Chapter 668: Mysterious and Unknown, Birth of a Spectral Dragon

Chapter 668: Mysterious and Unknown, Birth of a Spectral Dragon

“Old Li, what happened?!!” Chu Mu immediately used soul remembrance to speak with Old Li.

It was Old Li’s idea to add the specter attribute to the Little Hidden Dragon. Chu Mu was also the only person who had added the specter attribute to an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon before, so he didn’t know what was going to happen after forcibly adding the attribute.

“This… this…” Old Li didn’t know what this was. It was very rare that he heard of a soul pet forcibly occupying a soul pet trainer’s soul pact.

Old Li was unable to respond, so Chu Mu could only communicate with the Little Hidden Dragon, hoping that he would be able to learn something from it.

However, the adorable Little Hidden Dragon merely shook its head, indicating that it didn’t know what had happened. It only felt some strange soul in its body awaken. It was able to completely control this soul, but for some reason this soul had mysteriously invaded Chu Mu’s fourth soul pact.

It was as if the Little Hidden Dragon’s soul had suddenly enlarged, and Chu Mu’s soul pact was unable to contain the Little Hidden Dragon’s soul. If the soul pet was not to rupture, another space would be needed to contain the soul.

“I know!!” Old Li suddenly shouted.

“Then tell me!!” Chu Mu could feel that his fourth soul pact was being invaded by a soul. This soul wasn’t powerful and Chu Mu could reject it, but if he did, his twelfth soul pact with the Little Hidden Dragon would immediately show signs of rupturing. 

Chu Mu could not guarantee that nothing would happen after his soul pact with the Little Hidden Dragon ruptured, so he didn’t dare try and reject this mysterious soul.

However, each one of Chu Mu’s soul pacts were extremely precious. Two of them were already possessed and if another were to be, he would lose an entire three souls. 

“It’s a Specter Dragon!! Young master, a Specter Dragon was born inside the Little Hidden Dragon’s body!!” Old Li’s voice was of shock and happiness. He was even very excited at this unknown event.

“Specter Dragon? Won’t Specter Dragons only appear when an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon dies, and its dragon pearl’s souls merge together?!” Chu Mu was even more confused.

“Young master, don’t stop this Specter Dragon, even if it’s trying to make a soul pact!” Old Li emphasized. He seemed to be even more worried than Chu Mu.

“Tell me, what happened?!” but before he understood clearly what was going on, why would Chu Mu just sign a random soul pact with an unknown soul?!

“That’s a Specter Dragon. When young master forcibly added the specter attribute to the Little Hidden Dragon, the Specter Dragon should have originally only manifested after the Little Hidden Dragon died, becoming a new departed spirit type living creature. However, because young master gave the Little Hidden Dragon the specter attribute, it was equivalent to giving the Specter Dragon within the Little Hidden Dragon a special life force vessel. Adding on the continuous injection of death energy from the Gathering Soul Pearl, a new specter type creature was born inside the Little Hidden Dragon’s soul: the legendary Specter Dragon!! I’ve only heard my master tell me before that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon lineage is closely related to the Specter Dragon lineage. He told me if you added the specter attribute to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, an even more powerful creature would appear! However, I never expected that a Specter Dragon would manifest inside the Little Hidden Dragon’s body!” Old Li was incomparably excited. 

It was rare that Chu Mu saw Old Li lose his cool like this. He was practically shouting at this point; it was evident how excited he was.

Hearing Old Li’s explanation, Chu Mu was even more shocked. The mysterious Specter Dragon from legends had manifested inside the Little Hidden Dragon’s body!!

Moreover, because of its relationship with the Little Hidden Dragon, the Specter Dragon was attempting to form a relationship with his soul! 

“The Specter Dragon is a new life force, and possesses the same body as the Little Hidden Dragon. However, a soul pact with a soul pet trainer is created using a soul; therefore, young master must sign a soul pact with the newly born Specter Dragon!” said Old Li.

Chu Mu naturally understood how precious a Specter Dragon was. There was ostensibly no one among humans who possessed one. Thus, he had no way of calculating how powerful and mysterious its strength was. Yet, such a mysterious creature had manifested inside the Little Hidden Dragon’s body, and was attempting to forcibly sign a soul pact with Chu Mu.

Chu Mu obviously wanted to sign this pact. He was certain that the Specter Dragon was extremely powerful, and sacrificing a soul pact for it was definitely worth it. 

Chu Mu thus didn’t hesitate, and when the Specter Dragon tried another time to break into his fourth soul pact, Chu Mu gladly accepted it. Moreover, he created a link with this weak soul, imprinting his soul print onto its body.

The Specter Dragon needed a place to rest its soul, so after Chu Mu accepted it, this creature which also possessed the same specter attribute as the Little Hidden Dragon completely entered Chu Mu’s fourth soul pact space. Like Chu Mu’s other soul pets, it comfortably laid there, and unexpectedly went into a deep sleep.

After finishing the soul pact, Chu Mu now had a soul link with this special creature. But Chu Mu was very surprised because he couldn’t feel any emotions from this Specter Dragon, nor was he able to get through to it. 

It wasn’t that this Specter Dragon was blocking Chu Mu’s mental communication. In fact, its mind was like a blank canvas without any thoughts! 

“What happened?” Chu Mu suddenly felt a cold sweat.

If he was unable to communicate with it, how would he give it commands?

If he couldn’t command it, how would he be able to use it to fight?

“Sha sha sha~~~~~”

Chu Mu was in a state of worry, when the Little Hidden Dragon suddenly spoke out.

“You’re saying that you can control the Specter Dragon?” the Little Hidden Dragon’s words allowed Chu Mu to let out a sigh of relief. 

“Sha sha sha sha~~~~~~~~”

The Little Hidden Dragon indicated that after Chu Mu signed a soul pact with the Specter Dragon, the Specter Dragon’s soul became linked with its own. The reality was that the Specter dragon was the Little Hidden Dragon, and the Little Hidden Dragon had complete control over it.

The Little Hidden Dragon’s words were somewhat confusing, and Chu Mu didn’t really understand. Thus he asked Old Li.

“Young master, this should be a case of a dual life soul pet! This refers to a circumstance where two souls occupy the same body. It’s an extremely rare phenomenon in the soul pet world.” 

“A dual life soul pet normally has a main soul and an secondary soul. The main soul has completely control over the body, while the secondary soul is split into two types: those that have independent thinking and those that do not. 

Those that don’t have independent thinking will listen to every order of the main soul, and when the two combine, they will be able to create an even more powerful strength. As for secondary souls that can think, these souls also have the ability to also use the body, but the majority of the time, the main soul has complete control over them. In this case, the secondary soul pet would be in a weaker state, and the two souls will not be able to combine their strengths. In other words, the attribute strength the body displays will correspond to whichever soul has control of the body.”

Chu Mu had never heard of two souls occupying one body. This truly was a rare phenomenon in the soul pet world.

However, Chu Mu quickly thought of the half devil, which seemingly was a case of two souls occupying one body.

“Young master cannot communicate with the Specter Dragon, meaning that the Specter Dragon is a secondary soul without independent thinking. It will listen solely to the main soul, and can also combine with the main soul. The Little Hidden Dragon’s main soul is a dragon species’ with a dual main attribute combination of bug and beast attribute. But the Specter Dragon possesses the specter attribute. If both souls are to combine, then the Little Hidden Dragon will possess the three main attributes of bug, beast and specter.” Old Li continued to speak.

“Isn’t this the same as adding an extra attribute? By adding an extra attribute to the Little Hidden Dragon, wouldn’t this also give it three main attributes? If there are no other additions, wouldn’t it mean that one of my souls was occupied for nothing?” Chu Mu asked.

“This… since the specter attribute has come to life by itself and manifested as a Specter Dragon, then I’m sure for the time being that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and Specter Dragon don’t have to be kept step in step. In other words, young master can strengthen them separately…” Old Li didn’t understand too much about this. 

“...” Chu Mu was speechless. Since the specter attribute had been strengthened to a main attribute, in order for it to be of effect, he had to strengthen it simultaneously. The most this did was that now Chu Mu would no longer have to find soul teachers to combine spirit items. 

“Eh, at least when you strengthen the specter attribute, you will only have to spend five times the amount of resources. Young master, take a look first at the phase and stage and rank of the Specter Dragon.” said Old Li.

Since it was its own soul, it definitely had a certain phase and stage and rank.

It was very easy for Chu Mu to find this out. But when he found the answer, Chu Mu creased his brows.

“It’s a tenth phase full form… as for rank… its rank is a low class servant rank…” Chu Mu was speechless.

A low class servant rank?? 

The Little Hidden Dragon was already at the fifth rank first stage, and its rank was a low class emperor. Due to its dual main attributes, its fighting rank strength was comparable to a middle class emperor. If Chu Mu was able to raise it to the tenth phase, it would have the strength rivalling a middle class emperor. 

Chu Mu expected the newly born Specter Dragon to have an extremely high rank, at least at the emperor rank.

But the aura of a low class servant rank made him completely disappointed!

A low class servant rank was the weakest possible state. Even if this weak soul were to combine with the Little Hidden Dragon, it would have extremely little effect.

“This… I’m not too sure about a Specter Dragon, or why it’s at the tenth phase already upon birth. As for its low rank… young master should observe it for a while first. Don’t come to any conclusions for now. After all, the Specter Dragon is too mysterious and special. It definitely has some powerful aspects. It cannot only be a low class servant.” Old Li wasn’t sure either.

Since the soul pact had already been signed, Chu Mu couldn’t do anything. Now he could only wait and see if anything changed as the Little Hidden Dragon evolved. After all, a low class servant rank Specter Dragon, even if Chu Mu spent a huge sum to strengthen it, would only have limited effect. It was better to sign a pact with a new emperor soul pet instead!! 

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