Chapter 667: The Taken Fourth Soul Pact

Chapter 667: The Taken Fourth Soul Pact

“Hei, there really was 3000 spirits. You truly are good at this, actually knowing the way of finding spirit sources!” Chu Tianren laughed carefreely as he slapped Chu Mu’s shoulder and praised.

Chu Mu laughed humbly. How would he know any spirit searching art? He completely relied on the half human half soul pet old man that his mom forcefully kidnapped to accompany him for the past few years.

Chu Mu, of course, couldn’t stay on this topic or else Chu Tianren would ask to learn again. Chu Mu had already passed it off as an innate talent of his before.

“Speaking of which, who was that group of people? They seemed full of anger.” Chu Mu asked.

The experts in the Sealed Valley Chu Mu noticed as well. If not for Chu Mu telling little Mo Xie to make such a large commotion, they may still be silently waiting in some corner waiting for their prey to take the bait.

“I didn’t see properly. They didn’t seem to be here for the heavenly devil insect emperor, but coming into forbidden realm and were being afraid to be discovered, they’re either here to steal or to kill. It doesn’t matter. The forbidden realm is massive. Let’s just walk our path, and we’ll never see them ever again.” Chu Tianren said.

Chu Mu hesitated, and slowly pulled out a shiny gemstone from his spatial ring.

This gemstone was around the size of a thumb. A small hoop was dug out in it, making it seem like a ring. The gemstone’s sheen was very average. In a world where crystals, soul crystals, and soul items are everywhere, such an average sheen on a gemstone was actually hard to find.

“Let’s hope we don’t meet them again. However, when the chased figure flew by my, he used some strange other type energy to throw this to me.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly. He was thinking of whether or not to keep it. After all, the group chasing was very powerful. If they came to him for trouble he would be in danger.

Chu Tianren was slightly shocked as he took the ring from Chu Mu’s hand. Looking over it again and again, he muttered, “I heard in those famous autobiographies that the item some great being throws down when being chased is usually extremely valuable, and was also the thing the chasers are after. Why have I, Chu Tianren, lived this long and never encountered such a situation.=?”

However, Chu Tianren looked it over multiple times, and couldn’t find anything abnormal about this ring. It wasn’t a spatial ring or a soul capture ring. It wasn’t even an expensive accessory. The inside of this gem almost has no energy.

“......sounds like autobiographies are just autobiographies. They can’t be believed. Maybe this was a distraction the victim used. He randomly threw something down to try to bait the chasers into switching targets and save himself some time. However, the chasers were equally smart and didn’t take the bait, so the result is us two staring stupidly at this mundane ring as if we got some great treasure.” Chu Tianren’s imagination was very powerful, quickly finding another explanation.

“Let’s hold onto it as a keepsake. Let’s go continue to kill our heavenly devil insects.” Chu Tianren threw the ring back to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu held the ring and asked Old Li. Old Li also expressed that it was just a very normal ring. Thinking about it, Chu Mu realized he had the room to spare so he temporarily threw the ring into his spatial ring so he could wait and find an expert to appraise it.

“The next location is here, a third rank heavenly devil insect tribe territory. I gave him quite a few favors before he was willing to give me this location. He also said that others have plans for this place.” Chu Tianren pointed at the map and said.

“Since someone wants to steal it, it means something good is there.” Chu Mu was often used to do this kill and steal business. Once at spirit emperor, though he spoke more civilly, he would still take such an opportunity. After all, entering forbidden realm wasn’t that easy.

Seeing Chu Mu say it so righteously, Chu Tianren laughed out, “You seem like a pretty honest and sincere guy, but you understand this as well. Now that you mention it, once people are at our stage, many times we just go wherever there is the most people. One doesn’t have to know what good thing is there. As long as people go, there must be resources. Think, resources are limited. The spirit emperors might as well go to crowded regions instead of just rotting in their own city.”

Chu Mu understood this. Unless they had formidable backgrounds or a huge faction as support that allowed them to not risk their lives for resources, most people who got off the ground themselves like Chu Mu and Chu Tainren must have done such immoral activities, or else they couldn’t possibly have gotten ahead.

5000 spirits isn’t that much. With a split between the two, they each only received 2500 spirits. To Chu Tianren, such amount of spirits clearly wasn’t enough. To Chu Mu, his huge amount of soul pets all needed many times the average amount of resources, so this was even more pitifully little.

Though they knew that the next location may have competition, the uncle and nephew two still went straight ahead, ready to compete!


This journey was much longer this time. The two flipped over mountains and valleys, and hurried for over a month before finally reaching this third rank heavenly devil insect tribe’s outer ranges.

The territory this heavenly devil insect tribe covered was even larger; they probably needed ten days just to go straight across. If the pseudo-emperor ranks were all spread apart in regions of this territory, taking them down one by one would provide them an easy path to win.

The problem was, without going deep into the heavenly devil insect tribe, no one could be sure of where there were spirit sources, and where there are heavenly devil insect emperors.

“We have to walk around aimlessly for near half a month. This territory is massive. If we just attack randomly, we’ll have to waste a lot of time and effort on their armies.” Chu Tianren said.

Once they entered this forbidden realm, Chu Mu finally realized why human experts were reluctant to enter here. If a first rank tribe corresponds to one pseudo emperor rank. If an expert wanted to destroy a tribe, they often required three times the power. When they don’t even know if they will get any resources, the reward is often only 1 in 10. And if a team of humans with one emperor rank enters and split the rewards, then the final gain was tiny, but they would have to face soul pet death at any moment.

Old Li needed time to find spirits. Chu Mu followed Old Li’s commands and slowly moved forward so Old Li would have a chance to fully scout out the region and determine through that whether there is a large spirit source hidden anywhere.

In reality, this way over, Old Li was always looking. However, after a month of walking around in the forbidden realm, Old Li didn’t have any surprising finds.


“Young master, the chances I find a spirit source here is quite low.” On the tenth day, Old Li finally gave a conclusion.

“No spirit source, then did we waste all this time?” Chu Mu said disappointedly.

“Young master, hidden spirit sources aren’t everywhere. This great broken sting valley is a half-explored region already. Humans even know where these tribes are, so spirit finding experts have probably made rounds around here. If young master dares to enter deeper into forbidden realm, I, Old Li, can guarantee that you will find a spirit source that yields over 10,000 within a month. With young master’s current strength, you’re restricted everywhere you go in forbidden realm. Even a third rank tribe you will need to slowly circumnavigate. This will definitely take a long time.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu was helpless, but could only relay the conclusion of Old Li to Chu Tianren, and let him decide whether they should continue to stay.

“No spirit source? If there isn’t a spirit source, then why are my old buddies telling me that someone plans to come here already. Is it that they aren’t coming for spirit source?” Chu Tianren rubbed his chin.

Chu Tianren was confident that the other party wouldn't come if there wasn’t certainty of resources here. Chu Tianren knew the temperament of this other party.

“Then there probably is something else. Anyways, there is only a 1 in 100 chance there is a hidden spirit source.” Old Li said using his soul remembrance.

Since Chu Tianren was so sure there was a resource, Chu Mu decided to stay as well, and wait for this competitor to appear and let them find the resource.

The uncle and nephew wrapped around this third rank territory, but didn't find any signs of people intruding. So, the two waited patiently on the outer fringes.

During the waiting process they had to preserve their fighting strength. Chu Mu took this chance to summon the fourth phase ninth stage little hidden dragon, and throw it into a smaller heavenly devil insect cave with little Mo Xie as a guardian so it could collect more souls.

After a large battle, the little hidden dragon collected a few thousand more souls. When it came back, Chu Mu could feel little hidden dragon on the verge of becoming fifth phase, so he used the soul item combined for little hidden dragon and continued to strengthen little hidden dragon’s ghost type.

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons usually had cyan blood. After a few redos of little hidden dragon, little hidden dragon’s body was slowly becoming a ghostly and ethereal blue. When its stationary, it was like little hidden dragon was made of smooth blue agate and quartz. Its entire body was emanating a ghostly, mysterious, yet sacred aura.

Chu Mu was a ninth remembrance spirit master. Strengthening commander rank soul pets wasn’t difficult for him anymore. Chu Mu easily helped little hidden dragon go from fourth phase ninth stage to fifth phase first stage. At the same time, little hidden dragon’s ghost type was slowly becoming as strong as its beast and bug types.“Strange, why do I feel as if something is entering my soul?” After finishing little hidden dragon’s fifth phase transformation, Chu Mu suddenly felt something happen, as the soul pact between little hidden dragon and him started wavering!

Chu Mu still wasn’t a spirit emperor, but little hidden dragon was a true emperor rank soul pet. Chu Mu signed a soul pact with it, but if the little hidden dragon’s strength was too high, it would leave and defect. Even if it didn’t defect, little hidden dragon would definitely want to establish itself individually and no longer follow Chu Mu around.

Now that little hidden dragon was fifth phase and its maturity grew once more, its thought clearly had a clash with the soul pact between Chu Mu and it!

“How is it this quick, shouldn’t they have to wait until seventh phase until something happens?” Chu Mu said slightly panicking.

Just as Chu Mu was wondering, the twelfth soul pact signed with little hidden dragon suddenly split off strangely, and flew uncontrollably into Chu Mu’s empty fourth soul pact!

Soul pact taken!

Chu Mu had experienced this once before when signing a soul pact with defector young woman. When his first soul pact was signed with it, he somehow lost his second soul pact too.

This many years later, it again happened on Chu Mu’s body due to little hidden dragon’s transformation into fifth phase!

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