Chapter 66: Should I Laugh Or Cry? The Mo Ye’s Turn to Fight!

Chapter 66: Should I Laugh Or Cry? The Mo Ye’s Turn to Fight!

The moment an identical species, the Nightmare, appeared, the White Nightmare in Chu Mu’s body would become restless!!

Chu Mu’s pupil had already gradually turned from a black color to white. Two balls of incomparably astonishing pale white Devil Fire had shockingly been printed in his pupils. His entire being seemed eminently devilish!!

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince was stunned, and he stared at Chu Mu in horror. Suddenly, Yang Luosen realized something!!

“Get back!”

Presently, Yang Luosen was clearly letting out a rather flustered expression. He chanted an incantation and, under everyone’s questioning gazes, forcibly recalled the Blue Nightmare which had held the advantage back to its soul pet space!

“Big brother, what are you doing? Why did you recall your Blue Nightmare for no reason? Aren’t you going to directly burn him to death? Big brother… big brother, quickly attack…” puzzledly yelled Yang Luobin from under the stage.

The expression of the Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen had already slightly changed. Hearing Yang Luobin, this stupid fellow, persistently talk nonsense in his ear, in a fit of anger, he said: “Shut up. Do you want my Blue Nightmare to become food?!”

The aura of the Blue Nightmare gradually faded, and the white colored Devil Fire on Chu Mu’s body also slowly dissipated. The white torched pupil returned back to its normal deep black color!

Chu Mu swept his gaze over Yang Luobin who had sunk extremely low and sneered. His eyes fell on the Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen’s body, and he said: “Your reaction was very quick.”

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince presently didn’t have the calmness of earlier. He watched the last sliver of Devil Fire disappear back into Chu Mu’s body and, after a while, he finally said: “I originally thought that the name ‘devouring soul White Nightmare’ was exaggerated. Yet, I didn’t expect your body to truly harbor such a terrifying thing!”

This place was the Luo Region and, in the end, it had a bit of a distance from the Nightmare City. Regarding Chu Mu and Tian Ji’s battle, an extremely detailed version had not been spread here. As for what kind of powerful soul pets the Prison Island King had, no one had a very profound understanding.

As for the matter of the White Nightmare, practically no one had obtained that information. Only the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, who was also a Nightmare Palace member more or less, received this bit of information before finding Chu Mu to fight.

Perhaps it was fortunate that the Luo Region Nightmare Prince had found out this information. Otherwise, just now, his Blue Nightmare really could have become the White Nightmare’s food.


“Even if you have a White Nightmare, you currently cannot summon it. Moreover, your White Nightmare is fundamentally a freak. You feeding this dangerous thing is simply playing with fire***.” said the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen.

Chu Mu didn’t care. He had already overcome the most difficult period. Currently, he was a seventh remembrance spirit teacher. As long as he could reach the spirit master level and summon the White Nightmare, his battle strength would substantially increase!


Yang Luosen sucked in a deep breath of air and realized that the reason the man in front of him was able to become the Prison Island King was definitely not because of luck. He no longer dared to have any contemptuous thoughts, and he first chanted an incantation, summoning his third soul pet.

A golden pattern slowly engraved itself under Yang Luosen’s feet, and it formed a gorgeous golden totem!!

“Ao Hu!!!! Ao Hu!!!!!”

A furious roar suddenly rang out, causing a wave of distinct shaking to sweep through the plaza arena!

A golden awn of light shot out in four directions. It was dazzling and magnificent, unexpectedly even shrouding the blazing sun’s raging flames!

“Ao Hu!!! Ao Hu!!!!”

The roars rang out again and, in the middle of the golden radiance, one could see a golden colored lion-like creature proudly stand tall. As its roars rang out, a wave of beast aura violently discharged!!!

Its ostentatious fur was like long golden barbed swords. Its dense and coarse mane fluttered in the wind, and it had a tall and straight body full of arrogance. It had four robust legs filled with destructive power, in addition to a long, photoelectric tail!

Radiance Lion!

Beast World - beast type - lion species - Radiance Lion subspecies - high class commander rank!

A wild aura, an imposing figure. Purely from its outer appearance, it gave others a formidable grandeur that was hard to prevail over!!

Another high class commander rank soul pet had appeared; moreover, it had reached a terrifying sixth phase fourth stage. The Luo Region Nightmare Prince’s soul pet’s powerful strength had shocked everyone once again!

Ostentatiously domineering and wildly aggressive. These two phrases were exceptionally reflective of this high class commander rank Radiance Lion. Once the soul pet appeared, the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen, was clearly rather confident. Obviously, this sixth phase fourth stage Radiance Lion was this fellow’s true main fighting pet!

Seeing the Radiance Lion appear, Chu Mu’s eyebrows creased.

The Radiance Lion was an extremely pure beast type soul pet, but it possessed a bit of the light attribute!

Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast had currently reached the sixth phase first stage. It was enough to face up against it, but the strengthened dark attribute happened to be countered by the Radiance Lion!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demon type techniques were used through the dark type, and they primarily restricted the opponent. If these restriction techniques were to be suppressed, then the Night Thunder Dream Beast would only have its speed left. However, purely relying on speed without attacks simply wouldn’t defeat the Radiance Lion. In order to face the Radiance Lion, it probably would be hard for the Night Thunder Dream Beast to be of evident use!

“What? You don’t have a suitable soul pet?” a smile rose on the Luo Region Nightmare Prince’s face, but he didn’t hastily attack Chu Mu.

“Chu Mu still has a fifth phase ninth stage Night Thunder Dream beast, but it happens to be countered by the Radiance Lion…”

Quickly, Chu Xing and the others realized why Chu Mu creased his eyebrows...

“Chu Mu lost a soul and two of his soul pet spaces were deposed. Moreover, he currently only has five soul pets. Aside from the strange Six Tailed Demon Fox that hasn’t fought, there only remains the Night Thunder Dream Beast and the fifth phase Mo Ye… it seems that Chu Mu has no choice but to make the Six Tailed Demon Fox with hidden strength fight first…” said Chu Xing.

“However, how can that Six Tailed Demon Fox defeat that sixth phase fourth stage Radiance Lion? Furthermore, from one glance, you should be able to tell that the Radiance Lion has undergone expensive soul crystal and other soul item strengthening. Perhaps it possesses a few terrifying abilities.” said Chu Ying.

As the Chu Family disciples were anxious for Chu Mu, the Chu Mu’s standing figure on the battlefield slowly chanted an incantation...

“He still wants to summon the Night Thunder Dream Beast…” Chu Ying immediately saw that Chu Mu had released a black colored pattern...

Nonetheless, when Chu Ying discovered the soul pet that gradually emerged from the black colored pattern, her voice grew softer and softer. Slowly, she revealed an astonished expression!!


Numerous people had heard that Chu Mu had a fifth phase ninth stage Night Thunder Dream Beast, so when he chanted the incantation to summon a soul pet, they all believed that Chu Mu would probably summon the Night Thunder Dream beast. Even if it weren't the Radiance Lion’s opponent, it would exhaust the Radiance Lion a bit.

However, what no one expected was that what Chu Mu had summoned this time fundamentally wasn’t a Night Thunder Dream Beast. Unexpectedly, it was a war beast Mo Ye, whose figure hadn’t even reached two meters and was covered in ink colored armor!!

A fifth phase first stage war beast Mo Ye!!

People originally believed that the Prison Island King, whose reputation had spread far and wide, would summon a third soul pet that would shock everyone. Nevertheless, Chu Mu had ultimately summoned a fifth phase first stage Mo Ye.

The war beast Mo Ye’s rank was lower than the Radiance Lion by a class, and its phase and stage was different by a phase and three stages. It was still a question if the war beast Mo Ye could even resist one of the Radiance Lion’s attacks!!

“This… this… did Chu Mu summon a [wrong] soul pet? Why did he summon the fifth phase first stage Mo Ye…” stunned, Chu Xing looked at the Mo Ye that Chu Mu had trained most often and, for a moment, didn’t know how to assess it.


“This Mo Ye’s condition of growth is very average, and it isn’t like a soul pet with abnormal talent. Furthermore, it differs by one phase and three stages from the Radiance Lion. Is there even a need to fight…”

The fifth phase first stage Zhan Ye appearing in such a climatic battle immediately caused the entire scene to seem a bit weird. Or, in other words, one didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Everyone here wanted to see a shaking to the core fight between the strongest of the younger generation. However, Chu Mu’s summon this time had immediately made the entire atmosphere of the fight sink.

Anyone could see that Chu Mu’s summon this time was probably to protect the Night Thunder Dream Beast by randomly using a soul pet as a bedcover. Yet, even using a bedcover as an explanation was a bit farfetched. After all, it was still a question as to whether that war beast Mo Ye, whose physical body wasn’t extremely good, could even resist one of the Radiance Lion’s powerful attacks!

At this moment, a smile finally rose on Yang Luobin’s face, which had been sullen for a long time. When he saw that Chu Mu already had no soul pets left to summon, in this regard, Chu Mu would definitely lose!

However, what Yang Luobin felt a bit weird was that he sensed that the constitution of the Mo Ye that Chu Mu summoned was somewhat familiar...

“Luobin, why does it seem like I’ve seen that Mo Ye before?” Yang Mantian condensed his soul remembrance into a voice and spoke to Yang Luobin.

“Yes, I also have that feeling…: Yang Luobin nodded his head. He started at the Mo Ye that looked like it was draped in an ink colored beast’s armor...

Suddenly, Yang Luobin felt that Mo Ye’s stare. Those eyes caused Yang Luobin to feel extreme familiarity!!

“This… this Mo Ye… could it be that this Mo Ye is…” Yang Luobin was a bit stunned. Although its physical appearance had further matured, Yang Luobin was still able to recognize that this was the Mo Ye with a deficient beast type talent that he had forsaken a year earlier!!

“Hahaha, hahahaha~~~” Suddenly, Yang Luobin began to laugh loudly. His laugh was so sudden and abrupt!

“Chu Mu, you’re truly going to make me laugh to death. Your Mo Ye was discarded as trash by me a year ago. I didn’t think that you would pick it back up and treat it as a piece of treasure, moreover summon it at this time. Luckily, you are this so called Prison Island King, and a Nightmare Palace Nightmare Prince. There’s no one more stupid than you for choosing this Mo Ye as your soul pet!” seizing the opportunity, Yang Luobin condensed soul remembrance into a voice and began to unrestrainedly mock Chu Mu.

Yang Luobin’s words caused everyone to feel a wave of shock. They didn’t expect Chu Mu’s fifth phase first stage Mo Ye to unexpectedly be a forsaken pet...

Forsaken pet. The majority of them were washed up soul pets, and their value was extremely low. When capturing these soul pets, the most unlucky thing to happen was to capture a forsaken soul pet that was discarded because a clear inferiority had appeared in its late stage development talent!

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