu Mu remained there. He was presently debating what to do next.

In the north, it was very likely to be the interior of a fourth rank tribe. It was approximately about a hundred kilometers. 

In the south, spanning about 2000 meters was the boundary between humanity and the Great Broken Sting Valley. If he were to return now, Chu Mu was certain he would be safe and sound. However, at the same time this meant he and Chu Tianren would have wasted two months. It would also take a month to return, meaning this was three months wasted...

Only 5000 spirits in three months, and it was to be split among two people. Additionally, they would need to rest and recuperate before setting out again. This would waste even more time. 

Chu Mu didn’t need resources for the time being, but when the Little Hidden Dragon reached the eighth phase, it would consume five times the resources of other emperor ranks. This was huge. Moreover, he needed to gather it all within a year otherwise its specter attribute would weaken. Even if it combined with the Specter Dragon, its strength would be greatly lessened! 

Time was precious, and Chu Mu couldn’t waste it!

“They don’t know of my existence. Right now, Lu Zideng and the others wouldn’t be wary of other potential competitors…” Chu Mu muttered to himself. 

“Young master, you aren’t thinking of…” Old Li quickly guessed Chu Mu’s intentions.

“The Little Hidden Dragon is at the fifth phase. In another half a year, it will approach the eighth phase whereby it will pretty much possess emperor rank strength… the resources need to keep up with it…” after Chu Mu witnessed the Little Hidden Dragon’s limitless potential, he firmly decided to pursue the path of multiple attribute strengthening.

One Moonlight Magic Stone was worth 50 thousand spirits. This amount happened to solve the problem of the quintuple the normal amount of resources it required as it evolved from the sixth phase to eighth phase. 

The Little Hidden Dragon’s evolution was imminent so Chu Mu had to be brazen!

“Young master, the opponents are experts with low class emperors. If they discover you, a low class emperor is capable of instakilling your soul pets. Young master won’t even have the ability to resist.” said Old Li.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be very careful.” Chu Mu obviously wouldn’t engage in a direct confrontation with them. 

This Heavenly Devil Insect Tribe was very likely to be a fourth rank so even if a legion of a million was lured away, those emperor rank Heavenly Devil Insects would still exist. It wouldn’t be easy for them to deal with.

If Chu Mu went now, there was hope for him to steal the profit from them, especially when they were unprepared! 


Chu Mu was always someone who did something if he had a certain way of thinking. He thus rode on Mo Xie towards the northern interior of the Heavenly Devil Insect territory. 

Chu Mu didn’t follow the footsteps of the three people, because the Moonlight Magic Stone was definitely being guarded by a low class emperor. Chu Mu only had to reach that area and silently wait for the human experts to fight the emperor rank Heavenly Devil Insects. 

An emperor rank fight would cause great activity and when the time came, the nearby Chu Mu would be able to sense it. If he had instead followed their footsteps, this would make it easier for Lu Zideng, who was much stronger than him, to detect him. 

Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t need to be hasty. Instead, he slowly entered the interior and began to travel along the nests of a few ninth rank and tenth rank communities, collecting scraps of resources along the way. These would provide for the Chu Family’s growth. 

The Heavenly Devil Insect unitedness would also make it easy for their nest to lack in defense. As Chu Mu went north and plundered a large amount of nests, although the items he collected were all within the tenth rank, the amount he collected was enough to fill up all of his spatial rings to the brim.

The items Chu Mu took were mainly soul crystals, crystals, and insect eggs. All together, Chu Mu wasn’t even able to count how many hundreds of millions they were worth. 

In any case, Chu Tianheng who was Seven Color City’s City Lord would definitely be so elated that he would pass out when he saw these! 

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