Chapter 660: The Little Hidden Dragon’s Specter Type Technique (2)

Chapter 660: The Little Hidden Dragon’s Specter Type Technique  (2)

Before the Little Hidden Dragon reached the seventh phase, it’s appearance wouldn’t stop changing. Adding on Dragonify, before that time, Chu Mu was not afraid that people would recognize it as an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

Most importantly, because Chu Mu was strengthening an attribute, the Little Hidden Dragon’s body would change each time it evolved. Perhaps after the seventh phase, it would transform into a Spectral Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, which would be completely different from a Cyan Hidden Dragon. 

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s identity was sensitive, and would easily expose him. He was determined to add the spectral attribute to it in order to hide the Little Hidden Dragon’s characteristics. 

“Hmm, this person looks a bit familiar?” on the mountain peak’s battlefield, a female soul pet trainer wearing light armor stared at Chu Mu, carefully examining him. For a moment, she couldn’t recognize him.

This female soul pet trainer was Chu Xian’s good friend, Chu Qian. She had never met Chu Mu before, and used to stand further away from him. She naturally wouldn’t recognize him immediately.

“Is he not one of you Great Chu Family members?” asked the thirty year old man next to Chu Qian.

“No, he doesn’t seem like it. I would recognize anybody who any of the masters or elders would accompany.” Chu Qian tilted her head and continued to think. However, she was a bit slow and was unable to think of it. Thus, she shook her head, “Whatever, I can’t be bothered to think. Anyways, cousin Qi Xin, weren’t you going to show me your soul pet? I heard our Chu Zhi mentioned that your strength is pretty similar to his. Chu Zhi is our Wogu City’s great expert!” 

“Chu Zhi really raised his own worth?” Qi Xin disdainfully laughed and said, “He wasn’t even able to break through the first grade’s eighth realm, yet still had the face to say he was equivalent to me. But I managed to enter the ninth realm…” 

Qi Xin was proud of his ability to break into the ninth realm. He was in the process of exaggeratingly narrating the Battle of the Realm to his cousin, when he suddenly discovered that he had seen the young man who had stepped onto the battlefield on the mountain peak before. 

Qi Xin felt this was strange and looked at the young man. 

“Do you have any interest in engaging in a single control spar?” the young man suddenly used soul remembrance to speak with Qi Xin. 

Qi Xin was shocked. He was surprised that this brat immediately came and provoked him. He had planned on showing off his abilities in front of these Great Chu Family disciples to make them understand the difference between an expert who managed to step into the ninth realm of the Battle of the Realm and their family from a small place.

“This brat probably comes from another big faction and happened to come to the Great Chu Family to bully the experts in the tiny place. He’s definitely mistaken me for a Great Chu Family member. Haha!” Qi Xin silently laughed and agreed to Chu Mu with a face full of smiles.

“Sure, I was about to show off my soul pet anyway.” Qi Xin jumped down from the spectator seats. 

There were numerous soul pet trainers training with each other’s soul pets on the battlefield. But when they saw that people were about to compare pointers with each other, they conscientiously gave way to them.

Training was very dull, and it was rare that sparks would fly. These Great Chu Family disciples naturally wanted to watch.

“Cousin Qi Xin, good luck!’ Chu Qian wore a smile, displaying her dimples. She had spoken in an aloof manner, but her sparkling eyes illustrated her excitedness. 

The two of them didn’t plan on giving their names to one another. After asking each other one question out of courtesy, the two of them immediately summoned their soul pets. 

Qi Xin intentionally slowed down his incantation, just in case his opponent saw that his soul remembrance was very high. The soul pet he summoned was a Motley Snake Feathered Demon with a demon subattribute. 

Motley Snake Feathered Demon: Demon World - Wing Type - Feather Species - Motley Snake Feathered Demon Subspecies - commander rank

The motley Snake Feathered Demon’s large feathered wings were located under its neck and when they expanded, they reached an entire ten meters. Its body resembled a large motley colored snake and its tail covered in bright scales had small barbs extending from them. A shimmering dark light indicated that it possessed extreme poison. 

The enormous feathered wings wrapped around its malevolent body. When it was summoned, it immediately attracted the sighs of the Great Chu Family members around him. All of them were guessing its phase and stage and rank.

“A wing and demon attributed soul pet.” 

“Is it at the seventh phase or the eighth phase? From its aura, it’s definitely reached the monarch rank. I’m not sure if it’s a low class monarch or a middle class monarch?” 

“Are you joking? So big at the seventh phase? If it was at a higher phase then, wouldn’t that mean that it would reach twenty meters?!” the Chu Family disciples didn’t have very good vision, so they could only guess.

After Qi Xin finished summoning, Chu Mu also finished summoning. 

A three meter large Little Hidden Dragon appeared from the dark cyan soul pet pact. The Little Hidden Dragon’s wings were fully developed, but compared to the enormous Motley Snake Feathered Demon, it was much smaller. 

“It seems like this is going to become an aerial fight.” Elder Tu saw that the soul pet Chu Mu had summoned had wings and softly spoke. 

The Little Hidden Dragon was an emperor rank soul pet, and it looked the part. Although it was much smaller than the Motley Snake Feathered Demon, the feeling it gave off was what humans sought for in a soul pet.

The Little Hidden Dragon’s wings, when extended, reached about three meters. It should have had cyan colored wings, but due to the addition of the specter attribute, its wings contained a faint gloss, as if a transparent glow-worm had been painted on it. It looked very light and clear. 

The Little Hidden Dragon’s body also inherited the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s body. Its half-python body looked much sturdier than a python’s body. It didn’t look very slim, but rather muscular, or even plump. 

The plump half-python half-lizard dragon body possessed sturdy hind legs and sharp forelegs. This accentuated its neck, chest, stomach and tail. Due to the specter type, its originally bug type flesh membrane now shone with a faint half-transparent lustre. It made this mighty, strong and tyrannical Little Hidden Dragon seem even more noble and mysterious. 

“What soul pet is this?” Qi Xin immediately opened his eyes wide. He didn’t know what the creature in front of him was.

The Chu Family disciples were all full of question marks. They weren’t able to tell this soul pet’s phase and stage and rank.

Even the older Elder Tu couldn’t tell what the creature in front of him was. It resembled a soul pet from the formidable dragon species, but didn’t seem entirely like that.

“Start!’ Chu Mu immediately jumped onto the Little Hidden Dragon’s back, kneeling with one leg in between its spectral dragon wings. 

Qi Xin was unable to discern this creature’s phase and stage. But from its aura, it didn’t seem too strong. Since the fight had started, he didn’t think any further and jumped onto his Motley Snake Feathered Demon’s body and rose into the air.

The motley Snake Feathered Demon was a true wing type soul pet, and it had definite advantage in aerial fights. This could be seen from the speed it ascended into the air. 

After it reached fifty meters in elevation, it took the initiative to attack the Little Hidden Dragon. Its body transformed into a large sharp sword while it abruptly extended its wings. The technique it fermented in the air transformed into a dozen meter long bow!! 

“Hu hu hu!!!!!!”

The Motley Snake Feathered Demon whistled through the air at an extremely fast speed towards the Little Hidden Dragon! 

“Let’s test its physical strength first!’ Chu Mu didn’t have the Little Hidden Dragon dodge. Instead, he had it meet the dozen meter bodied soul pet with its three meter body! 

The Little Hidden Dragon’s body was covered in cyan light as it flew through the air!!


Energy collided in the air. The cyan light was able to resist the flying snake body’s strength at the beginning. 

However, after a moment, the cyan light dimmed, and the Little Hidden Dragon was knocked flying! 

The cyan colored faint light body tumbled down from high up, and slid along the battlefield. It crashed into the barrier at the cliff before finally stopping. 

The Little Hidden Dragon wasn’t injured. It shook its head, and climbed out of the rocks it had demolished upon impact before looking back at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s defense was even higher than the Little Hidden Dragons. Thus he was very calm as he lay on its back. He muttered to himself: “This Motley Snake Feathered Demon is nearly at the ninth phase. It’s true strength is probably comparable to a tenth phase middle class commander.” 

The Little Hidden Dragon was only at the fourth phase fifth stage and was barely comparable to a pseudo commander in terms of level. In terms of strength, it was truly very lacking in comparison to the middle class commander. 

“That small fellow is trying to show off too much. After all, it was attacked first.” Chu Qian softly said. She was also silently shocked at how powerful this cousin of her’s was. His new soul pet unexpectedly had such powerful attacks. Its attack just now at least had the might of an eighth rank attack and neared the ninth rank!

In the air, the Motley Snake Feathered Demon had its wings extended and was circling in the air. Its body resembled an enormous water python swimming about while its wings resembled those of a hawk’s! 

“Haha, although I can’t see what phase and stage and rank your soul pet is at, I can guess that your soul pet’s strength is barely comparable to a pseudo commander. It’s still very lacking.” a smile rose on Qi Xin’s face as he spoke from up above.

In truth, the Motley Snake Feathered Demon could only be considered Qi Xin’s secondary soul pet among his secondary soul pets. 

If the opponent couldn’t even defeat his secondary soul pet among his secondary soul pets, if they were to really fight, Qin Xin felt that he would be able to destroy this young man who was even younger than him.

Chu Mu raised his head, and looked at the arrogant Motley Snake Feathered Demon. He patted the Little Hidden Dragon’s dragon horn and said: “Release your specter type!” 

“Huo!!!!!!!!!” the Little Hidden Dragon gave a proud roar. The dragon soul pearl on its forehead suddenly released a serene light. Soul pet souls that only Chu Mu and the Little Hidden Dragon could see began to float out of the pearl, and they started floating around the Little Hidden Dragon’s body! 

Nobody knew what had happened. They could only feel that the surroundings of this mysterious creature had undergone some strange transformation. It was as if some ancient incantation was there! 

“Ten Spectral Strikes!” 

Chu Mu gave his order!

About ten souls were lingering near the Little Hidden Dragon’s body. Under its control, five of the specters suddenly congregated on its wing. It caused its wing to become translucent while its strength greatly increased!

It flapped its wings and shot into the air!

This time, the Little Hidden Dragon was flying much faster than before. It seemed even more powerful than the Motley Snake Feathered Demon’s flying attack before. It could described as rising steeply from the ground and whistling through the air!

The Little Hidden Dragon rapidly neared the Motley Snake Feathered Demon as the other five lingering specters suddenly assimilated into its front limbs!

The Little Hidden Dragon’s front claw was immediately enveloped by serene light, becoming several times sharper!


Cyan spectral light intersected. One attack flew across, and it was stunningly beautifuL!

The Motley Snake Feathered Demon was unable to mount a defense. Its neck was struck and its body was knocked over, tumbling backwards several times in the air!

The sky was spinning and it spat out fresh blood from its mouth. It completely lost the ability to fly, and it fell down from the sky. It caused everyone to cry out in shock!!

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