Chapter 661: Numerous Experts Congregated in Wogu City

Chapter 661: Numerous Experts Congregated in Wogu City

The Chu Family disciples were in an uproar. Everyone stared with their eyes wide open at the Motley Snake Feathered Demon that had fallen from the sky to the ground. Fresh blood began to seep out of its hunting teeth.

The Motley Snake Feathered Demon’s body twitched, while Qi Xin who had been struck to the ground as well crawled up. He stared with disbelief at the unknown soul pet flying down!

“Why is it like this?!! Your soul pet is clearly a pseudo commander. Why did its speed and strength suddenly increase?! It was able to defeat my soul pet in one attack!?!’ Qi Xin’s face was full of shock, and he had a look of extreme disbelief because even if this attack was strengthened, it should not have been able to instantly gain so much strength!

Elder Tu stroked his beard and looked mystified.  He had watched very carefully, yet still didn’t understand what power Chu Mu’s soul pet had used to suddenly explode from the pseudo commander rank.

The Motley Snake Feathered Demon was a middle class commander, but a single pseudo commander attack had defeated it. The explosiveness of this technique was too insane.

“Could it have been hiding its strength? That doesn’t seem likely though.” Elder Tu muttered. He was about to ask his younger martial brother if he saw anything, when he discovered Jian Shang standing there in shock.

When Jian Shang was in Seven Color City fighting against the ninth rank community’s disaster, he had inadvertently seen Chu Mu training his Little Hidden Dragon with the lower ranked soul pets. He had remembered that back then, the Little Hidden Dragon was only about the third phase!

Perhaps by now it had reached the fourth phase, but it definitely had not surpassed the fifth phase yet!

An infant phase that hadn’t even reached the fifth phase was able to defeat a Motley Snake Feathered Demon with strength equivalent to a tenth phase middle class commander in one strike. What a terrifying soul pet!

Jian Shang had already mentally prepared himself if this Little Hidden Dragon was a pseudo emperor rank soul pet. He never expected that its rank was even higher!!

“The effect isn’t bad.” Chu Mu jumped off the Little Hidden Dragon’s back, and a smile rose on his face.

Ten Spectral Strikes was the spectral type technique the Little Hidden Dragon had comprehended when it evolved to the fourth phase. It would absorb soul energy before combining it with its emperor strength. While it originally could create the strength of a low class or middle class commander with one attack, once the Little Hidden Dragon released its emperor strength and the specter ability, it wouldn’t be a problem to defeat a middle class commander in one attack.

Seeing Chu Mu easily land on the ground, Qi Xin’s face was unsightly. He had intentionally hidden his Motley Snake Feathered Demon’s strength, making it look about the seventh or eighth phase. He wanted to destroy this young man, yet it ended up being him who was destroyed. He had even bragged in front of his cousin how strong his soul pet was. This was truly a loss of face!

Chu Qian’s mouth was open from shock. She judged that the gorgeous attack just now had the might of a ninth rank attack. It was much stronger than the Motley Snake Feathered Demon!

Promptly, Chu Qian began to carefully examine Chu Mu, and saw his reserved but confident expression!

“I remember!! You are Chu Xian’s cousin, Chu Mu!” suddenly Chu Qian let out a shout.

Her shout wasn’t soft and everyone’s eyes landed on her, staring at her.

As a female, losing control of her voice and yelling like that instantly made her face flush red. However, her eyes were still sparkling and she stared at Chu Mu.

“Chu Mu? Who is Chu Mu?” numerous disciples asked each other in curiosity.

“He sounds a bit familiar. He seems to be that person from a few years back who fought in our young generation competition against Nightmare Palace’s young princess!” 

Back then, Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou’s fight had been gorgeous and shocking to those in the same generation as them. They all remembered it.

“This is my secondary soul pet among secondary soul pets. Let’s have a real competition!” Qi Xin couldn’t accept the outcome.

The moment Qi Xin said this, Master Jian Shang harrumphed, “You want a real fight? In a real fight, this person’s secondary soul pets among secondary soul pets will be able to annihilate your main pets.”

“What a joke! In a true fight, how would I lose to him? I was the someone who slaughtered his way into the Battle of the Realm’s first grade’s ninth realm!’ Qi Xin was unable to hold back and immediately illustrated his real strength.

“First grade’s ninth realm!!” Elder Tu and Jian Shang were very surprised. They never expected the mysterious brat in front of them was a ninth realm young expert.

A ninth realm young expert was probably ranked among the top 100 Tianxia Realm’s young experts. In other regions, they probably wouldn’t be able to find opponents. His true strength was probably higher than Jian Shang’s! 

“Let’s leave. Your mother has probably finished concocting the thing i want, right?” Chu Mu didn’t care about ninth realm experts. Instead, he was able to use this experience to judge that although the Little Hidden Dragon was equivalent to a pseudo commander, once it used its emperor and spectral strengths, it could rise to the peak commander level.

“Sure, it should have been enough time.” Jian Shang hastily responded. As he spoke, he led the way for Chu Mu.

Qi Xin saw that Chu Mu was going, and he believed that Chu Mu had been scared silly by the reveal of his strength. He felt greatly disappointed and he silently cursed himself: “Damn, why couldn’t I keep my temper. Me saying that I entered the Battle of the Realm’s ninth realm means that no one will dare fight with me. With him retreating, I won’t have a chance to retaliate against him! “

Chu Mu didn’t care about what  Qi Xin was thinking. Why would a person with an emperor pet team want to play with this child? Using him as a sandbag to train his infant pet was already his honor. 

However, Jian Shang who was leading the way walked as he looked at Qi Xin and he muttered: “Really, Wogu City is amassing more and more abnormal experts. Now some random young man has appeared who apparently ranks in the top 100 of the Tianxia Realm. If we were to truly fight, I probably wouldn’t be his opponent.” 

“Haha, in a little bit, pretty much everyone in the top 100 will appear. When that time comes, junior apprentice brother, you will need to be more low key. Just one small mistake, and all of your main pets could be annihilated by a twenty six or twenty seven year old woman who only single controls.” laughed Elder Tu.

Jian Shang’s small eyes glared at Elder Tu. His face was red as he said: “I’m not an old lecher like Zhang Ying who met such a fate. Back in Barbarian Mountain, Jian Qin helped heal him once, and he spent the entire day thinking of her. He then tried to secretly check her out, but she ended up just summoning one soul pet. You can guess, it was a peak monarch rank soul pet and a White Nightmare on top of that! That’s nearly an invincible monarch! It scared Zhang Ying so much he nearly prostrated himself in front of her. He was lucky that he was able to control himself and not do anything too excessive.” 

“So abnormal! With this strength, she probably could rank in the top ten among the young generation. Even I can’t beat her!’ Elder Tu was shocked. 

“Speaking of the Battle of the Realm, I heard not too long ago that the person who obtained the ultimate honor was Soul Palace’s heaven-defying young expert. He’s called something like Chu Chen. It’s said that he possesses an emperor rank soul pet.” 

As he was speaking, he suddenly looked at Chu Mu and carefully asked: “Young Master Chu, why didn’t you participate in the Battle of the Realm? Perhaps that Chu Chen would be utterly defeated by you!” 

“...” Chu Mu was speechless. 

When he was listening to Jian Shang talk just now, he thought that he had guessed that his identity was Chu Chen. Yet, he had somehow come up with that line. Chu Mu didn’t know how to respond.

However, Jian Shang’s words stunned Elder Tu and he abruptly guessed of a possibility! 

“Young Master, are… are you that Soul Palace Chu Chen?” Elder Tu hastily used soul remembrance to ask. 

Chu Mu didn’t respond, and he continued walking.

However, Elder Tu seemed to be sure about it. He was frozen for a moment in shock. It wasn’t until Chu Mu and Jian Shang had taken quite a few steps before he reacted. He quickly caught back up. Aside from the politeness he had towards Chu Mu’s identity, he was even more respectful of it! 


After returning to the side peak, the elderly lady had pretty much finished her task.

Chu Mu knew that combining materials was very expensive and the composite item would be more expensive than the original materials. Although Jian Shang and the elder lady firmly indicated that they wouldn’t accept money, Chu Mu still gave it. After all, he wasn’t lacking in this type of money. 

After accepting the specter type spirit item that he would use to strengthen the Little Hidden Dragon after it reached the fifth phase, Chu Mu said goodbye to Jian Shang and Elder Tu.

“In a little bit, everyone is going to gather here. WIll young master not be here for this?” Elder Tu saw that Chu Mu was about to leave. He originally planned on organizing a VIP room for Chu Mu.

“Sort of. However, I’m going to Great Broken Sting Valley first to train. If Elder Tu happens to find an even higher ranking specter type spirit item, please help me purchase it.” said Chu Mu.

“Of course.” Elder Tu bowed and sent him down the mountain.


After leaving the Great Chu Family, Chu Mu used the imprint on Chu Tianren to find him.

Chu Mu didn’t arrive at Wogu City until it was late. Following the imprint, he ended up walking into a colorful street. 

He was greeted with an aromatic fragrance and a gaudy sight. 

Chu Mu, this innocent young man, didn’t realize what place he had come to at first. It wasn’t until he saw several noble’s sons and young masters with alluring women draped around them as they fondled one another beside the window did Chu Mu suddenly come to an understanding.

When Chu Mu found Chu Tianren, Chu Tianren had his arm around a thirty year old or so flirtatious women as they fed each other wine. This great spirit emperor expert who should have been dignified and imposing was now full of lip markings on his face. He looked like a very romantic old man.

“Eh… brat, you managed to buy your item that quickly?” Chu Tianren saw that his nephew had come, and was immediately embarrassed. 

Unfortunately, Chu Tianren was Chu Mu’s elder, and being witnessed in such a dishonorable state like this was a little bit shameful. 

In order to hide his embarrassment, Chu Tianren hastily introduced his old friends around him. 

“We’re men, hehe. Qin Hong, introduce a few women to my nephew. He’s an incredible person so don’t introduce him to those that are covered in dust… call out your most clean and beautiful women…” Chu Tianren candidly began to organize things and he wanted to have Chu Mu drink a few glasses of wine with him. 

“Forget it. You guys have fun. I’ll find an inn to silently cultivate. We’ll set out tomorrow first thing in the morning.” Chu Mu bitterly laughed and shook his head, rejecting Chu Tianren’s good intentions. 

Chu Tianren saw that Chu Mu didn’t seem to be very suited to this environment, and didn’t really mind. He waved his hand and continued to play around under the moonlight, flirting with the women… 

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