Chapter 664: Rebirth, Ancient Strength Reawakening

Chapter 664: Rebirth, Ancient Strength Reawakening 

After putting away the Glazed Ice, Chu Mu and Chu Tianren left, avoiding the remaining pursuers from the damaged tribe. 

Badly damaged tribes normally referred to those with an emperor soul pet at the helm, but without sufficient legion strength. Alternatively, they had sufficient legion strength but didn’t have an emperor rank soul pet’s territory. These types of tribes were those that the uncle and nephew pair could easily walk through without resistance. 

Their next destination was Sealed Valley. Taking advantage of their rest time, Chu Mu began to strengthen the Ice Air Fairy.

When the Ice Air Fairy had risen to the peak monarch rank, it had comprehended glazed ice by itself, and now with the compressed glazed ice to strengthen it, this would make the Ice Air Fairy’s attacks even stronger. Its destructive ability would naturally rise. Even if it only had one attribute, it probably wouldn’t have an issue fighting against multiple attribute paragon monarchs. 

Now, Chu Mu would only have to find the Ice Air Fairy a spirit item to strengthen it to an emperor. Adding on Ground Immortal Ice, Chu Mu would be able to create an ice type low class emperor with extreme destructive strength!


Approximately 20 days later, Chu Mu and Chu Tianren arrived at Sealed Valley. Inside Sealed Valley there lived many Mountain Devil Maggots. These things were soft bug type creatures with very low defensive abilities but very high offensive abilities. Moreover, many high ranking Mountain Devil Maggots had very unique abilities. This was a bug type tribe that was very hard to deal with.

Before they entered Sealed Valley, Chu Mu had Old Li search for a spirit source. However, Old Li said that the Mountain Devil Maggots were able to break through his conceal ability, and he could not break into Seal Valley. He had to go with Chu Mu and Chu Tianren.

Since they had already come, they naturally couldn’t leave halfway. Chu Mu summoned the strengthened Ice Air Fairy, and began to slaughter the Mountain Devil Maggots.

Ice type techniques were very effective on the Mountain Devil Maggots. Even if a monarch rank Mountain Devil Maggot was frozen, it would die. En route, the Ice Air Fairy adeptly controlled its glazed ice. and they slowly entered Sealed Valley.

“So, is there a spirit source?” Chu Tianren asked.

Chu Mu’s brows were creased. He pretended to be examining the landscape, but in reality, he was waiting for Old Li to reply.

“There is. It’s an embryonic stage spirit source!” after Chu Mu obtained Old Li’s answer, he immediately gave his response. 

Right now, Chu Tianren and Chu Mu could only be considered to be on the outskirts of Sealed Valley. The enormous Sealed Valley spanned several hundreds of kilometers and was inhabited by a second rank tribe, composed of both Heavenly Devil Insects and Mountain Devil Maggots!

“The one time amount from the spirit source is about 3000, do you want to go for it?” Chu Mu asked for Chu Tianren’s opinion.

“3000, hmmm. For 3000 spirits, provoking a second rank tribe doesn’t seem particularly worth it. However, it’s better than nothing. Adding on the inner crystals from the Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor which is worth 2000 spirits, it’s about 5000 spirits in total. 5000 spirits isn’t bad. Let’s go.” Chu Tianren wouldn’t hesitate when there was profit to be made. He immediately summoned four paragon monarchs and one peak monarch. 

Sealed Valley was endless. From each valley to each valley were narrow pathways that intersected and were concealed by the countless mountain peaks. Looking down from above, they resembled a strange winding labyrinth. Without a spirit finding expert, one small mistake would lead to one being trapped in this incredibly complex valley system as they faced an endless tide-like surge of the bug type tribe. 

The number of legion members from the bug type tribe kept doubling. Chu Mu and Chu Tianren continued to exhaust the legion’s force. After this fight ended, they could pretty much return home. 

Therefore, on this path of slaughter, the goal was to charge forward as they killed. The first priority was to obtain the hidden spirit source. As for killing the Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor, that depended on whether it had the guts to appear. If it continued to hide behind its enormous legion, they couldn’t be bothered to expend so much of their fighting strength for just 2000 spirits.


In between two narrow peaks was a narrow pathway, littered by layers of corpses!

The bug type’s maggot species had always been labeled as the most repulsive type of creatures by intruders. This had continued for several tens of years without anyone changing it. Indeed, especially after dying, their soft and sticky bodies would secrete a bile-like fluid that would make the entire narrow pathway like an extremely sticky river. Moreover, the smell it exuded was even more repulsive. 

At the end of this wet narrow pathway were Heavenly Devil Insects that looked like densely packed buzzing flies circling the sky in the distance.They were flying in a disorderly manner and would occasionally swoop down, using their powerful arms to attack enemies. The weaker Heavenly Devil Insects were flying even higher up and black tide-like corrosive bug fluid would surge out from its body and paint the mountain and valleys in a black color. The stench was overwhelming.

At the foot of a mountain was the intersection point of three narrow pathways. Aside from the pathway from before that was littered with Mountain Devil Maggot corpses, the other two thousand meter narrow pathways were also filled with Mountain Devil Maggots!

The large Mountain Devil Maggots occupied half of the width of the dozen meter wide narrow pathway. As for the small ones, they would wriggle on top of their comrade’s bodies and snake through the pathway. These things would wriggle, but were extremely fast. They resembled roaring rapids. 

“Ning, freeze off the left pathway!’ Chu Mu gave the Ice Air Fairy an order. 

The Ice Air Fairy’s body had already transformed into glazed ice. Surrounding it, specks of frost began to form and the ground, within a twenty meter radius around it, was frozen. Low ranking Mountain Devil Maggots and Heavenly Devil Insects didn’t to dare get near it. 


The Ice Air Fairy let out a long incantation. Its glazed ice resembled small life forms that jumped into the air!

After the incantation finished, the Ice Air Fairy extended its hands. Countless transparent glazed ice particles flew into the air. Hundreds of sparkling particles blossomed!

Each particle, under its control, rapidly formed a glazed ice sword. These swords were extremely sturdy and flickered with cold light. They were transparent and without a single blemish!


The Ice Air Fairy let out a cry, and the hundreds of glazed ice swords suddenly descended, like a storm of ice swords. They covered a region of 300 meters. 

Numerous Heavenly Devil Insects in the air were pierced and dropped to the ground. The Mountain Maggot Devils layered on top of each other were also pierced and spiked into the deep mud. 

“Beng!!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!”

“Beng beng beng!!!!!!!!!”

The force from the hundreds of glazed ice swords was shocking. Cries from the Devil Insects and Devil Maggots could be heard!

Chu Tianren mainly dealed with the Heavenly Devil Insects circling the air like a black cloud. He swept his gaze over at Chu Mu’s area, and discovered that enormous glazed ice swords were protruding from the narrow pathway and mountain walls! 

Sword pits and sword scars were everywhere. Moreover, the ice swords that seemed to be randomly stuck everywhere had actually formed a sword formation, that prevented the enormous Devil Maggot Legion from advancing through the narrow pathway.

“This warrior rank Ice Air Fairy’s ice type control ability isn’t bad. Its attacking power is doubled its defense.” praised Chu Tianren.

The hundreds of ice swords stuck in the ground didn’t fragment. They formed a wall in front of Chu Mu, stopping the legion behind it. At least for a short while, the enemies wouldn’t be able to attack them from that narrow path.

“Zhan Ye, kill the peak monarch rank Mountain Devil Insect!’ Chu Mu released his soul remembrance and quickly locked onto a Mountain Devil Maggot coming from the other narrow pathway! 

This Mountain Devil Maggot was a dozen meters large. Zhan Ye nimbly passed through the flying attacks of the Heavenly Devil Insects. Its black sturdy body suddenly flashed. It allowed the hundreds of Heavenly Devil Insects in the air to attack it, but none of them were able to stop its charge. 

Zhan Ye had already risen to the peak monarch rank through the Brave Stinging Heart. It had already used three Broken Limb Rebirths and relying on its powerful life force, it wouldn’t be a problem for it to get rid of a peak monarch rank Mountain Devil Maggot. 

Zhan Ye was much more nimble than the Mountain Devil Insect. Each time the Mountain Devil Maggot’s squirming body launched an attack, part of the mountain would crack and stones would tumble. Zhan Ye would always rely on its claws to break through the tumbling stones. Then, he would find an opportunity to rip open an even bigger wound on the Mountain Devil Maggot’s wound.

Insect type soul pets could recover life force very quickly, so Zhan Ye couldn’t continue to engage in guerilla warfare. Instead, the wounds that it had painstakingly inflicted would be healed!

Finally, Zhan Ye, with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s help, was able to find an opportunity to target the Devil Maggot Monarch’s vitals!

The vital area was caused by Zhan Ye using Ink Armor Spike to stab the area where its defense was much lower. The Mountain Devil Maggot’s defense was innately low so Zhan Ye had the confidence that this was a sure-kill attack! 


Zhan Ye immediately stabbed forth. The small Devil Maggots blocking his way were knocked flying, crashing into the stones before turning into meat paste. 

The Mountain Devil Maggot was awkwardly turning its head filled with eyes as it was about to spit out poison.

Suddenly, Zhan Ye’s speed increased and ancient magic markings surfaced on its ink colored armor as they rapidly transformed into strength that congregated on its claws!

Death God’s Dawn Blade!

This was Zhan Ye’s strongest attacking technique! 

As if dawn had broken through the night sky, this attack accurately struck the Mountain Devil Maggot’s vitals! 


Half of the Mountain Devil Maggot’s body was fiercely chopped off, and fluids began to spurt out of the cut location. It spilled onto Zhan Ye’s body, causing poison smoke to rise from Zhan Ye’s armor with a “chi chi” sound.

Zhan Ye hastily jumped away, dodging the rest of the spurting poison.

“You did well!” Chu Mu saw that Zhan Ye had killed the annoying peak monarch rank Devil maggot and immediately praised it. 

However, Chu Mu swept his eyes over Chu Mu’s Warbeast Mo Ye and quickly asked: “You only killed it once?” 

“What?” Chu Mu didn’t understand.

“Didn’t I tell you that the Mountain Devil Maggots have an ancient revival ability. It’s a high ranking rebirth technique. Look at it yourself, it’s reviving!” said Chu Tianren.

As Chu Tianren finished his words, the upper body of the ripped apart Mountain Devil Maggot began to heal itself. Its originally withered body began to fill up and its life force instantaneously recovered!

Indeed, this peak monarch rank Mountain Devil Maggot possessed a revival technique! 

Moreover, after it revived, its aura was even stronger than before! 

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