Chapter 665: Heavenly Devil Insect, Devil Maggot Legion

Chapter 665: Heavenly Devil Insect, Devil Maggot Legion

Chu Mu could feel that this Mountain Devil Maggot’s strength had raised by another grade!


The Mountain Devil Maggot let out a cry, and its body capable of destroying mountains slammed into the defenseless Zhan Ye!

Zhan Ye never expected for the opponent it had killed to suddenly revive. Moreover, its strength was stronger than before. It was unable to dodge this attack, and could only curl up its body, releasing its ink armor spikes!

Zhan Ye’s will to fight ranked second among Chu Mu’s soul pets. Even if it couldn’t dodge this attack, it still wanted the opponent to feel pain!

Indeed, when the Mountain Devil Maggot knocked Zhan Ye flying, its body was pierced by the ink armor spikes. Poison quickly seeped into the area it had attacked Zhan Ye with, weakening its defense. 


Zhan Ye was knocked flying into the rock mountain like an arrow, creating an enormous pit there!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier really had a team mentality when fighting. After Zhan Ye was knocked into the mountain rampart, it immediately created a few roots to pull it out of the hole. 


Zhan Ye gave a roar, indicating for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to fling it back.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots pulled back, before launching Zhan Ye once more like an arrow towards the Mountain Devil Maggot which was a grade higher than it!

However, after increasing in strength, Zhan Ye was no longer its opponent. After a few clashes, Zhan Ye’s body was riddled with festering wounds. The ink armor had practically been completely corroded by the poison.

Fortunately, Zhan Ye possessed six times the usual life force, and was able to fight an extended fight against the stronger Mountain Devil Maggot.

“Zhan Ye, don’t fight it for now. Kill the weaker enemies first.” Chu Mu saw that the Mountain Devil Maggot was suppressing Zhan Ye and stopped them it from fighting the Mountain Devil maggot. After all, with such powerful attacks, even if Zhan Ye had six times the usual life force, the corrosive and poisonous attacks would quickly wear through this life force. 

Zhan Ye dodged thee sharp claws, and borrowed the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots to leave the fight with the Mountain Devil Maggot. It ran to the Ice Air Fairy’s battlefield, and helped it get rid of any enemies that could affect its chanting. 

Seeing Zhan Ye flee, the Mountain Devil Maggot opened its large mouth, and spat out poison as it began to laugh at its enemy! 

It had been unable to defeat Zhan Ye, toyed with by Zhan Ye and even killed by Zhan Ye. But after reviving, its ancient strength had awakened, and it had risen a grade in strength. The enemy had been forced to retreat, making it very pleased! 

“Devil Tree, restrict it!” 

The revived Mountain Devil Maggot was given to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to handle. With fifth rank pavilion wood crystallization, its attacks were not weak. Even the large bodied Mountain Devil maggot would just become a target for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. 

In a group fight, there was no soul pet more at ease than the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Enemies could attack it and its life force could drop as long as it was able to absorb life force to recover. 

The Mountain Devil Maggot’s dozen meter long body unceasingly squirmed, as it attempted to sneak attack Chu Tianren’s ninth phase pseudo emperor. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s twenty roots immediately wrapped around its fat stomach and used force to rein it in!

“Throw it. You won’t be able to strangle it to death.” Chu Mu said to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier changed its strength, and threw the peak monarch rank Mountain Devil Maggot forward. Immediately after, it released a hundred pavilion woot spikes at the Mountain Devil Maggot fifty meters away.

The Mountain Devil Maggot reacted very quickly. It curled up its body, and used the armor on its back to stop the pavilion wood spikes attack. Then, it fell back onto the ground, crushing several of its own species. 

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, pay close attention to it. You just need to restrict it.” Chu Mu handed the task over.

Chu Mu was naturally stalling time by doing this. Each one of the multiple attempts by the peak monarch Mountain Devil Maggot to attack was neutralized, causing it to spit smelly poison in anger. It continued to stay at the edge of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attack range, searching for a chance to attack it. 

This stalemate lasted for a long time. Several commander rank Devil Maggot corpses were now around peak monarch rank Mountain Devil Maggot’s body. It was getting very tired! 


Finally, the Mountain Devil Maggot found an opportunity, and its head full of eyes lit up with a savage glint. It was completely focused on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. It took advantage of it attacking a group of Devil Maggots to suddenly transform into a stream of liquid towards the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier couldn’t defend against it, and was bound by its hairs. For a moment, it was unable to move!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was primarily a group fighter. Being restricted like this, the pressure on the Ice Air Fairy would become much higher! 

“Chi!!!!!!!!” the Mountain Devil Maggot let out a malevolent shout that resembled a laugh. With a roar, suddenly several hundred Devil Maggots began to surge towards them from all directions!!

“Chu Mu, can you deal with them?” Chu Tianren quickly realized that Chu Mu had fallen into danger and asked out of worry.

"Ya.” Chu Mu calmly nodded his head. His eyes swept over the powerful black figure rushing over! 

The black figure crushed several tens of Devil Maggots under its feet as it ran. It berserkly appeared beside the peak monarch rank Mountain Devil Maggot! 

“Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation!” 

The sturdy black figure became shrouded by a bloody mist, and its four limbs instantly grew stronger!

Horned Beast Imprint!

An ancient marking began to extend on Zhan Ye’s body, gathering on its claws!

“Hou hou!!!!!!!” Zhan Ye let out a thunderous roar. Its black claws flashed with a cold light. Instantly, the claws transformed into half-moon sickles that chopped at the peak monarch! 

“Puchi puchi puchi”

Fluid began to spurt out. The peak monarch rank Mountain Devil Maggot was hit squarely in the middle. Its life force instantly dropped to the lowest point. It painfully struggled a few times before finally dying. 

“Pu” the Mountain Devil Maggot, as it faced death, turned its head full of eyes at Zhan Ye.

In truth, when the Warbeast Mo Ye had charged at it, the Mountain Devil Maggot had detected this. However, it chose to attack the Devil Tree Battle Soldier instead, ignoring Zhan Ye because it was weaker than it.

However, even until death, the Mountain Devil Maggot was confused as to how it was instakilled by an opponent weaker than it!

“Stupid creature. Do you think you’re the only one that can increase in strength?” Chu Mu coldly laughed as he swept his eyes over the dead peak monarch Mountain Devil Monarch. 

Chu Mu intentionally had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier stall the Mountain Devil Maggot to give Zhan Ye time to increase its strength. For the sake of this, Zhan Ye had used two Broken Limb Rebirths and had raised its strength by another level under the Brave Stinging Heart.

After the strength increase, Chu Mu had Zhan Ye use Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation and Horned Beast Imprint to instakill the Mountain Devil Maggot with weak defense! 

“Your little Mo Ye is formidable. As a high class monarch, it was able to kill a peak monarch which was further strengthened by a level. If you’re able to further strengthen it, it’ll be a great soul pet!” Chu Tianren was very adept at controlling his soul pets, and thus was able to keep an eye on Chu Mu’s fight the whole time.

Chu Mu obviously knew that Zhan Ye’s potential was limitless. If he was able to obtain an ancient awakening ability like the Mountain Devil Maggot’s, then Zhan Ye would truly become undefeatable! 

Chu Mu was about to say something when Chu Tianren’s ninth phase ice emperor suddenly used an emperor technique. He saw a huge amounts of ice fly forth, beautifully glistening. They resembled thousands of ice crystal arrows flying towards a target, drawing an arc in the sky!

“Pu pu pu”

“Pu pu pu”

It didn’t have to focus particularly much and was able to hit all the targets. The dense cluster of Heavenly Devil Insects in the air were struck. Their corpses began to fall from the sky like rain, smashing into smithereens when they landed on the mountain, rocks and the pathway! 

This attack had instakilled countless Heavenly Devil Insects, causing their number to greatly decrease.

In terms of techniques, this emperor rank technique was much stronger than the Ice Air Fairy’s techniques. The Ice Air Fairy was not able to kill nearly a thousand Heavenly Devil Insects with one attack.

Corpses of Heavenly Devil Insects now filled the intersecting pathways. Everywhere Chu Mu and his soul pets went, they would step on corpses.

As the fight continued, gradually the numbers began to wane. Chu Mu and Chu Tianren didn’t continue to stay there, and continued down the narrow path, killing their way towards the hidden spirit source. 

“Young master, it’s ahead. It should be in some small cave. This place should be very close to the center of the tribe. It’s very likely that you’ll be met by a huge legion of Devil Maggots and Heavenly Devil Insects. Even a pseudo monarch could appear.” Old Li warned Chu Mu.

“You go look for the exact location of spirit source,” said Chu Mu.

After speaking, Chu Mu then warned Chu Tianren. Chu Tianren was a bold person. Even though they were in the middle of a bug valley, he still very casually sat on a rock and nibbled on a fresh strip of grass. He perfunctly said: “You attract the firepower and I’ll go ahead to see if that Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor appears. If it dares linger nearby, I’ll get my low class emperor to instakill it. This way, we’ll be able to earn 2000 spirits quicker. Then I’ll come back and help you. At that point, you need to quickly take the spirit source, and then we’ll immediately leave.”

“Your low class emperor is a demon?” Chu Mu asked. Until now, Chu Mu had yet to see his low class emperor.

Chu Tianren gave a mysterious smile. He recalled his three secondary pets. Riding on a demon, he then quietly moved deeper into the valley. He was probably going to look for a good ambush spot. 

If a pseudo monarch were to encounter a low class emperor, it would definitely be instakilled. If Chu Tianren’s low class emperor was a demon type soul pet, with its powerful restricting abilities, it would be difficult for that Heavenly Devil Insect to escape its death!

“Young master, come with me. We’re nearly there!” once Chu Tianren left, Old Li appeared. He ran ahead of Chu Mu on his short legs, guiding Chu Mu.

Chu Mu recalled Zhan Ye which had already used Broken Limb Rebirth five times and summoned the small Mo Xie. This was to take precautions against the potential of some guardian creature at the hidden spirit source. 

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