Chapter 666: Frightening Hit, Instantly Kill Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor

Chapter 666: Frightening Hit, Instantly Kill Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor

Chu Tianren quickly climbed onto the top of the mountain. To hide himself, he retracted all his other soul pets, leaving only his low class emperor rank.

“Watch closely, and try to kill it in one hit, or else the heavenly devil insect will definitely hide far away.” Chu Tianren rubbed the head of the soul pet beside him.

Chu Tianren’s low class emperor was a completely blue and pure demon. Its skin was abnormally smooth, glowing with a flowing water like gleam. It had multiple floating tails that seemed very soft.  


A large rumble sounded, and the cave behind the mountain Chu Tianren was on suddenly collapsed!

As the mountain valley fell, the nearby mountains also started shaking.

This sound spread extremely far like a danger signal. After the shaking, the hundreds and thousands of mountains started releasing black dots into the skies. In a few short seconds, the half mountain position gathered multiple black clouds that quickly flew towards the sound of the collapse!

Chu Tianren hid on the higher mountain, and watched as the large cloud of heavenly devil insects flew by him and said, “The noise should be louder, or else an emperor rank won’t come out.”


Just as he finished muttering, nine flashy flame tails appeared where the valley fell, actually sweeping over and directly breaking the thousand meter tall mountains in half!

The tip of the mountain flew threw the sky and heavily fell onto the nearby mountain valley. The Mountain Devil Maggots living there were still sleeping when they became imminently in danger of an all out collapse. Hundreds of Mountain Devil Maggots were killed by the half mountain that fell on them!

“En, this firepower should be enough.” Chu Tianren rubbed his chin, and released his soul remembrance to lock onto the dense black cloud above him that was roiling like the tide. He was looking for a ten arm and ten winged emperor rank heavenly devil insect!

About ten meters above Chu Tianren’s head, countless warrior rank, commander rank, monarch rank heavenly devil insects could be seen. In a short moment, the hill war covered by these meat wings, bodies, arms. While before it was sunny for miles, it was now dark and gloomy, with heavenly devil insect aura occupying the entire sky. Weaker people would find it hard to even breathe.

Chu Mu’s commotion was massive. Such an energy eruption was definitely emperor rank. Heavenly Devil Insect emperor’s cave was nearby. They definitely already sense that an emperor rank organism invaded its territory. Whether it comes out will depend on the heavenly devil insect emperor’s guts.

Regardless, Chu Tianren was still patiently waiting with his Zhanbin Demon Emperor waiting for a large prey to show up.

Heavenly Devil Insect army was like a black cape that covered Chu Tianren’s overhead. Chu Tianren used his soul remembrance to parse through this stinking army and look for the strongest opponent.

Suddenly, another mental wave crashed with Chu Tianren’s soul remembrance!!!

Chu Tianren immediately furrowed his brows, and quickly hid his soul remembrance.

Chu Tianren was secretly surprised. This mental collision was also soul remembrance. What Chu Tianren didn’t realize was that in this region, there was another human!

It was a human expert that Chu Tianren didn't dare to go against!

“Barbarian, ruining my business, are you looking to die!!” A soul remembrance voice came through with thick anger and dignity!

Chu Tianren didn’t reply. He was sure that this mysterious expert didn’t know where he was hiding and was just resorting to an angry soul remembrance roar to scare him.

Chu Tianren didn’t release his soul remembrance. Instead, he glanced up towards the higher skies. Through the densely packed heavenly devil insect army, Chu Tianren was surprised to find that a few figures flitted extremely quickly across the skies, as if chasing someone!

“Daring to fly in forbidden realm, these people……”

These figures were all very quick, all definitely emperor ranks of decent rank!

The blinking figures all disappeared into the distance. Incredulously, the massive heavenly devil insect army was completely unaware of the figures higher up above them and just let them pass through their airspace!

Very quickly, the man who collided soul remembrance with Chu Tianren and the other figures all disappeared into the valley…...

After the mysterious figures left, Chu Tianren’s heart was shaking. He didn’t think that while hunting heavenly devil insects in forbidden realm that he would find such experts!

"Good thing they were pressed for time, or else if they came chasing down, I would be in great trouble.” Chu Tianren let out a breath of relief.

The forbidden realm was different than human society. In the human territory, Chu Tianren could walk anywhere in a dominating fashion. The chances that he found someone more powerful than him was nearly zero, unless Chu Tianren went to areas where soul emperors often hung out.

Yet, in forbidden realms, the chance of seeing a human was low, but if he met someone, the chances that they were more powerful than Chu Tianren was over 90%. After all, soul emperors with pseudo-emperor ranks usually hung out at the edges of the forbidden realm and wouldn’t venture deep.

Chu Tianren had experience with these matters. Just now, when he collided soul remembrance with the other person, he immediately retracted his soul remembrance and hid his own aura.

Or else, if he messed with those people, not only would he suffer from lethal danger, he would definitely lose the 5000 spirits this time.

“Who could it be? And what are they chasing? Human or soul pet?” Chu Tianren thought to himself questioningly.


At this time, Chu Tianren’s Lanbin Emperor let out a light noise to tell Chu Tianren to look up.

Chu Tianren lifted his head and saw a heavenly devil insect much larger than the rest floating with ten wings, covering a large amount of space and slowly nearing his mountain.

This was a ten winged heavenly devil insect. Other than its meat wings, the rest of its body was covered in thick bug armor. The thick insect aura shrouded its surroundings and caused it to feel even more menacing. Compared to the heavenly devil insects nearby, it was like a bird surrounded by buzzing flies.

“Haha, it indeed appeared. Very well, here comes 2000 spirits!” Chu Tianren immediately threw the previous incident to the back of his mind and started laughing.

Chu Tianren’s Zhanlan Demon Emperor’s demon pupils slowly started to change color and completely locked onto the ten winged heavenly devil insect emperor, waiting for it to come closer.

The heavenly devil insect emperor was very dominant. When it flew, the nearby heavenly devil insects all had to make way. Slower reacting heavenly evil insects would directly get sent flying away.

Finally, the heavenly devil insect neared the mountain!

“Mental Forget!!” Chu Tianren caught the opportunity, and gave Zhanbin Demon Emperor a command!

The Zhanbin Demon Emperor’s pupil flashed, as one could see two sword-like projections flew into the sky, passing through multiple heavenly devil insect monarchs and pierced into the heavenly devil insect emperor’s head!!

How would the heavenly devil insect expect to be ambushed by an opponent in its own territory? After it was attacked in the stomach, it was just about to command his army to destroy that mountain when its entire mental state was blocked off. The heavenly devil insect emperor was suddenly terrified as it realized it forgot how to flap its wings!!

The heavenly devil insect’s body started teetering in the sky, its flight unsteady.

In reality, Heavenly Devil Insect’s situation was fine. It was able to stay in the sky still. The heavenly devil insect monarchs that were struck were completely petrified, falling like stones.

“Kill it!” Chu Tianren gave another command!

Mental forget lasted a very short time. Chu Tianren had touse this opportunity to kill it, or else the entire heavenly devil insect army would pounce forth. 

The Zhanbin Demon Emperor had long since finished storing power. Its flowing blue body raised off the ground, becoming a blue meteor that flew towards the skies and broke through all obstruction!!

This hit was unfathomably fast. The nearby flying heavenly devil insects looked stationary in comparison. Only this attack was flying!

The blue meteor was flashy, as it flew through the skies and very accurately split through the heavenly devil insect emperor’s stomach!!


The heavenly devil insect’s body was pierced through. Its thick defensive armor didn’t provide it any help. A huge hole was bored into its body!!!

Low class emperor rank and pseudo emperor rank was three ranks apart. Even head on, low class emperor ranks could instantly kill pseudo-emperor ranks, let alone a demon type ambushing!

“We did it!” Chu Tianren didn’t even take another look. He immediately summoned his other tenth phase pseudo emperor rank, and jumped onto it as he jumped down the mountain. He was 100% confident the heavenly devil insect emperor was dead!

Meanwhile the low class emperor rank Zhanbin Emperor continued to rise into the sky. As it was ascending, the blue figure slowly merged with the azure skies. And afterwards, before the armies even reacted, it disappeared into the higher skies…...


“Such a powerful demon!” Chu Mu sighed!

From his position, he could just barely see the meteor break through the skyline through the crack between the two mountains. The hit that instantly killed the heavenly devil insect emperor left an incredibly mark in Chu Mu’s heart!!

Low class emperor and pseudo-emperor’s difference was completely shown. Especially demon type emperor, the hiding amongst millions of insects, assassinating, and strangely escaping, were a series of actions that caused Chu Mu to feel envious as well as wonder when Night Thunder Dream Beast could also enter the enemy army and take the general’s head as if entering no man’s land!

Chu Mu even now couldn’t find any soul item that’s suitable to strengthen night thunder dream beast. Though it was top tier monarch rank, reaching pseudo-emperor rank will still take a while. After all, Chu Mu had a huge group of soul pets that need strengthening.

“Chu Mu, did you get the one time spirit source?” After a moment, Chu Tianren’s voice came over.

“I got it!” Chu Mu replied.

“Let’s get away!”

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