Chapter 669: The Little Hidden Dragon’s Fight, Powerful Self-Healing

Chapter 669: The Little Hidden Dragon’s Fight, Powerful Self-Healing

On the morning of the second day, Chu Mu entered the other Heavenly Devil Insect’s cave while observing the Little Hidden Dragon.

A Specter Dragon was a legendary creature, so how could it merely be a servant rank soul pet? Chu Mu didn’t feel that this part was particularly right. 

Chu Mu was still presently on the outskirts of a third rank tribe where there were numerous Heavenly Devil Insect communities. Fighting here would not incite a large Heavenly Devil Insect legion. At most, a few communities nearby would come to assist.

After the Little Hidden Dragon stepped into the fifth phase, its strength reached the low class monarch rank. Thus, Chu Mu didn’t have Mo Xie go and protect it. 

If a soul pet needed to be protected in every single fight, it would end up becoming sluggish in a real life and death fight. Chu Mu was a caring soul pet trainer, but also a very strict one. Now that it had reached the fifth phase, Chu Mu couldn’t coddle this small fellow. He had to give it a few true fights. 

This time, Chu Mu chose a sixth rank community. Within a sixth rank community, the strongest creature was probably a tenth phase high class commander. Of course, there were also hundreds if not thousands of other ranking Heavenly Devil Insects.

Chu Mu didn’t summon any other soul pets. He only had the Little Hidden Dragon fight by itself in the sixth rank community Heavenly Devil Insect cave. 

The Heavenly Devil Insect creatures were wing type soul pets and could fly. However, they didn’t have any particular advantages in aerial fights. Therefore, as the fight extended and the Little Hidden Dragon began flying, it was able to weave through the mountain peaks filled with thousands of Heavenly Devil Insects, fighting a close fought battle.

“Try combining the Specter Dragon’s strength.” Chu Mu said to the Little Hidden Dragon.


The Little Hidden Dragon’s cyan pupils gradually began to change, slowly being mystified by a mysterious dark blue color. Its dark blue cornelian body became more transparent, and it seemed a bit like a Specter Dragon now. It hovered in the air, and was able to float without flapping its wings.

After adding the Specter Dragon, the Little Hidden Dragon’s strength hadn’t increased, but its body had become much lighter. It was able to fly now in an erratic fashion in all directions. It was hard to catch and its dodging abilities had evidently increased.

However, after this fighting test, although the Specter Dragon possession had increased this aspect, it was far from being as powerful as Chu Mu had imagined.

“Young master, don’t be dejected. Perhaps you haven’t found the proper method of how to control a Specter Dragon.” consoled Old Li.

The Specter Dragon possession merely added a few unique movement methods and specter type techniques to the Little Hidden Dragon. In terms of strength, it hadn’t even risen by a grade. In these circumstances, Chu Mu was helpless and could only bitterly laugh as he commanded the Little Hidden Dragon to fight the hundreds or thousands of Heavenly Devil Insects.


The fight lasted for most of the day only there only remained two middle class monarchs and one high class monarch left in the community.

“Fly around those mountains.” Chu Mu stood on one of the mountain peaks and commanded the Little Hidden Dragon’s fight from far away.

Behind the Little Hidden Dragon was an approximately 100 meter large Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect. Behind it were two middle class commander Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects. They all noticed that their enemy had fought for most of the day and had sustained heavy injuries and its physical strength was nearly spent. Therefore, they were unwilling to stop pursuing. 

“Sha sha sha sha~~~~”

The Little Hidden Dragon used its soul voice to communicate with Chu Mu. It looked a bit pitiful as it shakingly flapped its wings in the air. 

There were several poison needles in its wings, and with each beat of its wings, it was extremely painful. It also had to maintain a certain speed so that it would not be caught by the Heavenly Devil Insects, making the main even greater.

“You can kill them. You can’t ask for my protection every time you encounter a powerful enemy.” towards the Little Hidden Dragon’s request for help, Chu Mu was indifferent. 

Before the fifth phase, Chu Mu could slowly raise the Little Hidden Dragon and have it only fight in safe environments. However, after the fifth phase, Chu Mu had to make it experience true fights. If he continued to pamper it and protect it, if it encountered an enemy with the same strength in the future, the Little Hidden Dragon without any real fighting experience wouldn’t be its opponent. 

“Sha sha sha~~~~”

The Little Hidden Dragon felt wronged, as it let out a noise. It strenuously beat its wings and circled the thousand meter high mountain in front of Chu Mu.

“You can’t stop. If you do, you’ll just enter its attack range. If you’re attacked, your life will be in danger!” Chu Mu saw that the Little Hidden Dragon wanted to stop and rest and immediately chided it. 

The Little Hidden Dragon’s two feet were about to land on a piece of rock, but after being chided by Chu Mu, as if it had stepped on some scalding hot rock, it hastily pulled back. Its body swayed, and it nearly crashed into the mountain.

The Little Hidden Dragon’s pause allowed the Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects behind it to catch up!!

Countless black bugs suddenly appeared on the Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insects’ heads. After a sharp cry, these bugs quickly surged forth, traveling a hundred meters towards the wavering Little Hidden Dragon.

“The Heavenly Devil Insects have attacked. Quickly use your specter attribute to dodge!” Chu Mu’s heart tightened, and he hastily gave the Little Hidden Dragon an order.

However, its reaction was still too slow. Its body shook before slightly lightening up. But by that point, the bugs swept past its body, leaving a black corroding wound on its waist. 

“Quickly, fly forwards. They’re even closer to you now!” Chu Mu couldn’t allow the Little Hidden Dragon to stop.

The Little Hidden Dragon also felt the danger behind it. Thus, it mustered its strength and ignored the pain in its wings as it desperately flapped its wings… 

“When you wavered, you should have realized you entered the attack range of your enemies. In that moment, you should have attempted to dodge. The attack just now was easily dodgeable by you.” after the Little Hidden Dragon left their attack range, Chu Mu immediately lectured it in fighting theory.

Only in a fight like this could the Little Hidden Dragon truly cultivate battle awareness. Otherwise, every time it was attacked, the Little Hidden Dragon would just jump next to Mo Xie. This way, it could watch the carefree Mo Xie who often spent her time licking her claws trample its enemies, while it stayed out of it. 

However, this time the Little Hidden Dragon detected that its nanny wasn’t next to it anymore. Only in this truly dangerous situation could it truly remember how to fight. 

“Sha sha sha~~~~~~~”

The Little Hidden Dragon was like a young girl that let out pitiful cries. It was telling Chu Mu that its physical strength was near its limit and in another minute, its speed would slow, allowing those three bugs to catch up.

“Then fly another minute.” said Chu Mu.

“Sha sha sha~~~~” this was the first time the Little Hidden Dragon had experienced its master’s strictness. In the past, it had seen Chu Mu as a gentle father-figure that would take care of it in comfort. If it threw a tantrum, it would have things to eat; in fact, it ate so much that it was rather fat now.  

However, the moment it reached the fifth phase the gentle father had transformed into a devil. He didn’t stop using words to lash out at it… 

“Jie jie jie jiee~~~~~~” inside Chu Mu’s soul pet space, the White Nightmare let out a schadenfreude laughter. 

“Ling~~~~~” the Ice Air Fairy stuck out its tongue. In the past, Ning had often been chided by Chu Mu, because it was easily flustered and broke off incantations on its own. However, during the Heavenly Crystal Peak fight, Chu Mu had taken an injury for it because it had made a mistake. This allowed the Ice Air Fairy to eventually triumph over its panic during fights and now it was able to expertly cooperate with Chu Mu’s various commands. 

Zhan Ye was lying comfortably in its nest and calmly observing the Little Hidden Dragon through Chu Mu’s field of view. In Zhan Ye’s opinion, there was simply no pressure in this type of training. It had merely suffered those small wounds but was making a big fuss over it. How was it in any way like a dragon? 

A minute quickly passed and the Little Hidden Dragon grit its teeth, trying to persevere. 

However, in this minute, the Little Hidden Dragon hadn’t been able to pull away from its enemies. It looked back and saw that the big bugs were still behind it before asking Chu Mu to save it. 

“You need to think of how to defeat your enemies, not think of having me help you solve your problems. This is your fight.” Chu Mu said to the Little Hidden Dragon. 

The Little Hidden Dragon felt wronged, and said that it had flown for a minute. It truly no longer had any physical strength left. 

“Try beating your wings with all your strength.” Chu Mu said to the Little Hidden Dragon.

“Sha sha sha~~~” the Little Hidden Dragon indicated that if beat its wings with all its strength, the wounds on its wings would rupture. 

The Little Hidden Dragon had in fact been only half beating its wings, which was why it was flying so slowly. Otherwise, due to its dragon species superiority, even if its strength was weaker than its opponent, it would be able to rely on its powerful dragon wings to break free from the Heavenly Devil Insects.

“Just try.” Chu Mu said.

The Little Hidden Dragon saw Chu Mu insist, and could only suspiciously beat its wings it its full strength! 

“Hu hu!!!!!!”

After beating its wings with all its strength, a powerful stream of air immediately pushed the Little Hidden Dragon forward a dozen meters, causing it to pull a small distance away from the Heavenly Devil Insects!

Most importantly, the Little Hidden Dragon didn’t feel any pain from its wings, nor had its wounds ruptured.

The Little Hidden Dragon was pleased, and its hastily continued to beat its wings!!

“Hu hu hu~~~~~”

After using its full strength, the Little Hidden Dragon became much quick, and it soon pulled apart a thirty meter distance with the Heavenly Devil Insect!!

Moreover, after pulling away, it was able to hear the shocked and angry cries from the pesky Heavenly Devil Insects!

Seeing its enemies being left behind, the Little Hidden Dragon was even more excited. Its wings didn’t hurt anymore, so how could those bugs catch up to it now? 

Promptly, the Little Hidden Dragon sped up and began to glide in the air, happily relaxing and recovering. 

“In your body flows the orthodox bloodline of an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. Your body possesses powerful self-healing abilities. Just now when you flew around the mountain and I had you persevere, it was to wait for your wounds to self-heal.” at this moment, Chu Mu’s voice slowly drifted into the Little Hidden Dragon’s head.

“Ao Ao!!!!!!” the Little Hidden Dragon let out an excited shout. It seemed to completely understand its master’s intentions!! 

As long as some of its physical strength recovered, the three Heavenly Devil Insects were just waiting to be killed! 

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