Chapter 671: Yuan Kingdom Master, One of Five Peaks Lu Zideng

Chapter 671: Yuan Kingdom Master, One of Five Peaks Lu Zideng

Chu Mu looked likelike he would have to bring little hidden dragon out for battle often in the future. That way, ghost dragon’s strength will increase quickly, meaning little hidden dragon’s fighting rank will increase quickly too!

Old Li was also extremely excited. He had a special adoration for his past master and was confident his past master’s idea of type strengthening was accurate.

The truth had proven that such strengthening methods were indeed surprisingly powerful. No one would have thought that ghost dragons could be created this way!


Once Little Hidden Dragon reached tenth phase, it would be invincible in middle class emperor rank. This gave Chu Mu hope that little hidden dragon would grow to tenth phase.

At that time, Chu Mu would be very formidable, even amongst spirit emperors.

On the way back, Chu Mu was a face full of smiles. He specially spent more time observing the specific changes on the ghost dragon.


“Chu Mu, we should switch places. I think they aren’t entering the third rank tribe from this location.” Chu Tianren sat in ambush for two days without reward and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu found that Chu Tianren was extremely patient when it came to ambushing people. He could stay with his demon without moving for two full days.

“En, let’s move to another direction.” Chu Mu said. Little hidden dragon’s ghost type had to be strengthened further all the way to tenth phase, or else in little hidden dragon’s rapidly increasing strength, its ghost type will slowly weaken, and cause it to be unable to combine. So, the resources had to keep up with the growth.

He was still lacking in resources. To further strengthen it, Chu Mu naturally had to try harder and find better resources to provide for his massive emperor rank formation.

“Third uncle, since you know who is competing against you, how is his strength?” Chu Mu asked. Knowing the opponent was always useful for battle.

“It’s a fellow that made a grudge against me ten years ago. He’s the Yuan Kingdom Master now, called Lu Zideng. As for his strength, he is a little stronger than me. However, this is just my estimate. Rumors say that he has grown a lot stronger, and if these rumors are true, then he won’t just be a bit stronger than me; we would have to run away immediately……” Chu Tianren said.

Yuan Kingdom was a third rank kingdom. Western Kingdom and the other nearby first and second rank kingdoms were all subordinates of Yuan Kingdom. What made Chu Mu think, however, wasn’t the fact that the competitor was a third rank kingdom master, but the fact that Lu Zideng sounded like a familiar name.

Immediately, Chu Mu asked Old Li since he seemed to remember hearing this name from Old Li.

“He’s one of the Youth Five Peaks from long ago. The Youth Five Peaks, in reality, stands for the top five of that year’s Battle of the Realms. At the time, Chu Tianmang was the leader of the Five Peaks, while second was Undying Immortal - Ying Long. Third was Nightmare Palace Tang Bianxian, fourth was Lu Zideng. The fifth one young master saw in Li City. He’s a typical example of being extremely powerful in young ages but got stuck on the bottleneck between emperor and monarch rank later on. Of course, he stepped into emperor rank before, but after falling further and further behind, he went too hard in training in the wild and caused his main soul pet to die.” Old Li said.

With this explanation from Old Li, Chu Mu understood. Undying Immortal Ying Long was Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng’s teacher. Of the Five Peaks, Chu Tianmang was the most talented, but fell not long after he stepped into emperor rank. Of the others, Ying Long was the best off, not only becoming a famous expert, but also becoming a top tier soul teacher. However, at middle age, he was ruthlessly framed and set up.

Chu Mu followed Chu Tianren, and continued around this heavenly devil insect third rank territory. Chu Tianren didn’t give up this ambushing activity and again looped around this territory for nearly five days aimlessly.

Finally, on the sixth day morning, Chu Mu and Chu Tianren found that the third rank tribe had signs of outsiders intruding.

This was a ninth rank clan spread out on the middle outer edge of the third rank tribe. This ninth rank clan was completely wiped out, leaving only a ground full of corpses disfigured by a poisonous fluid. If Chu Mu and Chu Tianren came any later, they may not have even seen any corpse.

“This is Lu Zideng’s Poison Evil Mother, bug type poisoning organism. It’s a pseudo emperor rank. These nearly dissolved corpses are definitely its work.” Chu Tianren clearly understood his opponent well.

“Good thing I brought a lot of antidotes.” Chu Mu said.

Facing soul pets with powerful poison, if they didn’t cure the poison in time, even powerful beings can be poisoned to death. Not only bug type - vine type, flower type, grass type’s specific sub species are poisonous as well. If one doesn’t have antidotes, one has to stay far away from it.

“Is it emperor rank antidote? If not, don’t even bother bringing it out.” Chu Tianren asked.

“En, a couple third rank emperor rank antidotes, specially made to defeat bug type poison.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Third rank emperor antidote? Where did you get this? Such an item is very hard to get, especially now that soul teachers are each more miserly than the last.” Chu Tianren said questioningly.

This medicine was what Chu Mu kept from Tian Ting’s loot. Poison is always extremely scary, so Chu Mu always brought around antidotes. In Tian Ting’s medicine, the antidotes were the only things Chu Mu didn’t sell.

Seeing Chu Mu unable to answer, Chu Tianren realized that it must have come from some unspeakable source. He didn’t ask further and laughed, “With antidote, his Poison Evil Mother is useless. A normal pseudo-emperor rank can easily defeat it.”

“Let’s first find out what they’re looking for.” Chu Mu felt that following them without any solid target was not appropriate.

“Heihei, as long as we find them, this problem will be easily solved. Don’t forget that my Zhanbin Emperor is great at hiding. Though I might not be able to ambush Lu Zideng, finding out why they were here is definitely not an issue.” Chu Tianren clearly had experience in this and took it into his own hands.

Already having a lead, Chu Tianren and Chu Mu followed tightly, while still maintaining a certain distance.

On the first day, Chu Tianren’s Zhanbin Demon Emperor figured out the opponent’s approximate situation.

There were three people on the opponent side total. The leader was Yuan Kingdom Master Lu Zideng, one of the youth five peaks.

The other two Chu Tianren had seen before too. They were Lu Zideng’s scoundrel friends and lackeys, and were both spirit emperor, but of unknown degrees.

“Zheng Kuang and Fang Li, they each have around two to three pseudo-emperor ranks. You should be able to deal with one.” Chu Tianren guessed.

Clearly, Chu Mu and Chu Tianren couldn't fight them head on. They wanted to wait until the three were deep into the heavenly devil insect territory and were tired before fighting. That way, the chances that they got something was almost certain.


“These three people are truly careful! How have they gone so long without sitting down and talking through their strategy? At least let me know what they’re trying to do.” Chu Tianren furrowed his brow.

In the following days, Chu Tianren didn’t get any information.

Around the sixth day, Chu Mu and Chu Tianren already followed the three into the heavenly devil insect territory’s central region.

The three still didn’t attack, instead wandering around, and looking for a suitable entrance and exit route.

Though the three people’s strengths added together was definitely stronger than a third rank tribe, if the entire third rank tribe attacked, they would definitely suffer injuries and losses, so if they couldn’t guarantee they could easily destroy the entire tribe, the escape route had to be pre-planned.


Under the heavenly devil insect cave group

The third rank yuan kingdom master stood on a rock full of massive holes as he watched the hollowed mountains that were structured like a beehive.

These mountains were the nests of heavenly devil insects. One mountain had thousands of hole,s enough for an eighth rank clan to live in.

And looking from here, there were hundreds of mountains that go straight into the skies.

Even further away, the mountains were larger, and the heavenly devil insect groups would be larger!

“Are the younglings here? Is it this easy to get? One has to know that we didn’t use much strength entering here.” Fang Li said.

Fang Li’s age was about thirty. Able to reach spirit emperor at this age was very rare. Fang Li’s appearance was normal, and could even be said to be ugly close up.

On the other side was the luxuriously dressed Zheng Kuang. Compared to Fang Li, Zheng Kuang was handsome. The two created a clear contrast nearby.

However, seeing the two talk, the uglier Fang Li had a stronger stance. Maybe it was because Fang Li had an extra pseudo-emperor rank than Zheng Kuang.

“My information isn’t wrong. Just in front of us is the largest heavenly devil insect hive mountain. There is only a pseudo emperor rank in it, and the nearby heavenly devil insects won’t be able to come to rescue so easily. Once we get it, we can instantly leave.” Yuan kingdom master Lu Zideng said.

When the three talked, they couldn’t detect that, around five hundred meters away, a pair of deep blue eyes stared at them!

What they said just now all went into its ears and was sent to Chu Tianren’s brain.

“So that’s why, they came for the heavenly devil insect youngling. One heavenly devil insect youngling is 10,000 spirits. Adding on the heavenly devil insect innard crystal worth 2000 spirits, it was a worthy deal. Eh, the heavenly devil insect emperor’s innard crystal would probably be kept by Lu Zideng so he can get the nomination requirement for realm throne.” Chu Tianren smiled cunningly.

Chu Mu was calmer, starting to think about how he could win out between all these experts.

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