Chapter 663: Wuling Cave, Compressed Glazed Ice Crystal

Chapter 663: Wuling Cave, Compressed Glazed Ice Crystal

Old Li quietly jumped out of Chu Mu’s spatial ring. His hiding abilities were top notch. A few leaps, turns, and flips, and its short legs brought it out of Chu Tianren’s vision and into the Wuling Cave.

Chu Mu definitely doesn’t have to worry about this old fellow having any accidents. At least Old Li was a demon type soul pet, meaning his hiding and escaping abilities were top notch!

“Chu Mu, how do you detect spirit sources?” Chu Tianren asked.

“Let’s walk ahead, I still can’t judge right now.” Chu Mu said. As he spoke, he rode Night Thunder Dream Beast lightly down from the mountain, adeptly utilizing the rocks to step slowly into the next valley.

Chu Tianren was also riding a top tier monarch soul pet. His soul pet’s speed wasn’t any slower than Night Thunder Dream Beast, so he quickly followed up.

Before Old Li confirmed the spirit source, Chu Mu didn’t hurry to go deeper into Wuling Cave, so he started training his Zhan Ye half way.

Chu Tianren saw that Chu Mu wasn’t eager and was confused. However, he rationalized that Chu Mu was probably making a judgement based off the opponents on the outer perimeter. The art of finding spirit source truly was unfathomable, so he quickly humbled himself and asked Chu Mu about it.

Chu Mu laughed bitterly. How would he know anything about finding spirit sources? He just mumbled a bit and brushed it off.

“Yi, your Mo Ye’s strength grows with fighting, interesting, interesting.” Chu Tianren quickly found Mo Ye’s specialty and rubbed his chin.

“En, it is Brave Stinging Heart.” Chu Mu didn’t bother hiding it, replying.

“Brave Stinging Heart? A rare bug type technique. This is good. A beast type soul pet able to learn it is truly rare, very rare indeed.” Chu Tianren said.

Chu Tianren did a lot of targeted research towards horned armored beasts. He knew that if a soul pet like Mo Ye learned brave stinging heart, it had a decisive use in battle.

“When I was in Wanxiang City, I once met an opponent with a bug type soul pet that had Broken Limb Rebirth and Ancient Power Awakening. Every time I killed it, it would use broken limb rebirth. After it was reborn, it would gain strength from Ancient Power Awakening. When I killed it again, it would rebirth again with even more strength from Ancient Power Awakening. Four rebirths and four Ancient Power Awakenings later, it raised two ranks in power and directly destroyed my soul pet……” Chu Tianren laughed bitterly and said.

“Ancient Power Awakening? This is a bug type technique?” Chu Mu’s eyes brightened.

“En, this technique definitely is utterly useless to most bug type soul pets. At most, it could let their strength increase briefly after they recover from a massive injury. However, most of the times, when one’s injuries heal, the battle has been long over. However, if this technique appeared on a soul pet with Broken Limb Rebirth, especially one with abnormal bug type talent, the two effects stacked together will be definitely dominating!” Chu Tianren recalled the situation of him battling that bug type soul pet, and let out a sigh. One has to know that his soul pet was much more powerful than the opponents at first.

Ancient Power Awakening!!

Chu Mu had this bug type technique’s name down by heart.

Zhan Ye’s Brave Stinging Heart needed to act slowly throughout fighting. However, from Chu Tianren’s description of Ancient Power Awakening, this technique clearly gave a huge increase in strength after broken limb rebirth!

If Zhan Ye could have this technique, with six times life force and insane durability, Zhan Ye could use brave stinging heart to gradually get stronger, and also gain a huge boost in strength after every broken limb rebirth. With these two effects, Zhan Ye’s improved strength through battle was incredibly terrifying!!

“Third uncle, do you know what bug type soul pets have this technique?” Chu Mu asked.

To Zhan Ye, Ancient Power Awakening was truly a god tier technique. Chu Mu had to figure out a way to let Zhan Ye learn this.

“Let me think, I think the next location we will be at has Mountain Devil Maggots which have Ancient Power Awakening.” Chu Tianren said and specially glanced at Chu Mu. Seeming to remember something, he asked, “Is it that you want your Zhan Ye to learn Ancient Power Awakening as well? Does your soul pet have broken limb rebirth?”

“Yes, but sadly my Zhan Ye is already tenth phase complete stage, and will very likely be unable to  learn this special species technique.” Chu Mu said.

When a soul pet is morphing, the chances that it learns a new technique was very high, even species techniques like Broken Limb Rebirth. However, once at tenth phase, its almost impossible to learn special species techniques like that.

Before, Ye Qingzi told Chu Mu that soul pet techniques can be trained after birth. This way, one can improve the chances a soul pet learns a certain technique. However, this also has to happen while the soul pet is still growing.

“If your soul pet has broken limb rebirth and brave stinging heart, adding on Ancient Power Awakening will truly be impressive!” Chu Tianren was secretly surprised. Chu Mu’s Mo Ye was this special.

As for the problem of learning another special species technique, Chu Tianren shook his head and agreed that it was impossible. Even in the growth phase, soul pets won’t have three species techniques. After all, no matter how powerful a soul pet was, they have very limited species techniques.

Without a fix, Chu Mu was helpless, only able to wait until Old LI comes back to ask him.


Killing his way over, after nearing Wuling Cave, Old Li came running back. As Chu Tianren was scouting out the geography nearby, he jumped back into Chu Mu’s soul capture ring.

“What’s up, is there a hidden spirit source?” Chu Mu asked.

“Don’t mention hidden spirit source, there isn’t even a normal one.” Old Li replied. “However, I found another thing.

“What thing?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow. Since Old Li mentioned it, it must be worth money!

“Young master, remember way back I mentioned to you that great broken sting valley has glazed ice? This wulin cave has a lot of it. It even has naturally compressed glazed ice. Glazed Ice is a tenth rank soul item that can strengthen high class and top tier monarch ranks. The compressed Glazed Ice Crystal is an eleventh rank soul item. Though it couldn’t compare to emperor rank gemstones, with enough quantity, it was worth a fair amount too.” Old Li said.

“Just say a number!” Chu Mu said.

“Young master can use the compressed glazed ice to strengthen Ice Air Fairy, and make it into an ice type invincible monarch rank. The remaining you can bring back and break into pieces to make it into ninth and tenth rank glazed ice. That can create a huge batch of high class monarch ranks, very good for young master’s family members.”

After Old Li explained, Chu Mu immediately acted as if he understood the quality of the nearby soils and told Chu Tianren he could tell there wasn’t a spirit source within Wulin Cave but that there was natural compressed glazed ice and then asked if they should take action.

“The people back home indeed aren’t that powerful. This compressed glazed ice is good. Even if it can’t be used for strengthening, it can be sold for a good amount of gold coins. We can give it to the family to as liquid assets. Let’s take it. After all, it’s just a half-dead tribe. The pseudo emperor would probably just run away when it sees us. It won’t take much effort.” Chu Tianren approximately took account of the tribe’s strength around Wulin cave as well.

Chu Tianren and Chu Mu both didn’t plan on using emperor rank soul pet. After all, emperor rank battles costed a few spirits. Facing such a half dead first rank tribe, there indeed wasn’t a need for them to bring out the big guns.

Chu Tianren’s secondary soul pets were almost all invincible monarch rank. As for Chu Tianren’s soul pet that was about to become emperor rank, it was actually a ninth phase pseudo emperor rank, meaning it needed battle training.

Chu Mu’s soul pet formation was Zhan Ye, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and Ning. Ning hid behind Devil Tree Battle Soldier and casted ice type techniques without worry. With Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s combination, their destructive abilities were formidable.

Zhan Ye would then dart through the massive amounts of bug type tribes constantly and find enemies of monarch rank and above to fight. In the continuous fighting, Zhan Ye’s brave stinging heart brought it up to top tier monarch rank, and it would continue to get stronger through fighting.

Chu Tianren’s soul pet formation was even more violent. He was also three control like Chu Mu. Ninth phase emperor - Comet Immortal Fairy Emperor, tenth phase invincible monarch - Five Shadow Battle Wolf, tenth phase invincible monarch - Heavenly Demon Vine.

Chu Tianren’s Heavenly Demon vine’s destructive abilities were stronger than Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s. Its poison was incredibly ruthless. Any opponent below monarch rank would die within an hour even if only its skin were grazed.

Vine type soul pets’ attack and restrictive abilities were naturally stronger than wood type ones. Wood types had a greater advantage in defense, but it was indubitable that both were great in team battles!

A half dead first rank tribe indeed didn’t pose much of a threat to the two violent duos. The two both killed their way into the cave of compressed glazed ice without summoning their emperor ranks.

Chu Mu and Chu Tianren’s objective were these crystals, so they didn’t have to waste time killing the entire tribe. They just had to take the things and leave.

“Wow, shiny shiny, its a pretty big patch of crystals!” After entering the cave, Chu Tianren’s eyes glowed, and he caressed the gem like glazed ice embed in the rocks.

After speaking, Chu Tianren specially glanced at Chu Mu and applauded, “You really do have some skill, able to tell there’s good things here just by the ground texture!”

Chu Mu smiled and let Devil Tree Battle Soldier take off the compressed gemstones from the cave.

One tenth rank glazed ice crystal was 30 billion. After compressing to become eleventh rank, it would only be priced higher.

Chu Mu took inventory, and found around ten tenth rank glazed ice crystals and three eleventh rank crystals.

Chu Mu took one out. Since it was natural, it could immediately be used to strengthen Ice Air Fairy!

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