Chapter 67: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (1)

Chapter 67: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (1)

Chu Mu could understand Zhan Ye’s mood. Presently, his gaze had fallen on Yang Luobin, and after seeing this fellow loudly laugh like a clown, a smile rose on his face.

Chu Mu was very surprised. He didn’t expect Zhan Ye to be a forsaken soul pet of Yang Luobin...

“Zhan Ye, it seems that the spotlight still belongs to you today. Let that fellow know how the stupidest thing he did was to forsake you!” laughed Chu Mu.

He began to chant an incantation. In the past, Chu Mu never rashly used demanding soul power soul techniques, but currently, Chu Mu didn’t preserve any of his soul power...

As the incantation was uttered, Chu Mu’s two eyes were gradually obscured by a layer of bloody fog. This captivating red was extremely abstruse, and it gave others a demonic feeling when they looked at him!

Blood colored demon pupils!!

This was the Yang Family’s ultimate technique!!

After Chu Mu used the technique, it immediately made the eyeballs from everyone in the Yang Family almost fall out!!

The most pure and captivating red color. Chu Mu’s Violent Blood Pupil was shockingly the most valuable Violent Blood Pupil, with the highest completeness level in the Yang Family!!

As the color of Chu Mu’s two pupils changed, the abstruse Mo Ye’s ink colored eye also changed, and it was gradually replaced by a red color filled with an ominous glint!!

The Yang Family Head Yang Kuo’s face was already completely black. Even he, the family head, didn’t dare to learn the technique, Violent Blood Pupil, that unexpectedly fell into Chu Mu’s hands. It had now been learned by the Chu Family and moreover, was used in front of his face...

The price of the complete Violent Blood Pupil was nearly ten million gold coins. Yang Kuo could be sure that even Yang Luosen, the strongest member of the Yang Shi Family, would not even be able to obtain and learn this Violent Blood Pupil soul technique that allowed one to raise four stages in strength at the initial stage!


Zhan Ye abruptly let out a roar, and a layer of fiendish and bloody light was astonishingly attached to his body. It was as if a blood armor had melded into his ink colored armor, causing Zhan Ye’s aura to suddenly increase by leaps and bounds!!

Fifth phase sixth stage!!

Under Violent Blood Pupil’s effects, Zhan Ye shockingly rose five stages, reaching the fifth phase sixth stage!!

When increasing a beast type soul pet’s strength, Violent Blood Pupil’s effects were primarily based on a soul pet trainer’s soul remembrance and technique quality. However, if a soul pet itself was full of surging beast blood from enormous resentment, then Violent Blood Pupils’ effect would still increase a bit more!!

Chu Mu’s initial stage Violent Blood Pupil’s effect originally could only increase a soul pet’s strength by four stages. However, in Zhan Ye’s heart, there burned a terrifying fire of war, and it essentially caused Zhan Ye’s strength to rise by a stage, making it reach the fifth phase sixth stage!!

Seeing Chu Mu use Violent Blood Pupil on the fifth phase first stage Mo Ye’s body, Yang Luosen was also stunned. He did not understand Chu Mu’s action at all.

Yang Luosen knew that Chu Mu still had a formidable soul pet. If he were to use Violent Blood Pupil on that soul pet, then its fighting strength would definitely increase by a huge margin. However, Chu Mu instead performed it on the fifth phase first stage Mo Ye’s body. Even if it grew to the fifth phase sixth stage, there was still a definite gap with his sixth phase fourth stage Radiance Lion!


“Shattering Claw!!”

Yang Luosen ordered his soul pet to immediately attack the Mo Ye!

The Radiance Lion abruptly leapt forward. The instant it began moving, it unexpectedly crushed the earth’s surface as it charged as fast as lightning towards Zhan Ye, who was under the Violent Blood Pupil’s effect!!

Shattering Claw!!!

The Radiance Lion’s Shattering Claw was much more terrifying than Zhan Ye’s attack. The powerful strength suddenly smashed Zhan Ye’s location into pieces!!

The Violent Blood Pupil clearly affected Zhan Ye. His speed was distinctly faster. When the Radiance Lion struck out with its tyrannic shattering attack, Zhan Ye quickly jumped away!


However, the Radiance Lion’s speed was above Zhan Ye’s. The moment Zhan Ye dodged the attack, the Radiance Lion’s follow up technique was impressively performed. A second Shattering Claw fiercely fell towards Zhan Ye’s position!

Zhan Ye didn’t have enough time to jump away, and he was immediately struck by the shattering force. The ink armor on the side of its shoulder revealed clear indications of being smashed!


After the second Shattering Claw finished, the Radiance Lion’s continuous attacks still didn’t stop. Its terrifying lion’s claws flickered with a cold light, and it powerfully bombarded Zhan Ye’s body!!

The attack with full force knocked Zhan Ye flying. A large portion of the ink colored armor on Zhan Ye’s body was shattered even more, and it landed heavily under a pillar over ten meters away!

“Ao Hu!!!!!!!!!!”

The Radiance Lion’s force was simply unstoppable and after it easily knocked Zhan Ye away, it didn’t continue chasing. Instead, it immediately used the opportunity to charge towards Chu Mu!

Facing such a ferocious and violent lion’s pursuit, Chu Mu nevertheless remained like a statue and stood still. He didn’t even chant an incantation!

Zhan Ye’s vitality was incomparably tenacious. Perhaps the Radiance Lion’s consecutive attacks could have instantly killed a normal fifth phase sixth stage commander rank soul pet, but it definitely could not kill Zhan Ye!

As expected, just as the Radiance Lion approached Chu Mu, a cross between an ink and blood colored figure appeared and fiercely slammed into the Radiance Lion’s body!

The Radiance Lion’s body immediately went askew, and it was knocked into an adjacent half-demolished pillar by the ink colored armor figure. Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out, causing the pillar to shatter and collapse!!

“Ao!!!!!!” the Radiance Lion let out an indignant roar, and its golden body suddenly let out a dazzling radiance!

Light Burn!

The radiance discharged by the Radiance Lion possessed a visible burning effect. The ink armor wrapped around Zhan Ye’s body immediately displayed marks of being burned. It caused the dark attribute ink armor to unexpectedly melt apart!

“Hou!!!!!!!” For Zhan Ye, the moment a fight started, its willpower when in pain definitely did surpass the scope of normal soul pets. Even after its armor had been burnt to the flesh, Zhan Ye still tenaciously firmly bit the Radiance Lion’s neck. Despite it being very hard for its teeth to penetrate the Radiance Lion’s skin, it wouldn’t let go!

“Ink Armor Spike!”

Seeing Zhan Ye tightly biting onto the Radiance Lion’s neck, Chu Mu immediately issued a soul remembrance order to Zhan Ye!

A dark light immediately flickered on Zhan Ye’s body. From the already broken battle armor abruptly appeared protruding ink armor spikes that were like bone spikes!

“Pu pu pu!!!!!!”

Ink Armor Spikes were the sharpest offensive weapon of a Mo Ye. At such a close distance, the Radiance Lion simply could not dodge, and a few shallow bloody holes were poked into its body. Slivers of blood began to flow out of these bloody holes!

Yang Luosen creased his eyebrows. Violent Blood Pupil’s effects could make a soul pet virtually lose its sense of pain. This Mo Ye had already suffered large wounds, yet its fighting strength hadn’t decreased at all. Instead, it was even more bold and fierce!


Yang Luosen let out an order!

The Radiance Lion suddenly lifted up its front limbs brimming with power and, after letting out a wild roar, fiercely trampled onto the ground!!


The moment it trampled, a wave of enormous energy exploded outwards from the Radiance Lion. The ten meter in perimeter battlefield immediately split, and it deeply caved in!!!

The instant the energy swept through, Zhan Ye, who was biting the Radiance Lion’s body, was essentially knocked flying. The exterior of the ink armor on its body displayed even more intensive cracks!!

“Ao Hu!!!!!”

The Radiance Lion’s attacks didn’t stop. Before the energy from Trample had completely dissipated, it abruptly charged towards Zhang Ye, who had been knocked flying. Unexpectedly, even prior to Zhan Ye landing on the ground, it once more delivered a fatal strike!!

Light Burn Shattering Claw!!!!

A dazzling radiance condensed on the Radiance Lion’s claws. It suddenly leapt up, and its golden body descended and flitted past Zhan Ye’s location. Its claws frighteningly struck Zhan Ye’s body!!


Zhan Ye was knocked flying once again. Its firm ink armor shattered in mid air, and pieces of himself mixed with fresh red blood fell onto the ground!

“The difference is too large. Even with Violent Blood Pupil, it’s to no avail.”

“Chu Mu has to switch soul pets. Otherwise, that Mo Ye will be killed.”


The difference in strength was seen in everyone’s eyes. Although the Mo Ye had the powerful life force of a bug type, it would still be killed by the eminently powerful Radiance Lion!

“Kill it!”

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince wasn’t a compassionate and lenient person. He wouldn’t give up this opportunity to heavily damage Chu Mu’s soul, and he instantly ordered his Radiance Lion to deliver a fatal strike to the Mo Ye!


In the plaza battlefield, there were another two twenty meter tall pillars that were shattered to pieces by the Radiance Lion’s enormous strength. The dust spread through the battlefield from the violent wind that was raised!

This strike had extremely powerful strength, and it was enough to match a seventh ranked technique’s strength!

When the energy exploded, everyone sucked in a breath of air. Carrying rather shocked gazes, they stared at Chu Mu...

Once a soul pet died, the soul pet trainer’s face would immediately pale a bit. After all, one of his or her souls would have received a serious wound...

“Ao Hu!!!”

In the proliferating yellow dust, the golden bodied Radiance Lion with powerful majesty suddenly appeared and promptly charged towards Chu Mu!

The moment a soul pet trainer’s soul was injured, it would be very hard to perform soul techniques. This was an exceptionally good opportunity to kill the soul pet trainer. Yang Luosen naturally would not give up on such an opportunity!

Chu Mu still didn't move. He slowly chanted an incantation, and he put an Ice Armor defense on his body again...

“It still hasn’t died?” Yang Luosen discovered that Chu Mu was completely unrestricted when he performed Ice Armor, and he let out a rather flabbergasted expression.

However, Yang Luosen paid no heed to this. The attack just now would cause the Mo Ye to have a heavy wound even if it didn’t die!

Shadow Claw!!!

The Radiance Lion suddenly stopped mid chase ten meters away from Chu Mu. Its claws swept through the air as it swatted in Chu Mu’s direction!!

An unceasingly expanding shadow claw astonishingly appeared.  It rapidly flew towards Chu Mu, and its size seemed to cover Chu Mu’s whole body!!


The Ice Armor instantly shattered under the Shadow Claw attack. However, a starry radiance immediately condensed on Chu Mu’s body, almost as if Chu Mu had been draped by a starlight battle armor!

A sixth level armor with Ice Armor allowed one’s defense to shockingly reach the seventh stage. How could the Radiance Lion’s Shadow Claw attack break that so easily?!

The enormous shadow claw instantly disappeared under the sixth level soul armor’s defense. Chu Mu slid back ten meters on the ground before gradually coming to a stop.

Yang Luosen seemed to have already known that Chu Mu wasn’t that easy to kill, and he immediately ordered the Radiance Lion to launch another attack!


However, just as the Radiance Lion charged at Chu Mu, a Death Ray appeared from within the turbid *** that hadn’t fully dissipated. The Death Ray suddenly exploded onto the Radiance Lion’s body!

The Radiance Lion hadn’t prepared for this at all, and it was knocked a few meters flying by this ball of energy. It rolled over a few times...

The tumbling body of the Radiance Lion hadn’t fully stabilized when the Mo Ye’s figure unexpectedly appeared again!!

A Shattering Claw ferociously struck the Radiance Lion’s body. Although it didn’t deal any real damage to the Radiance Lion, it still knocked it flying. Its sturdy golden body heavily fell underneath a pillar of rubble!

“How… how is this possible?!!”

Seeing Zhan Ye that seemed to not have suffered any wounds, everyone in the plaza let out shocked expressions!!

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