Chapter 670: With Souls as Food, Strengthen Ghost Dragon

Chapter 670: With Souls as Food, Strengthen Ghost Dragon

Little Hidden Dragon’s stamina recovery was very fast. After taking a few laps in the sky, little hidden dragon had the power to fight again.

While the two middle class commander ranks were still a distance away, little hidden dragon very cleverly disguised itself as if it ran out of energy. It stopped on the canopy of a large black pine, looking tired and ready for anyone to finish off.

Heavenly Devil Insect had chased along, but never could reach their opponents and already were enraged. Seeing little hidden dragon stop, they were elated. Crying out, it didn’t care to wait for its two fellow insects and attacked the little hidden dragon first to release its anger!

The heavenly devil insect dived down and started attacking. Chu Mu afar could see the glint on the hooks of the heavenly devil insect’s six wings. It rapidly approached the little hidden dragon on the black pine.

Little hidden dragon already had its claws lifted. When it was stationary, it was gathering all the energy from all over its body!

Little hidden dragon’s current strength was low class commander rank. But even without using ghost type energy, little hidden dragon’s was a powerful dragon with duo type. Once using emperor rank power, it can create even more powerful attacks. And adding on ghost effects, it would be absolutely formidable!

Ten Spectral Strikes!!

On the Dragon Soul Orb, ten threads of death souls floated around strangely and gathered on the little hidden dragon’s claws!


Little hidden dragon turned around and sent its claw out. The cyan yet ghostly blue dragon claw flew through the air and accurately slashed at the heavenly devil insect’s skull.

This high class commander rank six wing heavenly devil insect saw that the opponent suddenly attacked, and quickly turned a wing to try to evade, but its reactions were half a beat too slow. It was too late to avoid!!


The dragon claw’s blade ripped the heavenly devil insect’s skull in half, sending brains and blood everywhere, half splattering on the black pine and walls while the other half blew away in the wind.    

“Gather Soul!”

Chu Mu quickly reminded the little hidden dragon to take away the souls of the fallen heavenly devil insect.

 Cyan glow appeared on little hidden dragon’s dragon soul orb, and the heavenly devil insect’s soul was immediately taken away and absorbed into the little hidden dragon’s body.

“The two middle class commander rank heavenly devil insects are catching up. Continue to fly and fight them once you have stamina again.” Chu Mu said to little hidden dragon said.


Suddenly, little hidden dragon let out a roar, and didn’t listen to Chu Mu’s command. Instead, it lunged forward and entered a melee fight as the two middle class commander rank heavenly devil insects flew over.

“Too brash.” Chu Mu criticised the little hidden dragon’s illogical decision.

A Ten Spectral Strike had probably used up all of the stamina that little hidden dragon had saved up through flying. Now, little hidden dragon’s stamina definitely was empty. Fighting against these two middle class commander rank heavenly devil insects battle was too strenuous and could easily result in heavy injuries and even death.

“Night, get ready to save it.” Chu Mu extended a hand and signalled for Night Thunder Dream Beast hidden near little hidden dragon to save it.

Though little hidden dragon needed real combat training, Chu Mu couldn’t let the little hidden dragon have any accident while its still growing, so protection was necessary.

Night’s figure slowly appeared at the intersection between sun and shadow, secretly floating towards the two middle class commander rank heavenly devil insects.

“Ye, wait……” suddenly, Chu Mu stopped Night Thunder Dream Beast’s rescue.

“How is its power suddenly growing.” Chu Mu looked surprisingly at little hidden dragons!

Outside the mountain, little hidden dragon didn’t cast any technique, instead going into a brawl with the two middle class commander rank heavenly devil insects. Even without using techniques, little hidden dragon’s attacks were extremely potent against the two heavenly devil insects. In fact, with overwhelming confidence, it used its powerful body to rip off many of their wings in the one versus two.

The airfight sent blood flying and chunks of meat falling. Little hidden dragon’s dragon scales also fell a bunch, but after using its powerful body, it still suppressed the two heavenly devil insects, and hit them enough to stop them from using techniques too.

Little hidden dragon had powerful self healing. Though its stamina was spent so it couldn’t use techniques, its sharp claws constantly shredded at the opponent’s life!!

Chu Mu stared closely at the fight. While surprised, he was also confused, because he could clearly feel the little hidden dragon’s power increase!

Chu Mu didn’t know where the source of the little hidden dragon’s power. It was as if killing the high class commander rank heavenly devil insect caused little hidden dragon’s power to get stronger.

Finally, the battle neared an end. The little hidden dragon’s dragon teeth bit heavily into the heavenly devil insect’s neck. With another claw, it broke into a heavenly devil insect’s chest. Both of the heavenly devil insects were killed as they were trying to escape, becoming two souls that floated into little hidden dragon’s Soul Gathering Orb.

“Ao!!!!!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

After killing all the opponents, little hidden dragon lifted up its arrogant head, and stood at the edge of the half cliff, letting out a rolling dragon roar. From getting chased at first to turning it around and brawling these two heavenly devil insects. Little hidden dragon felt the rewards of fighting and let out an excited roar!

Seeing the little hidden dragon like this, Chu Mu smiled helplessly and summoned it back.

Little hidden dragon was full of wounds, but after the battle, it was still incredibly excited. Even after shrinking, it still remained energized as it flew circles around Chu Mu.

“Okay, okay. We all saw it, very strong, very strong.” Chu Mu grabbed little hidden dragon’s wing and pulled it over, pushing a medicine and antidote into its mouth to compliment the little hidden dragon’s own regeneration.

“Your strength suddenly increased?” Chu Mu saw little hidden dragon calm down, and asked seriously.

Without techniques like Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, and without growing, its strength suddenly increasing was indeed strange.


Little hidden dragon excitedly explained the situation to Chu Mu.

“You’re saying the ghost dragon’s rank increased? And when you combined with ghost dragon, your power increased as well?” Chu Mu said with surprise.

Chu Mu immediately used his soul remembrance to look into his fourth soul pact. When he went to check the rank, he was even more in disbelief!

“Warrior rank! It’s warrior rank now!!” Chu Mu let out a surprised shout.

Just last night, Chu Mu clearly confirmed that the ghost dragon’s rank was low class servant rank. However, ghost dragon itself gained strength and became warrior rank!

Most soul pets needed soul items to strengthen its rank, yet a small amount could increase their species rank in fight through self strengthening.

However, even with self strengthening, Chu Mu didn’t ever see it jump over an entire rank. Can it be that the ghost dragon underwent species mutation!

However, species mutation meant its species would change. However, ghost draogn was still ghost dragon, a thoughtless subordinate soul.

“Young master, I understand now!!”

Suddenly, Old Li’s voice went through CHu Mu’s mind like a shrill clap of thunder.

“Next time don’t be so excited, just speak!” Chu Mu said.

“Young master, didn’t I tell you before? When Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon dies, it becomes a ghost dragon, and ghost dragons are another organism whose strength is completely determined by the enemies killed by the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon in life, which are the souls absorbed by the dragon soul orb!!” Old Li’s voice was urgent, and wanted to speak it all in one breath.

After Old Li explained, Chu Mu immediately understood.

This means that ghost dragon’s rank increase was completely due to little hidden dragon’s killing of the sixth rank tribe. The heavenly devil insects’ souls caused its strength to increase!

Before, when the little hidden dragon engaged in group fights, the ghost dragon was always increasing in power. After killing the high class commander rank heavenly devil insect, ghost dragon became warrior rank. The warrior rank soul and little hidden dragon’s main soul merged together naturally, and increased its strength further!

“This means the ghost dragon’s strength can be increased through killing foes. This means we can save a huge amount of resources!” Chu Mu was both excited and happy!

Gathering souls meant feeding the ghost dragon. As long as little hidden dragon could always defeat stronger opponents and absorb their souls, then ghost dragon’s strength will always increase, basically increasing little hidden dragon’s strength!

“This is truly transforming fighting into power!” This was the first time Chu Mu heard of a soul pet that had such an ability!

“Hahaha, young master, you see? What did I saw before? If you gave Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon ghost type, it would definitely be invincible. Now, as long as every time little hidden dragon morphs, you use the corresponding soul to strengthen it, once it reaches tenth phase, little hidden dragon will be the combination of ghost dragon and empyrean cyan hidden dragon. Though it will be low class emperor rank, the duo main type empyrean cyan hidden dragon could already challenge organisms a rank higher, fighting even middle class emperor ranks. Combined with ghost dragon who grows at the same pace, as long as there aren’t any high class emperor ranks, little hidden dragon is invincible. In fact, it could even attempt to fight high class emperor ranks!”

Battle, everywhere had battles. This meant that as long as there were more powerful opponents that could be killed, it would become resources for little hidden dragon to grow!!

Chu Mu would never have thought that ghost dragon’s birth would have such a unique effect. This truly was an anomaly in the soul pet world. Soul pets of legends truly were legendary, able to convert killed opponents into its own strength!

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